♪ ♪
♪ ♪
BERIC DONDARRION: …the wall Blackhaven
are unscalable vassalstone.
And the castle is surrounded
by a deep, dry moat.
It is well fortified against
any future Dornish incursions.
And though my seat
may be lesser in size,
it is situated most pleasingly.
The view across
the Marches is inspiring,
so said Queen Alysanne herself
when she honored
my father and I…
And tell me, Lord Dondarrion,
did you think my great-grandmother
as beautiful as they say?
This was half
a century ago, Princess.
Yes, it was.
That was unseemly, Princess.
The man is older than my father.
It’s unseemly for him
to put himself forward
as a contender for my hand.
And now a child.
Black woods are an ancient house
with a formidable army.
In the River lands,
they once ruled as kings.
The blood of the First Men
still flows in their veins.
Go on.
My Princess…
ours is a bond that
has long endured,
since Lucas Black wood,
the grand sire of my grand sire,
aided the Dragon
in his war of conquest…
Aye, the Black woods truly
turned the tide on that one.
Coursed with the blood
of the First Men,
our history is deeply
rooted in this land,
which your house
has made its home.
If chosen as your match,
your days shall be easy
and nights safe
under my protection.
“Protection”? The Princess
has a dragon, you dumb cunt.
I could learn to like that one.
Ugh, let us have the next
so we may go to supper.

  • Craven.
  • CROWD: Ooh!
    We’re leaving.
  • Sheathe that steel, you twats!
    Send word to the harbor and
    have Captain Oswin ready the ship.
    Princess, we’re due in Bitter
    bridge in three days’ time.
    I would happily row myself
    back to King’s Landing
    if it brought an end
    to this ridiculous pageant.
    Don’t look, Princess.
    ♪ ♪
    We should make landfall
    inside the hour, Princess.
    How do you think
    he will take it?
    Do you speak of how you
    rejected every suitor
    His Grace put before you, or
    how you abruptly ended the tour
    with two months remaining?
    (SHOUTS) Take cover!
    You all right? Are you?
  • Fetch the maester!
  • I’m fine.
    ♪ ♪
    It’s Daemon.
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪
  • Add it to the chair.
    You wear a crown.
    Do you also
    call yourself “King”?
    Once we smashed the Triarchy,
    they named me
    “King of the Narrow Sea.”
    But I know that there is only
    one true king, Your Grace.
    ♪ ♪
    My crown and the
    Step stones… are yours.
    Well, where is Lord Corlys?
    He sailed home to Driftmark.
  • Who holds the Step stones?
  • DAEMON: The tides…
    the crabs, and 2,000
    dead Triarchy corsairs,
    staked to the sand to warn
    those who might follow.
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪
    The realm owes you
    a great debt, brother.
    This is our chance…
    Daemon, he would
    venture off, abroad,
    winning tournaments…
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
    I will not revisit this debate.
    You were always
    mother’s favorite.
    No, it’s no great mystery.
    You were.
    Our mother, she had no regard
    for custom or tradition, rules.
    And I, sadly,
    was no great warrior.
    Congratulations on your victory.
    Thank you, Princess.
    Perhaps Prince Daemon would
    care for a tour of the gallery?
    He hasn’t yet seen
    the new tapestries
  • gifted to you by Norvos and Qohor.
  • Oh, oh.
    Would you like to see
    the tapestries? (LAUGHS)
    He has no interest
    in such things.
    I’d like to see them.
    Oh, well, then you should
    not deprive yourself.
    I shall enjoy them alone.
    KING VISERYS: More wine.
    As I said,
    you were the favorite.
    No, you were.
    You were. I insist.
    I surmise the tour
    did not go well.
    I endured it
    for as long as I could.
    To have every
    young knight and lord
    in the Seven Kingdoms
    fawning over you…
    What misery.
    It is rare for girls in this realm to
    get a choice between two suitors,
    no less two score of them.
    Those men and boys
    don’t fawn over me.
    They only want my name and
    my Valyrian blood for their offspring.
    I think it’s rather romantic.
    How romantic it must be
    to get imprisoned in a castle
    and made to squeeze out heirs.
    (SOFTLY) Sorry.
    How angry is he?
    The King went through great
    effort to arrange your tour.
    He is… frustrated.
    But I am glad you are home.
    ♪ ♪
    I find I have…
    few friends lately.
    I like to believe I’m still
    the Lady Alicent, but…
    all anyone sees when they
    look at me now is “The Queen.”
    I’ve missed you, too.
    ♪ ♪
    what do you want?
    Only the comforts of home.
    I had not thought you particularly
    comfortable in this home.
    Though I do suppose you seem
    changed by your adventures.
    More mature, perhaps.
    You’ve matured yourself
    these last four years, Princess.
    You’ll get used
    to the attention.
    The attention I can endure.
    It’s the rest
    I could do without.
    My father seems
    content to sell me off
    to whichever lord
    has the biggest castle.
    There are worse things
    to be sold for.
    Oh… (CHUCKLES)
    Such a lonely prospect.
    TYLAND LANNISTER: The Step stones
    were meant to be won for the realm,
    but over the past few days,
    it seems we have traded
    a crabfeeder for a sea snake.
    This is clearly a rebuke for passing
    over Lady Laena for Queen Alicent.
    Years have passed since
    the business with his daughter.
    Certainly, he cannot
    still be wroth?
    The Sea Snake is an over-proud
    man, to be sure, Your Grace.
    That pride has been injured.
    Perhaps we can salve the wound?
    I fear Lord Corlys’s pride
    is the least of our worries.
    I don’t wish to cause
    you further distress,
    Your Grace, but my brother has
    sent disturbing word from Old town.
    Lord Corlys is said to have
    engaged in negotiations
    with the Sea lord of Braavos.
    He plans to wed his daughter
    Laena to the Sealord’s son.
    If House Velaryon
    entered into an alliance
    with the Free Cities…
    we would have to seek
    our own marriage pact.
  • Good night, Ser Criston.
  • Sleep well, Princess.
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪
    RHAENYRA: Where are we going?
    ♪ ♪
  • DRUNKARD: Fuck off, boy.
    He called me boy.
    ♪ ♪
    Do you wish to know
    your death, child?
    Let me take that.
    Leave us, all of you.
    You have a far kinder
    touch than they do.
    Thank you, husband.
    PLAYER: And now we come to
    the matter of the great Iron Chair…
    and whose bum it might bear.
    Our good King…
    names his daughter,
    a girl, his heir.
    But then to him, a babe is born.
  • A son!
  • (GASPS)
    (CROWD CHEERING) - To which
    heir might the chair bear?
    Who will it be?
    The brother?
    The daughter?
    Or the little
    princeling of three?
    the Realm’s Delight,
    a girl so young and so slight…
    loved by all of her people,
    but would she make
    a powerful queen,
  • or would she be feeble?
  • CROWD: Feeble!
    PLAYER: Though Aegon, the babe Prince,
    might long for a claim,
    he has two things
    Rhaenyra cannot:
    A conqueror’s name…
    and a cock.
    Lies, slander!
    Jest if you will,
    but many of the smallfolk
    are like to believe
    that, as a male,
    Aegon should be the heir.
    Mm. Their wants
    are of no consequence.
    They’re of great consequence
    if you expect
    to rule them one day.
    For one night, I wish to be free
    of the burdens
    of my inheritance.
    Four coppers, street rat.
    In King’s Landing,
    we pay for our pleasures.
  • DAEMON: Hey!
  • Stop! Boy!
    DAEMON: Wait, I’ll find him.
    (RHAENYRA GRUNTS) - And who
    might you be running from, now?
    Ser Harwin.
  • Don’t.
    You take care, boy.
    Next time,
    you might not be so lucky.
    Enjoyed that, did you?
  • Who knows when I’ll next taste freedom?
  • Come.
    Pardon me, Your Grace.
    The King has requested
    your presence.
    The hour is quite late.
    Yes, Your Grace.
    ♪ ♪
    RHAENYRA: What is this place?
    DAEMON: It’s where people
    come to take what they want.
    ♪ ♪
    Fucking is a pleasure, you see.
    For the woman as it is the man.
    ♪ ♪
    A marriage is a duty…
    But that doesn’t stop us
    from doing what we want.
    From fucking who we want.
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪
    Princess, are you, are you hurt?
  • I-I should alert the Lord Commander.
  • No.
  • My helmet.
    You finished?
    Thank you.
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪
    Apologies for
    the late hour, my Lord.
  • What is it?
  • A messenger brings word from the White Worm.
    ♪ ♪
    DAEMON: Am I your prisoner?
  • As I was once yours?
    I’m your protector,
    lucky for you.
    This will cut the fog.
    I don’t need protection
    from a common whore.
    I am not so common.
    A not-so-common whore then.
    I’ve left that life behind.
    I learned that skin-trade
    could only take me
    so far in this life.
    You never were one to stay idle.
    Hard lessons are not
    welcomed but suffered.
    DAEMON: Mysar…
    MYSARIA: You can pay for
    the room on your way out.
    ♪ ♪
    What is it?
    I apologize for the
    early hour, Your Grace.
    I have, um…
    discomforting news.
    I thought it best
    shared discreetly
    before the council convenes.
    (SIGHS) The Sea Snake.
    I’m afraid it concerns
    the Princess, my King.
    Has she been harmed?
    It is no easy thing
    to tell a father of
    his daughter’s exploits.
    I had considered
    saying nothing, but…
    What has she done?
    The Princess was spied
    last evening…
    beyond the walls of the Keep…
    in a pleasure house.
    What of it?
    She was carrying on
    with her uncle.
    They were engaged in behaviors
    unbecoming of a maiden…
    of a Princess.
    What behaviors?
    Well, must I say it, Your Grace?
    VISERYS: You enter my bedchamber,
    accusing my daughter
    of something.
    Now speak it… plainly.
    Daemon and Rhaenyra
    were seen together…
    in the bowels of a pleasure den.
    This is a lie.
    You have been lied to.
    I only wish that
    were true, Your Grace.
    Who is responsible
    for this gossip?
    Have this rumormonger
    brought before me at once.
    And I will take their eyes.
    As your Hand, I must maintain
    trusted sources of information.
    And this one, as yet,
    has never led me astray.
    And several of the servants
    have now admitted to seeing her,
    the Princess…
    creeping through the gates
    from King’s Landing,
    disguised as a page
    during the hour of the owl.
    Are you so sick with ambition
    that you would have
    my daughter stalked?
    Spied upon?
    Awaiting your best chance
    to destroy her reputation?
    I have no such intent,
    Your Grace.
    You think yourself
    a cunning man.
    Your designs are obvious.
    Do you wish to have your blood
    on the Iron Throne so badly
    that you are willing
    to destroy mine own?
    Just get out.
    Leave me… at once.
    ♪ ♪
    Your Grace.
    ♪ ♪
    I’m dressed, An nor a. Come.
    Princess, I-I have
    a message from the Queen.
    QUEEN ALICENT: What happened last night?
    What do you mean?
    My father has made some
    worrying allegations about you.
    Were you with your uncle?
    Oh, I… (CHUCKLES)
    I haven’t seen him in years.
    He took me into
    the city for some fun.
    Tell me the whole of it,
    Your father accused me
    of something.
    That I drank wine?
    Left the castle after dark?
    That you fucked Daemon
    in a pleasure house.
    This is a vile accusation.
    Is it?
    You Targaryens do
    have queer customs.
  • And Daemon certainly knows no limit.
  • Alicent…
    Your Grace, sister,
    you must know I would,
    I would never.
    You cannot believe such gossip.
    My father is no gossip.
    Well, certainly
    he’s been misled.
    He could not have
    witnessed such a thing.
  • Why not?
  • Because it did not happen.
  • He was told that you…
  • Told?
    Who made these claims
    to your father?
    I am the Princess.
    To question my virtue
    is an act of treason.
  • I do not know specifically…
  • What, your father did not tell you?
    He reported it to the King.
    I overheard.
    So you are accusing me
    of slanders…
    you overheard?
    I only want to help you,
    (SIGHS) Okay, we…
    we drank in a tavern.
    Several… taverns.
    It was getting late…
    and I asked to go home.
    But Daemon wished to continue.
    As he was my escort,
    I had no real choice.
    in a brothel?
    He took me to a show. I…
    I was only a spectator.
    I didn’t do anything.
    ♪ ♪
    And then Daemon sank
    into his cups and, uh…
    abandoned me for some whore.
    I should’ve known better.
    So you did not?
    Must I truly refute that?
    Daemon never touched me.
    Okay, I swear this to you
    upon the memory of my mother.
    It was foolish of you to place
    yourself in a position
    where your virtue could
    even come into question.
    The King has strived
    to find you a good match.
    And so have I.
    If that lord were to think
    that you had been…
  • it would ruin everything.
  • I know…
    Your Grace.
    I regret it.
    ♪ ♪
    (GRUNTS) - The King demands
    an audience, my Prince.
    Take your fucking hands off me.
    ♪ ♪
    My daughter.
  • Won’t you even deny it?
    DAEMON: I need to understand the charge
    before I can attempt
    to discredit it.
    You defiled her.
    KING VISERYS: Still, you say nothing.
    DAEMON: Oh, what
    does it matter, brother?
    When we were Rhaenyra’s age,
    we fucked our way through
    most of the brothels
    on the Street of Silk.
    We were young men.
    She is just a girl.
  • Your niece!
  • Rhaenyra’s a woman-grown.
    Better her first experience
    be with me than some whore.
    You fucking…
    You have ruined her!
    What lord will wed her now?
    In this condition?
    Who gives a fuck
    what some lord thinks?
    You are the dragon.
    Your word is truth and law.
    I have spent a lifetime
    defending you.
    But your heart is even
    blacker than I thought.
    I should disinherit her
    as I already did you
    and be done with it.
    Wed her to me.
    When I offered up my crown,
    you said I could have anything.
    I want Rhaenyra.
    I’ll take her as she is,
    and wed her in the tradition
    of our house.
    You are already wed.
    That didn’t stop Aegon the
    Conqueror from taking a second wife.
    You are no conqueror.
    You are a plague…
    sent to destroy me.
    Give me Rhaenyra to take to wife
    and we will return the House
    of the Dragon to its proper glory.
    KING VISERYS: Of course.
    It’s not my daughter
    you lust for, is it?
    It’s my throne.
    Go back to the Vale, Daemon,
    to your lawful wife.
    Strive to restore whatever
    scrap of honor remains in you.
    Or don’t.
    Matters not to me.
    As long as you are gone
    from my sight for good.
    ♪ ♪
    As you wish, brother.
    Have you spoken to her?
    It is not in Rhaenyra’s
    nature to be deceitful.
    I cannot say the same
    for your brother.
    You believe he lied?
    How often does he
    speak the pure truth?
    How does confessing
    to such things serve him?
    By reducing you.
    Whatever transpired,
    Rhaenyra is not innocent.
    Only because Daemon
    tried to corrupt her.
    Daemon and Rhaenyra
    share the blood of the dragon.
    They are restless and chaotic.
    She swore to me that
    she remains a maiden.
    And I believe her.
    ♪ ♪
    KING VISERYS: That dagger
    once belonged
    to Aegon the Conqueror.
    It was Aenar’s before that.
    And before that…
    well, it is difficult to know.
    Before Aegon’s death, the
    last of the Valyrian pyromancers
    hid his song in the steel.
    RHAENYRA: “From my blood…”
    “Come the Prince
    That Was Promised…”
    “And his will be
    the Song of Ice and Fire.”
    The responsibility
    I have handed to you,
    the burden of this knowledge…
    it is larger than the throne,
    the king.
    It is larger than you
    and your desires.
    Jaehaerys would’ve
    disinherited you.
    For a lie?
    You’ve yet to ask me for
    the truth of what happened.
    The truth does not
    matter, Rhaenyra.
    Only perception.
    You have exposed yourself.
    Now we must both
    suffer the consequences.
    Were I born a man,
    I could bed whomever I wanted.
    I could father a dozen bastards,
    and no one in your court
    would blink an eye.
    You are right…
    but you were born a woman.
    So you’ll strip me of my titles
    and name Aegon in my stead.
    I would.
    But it is mine to hold
    the realm together,
    not sow it
    with further division.
    Your courtship is at an end.
    You will wed
    Ser Laenor Velaryon,
    and you will do so
    without protest.
    The son of the Sea Snake.
    So I can be a remedy
    for your political headaches.
    You are my political headache!
    Your wedding
    to Ser Laenor Velaryon
    will unite the two most
    powerful houses in the realm.
    With the combined strength of
    our shared dragons and naval fleets,
    no one would dare
    to stand against us.
    The House of the Dragon
    will stand as one
    for a further generation.
    And what will you
    do about the vulture
    who perches upon your throne?
    What vulture?
    Your Hand.
    Otto High tower has served
    two kings loyally and faithfully.
    He wants Aegon to be named heir.
    And he will stop at nothing
    to see it done.
    Including spying on me
    to bring about my ruin.
    You speak of
    The Conqueror’s vision
    and the need for strength
    and unity across the realm.
    But how can that be accomplished
    with your most trusted adviser
    so self-interested?
    Every lord and lady that calls
    for an audience with me,
    every man on my small council,
    and all councils past,
    has been self-interested.
  • It is unavoidable.
  • I disagree.
    I will do my duty as heir
    and wed Ser Laenor.
    But you must first
    do yours as king.
  • Your Grace.
    Five days.
    I’m sorry, Your Grace?
    KING VISERYS: Though it was some time ago.
    The details…
    they fade in memory.
    My father was a hale and
    healthy warrior and dragon rider
    at the peak of his abilities.
    Jaehaerys named
    a great royal hunt
    to celebrate him being
    named the Hand of the King.
    Five days later my…
    my father lay dead.
    Tourneys last longer.
    Baelon the Brave,
    rider of Vhagar,
    heir to the Iron Throne…
    dead of a burst belly.
    The gods have a dark wit.
    It was a grim day.
  • I recall it all too well.
  • Yeah…
    It was a good day for you.
    Jaehaerys named you Hand
    in Baelon’s stead.
    That’s hardly how
    I viewed it, Your Grace.
    It was a duty.
    You served my grand sire
    nobly in his final days.
    You are the man that
    taught me how to be King.
  • Oh, you honor me, Your Grace.
    Just five days…
    you went from being another man
    in Jaehaerys’s court,
    to the second most
    powerful man in the realm.
    I wonder…
    how long did it take you to
    choose yourself over your King?
    Your Grace?
    I will never recover
    from Aemma’s death.
    But Alicent…
    she took me through
    the worst of my grief.
    She was a calculated
    I only now realize
    how well-calculated it was.
    That is an absurdity.
    The Queen loves you…
    as I know you love her.
    Your interests no longer align
    with those of the realm.
    Your judgment has
    been compromised.
    A loyal Hand must tell his king
    a discomforting truth
    from time to time, Your Grace.
    If he doesn’t…
    he’s failed as a servant.
    You were a faithful
    servant, Otto.
    The crown and the realm
    both owe you a debt
    that can never be repaid.
    But I can no longer
    trust your judgment.
    I hope you can forgive
    the late hour, Princess.
    I took great care
    in its preparation.
    If not brewed properly,
    it can either prove ineffective
    or else bear
  • unpleasant…
  • Brewed properly?
    I’m sorry, what is that?
    A tea, Princess.
    From the King.
    It will rid you of any
    unwanted consequences.
    ♪ ♪
    ♪ ♪