MrBeast - I Survived 50 Hours In Antarctica



- We just landed in Antarctica,

and we’re gonna survive the next 50 hours here.

We’re literally at the bottom of the globe,

at the coldest place on Earth. (bell dings)

- Can’t wait to freeze to death.

(plane engine hums) - And there goes the plane.

Right, all right, see you later.

And now that that plane has left, boys,

there’s no way out for the next 50 hours.

- We’re stuck.

- [Jimmy] First, we need to trek towards the mountains,

to get some protection from the wind.

- This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

- Shut up, Nolan. (laughter)

- There’s already a blizzard incoming.

Just our luck.

- The weather is so bad already.

- This is so bad! - Holy crap.

- What are the odds that a blizzard would happen

right when we get here?

- It’s cold!

- Jimmy, bro, this is insane.

- Let’s go!

- We’ll set up shelter at the bottom of that mountain.

Woo, I almost died.

- [All] Antarctica! Antarctica!


- I declare this Camp Beast. (all cheering)

- [Jimmy] It’s negative 30 degrees,

and if we’re gonna survive 49 more hours-

- Grab it! Grab it!

- My tent about flew away.

- [Jimmy] We need a shelter ASAP.

The tutorial said to go at an angle.


- I don’t know, like, we’ve got it all wrong.

How’s it so low to the ground?

It’s in my sleeve! (screams)

- They’re like little children.

- We’re screwed.

- Whoa, they’re actually making progress.

- Look at us, we’re the best!

- Beast Camp is thriving!

(stakes pounding) (drums pounding)

A common problem in Antarctica

is extreme weather blowing away your tent.

We gotta cut snow blocks to secure the tents from wind.

So we’re gonna use these ice blocks

to build a wall and keep our camp safe.

It’s literally dropped 20 degrees since we got here.

We need to build the wall faster.

(dramatic music)

- (grunts) Holy cow.

Dude, this is by far the hardest thing we’ve ever done.

- Beast Camp is now finished! (cheering)

Now that the ice wall is finished,

hopefully, the wind won’t blow away our tents.

The hard part about Antarctica is the sun never goes down.

So you don’t know when it’s night or not.

- My tummy tells me when it is.

- What time does your tummy say it is?

- Dinner time.

- Welcome home, honey.

- Whoa, it’s red in here.

- And for dinner, we have MREs.

- Woo!

- Jimmy, this is awful.

Welcome to Antarctica.

- [Jimmy] And in case you’re wondering

how you eat in the most remote place on the planet.

First, you boil water, then

you pour the boiling hot water,

you gotta be careful, in here.

And then in 10 minutes, you have food.

And that’s how you eat in Antarctica.

- Oh, you don’t know how good that tastes.

(wind howls)

- [Dream] I am so ready to sleep.

- In my tent is Nolan and Dream.

And Karl, who’s in yours?

- [Karl] It’s me, Chandler, Sapnap, and George.

- You’re going to bed, right?

- [Karl] Yeah.

- I am so tired, I’m sick.

Antarctica, not a good place to get sick in.

- Jimmy has no idea We’re digging a tunnel.

- Oh my God. - Let’s go.

- It’s just so crazy how he’s so far down.

- [Dream] Jimmy, I don’t think I’m gonna make it 50 hours.

- The wind is picking up,

so we’re gonna have a hard time sleeping.

All right, guys, well, bro fist out.

- [Jimmy] The sun literally never goes down

in Antarctica, so night one was rough.

- It’s the next morning,

and I don’t know if I’m supposed to get outta bed or not.

‘Cause the sun’s just always up.

- Morning one, this is miserable.

- Bro, Antarctica is not a funin’ place.

(George laughs) I’m sick, man.

I woke up coughing up blood.

- Before you can leave your tent in Antarctica,

you need long pants, a long-sleeved shirt,

a second pair of pants (grunts),

a third pair of pants, a jacket,

a jacket for your jacket, a ski mask,

whatever this is, gloves, gloves for your gloves,

gloves and goggles so your eyeballs don’t freeze.

And despite having all this on, I can still get frostbite.

Going into day two,

there’s two very important things we need to take care of.

Number one:

In Antarctica, you would think you could just pee

in the snow, but you can’t.

So we have to pee in these bottles

and hold onto it until the end of the video.

It’s negative 20 degrees.

Let’s see if I can pee.

Hey, I got it!

- He did it!

- I got it. (party fanfare)

- Nice.

- Woo, that took like five minutes.

And number two:

A lot of the boys have to poop,

so we’re going away from camp to set up a poop tent.

- I gotta poop.

- The worst part of Antarctica is

that giant blizzards would randomly sweep through,

and your skin would literally start freezing.

- Oh no, the tent! (all yell)

(dramatic choral music) - Oh, ow, it hurts!

- (slapping) Bad tent, bad.

- Hold it down!

- Stay down, tent.

- Oh, it worked.

This bucket is my toilet, and that’s the bathroom.

I’m gonna come out a better man.

- Nolan, how is it?

- That was the worst experience in my life.

- See that mountain right there?

- [All] Yes!

- It currently does not have a name.

And everyone knows that if you climb a mountain,

you gidda name it.

Who wants to join me?

- Not me.

- I’ll just grab my stuff out of the tent really quick.

- Okay.

- I left something in my tent.

- The weather’s kind of bad. - Come on.

- I might just have to…

- Hey, you’re climbing the mountain with me.

- Just cause I’m the last one here?

- I need someone to be hooked up to in case I fall.

- Well, I’m glad it’s not windy.

- Seriously, since that mountain isn’t named,

if we climb it, we literally get to name it

whatever we want.

- Bye, guys! - Bye.

- Bye, bye. - Now, Operation Hole.

Come on. (George laughs)

(Karl sighs)

- For the past 20-something hours,

we’ve been digging this hole.

By the time Jimmy’s back, this is gonna be massive!

(“massive” echoes through mountains)

- We’re not even at the mountain,

and we faced our first obstacle.

It’s a sea of ice.

Look at this view.

Antarctica’s crazy.

Dude, beautiful.

- Just be very careful, Jimmy.

- Woo, this is very slippery.

- Very careful.

Less than 10 people on earth have ever stepped here.

- That’s the mountain we’re gonna be climbing.

Anyways, let’s climb before we die.

- Onward!

- Oh, my gosh.

- Whoa, oh, don’t slip.

- Oh, this is wild.

I’m so terrified.

There’s a drop to my right.

If I fall backwards, I roll for 2000 feet.

(Jimmy grunts) - Jimmy.

- What?

- We’re 30 hours in!

- Oh, yes!

- This is a huge cliff.

No joke, no joking.

- [Jimmy] If we fall down there, we die.

- [Nolan] Yeah, hundred percent.

- Karl’s still digging though it’s so deep.

- Bro, how am I gonna get out?

(intense music)

- Jimmy!

- I’m right here.

Just keep stepping.

- Woo, yes, I’m alive.

- I’m gonna take a pee break.

- Spell “I cup.”

- I C-U-P. (Nolan giggles)

- I hate you. - Hey, Jimmy?

(Jimmy exhales) - Hey, just don’t mix up

the water bottles.

- Oh yeah.

See those tiny little specks over there?

That’s our base camp.

I wonder what the boys are up to.

- Here comes the airplane, mmm.

- Ah-um.

- Yummy. - Yum!

- The hole provides, and now he must provide for the hole.

- While Jimmy’s climbing the mountain,

we could have built up more walls to fortify our camp.

We could have cleaned up their tents.

We coulda cooked them meals for them to get home to.

But instead, we dug this hole.

This is the best use of our time possible.

- [Jimmy] Stop filming me and film that view over there.

It feels like we’re on a different planet.

You can’t convince me this is Earth.

And while we climb this mountain,

I wanna tell you guys about Shopify.

A platform that makes starting a business incredibly easy.

Shopify helped me provide YouTube channel into a business.

And they can do it for whatever you’re passionate about.

Like climbing mountains.


If you’ve ever bought my merch or feastables,

you’ve used it.

Oh, let’s see, how do I do this?

I’m forever grateful for them

because I’ve been using ’em

since we had 3 million subscribers.

Shopify literally powers businesses.

Oh, God, um.

All right, gimme a second Shopify.

Woo, we’re climbing!

Shopify powers businesses in 175 countries.

Starting a business can be scary.

Kinda like climbing this mountain.

- Yeah.

- But entrepreneurship allows you to wake up

every single day and do what you love.

So the risk is worth it.

We’re almost to the top.

I can see it!

- This is the most terrifying experience of my life.

- This is actually terrifying,

we’re so high right now.

- Can you build an elevator next time, Jimmy?

(music swells)

Right here, you got it?

I made it.

(triumphant music) I made it!

It only took four and a half hours.

We did it!

We did it.


Yeah, woo!

We made it, and we didn’t die.

We’ve claimed the mountain.

(music crescendos)

We did it!

And now that we climbed the mountain, we gidda name it.

I think we should name it “Shopify.”

Because, to be honest,

I couldn’t have done it without Shopify.

- We just conquered Shopify.

- Go to

to watch my exclusive interview with Shopify.

This is now Shopify Mountain.

Karl, can you hear me?

- Yes, I can hear you, over.

- We climbed the mountain.

- [Karl] Congratulations, dude!

- Could you see us on top of the mountain?

- One second, we have to get outside of the hole.

- Wait, what hole?

- No, I said the whole tent.

The entire tent.

- [Jimmy] Uh, okay.

- They literally look like three little ants up there.

- Our base camp is over 10 miles away.

If that lens could see us, that’s crazy.

You know the best part about climbing a mountain?

- What? - You have to climb down.

- No, no.

- Also, you can’t leave things behind,

so I gotta take this flag down.

- I carried it up all the way for that?

What do you think they’re doing at camp right now?

- Not something intelligent.

(George growls)

- Best snow day ever!

- These sleeping bags are complicated.

What is this?

(both laugh)

(Karl imitates a seal)

- Dude, I gotta go to whiz.

- Okay, guys, it’s four in the morning,

and Jimmy’s finally arriving back

after climbing the mountain.

- This might have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

- The hardest, but most rewarding thing.

- He has no idea we dug this hole,

so we’re gonna get in and surprise him.

- Home sweet home, ah!

- I need a massage.

Ow, Jimmy.

(buzzing sound) I’m not a bed.

Where is everybody?

- Nolan. - Dream.

- Dream! - Oh, my god!

How long were you gone for?

- Something’s not normal.

I don’t hear Karl going “bleh, bleh, bleh!”


They’re probably asleep ‘cause it’s 4:00 AM.


Wait, what, is everyone up?

- Jimmy’s out there, you can see him.

(George coughs)

- What is down here?

Oh, my god!

Whoa, wait, how deep is that hole?

- It’s like eight feet deep.

- I’m confused.

- What’s so confusing?

It’s just a hole.

- Yeah, but why?

- We’re just trying to, you know, make use of our time.

- I’m too tired to understand this.

- Get in the hole!

- [All] Yeah!

Hole, hole, hole. - How?

How did they do this?

- [All] Hole, hole, hole, hole!

- I wanna get in the hole.

- This is actually a convenient hole.

Can you grab my iPad?

- Yeah.

- Do you know what’s on this iPad?

- Penguin videos.

(Nolan laughs) - No.

Our next two Mr. Beast videos.

- [All] Oh.

- I’ll let you guys choose.

Do you guys wanna watch “Blind Man Sees for the First Time?”

Or “I Ate the World’s Largest Burger?”

- Blind Man Sees for the First Time.

- I wanna see the blind man, actually.

- Okay. - There you go.

There’s a little iPad. (iPad beeping)

- Tell me what you think.

Is that crazy?

- Yeah, what?

- That was awesome. - That was so cool.

- Oh, my god, it is cold here.

It’s so cold that the screen on the camera just went black.

- This is actually freezing outside.

- I don’t wanna be here anymore.

I’m gonna head to bed.

- This the camera tent.

We’re saying good night.

Good night, everybody.

- Climbing a mountain really took it out of me.

And we got back at four in the morning.

It was nearly impossible to get out of bed on day three.

- It’s the last day.

You guys ready?

Jim? - What?

- We have to pack up before the plane leaves.

Otherwise, we’re stuck here.

Look, if we miss this flight, Jimmy,

we’re here for like another day.

- [Jimmy] I’ll put pants on in a minute.

- Jimmy, get up!

- Or is this your first survival video?

- Yes.

- They haven’t got out of the tent, Derrick.

We are going to miss the flight.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

They’re gonna miss the flight.

I’m still making it.

- We’re making the flight, baby.

- [Jimmy] It is extremely important

to preserve the untouched beauty of Antarctica.

We can’t leave a single trace of our camp behind.

So I made the boys put everything back how it was.

“Leave nothing behind” on three.


- [All] Leave nothing behind.

- But they were as exhausted as I was,

so things didn’t get done quickly.

- I’ve got absolutely zero energy left.

All right, now put that in it.

Put it on- (slapping sound)

(small explosion)

- No!

- There she is, out in the open.

No, no, no, no, stop, no.

(rapid thumping) Stop!

- Salute.

- A sad day for all Antarcticans.

- Hole. - Fill it in now.

- All right, get to filling, boys.

Three, two, goodbye hole.

- Goodbye, hole. (snow thumping)

- There’s a hole in my heart, instead.

(rising music)

- And boom!

We can now head home!

- [All] Yes, home, home, home, home!

- Hey, if we maintain this pace,

we’ll get to the ice strip right before the plane lands.

- [All] Plane, plane, plane, plane.

- Hey, Antarctica trip.

- [All] Antarctica! Antarctica!

- Right over here is the runway.

- Yes. - All right, I see the plane.

(all cheer) (George laughs)

I’m proud of all of you for surviving

50 hours in Antarctica! (all cheer)

We’re going home, and we survived!

- We did it!

- Massive shout out to ALE and EYOS.

They made this trip possible.

I hope you guys enjoyed.

- We’re going home!

(cheering) - [All] Home, home, home!

(explosion) (wind howls)

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