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this week i fell down a huge rabbit hole with the
story my brain has turned to mush i never want to talk
about charles manson ever again ever
again there are so many layers to this damn
story there is so much
to this story i am so
i felt like i was losing my mind at some
points but i’m here
so i don’t know how long this is
gonna be i’m gonna try and keep it short
but i did like
simplify it
as much as i could there’s a lot of names that are
gonna be thrown your way so get ready
get ready to catch em
you get it i had to
simplify it a little bit as best as i
could without losing the overall
story charles manson here we go
charles maddox
was born november 12th 1934
so he’s a scorpio
in cincinnati ohio to his
mother kathleen
maddox who was just 15 at the time
of his birth
charles wouldn’t have a relationship with his
biological father
his mother kathleen
she ended up
marrying a man by the name of william manson
about four months before she gave birth to charles
so charles took the name
manson then when the couple separated in 1937
charles kept
the last name
tarnished that name
that’s for sure
as a way to make money kathleen
worked as a sex worker and participated in petty
crimes it was said that charles
mother wanted
nothing to do with him that at one
point when he was a baby
his mom tried to sell him as a baby
to a waitress
in return for a
pitcher of beer
to some people
that’s considered a fair trade
in 1939 kathleen was sent to prison for five years for
armed robbery
and during this time charles
was sent to live with his aunt and
uncle in west virginia
if i call him charlie
and charles just know it’s the same person
whatever charlie seemed to bounce around a lot
he didn’t really have a stable home but he
would visit
his off the grid uncle
who lived in the kentucky mountains from time to time
this uncle seemed to have like a lasting
impression on charles okay this
uncle he was an outcast
and would tell charles not to go to those
schools because they
brainwashed kids and
stuff you know
that uncle but
charlie said that he really liked him
he was different he was off the grid man
when charlie was nine he
tried to set his
school on fire
and that’s when
they sent him to reform
school between 1942 and 1947
charles mom she was out of prison
and he would stay with her
which he said
was like one of the happiest times from his childhood
then she couldn’t
and she wouldn’t take care of him anymore
and then she was arrested again
she wasn’t able to put him in a foster home so the
court stepped in and placed him in a
school for boys in indiana
the school was very
strict and often abused the boys and
after about 10
months he ran away to find his mom
but she really wanted nothing to do with him
and when charles
found her she was like
shit you found me
damn it so as you can probably gather
pretty loveless
childhood okay
great he spent a lot of his
childhood in different
schools for boys
he went to the
famous boys town
which we can do like a whole
story on this
place alone
okay but not
today but he went there
and charles
would run away he
would commit a robbery
then he would be sent back he
would go a different
school for boys
and repeat like it was just this
cycle then he got sent to another terrible
place it was the indiana boy school
where charles said that he
would be beat and raped by people in charge
he was heavily
abused throughout
these schools he attended he
tried to run away here but same thing
he would run away
commit a crime
like armed robbery
theft he robbed a gas station he was caught
a couple of times trying to rape or molest boys
then he would get arrested
and get sent back to a different school
it was just like a hot
mess when charles reached 20 years old in 1955 he
married a 17 year old waitress
named rose not long
after she was pregnant
the two of them
stole a car
and drove to los angeles
when he was there he
was caught and he
was sentenced to
three years in prison
while charlie sat in prison
rose she had her baby she
moved in with her family in los angeles
then she met another man and moved on
and they separated
charles manson had a baby
which is super sad cause
later on in life
i think he committed suicide
so when charlie got out of prison
he just found odd jobs
like pimping 16 year olds
stealing cars forging
checks stealing
where he could
he ended up getting
another 10 year sentence for violating his probation
this time though he
would only serve
seven and a half years
so this time though when he was in prison he
learned how to play guitar
and that’s when he
started to become
really into playing
music music is my passion
prison was rough
but it was like a home
to charlie and he was raised in there and it’s really
where he formed his outlook on life i mean
based off of
what he said he refused to be programmed by the
world or go
along with the
expectations of what was considered being a functioning
normal adult instead he
would just sit in his jail cell play his guitar
and write music
that’s not me trying to make him
sound all peaches and cream
nene rumor has it prison is like
super rough
and you don’t play around there
okay there are rules to be followed
so growing up in prison
and being in constant
fighter flight mode
i think just really like made him
freaking psycho
i’m sure i mean how do you come out normal
in this situation
in nineteen
sixty seven
charles was released from prison
and he actually
asked if he
could stay he didn’t
wanna go i mean what the hell was he
gonna do but this time when he left
prison it was actually a lot different for him okay he
was in san francisco in the mid nineteen sixties babe
things had changed
things had changed
it was the time of the flower child
hippies were thriving
in the hate ashbury
district of san francisco tons of
young adults were coming from all over the
place just coming out to the area to advocate for
peace and love grow
their hair out long
join a commune
and just like go on a spiritual journey man
but then lsd
was introduced to the
scene and now people were not only
going on their spiritual journeys
but they were just straight up
tripping balls that’s when it
started to turn more
aggressive because
drugs and money
and there was just like lots of journeys happening
anywho so charles
enters the scene
and he actually liked this because
these people were all about
peace and love we don’t need the
system sleep on the streets play
music do drugs
he had long hair and a guitar
it was just like charles cup of tea he fit
right in he
would play music
on the streets
people would gather around anyone
who met him said that he had this charisma about him
he just knew how to talk to people and make them feel
special important
and like heard
so charles he really just
started making friends one of his
first followers was
lynette from
and she met
charlie early on
and said that he was just easy to talk to
and his mind just really intrigued her then soon
after that he met
pat krenwinkle
at a mutual friend’s house
charlie was there playing
guitar people came over to hang out and pat and charlie
ended up like
really hitting it off and involving in some
sexual relations
she said that she just felt very
loved by him the way he gave her attention was
fulfilling she was young
she ran away from home she was desperate for
love and attention and charlie just gave that to her
and he seemed to do that with a lot
of different women
so charlie also had a man named tex
watson who joined
the growing family a way to get a man to stay with the
group and join in on the fun charlie
would offer
women to the men
in hopes to gain their
trust and get them to stay charlie
would like round up
more women sell
trade them for sex
he was really good at manipulating people
and he mentioned that it’s just something
he learned or like picked up in prison
the prettiest
girls he called the
front street girls and
these were the ones that
he thought were the most
attractive out of the
bunch and would lure
others to join
their group
like hey you
should come meet my friend charlie
he’s super cool and like you
would really love it and then we can like
do stuff over time
charles was attracting more and more people into his
group or what he called his family
he gained their trust and
gave them drugs had sex played
music it was
just like somewhere all they lost kids wanted to be
most of the
followers left home they had like nothing to
their name in
search of a new life anti system
peace and love
so finding a family
of people with similar interest
really kept
people there
i think that’s how a cold
starts in the summer of 1967
charles and his family
they left san francisco
got too much
they left san francisco in a bus
and they drove up and down the
coast just going from
place to place
which kept everybody
entertained you know they
weren’t getting bored
cause it was like new location cool
haven’t seen this rock before eventually
they made it to los angeles
where they spent most of
their time plus
charlie really
wanted to like make a name for himself playing music
in march of 1968 two of the family members
two of the girls
they were walking
along sunset boulevard in los angeles
i don’t know what was
going on like what they were doing
maybe they were trying to find new family members
so either way they’re just walking
and they’re hitchhiking
cause they’re trying to find a ride to
where they were all staying at
and dennis wilson ends up picking them up he’s from the
beach boys who
were a very popular group
still pretty popular right
you hear the
beach boys everywhere sometimes
especially like when you’re
shopping they always have the
beach boys playing but they were very popular
so yet like yeah
small world but
he picks these two women up
who belong to the manson family
to make a long
story short the
women tell him
about the man that they’re staying with
a spiritual
guru of some sorts you know
spiritual guru
his name is charlie
you should meet him
and then charles actually ends up
going over to dennis wilson’s home
they really
seemed to hit it off i mean they became like bffs
okay so then they end up
spending like more and more time together
and then soon the
whole manson family
ended up moving
in with dennis wilson and like his nice ass
place they are living with him doing drugs playing
music writing
music recording
music together
it seemed like charles manson was on his way to
becoming a beach boy
dennis wilson really wanted him to be a part of the
group but some of the
other beach boys they
just didn’t like him
they refused to work with him
some members of the
beach boys were telling dennis
like hey you
need to get rid of this this guy like he’s not good
we’re just getting
all sorts of bad vibes you need to drop him
all he wants to do is
party do drugs like he’s just not good for you
the manson family
ends up getting kicked out of dennis’s
house and they end up cutting
ties with one another
it’s more complicated
than that but for the most part that is what happened
the beach boys song bluebirds over the mountain
was originally a song written by charles manson
that the beach boys recorded and didn’t credit him on
but charles says that was his song
okay and they didn’t credit him on it
so charles is pissed obviously
while they were living together
charlie met a well
known music producer
named terry melcher
charles knew that this producer
had altered his music
and honestly just hated him
he hated charlie because
he just didn’t like him they had issues and then he
ended up stealing his
music and altering it and
using it and not crediting him
so charlie is obviously very pissed off and held a very
nasty grudge
against this producer
and there really wasn’t anything he
could do about it
terry is important so remember terry
august of 1968
susan atkins who was like a longtime family
member at this point
found the family a new home
it was an old western movie set
which had been turned into a writing stable
it was owned at the time by an 80 year old half
blind man named george spawn
they find this
place they think it’s perfect
great the whole gang moved in
great location
for a cold honestly
so soon after a
woman by the name of
leslie van houten
she joined the family
and they all stayed in that old torn down movie set
spawn ranch
it was said to be all
fun and innocent
they spent time
play acting
movie roles kind of like summer camp with your friends
so it was said when they were there
it was like time didn’t
exist there was no time
they were all just living in the moment
the now they
would pretend
every day was halloween
and they would
dress up in costumes play
different roles and it was just a way for them to get
out of themselves let
their ego go and their
world views
and by removing
their egos it would
allow charlie
in and change
their views on the
world charlie
would tell family members
that society was corrupt and that they needed to forget
everything they’ve ever
learned i can talk
charlie would tell them that he was the
noble one the one with all the answers and only he
knew the truth
so the family they
would drop acid all the time and they
would do different exercises together
while tripping balls you know he
would make everyone sit around like in a circle
and he would be in the middle and
he’d have everybody
focus on him
he was the focal
point he would also tell them to get rid of
their past forget
their mothers and fathers
and that they needed to die in
order to be rebuilt
some of the members said that it’s
funny we can
laugh but it’s not funny
it is funny
because some of the members
said that like he even reenacted the crucifixion
while they were on lsd
and because they were
tripping it was like oh my god
jesus is melting
that’s jesus bro
so this group they’re cut
off from society in the middle of nowhere doing drugs
every day with the same people
brainwashing seemed to happen
charles his
philosophy was the notion of oneness
and the power of love but over time his
he got more and more paranoid
his messaging
would become darker
there was no
right or wrong in life
death and life were the same
thing not to fear it
death was actually a welcoming
to a better life this is what he’s telling them
it was said it got to a
point where charlie stopped letting anybody
leave the compound without his
permission they
weren’t allowed to listen to any
music except
for the beatles
the moody blues
or charles’s own music
like i mentioned in last
monday’s upload in 1966 there was like a
bunch of riots
going on protesting
against the war in vietnam
so charlie was following this but
wouldn’t allow his members to know
about what was going on
but he seemed to be
becoming paranoid that there was
going to be a race war happening soon
now this is
where things get
tricky and people
have different versions for what happened next
there’s the helter skelter version
which i’ll explain
and then there’s like the drug deal gone
wrong version
that i personally
think is what really happened
i don’t think the helter skelter
doomsday cult
thing was a
thing i’ll explain i know
oh my god so july nineteen sixty nine
um one of the followers was text his name was text
remember okay cool
so he was also a drug dealer
while living on the ranch
it was said that
tex went to go to a deal with another dealer
named bernard
crow in los angeles
text was buying a lot of drugs from this guy like
twelve hundred dollars worth
text didn’t have all of the
money but he told bernard
hey i’ll take the drugs get the rest of your money
and then come back and pay you
cause you know that always works bernard was like
how do i know you’re
gonna come back
and text was like
here’s my girlfriend i’ll have her
stay with you she’ll stay here with you as collateral
he agrees and then text takes off
text never comes back
yeah i know what to do so his
girlfriend is probably like yeah don’t
worry he’s coming back he’s a man of his word he
would never just
leave me here
and then like
twelve hours go by and she’s like
yeah maybe he got sight
tractor something he loves me he’s coming back
he’s not coming back is he
no okay so some time passes bernard
still has the
girlfriend hostage mind you
and then he calls up text
now text his real name was also charles
but everyone called him text
so bernard calls
the number to reach text
at the compound or whatever bernard asks for charles
because he means text
but it was actually charles manson that was on the
other end yeah
so bernard is like i want my
money where’s my
money bernard then said that if he didn’t get his
money he was
going to burn down the
ranch and rape all his women
so charles manson
then decides
to take matters into his own hand
he goes down to meet with bernard
walks in they
fight charles
shoots him charles grabs the girl
and then he
leaves him behind
bernard actually survives but charlie
doesn’t know that he
thinks he’s dead
charlie starts to get really paranoid
because he believed that bernard belonged to the
group black panthers
and that they were
going to come
after him and his family
for what he did
i mean this guy bernard was like a bigwig drug dealer
once someone got word it was like
it was gonna be over for him
so charlie starts warning the family members that the
black panthers are
going to kill them
and that they need to
learn how to
fend for themselves
but he’s just getting really paranoid
and hopes that nobody finds out what he did
he decides that
he needs to get the family members to commit crimes
and then make them complicit in the
crimes that he had committed
i feel like criminals always overcomplicate things
yeah it’s just a personal opinion though
but i feel like it’s very true
due to his growing paranoia that the
black panther
group was coming
after him charles enlisted a
motorcycle gang
called the straight
satans for protection
over the compound
in exchange for protection
charlie promised him or them
all the girls they wanted here’s
where i’m gonna
throw some names at you but it’s fine
just follow it
so one day the
biker guys wanted drugs they want to do some drugs
and one of the family members his name was bobby
he said that there was a guy
named gary hinman
who would be able to
supply them with some goods
so the biker
guys give bobby some money
and he goes and he gets drugs from gary
so the biker
guys they do the drugs
afterwards they’re pissed
they’re pissed because the guys from the straight
satans said the drugs were bad and they wanted
their money back for being ripped off
these guys were growing more and more
angry threatening to kill people if they didn’t get
their money back
so charlie told
bobby and two
other family members
mary brunner and
susan atkins to go with
bobby get the
money back from gary heinman because
he didn’t want any problems with the biker guys like
you didn’t want to be on
their bad side charlie already believed that the
black panthers were
after him he didn’t want the straight
satan’s after him either so the
three of them head out and when they get to gary’s
house they have like a gun and
stuff they’re threatening him
they’re like we want our
money back the drugs were fake whatever
gary refused to give them the
money back saying
that the drugs were good and he didn’t even have the
money cause he already
spent it and then things
seemed to escalate
escalade things
escalated and then
bobby mary and susan
stayed at gary’s
house for like two days they had him tied up
they’re trying to reason with him to give up the
money or give them something valuable that he
could give to the straight
saints in lieu of the
money at some
point there was
a bit of a struggle that happened
and one of the girls ends up calling charlie manson
to let him know that gary wasn’t cooperating and then
charles was like okay
right there
bobby regained
control and then soon
after gary agreed to sign over his cars
which were worth
about a thousand dollars
he could use the cars and the little
money so they’re making this
agreement cool then
this sounds like a cheesy
movie but this
yes then charlie comes busting through the door
he has a confederate
knife bust through the door
cut scary across the face
starts threatening him
bobby was like okay
that was really unnecessary you know
but what do we do now
we can’t just let him go he’ll rat us out
bobby ends up killing gary
because that was really his only option
so he takes the
knife and he just kills
gary so before leaving gary’s
house bobby
wrote on the walls and gary’s
blood he drew a
black panther paw print
along with the words political piggy
and he did this because
it was recommended to him
by charles manson because he wanted to
throw off investigators and
make them believe that the murder was related to the
black panthers
tying back to the bernard
crow shooting like
maybe they would tie
those two together not long
after though
bobby was pulled over
and arrested in one of gary’s cars
and he was being
charged with the murdy murdy and
he was being
charged for the murder of gary heinman
because he did it yeah you know so yeah it makes sense
bobby was a family
member though
okay the group
stood up for
their family members
so when he was arrested
charlie started getting really paranoid that
things were
gonna lead back to him
he knew that they had to get
bobby out so the
group decided to kill
again they would
stage it to look like a
copycat murder leading investigators to believe whoever
did it also
probably committed the gary
heinman henman murder
which meant
bobby wasn’t involved because he was in jail
so it would make them
think that they had the wrong guy
and then bobby
would be set free
flawless plan totally makes sense
nobody will know
again criminals always overcomplicate
things but this is what they’re
thinking so back at
spawn ranch charlie and tex
they were like trying to come up with a plan
who do we hate that we can kill
and create like this copycat scene
hmm terry melcher
remember the
music producer
yeah so charlie had been to
terry’s home at one
point when they were living
with the beach boy
so he knew where
terry lived
august 9th 1969
in a big old
house on celio
drive in los angeles
is where actress
sharon tate
who was eight
months pregnant
and her movie director husband
roman polanski
were renting
terry melcher’s home talk about
wrong place
wrong damn time
now on this night
roman was in the uk
and sharon was at home with her friends
having like a little get together just hanging out
along with sharon
was her ex boyfriend
or fiance and
friend hair stylist
jay sebring
iconic hair stylist
also coffee heiress abigail
fulcher was there
yeah folgers in your cup queen yeah
she’s there abigail’s boyfriend was also there
wojciek frikowski
he was there too
there was also a man
named steven parent who was
visiting the home taking care of the property
so the family members texts cat
linda and susan
get into the car and they
drive out to the home charles
tells them to do
everything that text says but
doesn’t tell them like what it is they’re doing
except for tex he’s the only one that knows when they
arrived late at night
tex went onto the property first
that’s when he
came across steven parent who was like
literally in his car like it looked like he was
just put the keys in
something because he was
about to leave and go home
poor steven he was shot
by text four times
so then after that text
goes back to the car and told the girls like come on
come with me we’re
going inside now text
was able to get into the
house through an unlocked door
and let the others in
and then in the living room
tex was trying to deal with jay
sebring who he came across
first and he had him on the
floor he was trying to tie him up tex asked
susan to go and
check the back rooms and like
bring everyone
into the living room
so tex and jay are in the living room and they’re
starting to
fight because jay is trying to run away escape but
sadly tex shot him and killed him
it was said that
hex was the one who killed most that night
but like they all participated in
their own ways
it was just a really gruesome
scene there was
blood everywhere
everyone was brutally murdered
it was just
horrifying then in sharon
tate’s blood there was the word
pig written on the front door
they were trying to tie it back to the previous murder
in total the
victims had been
stabbed a hundred
and two times
and they had gunshot
wounds so it was like a little much like they’re dead
we get it now many believe that
this was some kind of satanic ritual type of killing
and when the
media got a hold of it
it was a massive
story hollywood
was terrified celebrities were
thinking that like someone was gonna come
to them and kill them next
it’s believed charlie had the family members
involved in the tape murders to prevent
them from talking to police
about the bernard and gary
murder cause now
their hands were dirty too
so they were hoping that back at the
crime scene
the police would be making the connection
between the two murders
unfortunately the police
never made that connection
they didn’t connect the twos so
great plan worked
great so the next night
another murder was in the works
this time it
would be at the home of a grocery company
executive named
leno and his wife rosemary la bianca
now this was
being like a very different section of los angeles
this night though
leslie van houten
she went along to
prove her loyalty to charlie and the family
she said that before
going she knew people were
gonna die but she
wanted to prove herself charlie
leslie pat tex
linda and susan all
cramped into a car
and they drove around for a
while before they stopped at the
house that they were
gonna hit next
charles went in
first and tied up the la
biancas then he left
so the rest of the gang they came in
they’re struggling
with the law biancas the two girls were
going to kill
the law biancas but i
think they chickened out
and they asked
tex to come in kill them
killed the husband and wife
and then the girls took the knives and
stabbed them and like cut them up and carved in
their body because
texas said that they needed to do something
again it was a pretty brutal and
awful scene
anything bad you can imagine that was it okay
that was the scene
it was not nice
the lapiancas had been
stabbed a total of 67 times once
again they used their
blood and they wrote
death to pigs rise
and helter skelter
on the walls and the fridge
helter skelter
which they spelled wrong
first of all
great was referencing the beatles song
helter skelter
from the white
album the only
thing that they were allowed to listen to on
spawn ranch
charles believed the
music and cited a race war
and murder because the beatles were huge
they thought that
would make this connection
because they
are trying to make it look like a copycat murder
so they wrote in the
blood again
they’ll connect it with the sharon
tate once sharon
tate connects to the gary once
gary one leads back
to the drug dealer
so it was said that the reason they killed
again was because they didn’t realize that the
tate murders were
going to become so big
cause it wasn’t supposed to
it was just supposed to be
terry melcher there
but it was all over the news
and everybody was talking
about it and
that wasn’t the plan
so they needed to hit
again the reason that charlie picked the la
bianca’s home because it may seem
super random
but it wasn’t
random not at all
like mentioned
earlier charlie
he held a grudge and he
never forgot when you did him
wrong the law biancas they
lived next door to a guy
named harold true
we don’t need to know him but he was there harold
was a friend to charlie and the family
they actually stayed at harold’s
house for a bit of time the family
again they like moved in
to harold’s house
and we’re living there for
some time but i
guess they were causing a bit of a ruckus
and the neighbors called the cops
which led to charlie and the family having to move out
who were the neighbors
the lobbyangas of course
that’s why he decided to kill them that
night because he remembered that
and because they
needed another copycat murder also charlie remembered
that the law biancas liked gamble and had lots of
money money
that he needed to pay back the straight satans
that’s his plan
so over the years charlie had said that like he was
never there at the lot biancas
in interviews
and what not but everyone said he was the one who
drove to the lot bianca
house and that
he went in for a bit for a period of time well inside
after tying the lot biancas up charlie
went and grabbed
rosemary la bianca’s wallet
then waited
for the gang back in the car
once the murders were complete
charlie then took them to a
house in venice
beach which was
right next to the straight
satan’s clubhouse
mind you it was like 4 am
and there’s many speculation as to why they went there
some say it was to
commit another murder but many believe it was actually
because charlie went there to give the straight
satans the money
owed and regain
their protection over
spawn ranch
which makes
sense because he just got the
money from the la biancas
back at spawn
ranch there was a ranch hand
named donald shay
who was a hollywood
stuntman actor
but also helped out around
ranch now he didn’t like the family
he thought they were trying
or they were taking advantage of the
old man who owned it and on august 16th 1969 26 members
of the family were arrested on suspicion of auto theft
it didn’t last long though
due to like some
paperwork errors they were all released by
but because of this
charlie thought that the
ranch hand donald
tipped them off to police
and when they got back to the ranch
donald shay
was never seen
again just vanished poof
gone so now that they’re on police’s
radar they wanted somewhere else to live and the
group ends up moving to barker ranch in
death valley
which was like an old mining property
that was pretty cut off from the world so
they were there for a bit
then on october
12 1969 officers
raided the barker
ranch on suspicion of auto theft again
24 members were arrested this time
now they didn’t even know that
these people were involved with the murders
going on they were just there you know auto theft
you’re arrested
auto theft let’s go now this time though
while in jail one of the family members
susan atkins
she blabbed
she told her cellmates that she
and the family were involved with the murder of sharon
tate i don’t know why i’m
whispering but i am
she was kind of bragging
about it like oh you’re looking at her
i’m the one who was involved
based off interviews
with the cellmate
yes i like went down a
rabbit hole anyways
the cellmate
tells investigators this information because
hello i want a lesser sentence
i’m gonna rat on you
which they did and this my friends is
where it all just falls
apart goodbye
december 1969
four months
after the crimes
a lot of things happened in between here
but it’s like nothing
but really makes a difference it’s just bullshit
charles manson
and five members were being
charged with the
tate and la bianca murders
on june 15th 1970
the trial starts
charles charlie
mr manson he
asked for a
permission to
serve as his own attorney
but he was denied
they should have let him
know they shouldn’t have he was denied
susan atkins gave a testimony and described in
great detail what happened the
night of the
tate murders
she had like little to no emotion
and showed not a lot of remorse
it was very awkward
they didn’t want to use her as a witness
because they thought it
wouldn’t help the helter skelter
story that prosecutors were
going to focus on
which we will get into
so they ended up not
using her they’re like you’re a bad look
get out of here
now the main problem was that charles
manson was not at the murder
scene during the
tate murders
and did not participate
in the law bianca murders
so they had
to get him with circumstantial evidence and by the law
of conspiracy
i know confusing
they didn’t have any
proof that he did a damn thing
so prosecutors had to get creative
and come up with a
storyline that
would convict
charles manson
now hollywood was going
crazy over this
trial and day
after day charlie
would come into
court all of this was like being filmed for tv
news and just he
would just spew
some wild shit
he was playing to the courtroom
he knew it was a
circus and he was feeding into it
charlie would have like constant
stare offs with the camera because he knew that people
would be like oh my god what a
freaking weirdo
and then he
would also do it to the jury members
he would just stare at the jury
and they just made them feel extremely
he was just
aggressive intimidating
and very strange
but the media was loving it
they’re like oh this is just bizarre
we’re in so
every day charles
manson and the
three girls
they would meet
and they would discuss like what they were
gonna do in
court that day
for example one day he wanted them all to
stand up and hold hands and some
symbols another day he wanted them to get up and scream
or he wanted
them to sing his songs when they were walking into
court it is creepy it is
weird and i
think he just
loved that it was just a
weird performance that nobody asked for
so the rest of the manson family members
were banned from
court proceedings for disrupting the
court so they
moved out to the hallways
and they also kept a vigil
outside to show
their support charles
carved an ex
into his forehead at one
point to symbolize his removal
from society
and then the
three girls did the same as well
eventually down the line he turned that x into a
swastika so that’s
great seems like a real hoot
a guy wow so
again tv news went wild everyone went wild
girls gone wild it was just all wild
so here’s where the helter skelter
story came into play
and is what charles manson is really remembered by
nowadays they go hand in hand
the prosecutor
his name was
vincent bugle oski
whatever the hell now vincent was said to be a very
great prosecutor
he was a known
womanizer and he
loved attention
he brought in another guy with him
during the court proceedings who
everyone thought was like his assistant or extra help
but really the guy was there to help vincent
write a book
on the case
which he didn’t mention to anyone
until after the fact
so he brings in the sky this guy is taking notes
gonna help him
write a book
the helter skelter
story that was presented in
court was that charles manson
formed a cult
filled with
people who didn’t want to be a part of society
okay facts charles
wanted to be a rock star
he was obsessed with the beatles
the beach boys
through the
beach boys is how he came to meet
terry melcher
who stole his
music and represented the establishment
to charlie charlie
hated the establishment
he believed that the beatles
were predicting a race war through hidden messages
in their songs
and he needed to prepare
for this race war charles
his members in believing that there was a race war
about to take place
order them to kill gary
hindman then
order them to kill
white people and frame
black people by telling his followers to kill whoever
lived at terry’s house
then charles picked another house at
random to attack
the la biancas and
ordered everyone to be killed
the plot was to frame
black people
by having his followers
leave messages
and lines from the beatles
white album at the
crime scene
this would then lead to a race war
once the race war
started charles and his family
would hide in the desert
until it was over
charles would come out of hiding
and become leader of the
black army and rebuild the
world this is
in summary is the
story that convicted
charles and gained vincent
fame and fortune
for selling his best selling book
helter skelter but we’ll get into that too this whole
story was created
which i think there are bits and
pieces correct in there like charles manson
do not be mistaken he was
super freaking racist
disturbed man
this reason
as to why charles manson committed
these crimes made for a shocking
story but most of all
it set charles up
for first degree murder
and conspiracy
under california law
without the helter skelter storyline
there was no evidence that charles wanted to make
these murders happen or even
participated in them
so the only way to get him convicted
was by enhancing
what happened charlie’s plan to
start a race war
would make him responsible
for all crimes committed
if the prosecution mentioned to the court
the auto thefts the drugs
shit the bernard
killing then the helter skelter
story or whatever it just
wouldn’t make
sense so they didn’t even introduce
any of that they didn’t even try to explain the
whole gary killing either
it really didn’t
because how does that fit in with the doomsday
cult mentality it didn’t which
in court could lead
to reasonable
doubt possibly leaving jars to think hmm
maybe it had to do with a drug deal gone bad
and not a cult
maybe charlie technically didn’t do anything
and the prosecution did not want that
their job was to get charlie arrested
plus he is a danger to society so they needed to
like how do we make sure he gets locked up
so this whole
story just blew up
everybody was talking
about helter skelter
how terrifying it all was
and then that became the
story that really
defined this
whole everything
charles manson
and many believe that it
wasn’t even true the
court hearings were a hot mess
just gonna glaze over it they were a hot mess
in the end though
on march twenty
ninth charlie was
charged with
seven counts of
first degree murder and one
count of conspiracy to commit murder for the
deaths of abigail
void check steve sharon jay
leno and his wife
rosemary guilty
goodbye pat
leslie and susan
they were also
charged with murder
and the jury had called for the
death penalty
for all four
defendants the
three girls
were like i’m not trying to say that there wasn’t like
happening in a cult
mentality charlie’s
followers were like ride or die for him
these girls were like
loyal to him they were like he is
everything to us
and they just did
everything that he said
i just don’t want that to get lost because i
think that’s very true
so they go to prison
goodbye now in 1972 the supreme
court overturned the
death penalty
so sentences
were turned into
life imprisonment charlie said at the end of the trial
all they really accomplished was sending him
right back to
where he started
and he really wasn’t
wrong there now
throughout the years most of them have done interviews
behind prison
walls or whatever
where they have showed
remorse for what they’ve done
except for that one girl she was like really
weird who was it
susan i think it was susan
i think as they got older
they just kind of came to
their senses
not so much charlie though he
never never
owned up to his part
in the choices that they made
he would say over and over
again until his
dying day that he
never told them
what to do that they made
their choices on
their own and he had nothing to do with any of it and i
think that’s why charles manson remains so infamous
because he never actually did anything
he got these
other people to commit the
crimes for him he
never got his hands
dirty but he did
shoot the bernard guy so he did technically
sorry also the
whole like helter skelter
doomsday cult story
added to it people just love cults
and so it just
took him to this iconic infamous
being i guess
in 1974 vincent
booglo glowy
the prosecutor
well he was now an
author because he released his book helter skelter
which was based off of the manson case
and it became the best
selling true
crime book in his
story history
selling over
seven million
copies so it brought him
great success
vincent was just writing
the wave a lot more
things happened but this
video is already
super long so yeah
but everyone remained and some
still to this day
remain in prison
leslie van houten she was sentenced to life in prison
she’s 68 now and she’s been denied parole
numerous times
susan atkins died in prison of
brain cancer
in 2009 pat
krenwinkle is now 73
and still in prison
she’s been denied parole numerous times as well
tex watson tex was like
the most fucked up out of all of them okay like he was
really crazy
but he’s 75 now
and he’s still in prison he’s been denied
parole numerous times as well
but he has become a born
again christian
and runs a christian outreach site from prison
linda kasabian
i didn’t really talk
about her that much but she was involved i’m
assuming that she came from
money because she got a good attorney
okay she was
charged with nothing
she was there the
night of the
tate murders
as the lookout
and she also helped like clean
and dispose
of the weapons and whatnot
but she was
charged with nothing because she
was considered a star witness for the prosecutor’s case
against charles manson she told them
everything they wanted
and then afterward she disappeared
changed her name she’s like
bye linda sent
a couple of interviews
since this whole thing like
later in life
and you can
find them on youtube and her face is always like
blacked out
cause she doesn’t want anyone know what she looks like
she kind of has meth face
and that’s not me trying to be a dick
i don’t really
blame her for doing meth
like come on just tell your truth
been a hundred years
bobby remember bobby
in the very beginning he killed gary heinman
he’s 71 now
and he’s still in prison
yeah he was convicted for murder for
killing gary so he’s
still in prison
another family member
steve grogan
we didn’t talk
about him but he was
charged for the murder of donald
shay the spawn
ranch hand that went missing yeah well
steve was charged
but steve was
granted parole
after serving 15 years
for donald’s murder
he was allowed his freedom
after telling authorities
where donald’s body had been disposed
lucky him i
guess you know charles manson remained behind bars
until the age of 83
and then he died on november 19th
2017 in prison
oh my god not long
after his birthday
like a full circle
but he had a
heart attack or something
i don’t know
he needed to go
goodbye he was just ugh
exhausting i
watched so many interviews with
this dude he just talks in circles but people find him
absolutely fascinating
he says nothing really
he just talks
i couldn’t take it anymore
charles manson wasn’t a god or
jesus like figure he was just an
odd little man who was abandoned by his parents
who wanted attention and validation
and was just filled with hate and did terrible things
charles manson
has so many fangirls and guys
or did i mean people love the guy
and they believe that
he was 100 innocent and didn’t need to be in prison
but what i don’t
think these
morons realize
is that maybe he wanted to be in prison
maybe it was his home
i mean look what happens when he’s out
nothing good like they were
fighting so hard for him to be proven innocent
it’s like babe babe
no we don’t need that no there
are so many people out there who idolize this guy i
i just will
never understand it’s so bizarre
i’ve said this before and i will say it
again get better
idols there are so many
great people out there who have done amazing
things why idolize someone who’s just fucking
weird with a
swastika on
their forehead you fucking morons
i think it is fair to say
that charles manson had a very difficult life
and now he’s dead the end
that is the
story about charles manson
i told the other version
drug deal gone bad
but there’s
a lot of people and a lot of stories and versions
about the elders
skelter were in
it involves the doomsday cult
after this week of binge
watching freaking
everything that
had to do with charles i just personally believe that
the doomsday
cult wasn’t the
thing i think it was just a drug deal gone bad
either way they needed something
to prosecute him on and they had to create some kind of
story to get them
because if they didn’t then he
would have been out
and they didn’t want that
if they did do that is that morally
right i don’t know
i’m just someone on youtube in a box
anyways it’s
still all sad though because they were like really
murdered like really
really murdered
if you made it all the way to the end
congratulations i love you and
appreciate you
you’re the best wow you’re my best friend
i hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day my
voice hurts
i think i lost it let me know your thoughts down
below and who you want me to talk
about next week but
other than that
i hope you have
a wonderful rest of your day you make choices bye