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true crime it doesn’t really make sense but
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shout out Lindsay Mccord who
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so she recommended this case in the
story and I hadn’t
heard about it so I went looking
okay and let me just tell you that my Google history
is questionable all right
there’s probably like a red flag on it anyways
so I was looking up this case
never heard of it and I was like boy this case is awful
so warning the following presentation is intended for
mature audiences
it contains
graphic descriptions of
crime scenes
adult dialogue and
strong language
viewer discretion is advised
so today I want to talk about
Casey Joe Stodart
Casey was born on December 21st
1989 she had
2 siblings a younger brother and an
older sister
and they lived in
Pocatello pocatello Idaho
pocatello Idaho is like
mainly a Mormon town in
southeast Idaho
not that that’s bad or anything
but what I’m getting at is that it’s like very simple
felt very safe everybody
kind of minded
their own most of her
childhood Cassie
she and her brother
lived with her
they still remained really
close to their
mother I’m not
exactly sure
like why they were staying with
their grandparents and not their mom
but I don’t
think it really matters
cause it doesn’t play a role in
what could have happened in the fall of 2006
Cassie was a 16 years old she was a junior in high
school she had a boyfriend his name was Matt
and they went to
school together they have been together
at that point for
about 5 months they
spent a lot of
their time at cassie’s house
I’m smiling because I can’t seem to get cassie’s name
right I keep on to say
Casey what the fuck is my problem
sorry so both of them
would spend a lot of time together
hanging out at cassie’s home
yeah I mean they’re just like
young and in love you know
you know how that goes
back in high school
Cassie was determined
to buy her own car so during the summer she
would babysit
and she just
kind of wanted to show that she was responsible
Cassie her uncle and aunt they
lived pretty close by
and she had cousins and
she would go over and babysit
her younger cousins
make some extra
money there as well
she was saving her
money because she wanted to get her own car
you know most 16 year olds
wanna get their own car
so when she had the opportunity to house sit
for her Uncle
Frank and her Aunt
Allison they
asked her if she
would house it because they were
going out of town the
whole family was
going out of town for something
and they were wondering if Cassie
could just watch the
house and also the animals
so Cassie said like
yeah first of all she’d get to hang out at this big old
house by herself
and make some extra
money Cassie
really wanted to
prove that she was responsible and she
could like take this on
so this is a perfect opportunity
the weekend of September 20th
Cassie her mom
drove her up to the
house and it was on
Whispering Cliffs
drive which is
already in itself
uncomfortable it was in a remote area and there
weren’t many
other houses like super
close by they were neighbors but
it was kind of a mission to get there
the house is
it was pretty
large and if you know you’re left in it
alone it could be kind of
spooky when you’re
alone but she was mainly there to take care of and
watch and feed
the 3 cats and 2 dogs
while the family was away
so Cassie asked
her Aunt Allison if it was okay that her boyfriend
Matt came over and hung out with her Cassie was
a good kid she didn’t
drink she didn’t use drugs
she was a straight A student she was responsible
and they knew
they don’t have anything to worry
about she’s not
gonna throw a
house party or something
so yes they said her boyfriend
could come over like no problem
so Matt came over that
night it was Friday
night Cassie and Matt
were at the
home and they were just hanging out they were
watching a movie or they were
going to watch a movie
so Matt invited
his 2 friends over
Brian and Tori
so the 2 boys came over and they decided to have a
movie night
they were all
somewhat friends they all
went to the same high
school together
but they all knew each
other they all hung out
Cassie wasn’t really too
happy about it
because she only
asked her aunt
if Matt could come over
she didn’t ask if
these other people
could come over so she was a little
upset with Matt
like why are you just trying to invite all
these random ass people over
I only asked if you can come over
so Matt assured her that it’s fine like
they’re just
gonna hang out we’re just
gonna watch a
movie we’re not
gonna do anything crazy
so all the guys and Cassie are hanging out at the
house they start to
watch a movie
and Tori and Brian
they say like
this is lame
we thought it was gonna be a
party here there’s no
party going on
and that they
would rather just go
watch a movie like at the
movie theater
so Tori and Brian tell
Cassie and Matt
that they are
gonna go to the
movies instead and
watch something that’s out in the theater
so they take off Cassie was a little
excited because
I mean she’d rather hang out with her boyfriend
alone at the house
about 15 minutes
after Tori and
Brian left the
power at the house
while Cassie and Matt were
watching a movie
it went out
the power just
completely went out
so Cassie is
super freaked out she’s feeling really uneasy
it just scared I mean
I would be too because I’m a little
bitch I don’t like the dark I’m scared
but she is 16 too
so she’s scared
instead of like
trying to find the circuit box or anything they just
decide to like
stay in the living room okay just wait it out the
power is out
no big deal
matt the boyfriend he was trying to calm
Cassie down
and let her know like it’s fine it’s just
the power is out like not a big deal
after a few minutes
some of the
power comes on
like back on but not
all of it so like half of the
lights come back on
it’s a little bit better like okay
it’s not as dark and
scary anymore
and at that time
Matt had called his mom and
asked for permission
to stay the
night with Cassie
and he wanted to stay because
she was afraid to be by herself
alone in the
house she just wanted him to stay
matt’s mom said
no you’re 16 years old you are not gonna stay
alone with your
girlfriend in this house
according to Matt
one of the dogs that was in the
house he this dog was hanging out in
front of the basement
stairs which were in the
kitchen and this dog was just staring
like at the
stairs and he was just barking
and then he
would come back to the living room
to where Matt
and Cassie were at
and then he
would go back to barking
matt said that this made him feel
uncomfortable but like
he didn’t really
think to investigate further
or maybe he was too afraid to investigate further
so at 11 pm
matt’s mom came and picked him up at the home he
asked his mom one more time if
he could stay the
night with Cassie
he explained like the
lights were
going off and she’s just feeling scared can I
stay with her
and matt’s mom said
no but she said Cassie
could come and stay the
night at our
house drive her back in the morning
and be fine
so Matt uh went
to Cassie and said hey
you know you
wanna stay the
night at my
house my mom said like that
would be okay Cassie declined
she said that it was her
responsibility to stay home well stay at the house to
watch the animals
she was being paid to
house it so
she felt like she needed to do that like that’s what
she promised she would do
so she said no it’s okay
I’ll be fine
it’s not a big deal
a few minutes later
after Matt has left
Cassie just goes back into the home she’s laying on the
couch she’s just
gonna have her own little like her own little
movie night
by herself and then the
lights in the home they’re
flickering on and off again
then they eventually just go out completely
so she’s feeling scared obviously instead of
getting up and investigating she’s like I’m just
gonna sit here on the living room
couch like I don’t know what to do
so 2 days later Cassie her aunt and
uncle and her cousin they come home from their
Cassie her 13 year old cousin
went into the home
first she knows that the door was unlocked
which was really
weird because
the door is usually always locked
but it wasn’t it was open so she’s like okay this is
weird so she walks into the house
and then she walks into the living room
and then that’s
where she found a
Cassie stabbed to
death in a pool of
blood in the living room
on the floor
she screamed
her family came in
you know once she
heard her screaming
and they all
just like lost it and they called the police
and police investigators came out to the home
so the county
sheriff’s office they actually put the family up in a
hotel for like 2 weeks during the investigation
investigators had determined
Cassie had been there for
a few days like this wasn’t
something that just happened
they also determined that
it was not a robbery because nothing from the home was
taken all of
their expensive like jewelry
their TVs their DVD players they were all
still like in the home
everything left
undisturbed like nothing
shuffled through
so there were no signs of 4th century
and they believed that whoever came into the home
Cassie she must have like
known them or let them in willingly
or it was just someone that was familiar with the house
so later the autopsy revealed that Cassie had been
stabbed approximately 30 times
with 9 to 12 of
those being fatal
so it seemed a very personal attack
by someone that
knew her or someone that was just really
close to her so first
investigators went to go see
cassie’s boyfriend
matt since he was the last person to see her
it was her boyfriend so
right off the bat they thought
Matt was super suspicious
because when they were asking him questions
about Cassie he didn’t show any emotion
he didn’t cry didn’t
necessarily seem like too
shocked it was just
nothing it was just blank
so they just thought it was
very strange that Matt didn’t show any type of emotion
especially because of like
how horrifying the
whole situation
scene was I mean it was
also his girlfriend and also because I mean
he was at the
house if he were
still there
it could have been him too
so they just expected
a little bit more from that suspicious
keep an eye on him
so investigators
ask Matt like okay well tell us what happened that
night did they get into a
fight was anybody else there
trying to see if Matt
could potentially
point them in the
right direction
so Matt he explained that
the last people they were around were Tori and Brian
they had left
early to go see a movie
matt also said that when he left the house
he called Tori to see
where they were
and he could barely hear them because he was in a
movie and he was like trying to
whisper on the
phone apparently Matt was
reaching out to let him know that he was leaving the
house so that they
could all hang out somewhere else
the next day
Matt says that him and Tori hung out at matt’s
house and that Matt
tried to call Cassie
the whole weekend
but he could not get
a hold of her
so then investigators know okay now we have to question
Brian and Tori figure out
who they were
their story
they learned that both
Brian and Tori they
loved making
movies they
would constantly
film themselves
film their days
they wanted to make
movies they were big
movie buffs
and they also just
watched anything horror
related horror horror
not horror but horror
they like to
watch scary
movies and they
watched anything
scary movie related
Brian he seemed
like the more outgoing type between him and Tori
it was said that
Brian had a really big
crush on Cassie
but she was not
interested she had a boyfriend at the times they
still remain friends he was kind of bummed that
she didn’t like him like he liked her
Brian considered himself a
loser or an outcast
he said that
he had a really hard time fitting in in high
school and he had
a very strange obsession with
the Columbine
shooting the
school shooting well he
idolized the guys that did it
because he said they represented the outcasts
and the people that nobody paid attention to they got
their revenge and
Brian said that
he wanted to do something like them he wanted to be
great like they were
so Brian considered Tori like one
of his good friends so investigators questioned both
Brian and Tori
they explained that they were at the
house but they thought it was
gonna be like a
house party
and when they realized it wasn’t a
house party they decided to go to the
movies because
watching a movie was boring and
why watch a
movie when they can go to the
movie theater
and see something new
that just came out
both of the boys had
movie ticket
stubs to see the
movie holes
showing that they
indeed went to the
movie theater that
night so then 2 days
later they brought in Matt
Cory and Brian
again for questioning
they really didn’t have many leads
and they thought okay well Matt
is not showing any type of emotion
so let’s bring him in
and question him a little bit
more and see what we can get out of him and then the
other boys are just
kinda suspicious
so they bring Matt
in for a polygraph test to see
if maybe they can get
something out of him they ask Matt
did you have anything to do with the murder of Cassie
matt says no
and he passes the polygraph test with like flying
colors so investigators decide to like step
back and they’re like okay let’s look at the other guys
so then they question
Brian and they
asked Brian
what did you do that
night and Brian repeated
to the investigators that he went to the
movies the investigators were like
okay well what
movie did you see then
Brian says like oh it was some
scary movie I can’t remember the name right now
and investigators were like
okay and then they
asked Brian
okay well do you remember what the
movie was about
Brian was like well
I don’t really remember
I just remember that it was boring
alright so then investigators
asked him do you remember who was in the
movie like do you remember anything
about the movie
and he’s like
um no I just like can’t remember anyone’s name
right now but I just remember
thinking the
whole time that
like it was boring and I didn’t want to be there
so side note
all right so investigators are asking all these
basic questions like if you just
watched the
movie you would know the answer to
these things
right and Brian
doesn’t know the answer to anything so
mean come on get it together
investigators thought it was definitely
weird because
both Brian and Tori
they both bragged
about being like
movie critics and how they were just like
everything about
movies and movies and
they just like
they would always brag
about how they’re like the
movie gods and
there is definitely a red flag up
as far as like okay
brian’s got some shit
going on so then investigators they go down to the
movie theater to see who’s working that
night at the
ticket booth
so they come across this girl who was working the
ticket booth Friday
night and they
asked her if she knew
Brian and Tori
and the girl working was like yeah I know them I go to
school with them
so then the investigator
asked okay well did they come to the
movies on Friday
night and the girl working the
ticket booth was like
no I would remember
seeing them because I was letting everybody in
when the ticket
booth girl said this they were like okay
they’re definitely
lying about something
right on September
27th 2006 it was 5 days
after the murder
Brian comes into the investigator’s office
to be questioned
again and right away they know that
Brian is acting
very strange
he seems more
quiet he seems more reserved he seems
upset set so as soon as
Brian sits down he
starts to cry and this makes investigators pretty
excited they’re like
hell yeah this is exactly what you want to happen
in your line of work
when you’re an investigator like
this is what you want you want someone to break down
Brian tells investigators at one
point when they were all
watching a movie
at cassie’s
house Brian
he snuck away to use the bathroom
but really he went down to the basement and unlocked
the back door so he told investigators that he and Tori
just wanted to
scare Matt and Cassie and
they were going to play a
prank on them
they told Cassie
and Matt that they were leaving and they were
gonna go to the movies
but really they left the house
and then they went around in the backyard they put
these creepy ass
clown face mask on
black clothing they brought
knives they did
that to make
their prank more realistic is what
Brian was saying
they went through the unlocked basement door
that he unlocked
earlier and then
it let them into the basement
where Brian and Tori were hanging out
a little bit trying to
wait for the perfect moment I
guess to scare them
and then that’s when they were messing with the
circuit box and they turned the
power off in the house
they thought it
would be funny to turn the
power on and off like
in the movie
Scream so they
just thought it
would be funny
if they turned off the
lights matt and Cassie
kind of went around to investigate and then they were
gonna pop out and scare them
they then go on to say that they turn the power
back half on then Matt
left so they thought okay well let’s just further
mess with Cassie
and turn the
power back off
again they thought for sure this time cassie’s
gonna come downstairs
down into the basement to
check the circuit box and then when she
would come downstairs that’s when they were
gonna scare her
but Cassie never
came downstairs she stayed in the living room instead
and I was thinking when I was reading this I was like
girl me too like some people get up and go investigate
Nene now if something
if I feel like something bad’s happening I’m like I’m
gonna stay right here
Brian says that Tori
started to get
super amped up
and he was like saying over and over
again that he had to do it he had to kill her
let’s do it let’s do it like just getting
too jazzed up
Brian says that both of them went up the
stairs they went to find Cassie
Brian says Tori is the one
who attacked Cassie
and that he was
stabbing her
over and over and over again
and that he
never touched Cassie
Brian says that he was just there but
it was all Tori and it was supposed to just be a joke
over time Brian did
admit that he
stabbed Cassie
3 or 4 times because Tori told him to
and he was just afraid of Tori
because of how
aggressive he was getting
then he says
once Cassie was dead
Brian and Tori gathered up all of
their evidence they put
it in a bag and then they took it to like a wooded area
to bury Brian
takes investigators
where they had
barrier hidden the evidence
so then when investigators
get the evidence bag I mean it’s filled with a bunch of
stuff there was
stick matches a pair of
black boots a pair of rubber
gloves workout
gloves the fingerless ones a melted
brown hydrogen
peroxide bottle
there were the creepy ass like
clown mask there was a
large dagger type
knife there was a shit tons of knives
there was a
large knife there was a silver
knife there was a
small knife there was a lot of
knives another
knife how many
knives were there
okay hold on then there was a Sony
video tape so a VHS
tape was also there so investigators
watch these tapes
and guess what
Tori and Brian
decided to videotape the
whole process
wow anyways so on
these tapes were what we
would call a vlog
so they were vlogging
their whole day that the murder took place
they were sitting down and they were writing
out how they are
going to kill somebody that day
and they’re talking to the camera both
saying that they picked Cassie to kill
and how they are
sorry to her family but they
quote had to do it
Cassie has to die
end quote on the 2 tapes you can
also see the 2 boys driving around and they’re talking
about how excited they are to kill someone
like it’s just like
get better hobbies
is what you
wanna say so on
these tapes
Brian is the one who’s like oh I’m so
excited I’m
gonna like we’re
gonna kill someone they’re
getting themselves like all hyped up and then Tori
is not in the
frame but he says quote
I’m horny just thinking
about it and
quote like talking
about killing her
there is video footage of this out there
you can watch it’s on YouTube I’m not
gonna put it in the
video cause
I don’t like to do that so the 2 boys they had filmed
their whole day leading up to the murder
and then they also filmed
after the murder
so they didn’t
videotape the murder itself but
it was very
clear to investigators like
this whole thing was premeditated
there’s a lot of footage for them to go through
but you can hear them explaining how the 2 boys are
outcast and how they wanted to go down in history like
Ted Bundy or the Roadside Strangler
how they needed to kill more people and
earn their spotlight
alongside these big serial killers like
you just hear them talking
about all this
so now on tape they see that
these 2 boys they were
planning to do this okay they see the
whole process
they see that it wasn’t an accident it wasn’t a
joke it wasn’t on a whim it wasn’t just one of the boys
it was premeditated
and it was planned
they had all the evidence
they needed
when Tori was being investigated
he said that he just went
along for the ride like he thought it was just
gonna be a joke
he didn’t know that anybody was actually
going to die
we just both
pointed the finger
at each other
but after reviewing
these tapes investigators saw
that both of them seemed to take
equal parts in this
nobody knows who exactly I guess
stabbed Cassie
but based off of the
video tapes it’s you
could tell it was
both of their idea to do this
on September
27th 2006 both of the boys were arrested
again each one of them are
pointing the finger
Tori saying oh I thought we were just making a
movie I thought we were just joking but
Brian is the one who actually killed her
I was just there
and then Brian is saying that it was
all a joke and Tori is the one who actually killed her
it’s just a mess it’s like you guys
shut up I mean
don’t they know what they
are on the video tapes
whatever there’s also was evidence
found of Brian and Tori purchasing
knives at a pawn shop
there’s video footage
shown of them
going to the pawn shop and
one of those
knives that they purchased was used to kill Cassie
it was just further
proof that this
whole thing was premeditated
so in trial both
Brian and Tori they didn’t really have a defense
both just pointed the
blame on one another
and to explain the
videotape well
their defense
was that it was all acting that they were just making
their own horror film
and it wasn’t real the main
point of difference
was that Brian actually confessed to
stabbing Cassie
and Tori had
never confessed to
stabbing or harming Cassie in
any way in tori’s trial they
stuck to the evidence that was
found which
cassie’s DNA was
found on one knife one
shirt and one glove
and those items were worn
by Brian they
also said that 4 different male DNA evidence was
found under cassie’s
right hand fingernails
and 2 male DNA evidence was
found on her left hand
according to
brian’s DNA was
found on both
cassie’s right and left hand
but tori’s DNA was not found
like under her
nails another
thing was the
videotape so
on the videotape you hear
after the murder had
taken place that Brian
is the one who’s yelling I killed Cassie
like being excited
and Tori doesn’t really say much about
what he did
nobody on the tape itself said
we killed Cassie it was just
I killed Cassie
tori’s team
used this in his defense
saying that this proved
that Tori had nothing to do with it and it was all
Brian Brian and
Tori were convicted and sentenced to life in prison for
first degree murder without the possibility
of parole and 30 years to life
for conspiracy to commit
first degree murder
shortly after surprise surprise
both teens immediately appealed
their conviction
Brian argued
there were several
violations so
Brian argued that there were several
violations in the case and the
trial Brian said
in his 4th interview before he was arrested
with investigators his parents were not present so
Brian believed that any information from that interview
should have been suppressed
however the
court found that
everything that
was done in the interview was done correct so Brian
was told his Miranda
rights before he
was even questioned he signed a waiver saying that he
was read his Miranda
rights before being
and Brian didn’t appear to be
tired upset or vulnerable
during his interview when the interview was happening
Brian did eventually stop and he
asked for his parents
which then at that point
the interview
itself had stopped with all of that information the
court determined that Brian
knowingly and willingly signed the waiver
which then petitioned his
right to counsel
appeal was denied
so tori’s appeal was
focused on the fact that he
never admitted to
stabbing Cassie
he also focused on the
videotape itself saying that you
never hear him
admitting that he killed Cassie or did anything
to Cassie Tori
said he pretended to be high in the video and
never said anything that actually proved he was in the
house were a part of it so Tori also focused on
ineffective counsel
saying that his
rights had been violated due
to his counsel
not moving to
suppress evidence resulting from allegedly deficient
warrant so pretty much
according to the warrant that his
parents were served when they came to the
house to look through tori’s
belongings the war in itself
it did not have any specific authority
to seize any computers or
electronics from tori’s home
which ended up happening
and when investigators
searched tori’s computer they
found evidence of
child pornography
and animal cruelty
on his computer
pretty much
what Tori was saying was the evidence that was found
under the warrant
should have been suppressed because the warrant did not
state that his computers
could be taken
however the
court disagreed
and his appeal was denied the family was just
extremely heartbroken
at the loss of
their daughter
and they knew
Tori and Brian were responsible for it
which made them feel
pretty frustrated
when the 2 of them
wouldn’t take full responsibility
for what they had done
but also that they were trying to like appeal
and get out of
their sentencing like it
would just be exhausting
it wasn’t even just Cassie
that was harmed
the whole family was grieving at the loss cassie’s aunt
uncle cousin
they all suffered
greatly after this
so cassie’s 13 year old cousin was the one who
found her in the living room on the
floor she was
extremely traumatized
sadly it sent her into a really deep
depression and she
tried to commit suicide
and then cassie’s aunt
she fell into a deep
depression as well she lost her job
and she just really struggled to make
sense of it all she felt like she
was responsible
for all of this
again I couldn’t even
imagine that burden you’d be carrying
the aunt and
uncle they really just wanted out of this
house pretty much a reminder
of this horrible
crime and they were trying to sell the house
for years they had put it up
every year and
nobody was buying no one wanted to buy a home
with such a horrible
story so it just sent the family
into a deeper
depression because
they couldn’t escape this horrible
thing that happened it was a constant reminder
it wasn’t long
after that their case would
be brought back up into the spotlight because in
2012 the Supreme
Court in Idaho
ruled that mandatory life sentences are
unconstitutional for juvenile
defenders even
in cases of murder
so this decision left many people wondering if
Brian and Tori
their sentences
should be overturned
or reduced and in
2013 there’s
a little documentary
called Lost for Life I
think it is
I just watched it last
night and I’ll link it down
below cause it’s on YouTube
watch it pretty much it’s
about life in prison
and how nobody
under the age of 18
should given a sentence of life in prison
it’s just all
about how it shouldn’t be a
thing talks
about a handful of different cases and Tori and
Brian were both interviewed in this documentary as well
in the documentary it shows Brian who
he does show
a lot of remorse
and he seems very genuine
takes full responsibility for what he did and he came
to realize and accept that he killed somebody
who was a friend
how he’s in debt
to Cassie and
her family he also says that like
accepts the fact that he probably won’t be getting out
of prison he cries a lot and
first I was like oh
he seems so sad he knows what he did was
wrong he seems so mature now
you know and then I was like wait
wait a minute no
no you killed somebody you
videotaped it
you know it was just very
planned out that’s takes a different kind of
brain I feel like personal opinion
though also like in the evidence there was a list of
other people they wanted to kill like
they didn’t want to kill one person they want to kill a
bunch of people so
I’m gonna say no
where I believe it
should be case by case
so then in this
documentary they interview Tori now Tori
on the other hand
he still to this
day does not take any responsibility for what he did
he does not take any responsibility for the role
the part he played in this
nothing and the whole time
he’s being interviewed
his family is there with them his mom and dad and
they are acting like Tori
is the victim
the whole time his
mother keeps
speaking over him and refuses
he uses to believe that her
good son would ever do something like that he would
never do what he’s being accused of
and she’s being one of those moms
wait don’t come at me for that
but you know
those moms who like there’s been a couple and I can’t
think of any off the top of my head
but like when somebody commits a horrible
crime like in the Chris Watts case
oh man Chris Watts his mom like
would not believe that her son did what he did like
nope nope Chris is the
victim here
and it was just like lady
get a grip anyways that’s not the
point the point is corey’s mom was doing the same
thing during the interview
not once did they
bring up Cassie and
how her family is feeling what her family
maybe has been
going through
instead they say like
how Tori is 100% innocent
and he’s the
victim in this
because he’s being locked up for no reason
except for the dad if you
watch it and I’ll
again I’ll link it down
below but if you
watch the dad he kind of seems iffy
okay he rarely speaks up
maybe he does and I missed it but he rarely like
speaks up and
he kind of low key looks like he’s too afraid to
speak up because his wife is so like
he’s innocent yeah
I saw it in his eyes he was kind of like mmm mmm
hmm but that’s just my opinion in the documentary
Brian also says that Tori was
the one who was like heavily
influenced and inspired by the movie
Scream and he wanted to create his own
murder that was pretty similar to that one that took
place in the movie Tori convinced Brian
to do something
based off of
screen so Brian was saying that he just
doesn’t understand why Tori won’t admit
to anything Tori probably just wants to go home
which everybody in prison just wants to go home
so this I mean this case overall
there’s a lot of our
worst nightmare
when we’re home
alone and you hear something
and you get that gut feeling that something isn’t
right we constantly tell ourselves to
stop being a baby you’re fine you’re fine
and usually it is
like sadly for Cassie
this poor girl was just trying to make some
extra money
she was being a good kid
she was doing the
right thing
which is hard to do
especially in high
school and instead she gets brutally murdered by some
selfish ass hats who wanted to be in
their own horror
film I wish nothing but
peace healing and closure
for the families
all of the families on both ends
so that is a story
about Cassie
Joe Stodart
Cassie Joe Stoddart
I’m saying Stoddart but it’s probably Stodart
oh my God wait wait wait
wait a minute
I completely forgot
is everyone just
gonna ignore the fact that this
Tory guy yeah let’s say he was innocent let’s just say
he was innocent we’re just
gonna ignore the fact that he had
child pornography
and some animal cruelty
photos on his computer
how come no one’s
bringing that up
again no Tori
no you’re gonna stay there
okay okay but
other than that I hope you have a wonderful day
today you make
good choices and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye