House of the Dragon - Season 1 EP8.The Lord of the Tides

(epic theme playing)

♪ ♪

Princess Rhaenys:

It’s been near six years

since I last saw

my lord husband, Maester.

I must know… will he live?

Maester Kelvyn:

He led his sailors into an ambush.

A ship made to look

as if it were abandoned.

In the fighting,

his neck was slashed by a corsair’s dagger.

He fell overboard into the sea.

The wound was severe.

Much blood was lost.

But the greater concern

is the fever that followed.

The ship’s maester said

he burns from within.

(seabirds calling)

The ravens came in from?


Evenfall, Princess.

So they arrive in three days.

Let all be made ready

to receive him, Maester Kelvyn.

The Sea Snake is strong.

Vaemond Velaryon:

No doubt.

And yet, I have seen

blood fever overcome men half his age.

I will not suffer the talk

of crows in my house, Vaemond.

I love my brother…

but we must be honest

with ourselves.

We may greet his ship

to find him gone.

And who will take

the Driftwood Throne?

My grandmother seems

quite comfortable here.

She presides

only in the absence of her husband.

On his death, the seat passes.

To Lucerys Velaryon.

As is my lord husband’s desire.

I am the Sea Snake’s own blood,

the closest kin he has left.

Be careful, good-brother.

One could take

your words for treason.

I speak the truth, Rhaenys.

And you know it.

The matter has been decided.


By a man whose ambition

has brought down on us

calamity after calamity.

My brother cares only

for the history books.

But what of the Velaryon line?

Is it to be snuffed out,

supplanted by the pups

of House Strong?

Driftmark is mine by all rights.

And while I should

like your support,

I do not… need it.

The winds have shifted.

The crown has good reason…

to take my side.

My cousin the King would

have your tongue for this.

But it’s not a king who sits

the Iron Throne these days, good-sister.

It’s a queen.

(tense music playing)

(wind whistling)

♪ ♪

(footsteps approaching)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

(speaking High Valyrian)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Prince Jacaerys:

The Conqueror and his sisters

sailed with a great army.

Maester Gerardys:

(speaking High Valyrian) Se Blakuata Rasho

dranot vilinio viartis.


(exhales) And landed at the Blackwater Rush.



Dranot. Dranot.

Dranot. At the end?

- The mouth.

- Mouth! Ah, come on, Jace, you knew that.

Dranot. Dranot.

- Dranot vilinio viartis.

- Dranot.


Come on, Jace.

Perhaps that’s enough

for this morning.

No, no.

I-I want to keep going.

- Maester.

- Guesi misenakson Aegon undas.

Aegon… ordered

that the trees should be…

- …killed.

- Princess Rhaenyra: Felled.

It is a related word.

I don’t expect you

to learn High Valyrian in a day, Jace.

A king should honor

the traditions of his forbears.


unless you’re planning

to depose your own mother,

you have plenty

of time to study.

(door opens)

Leave us.

Joffrey… come.

He means to call

into question Luke’s legitimacy.

And by extension Jace,

and by extension

my own claim to the throne.

Vaemond cares only

about Driftmark

and the Velaryon line.

Not about our politics.

Has he made common cause

with Otto Hightower yet?

Hm, this is what I fear.

Rhaenys has flown to court.

Surely, she cannot be planning to back him.

- No.

Whatever disagreements

we may have had,

she’s not cruel…

- or stupid enough to do that.

- Disagreements?

She believes

we had her son killed so that we might marry.

Yes… and yet,

she’s taken Baela to ward.

Yes. It is Laena’s

memory she honors. She has no love for us.

Has the vipers’ venom

spread so far?

Those vipers rule

in my father’s name.

And my father…


What choice do I have?

(Rhaenyra sighs)

To King’s Landing, then.

(intense music playing)

(birds cawing)

♪ ♪

Steffon Darklyn:

All hail Rhaenyra of House Targaryen,

Princess of Dragonstone

and heir to the Iron Throne

and her royal consort,

Prince Daemon Targaryen.

(bells tolling)

Welcome back, Princess.

Lord Caswell.

I would say it’s

nice to be home,

- but I scarcely recognize it.

- Prince Daemon: Mm.

Lyman Beesbury:

We have continued to enjoy improved customs duties

since the settling

of the Stepstones.

And the extent to

which we exploit those

is contingent on

the harbor master’s receipts.

Of which, um, uh,

the, uh, septons have requested

half that again

for a bronze bust

they wish to co… to commission

for the, the Festival

of the Mother,

which I would not recommend.

Thank you for that exhaustive

accounting, Lord Beesbury.

I remind you…

Your guests have arrived,

Your Grace.

I trust they’ve been welcomed

as befits their station.

As you instructed, Lord Hand.

Grand Maester Orwyle:

It was my understanding Lord Corlys wished

for his grandson Lucerys

to succeed him

as Lord of the Tides.

The boy has been raised

most of his life away from Driftmark.

He can fly a dragon, yes,

but can he command a fleet?

Ability does not

alter his claim.

The Sea Snake has never

formally named him as heir,

if it comes to that.

The crown must choose

what is best for the realm.

He is Laenor’s son.

What grounds could there be…

What indeed, Lord Beesbury.

What indeed.

We shall hear

Princess Rhaenyra’s petition,

along with those

of the other claimants on the morrow.

- But…

- I do beg your pardon, my lords.

I must greet our guests.

Shall we levy a tax

on the sale of new wool?

Your Grace…

a matter has arisen that

requires your attention.

Whatever it is, Ser Arryk,

it’ll need to wait.

- I’m Erryk, Your Grace.

- Of course. My apologies, ser.

It’s about the Prince.

There’s been

a delicate situation in his apartments.

(unsettling music playing)

- Father?

- (wheezing breaths)

♪ ♪


(melancholy music playing)

- Who goes there?

- Rhaenyra: Father.

It’s me, my King.


King Viserys:



I’m here with Daemon.

(exhales) Daemon?


(exhales) Daemon.

(Viserys wheezes)

Help me up.



(labored breathing)


It has been so long.

The Sea Snake has taken

a grave wound in battle in the Stepstones.


We won that war years ago.


The Triarchy is resurgent.

The fighting is anew.

And there is a p…

There is a petition to decide upon the succession of Driftmark

and the heir

to the Driftwood Throne.

(Viserys sighs)

Viserys: Petitions?

Alicent and Otto…

they see to all that business now.

No, brother, listen to me.

You are to affirm

your position for Lucerys

to be Corlys Velaryon’s


(door opens)

Has something happened

to Lord Corlys?

(baby babbling)


there’s someone we wish

to introduce you to.

(labored breathing)

(babbling continues)



- Brother.

- (baby babbles)

Who is that?

Rhaenyra: Father…

this is Aegon.

Aegon. (exhales)

And this… is Viserys.

Ah… Viserys.



Now that is a name fit for a king.



Oh, oh…

Oh, I’m sorry.

Oh, I’m sorry. I-I’m sorry.

- (children crying)

- I’m so…

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sor…



- My tea… My tea.

- What tea? This?

Yes. Yes.


(children crying)


(breathing heavily)

(Viserys sighs)

(servant crying)


I brought her here immediately.

She’s seen no one else,

Your Grace.

- Come here, sweetling.

- (crying)

(door closes)

Tell me your name.

It’s Dyana, Your Grace.

If… i-if it please you.


What a pretty name.

I understand you’ve found

yourself in some trouble.

I was fetching

the Prince his wine,

and I put it on his table,

and when I turned…

I didn’t see him.

I asked him to stop, Your Grace.

I did, truly…

you must believe me.

(crying breaths)


Thank you for telling me, Dyana.

- I know it wasn’t your fault.

- Hm?

I believe you.

Y-You do?

I do.

But what I worry about…

is what others might believe.

You were alone with the Prince,

were you not?

Yes, I… (stammers)

And no one else

saw what happened between the two of you.

If anyone else were

to hear about this…

- I haven’t told anyone.

- You told Ser Erryk and Talya and now me.

And though I believe

you are not to blame,

others might not be so trusting.

They might think you

were trying to besmirch the Prince, or worse…

that you’re the sort of girl

that might have enticed him in the first place.

And you know what happens

to girls like that.

I, I wouldn’t dream

of breathing another word to anyone, Your Grace.

I, I swear it on my life.

(shuddering breaths)

I know you won’t.

For your troubles.

(door opens, closes)

The tea, Your Grace.

It’s best to be certain.

(Dyana gulps)

Queen Alicent:

Get up.

(shouts) Aegon!

(yells) Get up!

(sighs) Mother?

- What is it?

- “What is it? What is it?

What is it?”

That’s all you can say for yourself?

Has something happened?

- Dyana.

- Mm?


The serving girl.

- (exhales)

- Oh, for the gods’ sake.

The girl, Aegon.

The one you sent fleeing from your company.

Prince Aegon: (stretching)

Oh, it was just harmless fun.

She didn’t need to go

and get upset about it.

Think of the shame

on your wife, on me.

How can you keep

carrying on like this,

especially on a day like today?

Why? What is it today?


You are no son of mine.

I did not ask for this.

I’ve done everything

you’ve asked me to,

and I try so…

I try so hard,

but it will never be enough for you or father.

(door opens)

Have you seen Dyana?

She’s supposed to dress the children.

He looks like

a different person.

I believe we should also

consult Maester Gerardys.

Perhaps if he

could see the King, he’d suggest a different…

Princess Rhaenyra.

- And Prince Daemon.

- Daemon: Hm.

It has been so long

since we were granted the joy of your presence.

Indeed, Your Grace.

Though not long enough

to merit a greeting upon our arrival.

I’m sure the Queen

had pressing business, my love.

What can either of us

know of ruling a kingdom?

I do not rule, as you well know.

My father and I are mere

stewards of the King’s will and wisdom.


And how exactly is that wisdom expressed…


In blinks and wheezes?

I’d be surprised

if he could remember his own name.

- Or if you could.

- King Viserys’s condition

has worsened since you saw him last.

- Hah.

It subjects him

to considerable pain.

On the advice of the maesters…

- Ah, the maesters.

Of course.

It is they who keep him…

addled on milk of the poppy

while the Hightowers

warm his throne.

Rhaenyra, if you would

see him without it,

- almost blind with suffering.

- Oh, Alicent, I have no doubt

it was… an act

of the purest mercy,

but tell me,

for the King’s suffering,

did the maesters also prescribe

the removal

of Targaryen heraldry

and the installation

in its stead of various statues and stars?

The emblems of the Seven

serve only to guide us on an uncertain path.

To remind us of a higher authority.

- And on the morrow,

which authority will sit

in judgment of my son’s claim on his own inheritance?

- That would be mine… and the Hand’s.

- Daemon: Ah.

But be assured,

the Father is just and commands me

to forget the accusations

you have hurled in this room today.

(swords clashing)

- Smaller than I remember.

- It looks exactly the same.

- Ah, Luke, come on.

- (knights, squires grunting)

(indistinct chatter)

See? I told you this

would still be here.

And you thought

you could swing Criston’s morningstar.

And you almost took

your own head off.

- What’s your problem?

- Everyone’s staring at us.


No one would question me

being heir to Driftmark…


if I looked more like

Ser Laenor Velaryon than Ser Harwin Strong.

It doesn’t matter

what they think.

- (crowd cheering)

- (distant grunting)


- (crowd gasps)

- Ooh.

(sword whooshes)


(crowd applauds)

Well done, my Prince.

You’ll be winning

tourneys in no time.

I don’t give a shit

about tourneys.


have you come to train?

Guard: (shouts)

Open the gate!

(gate opening)

(intense music playing)

(footsteps marching)

Otto Hightower:

Hold your nerve, my Queen.

What we do,

we do for the good of the realm.

I must confess

a certain uneasiness now this is at hand.

- He may yet live.

- But we must be prepared if he does not.

The realm has enjoyed

a long peace,

a credit to the work

of both Jaehaerys and Viserys,

but the threat of war looms

and may arrive on our shores.

When it does,

will you want a child at the command

of the greatest fleet

in Westeros?

We must, of course…

act in the interest

of our subjects.

The next Lord of the Tides

will be deeply in your debt, Your Grace.

As will Driftmark…

in all its strength.

(bell tolling)


Rhaena Targaryen:



Baela said you might be here.

She’s done well as your ward.

You’ve, um…

raised her admirably.

You honor me, Princess.

Might I speak to the Princess

alone, Rhaena?


I wondered for many an hour

what your purpose

was in coming here.

Whether you’d speak

for or against the suit brought by Ser Vaemond.

But then, I realized…

you intend to advocate

for yourself.

This is no fair proceeding.

It is a trap

set by the Queen and the Hand,

I’d wager,

to proclaim my son illegitimate.

Yet you did worse

than that with Laenor.

Did you not?

I loved your son.

You may not believe it

to be true, but I did.

I did not order his death.

Nor was I complicit in it.

I swear this to you.

I’ll make you an offer.

Back Luke’s claim,

and let us betroth

Laena’s children to mine.

Baela will be Queen

of the Seven Kingdoms

and her sons will be

heirs to the throne.

Rhaena will rule

in Driftmark, and…

the seat will pass

to her and Lucerys’s children in time.

A generous offer.

(thunder rumbling)

- Or a desperate one.

- What does it matter?

(soft chuckle)

You are right in this, at least.

It does not matter.

♪ ♪

You can bargain

with me all you like.

Bring my granddaughter

with you to soften my resolve.

But tomorrow,

the Hightowers land their first blow.

They force you to your knees…

and I must stand alone.

(tense music playing)


(thundering, rain falling)

(lightning cracks)

(Viserys breathing heavily)

(softly) Alicent?


No, it’s Rhaenyra, father.

(breathing heavily)



(thunder rumbling)

“The Song of Ice and Fire.”

Do you believe it to be true?

Aegon’s Dream.

You told me

it was our duty to hold

the realm united against a common foe.

By naming me heir,

you divided the realm.

(Viserys breathing heavily)

I thought I wanted it.

But the burden is a heavy one.


It’s too heavy.


My only child.

If you wish me to bear it,

then defend me.

And my children.


(quietly) It’s…


(Viserys murmurs)

(Rhaenyra sniffles)


(bells tolling)

(birds chirping)

(breathing heavily)

I want to have supper, Otto.

- It is the morning, Your Grace.

- Tonight.

The whole of my family…

are gathered at the Red Keep.

I want us… to dine together.



(groaning continues)

Bring milk of the poppy.

(breathing heavily)

(quietly) No.

Just arrange the supper.

(indistinct chatter)

Though it is the great

hope of this court

that Lord Corlys Velaryon

survive his wounds,

we gather here

with the grim task

of dealing with

the succession of Driftmark.

As Hand, I speak with

the King’s voice on this

and all other matters.

The crown will now

hear the petitions.

Ser Vaemond of House Velaryon.

Vaemond: My Queen.

My Lord Hand.

The history of our noble houses

extends beyond

the Seven Kingdoms

to the days of Old Valyria.

For as long

as House Targaryen has ruled the skies,

House Velaryon

has ruled the seas.

When the Doom fell on Valyria,

our houses became

the last of their kind.

Our forebearers

came to this new land,

knowing that were they to fail,

it would mean the end

to their bloodlines and their name.

I have spent my entire life

on Driftmark defending my brother’s seat.

I am Lord Corlys’s closest kin,

his own blood.

The true, unimpeachable

blood of House Velaryon runs through my veins.

As it does in my sons,

the offspring of Laenor Velaryon.

If you cared so much

about your house’s blood, Ser Vaemond,

you would not be so bold as

to supplant its rightful heir.

No, you only speak for yourself

- and for your own ambition.

- You will have chance

to make

your own petition, Princess Rhaenyra.

Do Ser Vaemond

the courtesy of allowing his to be heard.

What do you know

of Velaryon blood, Princess?

I could cut my veins

and show it to you

and you still

wouldn’t recognize it.

This is about the future

and survival of my house, not yours.

My Queen, my Lord Hand.

This is a matter of blood,

not ambition.

I place the continuation

of the survival of my house and my line above all.

I humbly put myself before you

as my brother’s successor…

the Lord of Driftmark

and Lord of the Tides.

Thank you, Ser Vaemond.

Princess Rhaenyra,

you may now speak

for your son, Lucerys Velaryon.

If I am to grace this farce

with some answer,

I will start by reminding

the court that nearly 20 years ago, in this very…

King Viserys of House Targaryen,

the First of His Name,

King of the Andals,

and the Rhoynar,

and the First Men,

Lord of the Seven Kingdoms,

and Protector of the Realm.

(dark, triumphant music playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(breathing heavily)

I will sit the throne today.

Your Grace.


I will be fine.

(breathing heavily)

(crown clatters)

I said I’m fine.

- Ah…

- Come on.


- Steady.

- (Viserys groans)


♪ ♪

(breathing heavily)

I must… admit… my confusion.

I do not understand

why petitions are being heard

over a settled succession.

The only one present…

who might offer keener insight

into Lord Corlys’s wishes

is the Princess Rhaenys.

Indeed, Your Grace.

It was ever my husband’s

will that Driftmark

pass through Ser Laenor

to his trueborn son…

Lucerys Velaryon.

His mind never changed.

Nor did my support of him.

As a matter of fact,

the Princess Rhaenyra has just informed me of her desire

to marry her sons Jace and Luke

to Lord Corlys’s granddaughters,

Baela and Rhaena.

A proposal to which

I heartily agree.


Well… the matter is settled.


I hereby reaffirm

Prince Lucerys of House Velaryon

as heir to Driftmark,

the Driftwood Throne,

and the next Lord of the Tides.


You break law…

and centuries of tradition

to install your daughter

as heir.

Yet you dare tell me…

who deserves to inherit

the name Velaryon.


I will not allow it.

“Allow it”?

Do not forget yourself, Vaemond.


That is no true Velaryon,

and certainly no nephew of mine.

Go to your chambers.

You have said enough.

Lucerys is

my true-born grandson.

And you…

are no more

than the second son

of Driftmark.

You… may run your house

as you see fit…

but you will not decide

the future of mine.

My house survived the Doom

and a thousand

tribulations besides.

And gods be damned…

I will not see it ended

on the account of this…

(softly) Say it.

Her children…

(shouts) are bastards!

And she…


a whore.

(crowd gasping)

(breathing heavily)


will have your tongue for that.

(all gasping)

He can keep his tongue.

- (shouts) Disarm him!

- No need.

(Viserys groaning)

- Alicent: Call the maesters!

- Father?

- (groaning)

- Please, my love. You must take something for the pain.

I will not cloud my mind.

I must put things right.


(solemn music playing)

The body will be ready

for its return to Driftmark on the morrow, my lady.

You may wish to leave

the Silent Sisters to their work.

It is ill luck to look

upon the face of death.

The Stranger has visited me

more times than I can count, Grand Maester.

I assure you…

he cares little

whether my eyes are open or closed.

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

(door opens)

How good it is…

to see you all tonight…


- Prayer before we begin?

- Yes.

May the Mother smile down

on this gathering with love.

May the Smith mend

the bonds that have been broken for far too long.

And to Vaemond Velaryon,

may the gods give him rest.

This is an occasion

for celebration, it seems.

My grandsons, Jace and Luke,

will marry their cousins,

Baela and Rhaena,

further strengthening the bond

between our houses.

A toast to the young Princes…

- and their betrothed.

- Hear, hear!

Well done, Jace.

You’ll finally get to lie with a woman.

Let us toast as well

Prince Lucerys…

the future Lord of the Tides.

Hear, hear.

You’ll be great.

You do know how the act

is done, I assume?

At least in principle?

Where to put your cock

and all that.

Let it be, cousin.

You can play the jester

if you wish,

but hold your tongue before my betrothed.

- Mm-hm.

(cutlery clatters)

(breathing heavily)

It both gladdens my heart

and fills me with sorrow

to see these faces

around the table.

The faces most dear

to me in all the world…

yet grown so distant

from each other…

in the years past.

(mask thuds)

My own face…

is no longer a handsome one…

if indeed it ever was.

But tonight…

I wish you to see me…

as I am.

Not just a king…

but your father.

Your brother.

Your husband…

and your grandsire.

Who may not, it seems…

walk for much longer among you.

- (breathing heavily)

- (mask clanks)

Let us no longer hold

ill feelings in our hearts.

The crown cannot stand strong

if the House of the Dragon

remains divided.

But set aside your grievances.

if not for the sake

of the crown…

then for the sake

of this old man

who loves you all

so dearly.

(breathing heavily)

(mask clanking)

I wish to raise my cup

to Her Grace, the Queen.

I love my father.

But I must admit

that no one has stood…

more loyally by his side

than his good wife.

(poignant music playing)

She has tended to him with…

unfailing devotion,

love, and honor.

And for that,

she has my gratitude…

and my apology.

Your graciousness

moves me deeply, Princess.

♪ ♪

We are both mothers…

and we love our children.

We have more in common

than we sometimes allow.

I raise my cup to you…

and to your house.

You will make a fine queen.

♪ ♪

(Prince Aegon clears throat)

I, um…

I regret the disappointment

you are soon to suffer.

But if you ever wish to know

what it is to be well satisfied,

all you have to do is ask.


(Prince Jacaerys clears throat)

To Prince Aegon and…

Prince Aemond.

We have not seen

each other in years,

but I have fond memories

of our shared youth.

And as men, I hope we may

yet be friends and allies.

To you and your family’s

good health, dear uncles.

To you as well.


Beware the beast beneath the boards.

Well done, my boy.

I would like to toast

to Baela and Rhaena.

They’ll be married soon.

It isn’t so bad.

Mostly he just ignores you…

except sometimes

when he’s drunk.

(scattered laughter)

- (whispers) Good.

- Let us have some music.

(lively music playing)

(indistinct chatter)

Excuse me.




(emotional music playing)

♪ ♪

(breathes heavily)

- Alicent: Guards.

- (Viserys groaning)

Please, sit down.

♪ ♪

(pig sizzling)


(hits table, music stops)

Final tribute.

To the health of my nephews:



and Joffrey.

Each of them handsome, wise…


- strong.

- Aemond.

Prince Aemond: Come…

let us drain our cups

to these three…

- Strong boys.

- I dare you to say that again.

Why? ‘Twas only a compliment.

Do you not think

yourself Strong?

- Rhaenyra: Jace!

- Alicent: That is enough!




Why would you

say such a thing before these people?

I was merely expressing

how proud I am of my family, Mother.

Mm, though it seems

my nephews aren’t quite as proud of theirs.

Daemon: Wait, wait!


Go to your quarters. All of you go, now.


(footsteps retreating)



It’s best, I think, if we

go back to Dragonstone.

You’ve only just arrived.

Let me see the children home.

I’ll, um…

return on dragonback.

The King and I

would both like that.

(indistinct chatter)

(mysterious music playing)

(dog barking)

(chatter continues)

It’s been quite a night

at the castle, it seems.

Yes, my lady.

♪ ♪

- (footsteps approach)

- (Viserys groaning)

Come on, come on.

- That’s it.

- (breathing heavily)



Well done.

- I’m sorry.

- Shh.

- I’m sorry.

- Shh, shh, shh.

But you wanted to know…

if I believe it to be true.

Believe what to be true,

my King?

Don’t you remember?


Our son?

His Dream.

The Song of Ice…

and Fi…

It is true.

What he saw in the North.

The Prince That Was Promised.

I don’t understand, Viserys.


The Prince.

Prince Aegon?

To unite the realm

against the cold…

and the dark.

It is you.

You are the one.

You must do this.

(softly) You must do this.

(breathing heavily)

Shh, shh.

(exhales deeply)

(blows out candle)

I understand, my King.

♪ ♪


(softly) No more.

No more.

(short breaths)

My love.

(breathing stops)

♪ ♪

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