Joe sits down with Joe Rogan.

this is working
it doesn’t seem to be
so that’s all for you I’m rapping out your whole team
I was plotted in chains but there is a shadowy schemes
the baddest scene the more lies you tell
the more lies you telling about surprising
failing to my deaf trap right into my clutches
stupid you notice how much
blessed every single mikey touches I suffered
so I could return harder
what I needed
fuck around make you a martyr I’ll make you famous
turn around and make your aimless cause you never
understood our vital to me
this rap game is
save it and hold that you catch a hot one
drive the chase a fake nigga down
soon as I pop one clip
when you wanna mess with it
a nice life
in this business around
ladies and gentlemen
I’m here
but I got no video
just whack ass shit
it just it never ends
I can’t get it right
you can hear me
but you can’t see me
ladies and gentlemen I do not know
how the fuck this program works
that’s supposed to get me on
and I don’t know why it’s not showing
try this
we got it
we’re in
so I’m playing gang star at a respect
for guru from gang star had a
heart attack this week he went into a coma
he’s in like some sort of a medically induced coma
some dude said it best on Twitter said that’s
when you know you’re getting old
when hip hop stars start having fucking heart attacks
man he’s 40 three’s only year older than me
we’re gonna do later gentlemen
we’re all dying slowly
not this motherfucker
look at this dude from national geographic magazine
I just picked this up
I don’t even know the story
but I just had to pick it up because it’s hilarious
it’s about polygamy it says polygamy in america
and it’s one dude who’s got five wives
and 46 children
my only problem
with any
of this shit is that these creepy fucks are always
marrying 16 year olds
that’s why I don’t tell you about it
and when you go into the article that’s actually
a big a big point
here that a couple of these guys have been arrested
like this fucking freak
telling that guy you came to see but
that looks like somebody should just arrest
he was apparently
married to some 16 year olds who’s
they sent some to 10 years in
present for sexual assault
this is the only problem with these creepy fucks
with this crazy
five wive shit
the only way you get chicks to agree to that
is if they’re drugged up
or tarted or really
really young
and that’s how these guys pull the shit off
that’s not fair
you know I’m saying I mean if you’re pulling it off
total pimp style
like if you just some hugh hefner type character
that like lays down the law and it’s like listen
I’m gonna have a bunch of chicks and it’s all
this guy’s like
he’s like getting him when they’re really
young and brainwashing him
so it really is like a cult
just believe me chicks don’t want that shit but hey
if you could pull it off when you’re an adult
whatever I’m not a hater
I’m all for it
if you can pull it off as an adult
but like I said
but these creepy fucks these
I don’t know what
what this dude’s thing is called
I guess it’s a mormon splinter group
no whatever no one has any fucking answers
any ideology that you follow is gonna be full of shit
any one of them all of them unless it’s completely open
unless there’s not one single person
that’s laying down rules
not one single person that’s telling you what to do
unless it’s just a gigantic group of people
that are all really
like minded open minded and thinking about things
that’s the No.1 problem with democracy is that
fucking anybody can vote
you can easily
get people to think the way you’re thinking
it’s not that difficult
most people have no idea how to think
and on top of that they have to fucking work
and they have a family
and they have obligations and they have
debt and they have problems and they try to get laid
there’s a lot of shit going on
so for them to be paying attention to
what’s really going on with the national deficit
and all that crap
it’s not gonna happen man it’s too much to think about
even the fucking people that work in finance don’t
understand finance
if they did
how did that bernie made off thing ever get off
how did that guy ever pull that shit off
he pulled that shit off because
no one understands the system
it’s nuts that system is
they’re just fucking fucking ears
those guys are just pirates
stealing money left and right
and that’s how our world works ladies and gentlemen
so since I did this podcast last
killer whale killed his trainer and he saw
people follow me on Twitter
I posted a lot of shit about that on Twitter
because I thought it was completely fucking ridiculous
that they first of all
they take these animals that are super intelligent
and they caged them
you know the way this whale was raised
this whale particular was raised in Canada
and the place where they had him
would they would give him
this little tiny cell
to share with
these other whales at night
so they would like
stuff them into this thing
where they literally couldn’t turn around
they couldn’t move they couldn’t do anything
and if he didn’t go into his cage
and if he didn’t do his tricks they would
they would deprive him of food
up to 25 to 30% of his daily
food intake they would just cut it back from him
so this poor animal was
as intelligent as us
was forced to star
forced to do tricks to get his food and forced to
willingly enter into a cage in order to get his food
so this is a fucking angry animal
not on top of that they don’t really let him breed
they excite him
and then they extract sperm from them
like they basically jerk them off
you know and they sell his sperm
because it’s worth a lot of money
they’re trying to
breed whales and captivity because people
find it very distasteful
when you go and capture killer whales
now because we know how smart they are
we know how tied they are to their family
this whale was stolen from his family when he was
2 years old they’re supposedly as close to
human beings as you can get
but being totally alien from us
I mean they don’t alter their environment
they don’t
you know they can’t change their surroundings
they don’t have you know anything
they could pick shit up
but they have dialects
they have different
sounds you know for different packs of whales
so they understand each other and
they different pods of whales
so they they understand each other’s dialect
they mate and
they stay together like they stay with their family
like for life
like this whale would have been with his mom
for life and they just fucking snatched him
out of the water when he was 2 years old
I mean the whole thing is so creepy
it’s basically slavery
it’s slavery but we allow it because we don’t
understand them
I mean that’s really what it is
I mean those fucking animals are super intelligent
you know I read that their cerebral cortex is
40% larger than ours
you know
they’re lacking some things that we have and they have
you know more of other things that we have
but what’s very clear is that they’re super intelligent
their intelligence is so difficult to
understand though because it’s so alien
because their world is so alien I mean they live
they are out there just with their mouths
they’re super intelligent and they’re killing with
their fucking face
you know they’re not like removed from it
like us where you go to the supermarket
and you pick up a stake
they are as intelligent as
supposedly as humans and they’re
they kill with their own head
mean that’s a
totally different mindset
totally different world they live in
they have to kill sharks
because sharks
will occasionally you know attack their pups and
you know there’s just just dangerous
they don’t like having sharks around
there’s a killer
there’s a killer video
there’s a cool video
online of a killer whale killing a great white shark
you know
they’ve never killed a single human being in the wild
ever they only kill human beings and captivity
why because those fucking
human beings are like prison guards man
those are slave masters
it’s just like us
taking someone and putting them in jail
if we don’t understand their language it’s really
no different you know
I think that
killer whales are probably
definitely smarter than some people
I mean
think of like the dumbest fucking people that you know
I bet killer whales are probably smart than sarah palin
I bet if you had a killer whale had like a contest like
some sort of a
mental aptitude
contest with like a real meathead
I bet the killer whale would win you know for sure
that’s fucked up man
we don’t we don’t ever get our shit together
that’s that’s it really drives me nuts
it’s like human beings for whatever reason
are exactly as we have always been
we just don’t get our shit together
you know
I don’t understand it
don’t know what the fuck our problem is
it doesn’t seem like we’re ever working anything out
just the same
shit over and over and over and over again
my friends on Twitter
was cracking I will now go to the
Twitter little chat thing
try to get some questions if this
browser doesn’t crash
now the way I’m doing it I’m gonna browse with firefox
and I’m gonna stream the show with safari
like you give a fuck
so I guess they just signed james tony to the ufc
I guess that’s real
that’s awesome man
if it’s true I want to see it
I want to see some freak shows I want to see
I want to see
I would love to see james tony
versus someone good you know
some good a good grappler or not even man
someone who’s good will stand up with him a little bit
maybe a good like you know what I would love to see
james tony vs pat berry
you know james tony with those four ounce gloves
people don’t realize how good that guy’s hands are
he’s gonna show people a whole different level
if someone will stand with them but that’s the thing
somebody doesn’t want to stand with them
they’re just gonna take his ass down at will
and they’re gonna kick his legs out from under him
that’s gonna be the biggest shock
I just wonder who he’s gonna train with
I wonder if he’s gonna really train
with kickboxers and what you did to you guys
and if he’s gonna take
leg kicks and learn how to check kicks
or side check kicks as he calls it
you know
who knows man
who the fuck knows
I guess he’s a heavyweight
I don’t think he’s gonna lose weight
I mean he he is
a boxing heavyweight champion
I mean he destroyed a holyfield that heavyweight
I’m fucking sight for that man
I think that’s gonna be fun
I think it’s gonna be interesting
but like I said I want to see jose
conseco versus hershel walker I’m a freak
I want to see the freak shows
my Twitter people
my friends
get some of these
christian group wants killer whale stone to death
is that true that’s interesting
you might have just made that shit up you fuck
jerry vet I don’t know is that true
change tony versus herschel walker
I don’t know man
I don’t know if that’s a good move
I think that would be a little dangerous
I think cursely needs a few more fights before
he steps in there with a guy who can bang like
james tony
unless hershes got a really good take down defense
I don’t know or it really get take downs rather
very possible
so many questions are really terrible
world strongest man to fight in the ufc
that pujinaski guy
I think
they’re talking about pujinaski fighting james tony
which I think is very interesting
not james telling
excuse me
they’re talking about pujinaski fighting tim sylvia
which I think is very interesting because
gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt
gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt
gt gt gt gt gt gt
gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt super strong
and everything is a beast of a man
but god damn I mean how much of people people
selling tim sylvia short
yeah ray mercer knocked him out with a big punch
but guess what
ray merch
would knock out almost anybody with that fucking punch
so ray mercy hits you in the jaw like that
there’s not a whole lot of people
that I could imagine outside of mark hunt in his prime
taking that punch on that chen you know
I think people are selling
people are selling tim sylvia very short
dude’s good man
he’s very good
this guy says
james tony isn’t dedicated to anything but food
that’s not true sir how dare you
it couldn’t be because
you can’t get that good
and it’s impossible
it’s impossible to get that good and not be
training all the time it’s not possible
for sure he’s
you know for sure he’s got killer boxing technique
his ability to
shoulder roll punches
and ability to block punches and counter
like he’s one of those dudes
you can stay right outside and just land counters
I’m interested in seeing what happens when I got like
that punches somebody with those little gloves on
and who knows I mean he might break his fucking hands
I mean that’s possible too
you know
I don’t think he’s had hand problems in the past but
I’m curious to see like
I wonder what
would happen with a guy like fully mayweather who has
had hand problems
those little gloves
they don’t offer that much protection
and if you catch a guy on the elbow
or you catch a guy like
top of his head or something like that or
you just hit him
hit him the wrong way
you can break your hand very very possible
but I think it’s interesting man I’m thinking
you know all these crazy fights
the hershel walker thing with jose guziko
this james tony thing
all these crazy fights
what they do is they get more people thinking about
mix martial arts
and the more people think about mix martial arts
the more they’re gonna watch the real fighters
not that these guys are not real fighters but
the real high level fighters
you know the machidas and the anderson silvas and
and came the last guy as those kind of guys
so I think it’s all good
it’s all good
coming to Canada this week you dirty bitches
I’m coming to
halfax I’m coming to Ottawa and I’m coming to
where I’ve never been and I’m very excited because
I’ve wanted to go to Toronto for a long ass time
and trying to make it happen
forever and for whatever reason
I just couldn’t pull it off
couldn’t pull it off
but now I got it together
tomorrow I’m at the
casino nova scotia in Halifax
and then Friday I’m at the bronson
theater or the bronson center
in Ottawa
and then Saturday I’m at the queen elizabeth theater
in Toronto and I think
I think nova scotia
the casino nova scotia and Halifax is almost sold out
Saturday night is sold out
the Toronto thing is sold out
I believe
I’ll see you my friends we’re gonna have a good time
I just got back from Dallas which is a crazy ass town
Dallas people are nuts
that place is
a lot of fun Texas is a lot of fun in general
just people love the party in Texas man
the shows I have in Texas just always
seem to be like a little extra rowdy
little extra crazy
just fun ass fucking state
that’s why I’m gonna go in the apocalypse hits
that’s my next move
my next move is Texas soon as
San Francisco breaks off and falls into the ocean
I’m gonna take the hint
pack up my shit
move to Texas
that’s where you want to be
if al qaeda attacks america too
al qaeda is like 100 al qaeda right
one of the crazy things they said about afghanistan
there’s like 100 taliban in afghanistan
I don’t know if it’s right
I don’t know if it’s true
the fucking world’s filled with lies
ladies and gentlemen
I don’t understand any of it needed you
why we playing games
why do we pretend that we understand the news and with
all the bullshit the government feeds us to even
pretend that
we know exactly what’s happening overseas is
laughable that shit’s ridiculous
there’s no way you can know what’s going
on in afghanistan
when I hear people arguing
you know well
you knew what
man the taliban right now and the position that
allocate is saying it’s imperative that wheat
what are you even fucking talking about dude
I know that you have a kid
I know that you’re a fucking accountant
I know that you play softball
that’s a lot of time that you just ate up
where is the time to going
to afghanistan and really
finding out what the fuck is going on with the taliban
it’s not happening right
you’re just talking out of your ass
that’s what everybody’s doing
they’re reading talking points based on
you know the various
right wing or left wing websites or right wing
or left wing television shows they’re picking aside
and they just fucking get on it
and that’s the problem with human beings
we you know all this
nutty shit happens in the world
and one of the reasons why
we allow nutty shit to happen
is because we get on a team
you know we got a team and we pick it
that’s why so few democrats are complaining about obama
democrats should be going fucking bonkers
just like everybody else is going bonkers
because obama’s proven to be
no different than any of the rest of them
but democrats
they’re not saying any crazy shit about obama because
obama is on their team
and that’s how people look at shit
and that’s why we’re so fucked up
you know I mean this guy
he sends he gets the nobel peace prize and then
sends 30,000 troops to afghanistan would
you imagine how democrats would react
if a republican did that
they would go fucking crazy
meanwhile with obama they’re like uh
they don’t want to say anything
I mean it’s really the perfect way
to get if the republicans were a genius
I mean if the if the big
cabal conspiracy is true
if there are
billionaire bankers that totally control the world
what a genius way to control everything
you get a black liberal
and you have him do exactly the same thing
that republicans do
get a black liberal
a guy who’s supposedly liberal but yet is
sending means liberal in the way he spends tax dollars
fucking all this crazy shit with the bail out that
the fact that they’re not accountable for this money
we can’t exactly figure out where it all went
and they haven’t loosened lending at all
that was a whole idea about this
it was supposed to stimulate the economy and
make that money more accessible but
they’ve low less money than ever before
I mean the whole thing is it’s just reeks of crime
it reeks of corruption and opportunism
yet you know how many democrats are talking about it
very few the reason why is because he’s on their team
it makes no sense
it’s like a guy
on a football team
throwing the fucking ball the wrong way
and the crowd is still cheering
I mean it’s really what it’s like
or the crowd’s not saying anything
they’re pretending they don’t know
we love to be on fucking teams
it’s one of the worst things about human beings
and one of the scariest teams right now is team stupid
it’s not even team republican
team stupid jumps on team republican
because team republican doesn’t talk down to them
but that’s why the serapelan thing works so well
the reason why serapelan works so well is
not because all these people believe
with her ideas and
they agree with her ideas and
agree with her on the issues
they don’t even know how she stands on the issues
one of the scariest videos I ever saw in line was as
dude at a serapeland book signing
these motherfuckers were in line for hours
it was like zero degrees outside
they’re in line for hours waiting
to talk to sarah palin
talking about how she should be president
and about you know they’re just
bringing back to
basic values and
going to go back to the way america should be
all that talk is just stupid talk
that’s what they are
what they’re saying is she seems like me I am dumb
I don’t know what the fuck is happening I’m terrified
I believe in fairy tales
I believe in dumb nonsense that’s easily disproven
and I like her because she does too
they like the fact that sarah palin believes
that evolution is bullshit
and that the earth is only 10,000 years old
she believes that she said that
to a fucking teacher in Alaska
she had a conversation with them
you know but what long before she ever ran for
president or a wife president rather
that’s what they like
they look stupid
people love stupid shit
they love someone
that makes them feel like they’re okay
if you use a windows computer
you love other people that use windows
you use windows too
yeah windows rules maxia for fags
or it’s the other way
if you’re a mac head
you’re like those idiots and their fucking windows
love to be on the same team whether it’s republican
or democrat or smart or stupid
how many dumb people
have you ever met that are on team smart
a lot right there are a lot of dumb people
that try to pretend to be smart
and then you talk to above things
and they just have like
these talking points that they can repeat but
they really have just adopted a conglomeration
of other people’s opinions
they haven’t really thought anything out
and when you challenge them on the very ideas
for these opinions that are
they’re organizing and governing their entire lives
they really have nothing to say about it
because they haven’t really thought about it
that’s a smart person
according to most people
that’s that’s someone who’s on team smart
but he’s really a dumb god
and that’s very common
it’s just taking advantage of the whole team thing
and that’s what the fuck is going on with obama
we got a we got a guys pretending
to be on
you know one team and doing exactly the same thing
that the other team would do
this guy says
dustin hunter says I didn’t use to hate mccain
until he brought palin into the picture
I think
what sarah palin should show any
all of us all of us is that
it clearly she’s not qualified to run the world
there’s no way no but nobody believes that
but what that shows you is that
the position of president really is just horseshit
you know they really are just a spokesperson
you know you get into that position
you’re a spokesperson for big business
it’s no more than being a star of a sitcom
you know you’re not writing the sitcom
you’re the star of the sitcom
you’re the guy that they choose
to play
the fat poster worker
or whatever the fuck you are the bartender
whatever whatever you want
you know
you’re you’re the the black liberal you know
you’re the white rancher I mean
george bush
even what so far is to buy a fucking ranch in Texas
you know I mean that kind of
it’s from fucking Maine you know
they displayed this part of like the Texas
down home
he’s out in the memory used to be on the ranch like
sawing wooden shit
like what the fuck are you doing man
sawing wood you know
supposed to think that
you’re on my side now it’s like they’re playing a part
you know and that’s what’s going on so mccain I mean
he’s no different than all the rest of them you know
if you were really a maverick
you never get to that position
the guys like ron paul
the guys that stand up
and I mean ron paul just gave back
$100,000 to the treasury
from his I guess from
I don’t know exactly but the details of it
I have to read it sounds really good good talking point
but ron paul is like
he’s like this old dude that wears sneakers
you know he wears suits with sneakers on you know why
because he doesn’t give a fuck
you know he doesn’t care they’re black
they’re so they’re the leather and the bottoms rubber
they’re more comfortable
than fucking stupid shoes with slippery souls
you know I mean
that’s the kind of duty is
he’s just just don’t give a fuck dude and
those dudes don’t get to be president
those dudes just get to talk a lot
and somewhere someone along the line
figures out some way to discredit him
make him look nutty
you know you remember when he was a talking
when all the people were talking about
presidential candidates back in 2008
you know ron polly
there were joking about him
laughing about him left and right
meanwhile everything he said came true
when he was talking about the economic collapse when
he was talking about
I mean everything that he said about the bailout
everything he said about where the money was gonna go
he’s fucking right
I want all this shit and they still
make it seem like he’s a nut and you know
somehow another manage to connect him to 9 11 truthers
and you know
fucking davidi
graptillion conspiracy theorists
like all these fucking nutty people
they somehow another
wand up connecting them all together to
somehow another discredit anything that might be
a little bit controversial or weird
you know that’s another thing that people like to do
they love to
love to box shit up nice and tidy you know
and you know
if you’re saying some things that
are uncomfortable for people to hear
they just stick you with some nile 11 truthers or some
some along those lines
just shut you right the fuck up
you know
ron paul apparently doesn’t believe in evolution though
which is very interesting
because that’s
you know whether or not you
believe that there’s a god
or whether or not I mean every everyone think the
the two
I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive I think that
the idea of
of evolution is like the idea that everything
becomes more and more complex as time goes on
and we could see that the evidence of that
we could see that in our own lives
we could see that in our own culture
try watching like a tv show from 1950
they were so fucking dumb
I mean they were so dumb
it’s like staggering they’re like a comedy now
it’s almost like they’re a parody
you know if you lot watch
like father knows best or something like that
I mean it really is almost like a parody
and the reason being because
people did not have as much access to information
back then they were more naive
our culture was less evolved
if you look at the music
from 1930 and then look at the music here
in 2010 it’s very
clear that things are becoming more and more complex
they’re evolving
sure there’s some dumb shit that’s stuffed in there too
and there’s always going to be dumb shit
you need to feed the dummies
but on the most part
like rock music and more complex music
it’s just it sounds different
the production quality is far better
you know what they can do with music and sound
it’s far better
it’s evolving
it’s becoming more complex just like all organisms are
you know there’s a place in the Congo
where the Congo is only
the way it is right now
the rainforest
has only been like that for a couple thousand years
2000 years ago
what it was it was grasslands
but the grasslands because the climate change
became this rainforest and there’s a lot of like
plains animals that are stuck inside this
this incredibly dense jungle
and one of them is this little antelope
and this little antelope I think it’s called a dyker
it swims underwater and it eats fish
it’s in the fucking antelope family
it’s this little tiny short legged antelope
it swims underwater and eats fish
I mean if that’s not something
fucking adapting and surviving
and this is over
the course of just a couple of thousand years
here’s a fish
in the Congo that climbs out of the water and walks
to the next water hole and then dives in
I mean what the fuck is that
that’s something evolving
you know
this is evolution that’s occurring in this little small
area over a very short period of time
I mean the idea that this fucking antelope
developed to swim
because there’s so much water
there and there’s rivers and all the other shit
and it’s you know it’s a way to get more food
they swim underwater and they eat fish
I mean it’s fucking craziness
they’ve developed ability
to hunt you know and it’s an antelope
I mean that’s pretty crazy stuff
that doesn’t mean there’s no god
it just means there’s some other shit going on
you know it doesn’t mean that there’s not
some one all powerful thing at the end of it
the idea though
that that one
all powerful thing
at the end of it looks like us and talks English
and you know is
you know it wants you to follow his way
or you burn in hell or all that
fucking cookiness
that’s obviously people fucking with the idea
but I think the idea that
the whole thing
might be operating under some sort of an ethic
that the whole universe might be operating
under the force of
like at least an energy or a direction
you know we think of it
you know as of god as being a thing
but maybe god is everything
maybe god is all things
and then all things work together
but that our job
whatever our job is on this earth
that we’re moving in a
direction where we have to compete
in order to facilitate that movement
in order to really be in competition with each other
we have to sort of think separate from each other
we have to compete with each other
so there has to be a you and there has to be a me
there has to be separation to compete sexually
there has to be separation to compete financially
to compete you know career wise
and that
all a byproduct of
the law of nature
that it might be moving us in this direction
and that might be one of the reasons
why people are slowly starting to
become aware of that idea
they mean the idea that
all human beings and all everything
in this whole universe are somehow connected
you know I mean that might be really what’s
what’s going on
but we might be unaware of that because our job is on
this planet in this life
in this dimension
our job is to facilitate something
our job is to compete with each other in order to
facilitate our cultural evolution
if we didn’t have that if we didn’t think like that
you know if we lived like monks or if we
you know lived like native americans
we wouldn’t you know technology would get done
you know theoretically
at this point time who knows
you know at this point time maybe you
I’m hiding the chat rogan fans are batshit insane
are they that bad it’s going on over here
let’s see
this ushim slow as fuck
this guy says are you as high as me
I don’t know how high you are buddy
I don’t answer trick questions
how dare you
here we go
oh ron paul hates blacks
are you sure
denis cushionage is the ron paula the left yeah
that he seems to be another one
you never know what these denis cusinage guys are
you know I think ron paul’s
pretty obviously legit
but you never know how many
these guys just decide that
there’s a lot of money and being a rebel
you know it’s very possible
it’s very possible that you know they’re just
fucking playing us
and that
they know they can get a good movement going on
sort of like gurus
you know
if you ever met anybody that proclaims to be like
really like
open minded and all about
love but really
turns out they’re kind of all about themselves
and they’re kind of like full of shit
like they’re really not on a quest
they’re just all about like fulfilling their ego
you know and that this
that stance the loving you know open
I’m a buddhist
I’ve been practicing buddhism for a while
and then you know you really get to know the guy
get him drop and he’s a douche bag
you know
what is that you know
I think I think there’s a lot of people to doing that
I think that could be like the denis kushnage thing to
who knows I mean he might be legit
I’m not saying dennis kushinage in general
I’m saying it’s very possible
now not saying dennis consumes specifically
but it’s very possible
that especially in today’s day and age
that someone could
posture themselves position themselves
as like the outsider
position themselves as the rebel
someone is outside the system’s gonna take it down
you know
look at all this corruption look at all this chaos
what we need to do is this
I’m willing to give up all my money
I’ll work for free and
you know
and build some kind of a crazy movement behind them
I mean it’s really not a bad idea
somebody disenfranchised people
my friends you know what the fuck I’m talking about
yeah they found tons of water in the moon
I would think that would be really interesting
if I hadn’t seen sunshine last night
right now I don’t give a fuck about space
I saw a stupid science fiction movie last night
that was really good for like
3/4 of it it was a fascinating movie
felt like 3/4 of the movie and then it just took this
left turn down what the fuck boulevard
and it was just just retarded the last
quarter of it is
literally like someone took the script
and like got a hold of the last 20 pages and just
jacked the whole movie
just wanted to make sure that the movie sucked
I mean it was really like somebody
had a vested interest in the studio failing
opening for me tomorrow would be
the lovely and talented sam Tripoli
you’ve never seen sam before
he’s fucking hilarious and he’s
old school comic store veteran
knowing sam forever
and ari had a back out last minute
some shit came up he just nailed some nice commercials
so ari’s making some loop
he had to make that paper and I’m saying
so ari had a back out so sam triple he’s in
who is hilarious
do it so it’s gonna be a
fuck of a hell of a lot of good time
yeah zombie sunburn man says
cheese cow yeah you know what I’m talking about man
that movie sucked at the end I didn’t
that was ridiculous
what would the world
be like if everyone could separate from their ego
seeing that’s
the problem I don’t think it would work
you know one of
you know
the realities of this life is
there’s a whole system set up
and one person
out of 6 billion is not going to change
the whole system
and the way the system is set up
for the majority of human beings is competition
and competition sexually competition socially
competition financially and that that competition
when you have that
it fosters innovation
it makes sure that people
create new things and make sure that people work hard
it make sure that people compete with each other
and things get done
and I wrote a blog about this that I think that that’s
what human beings purpose on this earth is
I think that our purpose
as like materialists this whole idea
of competition and capitalism and materialism
that it might be really just to support technology
that it might be
the universe’s way of making us evolve
that we might not just evolve physically
by you know
ourselves becoming more complex our dna becoming more
but it might be more complicated than that
we might be evolving by integrating with technology
we might be evolving by facilitating technology to
to emerge and you know
I mean it might be as simple as
I wrote about my blog about there’s a
an aquatic worm that infects grasshoppers and it
takes over the grasshopper and
makes the grasshopper a zombie
like it infects them
it’s a parasite gets inside their
body grows inside the body cavity the grasshopper
then rewires the grasshopper’s brain
and forces the grasshopper to jump into water
and drown so that it can
pop out of the grasshopper’s body and survive
if that ain’t some shit
I mean that is fucking nuts
that’s a really crazy thing to think about
that this organism tricks
another organism to commit suicide
and thus give birth to it
because that’s the only
way that aquatic worm could live
it can’t live in the grasshopper’s world
if it comes out in the grasshopper’s world
it’ll dry out and it’ll die
but if it talks the grasshopper
into committing suicide by jumping in the lake
grasshoppers can’t swim
you know I mean that’s like a
a fire bug talking you into diving into a volcano
it doesn’t make any sense like it’s certain death
if a grasshopper jumps into that water
it’s certain death
and somehow another
this organism talks the grasshopper into doing it
you know
it might very well be that our purpose as an organism
that the human beings purpose
in this world
is to make something else
that our purpose is to create a life form
out of technology
it’s very possible
very very possible
if you think about what life is I mean what life is
I mean there’s cellular life and there’s
you know we assume that that’s what all life is
but what life is is something that reproduces
something that exists it moves
about of its own accord it
you know
even well plants don’t do that but plants reproduce and
there’s a process
it takes in energy and puts out energy
breeze in oxygen
puts out carbon dioxide
it’s like
that applies to
computers that applies to electronics
yeah we create them but they require something
and they release something
you know when you’re playing with a computer
you know you turn it on
it requires power
but then it radiates images and it radiates
you know information and connects to other computers
I mean there’s a whole process
it’s very similar to a life form
and if at one point in time
if they become sentient that means
if they have a mind of their own
if they can think for themselves
they’re aware they’re alive
if they’re aware that you know
that they are individuals or
if they’re become conscious
if that happens
who’s to say that’s not a life form
I mean if artificial intelligence
is more intelligence than us
just because it’s artificial
just because we created it doesn’t mean it’s not real
I mean to call it artificial intelligence
it’s not artificial like
like you know
here’s a fucking ferrari that’s made of cake
you can’t drive it
no it’s fucking intelligent it’s real intelligent
it’s not it’s more synthetic intelligence
it’s more man created intelligence
but to call it artificial I’m not sure if that’s right
I’m not sure if that’s the way to look at it
or maybe I just smoked too much weak
that’s possible too
but you know I don’t think so
I’m going with my initial ideas
computers will have a soul
well that’s the big question what the fuck is a soul
I mean
that’s a
question of what a solar that’s a
that’s a slippery but goddamn question right there mean
is that real is it so real
what is it is a soul energy
you know is a soul
the same in us as it is in all things
I mean what if fucking desk steps souls
what if wood has a soul
we don’t know
I mean I would say that to vegetarian friends
you know people would be like oh I don’t eat meat
I believe in animal suffering
I understand that
but you know and I appreciate that I like animals too
but what how do we not know that trees suffer
if now I talked to daniel pinchbeck is
psychedelic author dude he told me that trees can
feel pain and that they’ve proven it and that
they can detect when people in a room
like when someone has done them harm
that you could like
hook them up to like some sort of a sensor
and they can detect when the person who’s done harm
like they react when the person’s in the room
so how do we not know we’re not torturing trees
trees are just some life form that we can’t understand
you know I mean it might be just a
a less obvious version of us
you know being willing to imprisoned dolphins you know
maybe keeping a fucking
plant and your house sucks for the plant
maybe that’s terrible for them
you know can you imagine what it feels like to be some
shitty plant that everybody forgets to water
and you just sit there like half
starving the death all the time
you know we don’t know
that’s that’s a form of life
plants are a form of life
so whether you eat plants or eat animals man for real
I don’t think it’s nearly well
I don’t really think that much of a difference
don’t eat people because people talk
they scream
they did that on mythbusters
is that true buddy
they did that on mythbusters and they prove that
the plants can’t think
or they can’t feel you
or react because I’m pretty sure
that was like scientific data from like a university
he was quoting me
I don’t know though
I will leave it up to you people to google
I could google that shit right now but
then I’ll be all distracted
and I would not be able to keep my flow
best vaporizer for like 200 bucks
look this is a hilarious question
vido caputo do you think fador is a bitch
yeah yeah totally yeah it’s just you
go tell him go tell him he’s bitch
it’s not like knock out
or submitted or beating a fuck out of every
human being he’s faced
yeah what a bitch
in regardless of whether you like the ufc
you want to see that match up or or what
there’s no way you can call that guy a bitch
that guy’s a fucking savage
that guy is spooking
stupid stupid question
my friend
why am I getting the same
Twitter messages over and over again
stop cutting down trees this guy says yeah man
we gotta live like avatar brother
try to read these
and find one that’s reasonably interesting
god damn some of these questions are crazy
the ghost in the machine
yeah I mean look
it’s not my thought I mean
1 million people have come up with it
they have movies on it
I mean that terminator idea
that’s all about it rey kurtz will all his ideas
it’s all based on the same ideas that technologies
going somewhere
I mean it kind of makes sense
it’s like but you get caught up at john
kate and fucking tiger woods and all this nonsense and
and everybody forgets
you know
everybody forgets what the fuck is really going on
that we’re creating things
we have a culture we’re moving towards something
and it seems to me
my armchair
armchair psychologist self
not even psychologist armchair
futurist you know that something’s happening
you know we’re moving toward something
and all the blinders are in place
to make sure that we keep
going all the blinders
I mean that’s one of the weirdest things
about being a human being is that everybody
goes through this life
pretending like it’s going to lead to something
that you’re going to be able to be static
you know instead of treating it as this wild just
temporary experience
everybody treats it like it’s permanent
like you’re saving things
and you’re putting aside savings and you’re
you know you’re planning for the future
and you know
one day I’m gonna make it and we have this whole idea
like you’re gonna get somewhere
and then everything is gonna stop
but that’s just bullshit
no one’s just being real with us about that
we’re all
temporary and the fact that we don’t address that
and we’re not we don’t embrace
really embrace the moment
that’s like one of the most
important things about being a human
recognizing this shit is just fleeting
it’s gonna come and it’s gonna go and you gotta
pile in as much
enjoyment and pleasure and fun
and positive energy as you can
because that’s really what it’s all about
spread as much as you can leave as much
to help other people as you can
say as much as you think
that you think is gonna help other people
I mean that’s really what it’s all about
meanwhile we’re all fucking planning for a bigger house
you know working on saving for a bigger tv
constantly distracting ourselves with fucking items
items and
notions notions of retirement and the golden age
and someday I’m gonna do this
but you’re not doing shit it’s right now is someday
there’s no someday there’s this moment
and this moment goes on forever
there’s a bunch of shit happening during this moment
there’s things that keep going on
like the earth keeps spinning around a star
and you keep getting tired
and you have to rest for a little while
but it’s still the same goddamn moment
and we need to treat it like that
we need to treat it like it’s one big thing
you know and it’s not going to be here forever
it’s one big fucking ride
and it lasts 80 something years and then who knows
and who fucking knows
why do you think america’s never
made a big
deal out of Russia giving us the 9 11 monument
I don’t even know they did
haven’t thought about that
I don’t know um
I don’t even know what that monument is
you know I mean
look the whole 20th thing man
who the fuck knows what that’s all about
who the fuck knows what any of it is all about
do you write colony or does it flow out
you have to write
very important
you can’t just
flow it out
because you’ll forget a lot of the shit you say
you know you have to write it down
and writing it down helps you
come up with more things and branch off of it
it takes longer to like
to write a word that it does
to think of the word you know
you think like you’re writing polar bear
you know
you polar bear you think about a polar bear instantly
but you’re writing about that polar bear
as you’re writing
you’re in the act
of putting down
the letters in the act of putting together
to sentences
there’s much much much much more thinking
you know that’s one of the reasons why
my blogs
I think anybody’s writing
you know if you edit it will always sound
much smoother more precise more cun size than
these retarding ramblings that I do on u string
and when the u string ramblings I don’t have any notes
I don’t know what I’m gonna say
I don’t have a fucking clue
and that’s for me that’s the best way I do it
because I just get on
and I just
start talking about shit and then just let it happen
and let it flow out
but like
for stand up comedy you gotta do a lot of writing too
it’s got to be both
it’s got to be
you gotta have the ability to just flow with things
and like like this weekend
something happened with the
you know the killer whale thing and I
when I was in doubt
so I had like 10min on the killer whale
but it was all shit that I had like written down that
day and then just fucked around with that night
just went with it
so I think you got to have bolt
you have to have writing but you have to have
you have to be able to flow with things too
you have to be able to take chances too
you know you gotta
comedies like it’s like you have to have a road map
you have to know where you’re going
but you can take little detours
you know when you’re on your way
you have a map you know where you’re gonna go
you could go off into the woods for a little while
and sometimes when you go off
into the woods for a little while
you get more interesting shit out of it you know
and I think people appreciate it you know like when
something that happens
you know that day
with like the killer whale
and then a guy goes on stage
that night and talks about it
you know that this guy’s just winging this
I mean he had to wrote some stuff down but
he this isn’t
stuff he’s worked on
this isn’t some material he’s done 100 times
shit just happened yesterday
you know there’s something about that man
it makes it more fun
it makes it more
it’s more
alive or something you know people can be sure
you know part of comedy is like the trick
and the trick is
to make you think that I’m thinking about what
I’m thinking right now
you know but when you really can
pull that off it’s like there’s something
something extra special about it
so I think it’s both you know I think it’s both
you gotta write and you gotta fuck around to
what do I think of parallel universes
says ace of spades 1 3 6 9
you know it is more fascinating to me
people with numbers in the end of their names
what’s that all about especially when they have like 69
the rocker 69 shut the fuck up please
I’m in the 69 bro
I mean eating pussy while I get my dick sucked
that’s what’s in my name
I’m crazy plus you could have 69
they even can tell you to tell you to take it down
man you can’t have a mic
I like to eat pussy while I get my dick sucked
I can’t be your name
people would get upset at you
but you could just throw 69 there
and then give him a wink
hey man what’s at 69 at the end of your name about
anyway I forgot your fucking question
that’s how dumb it was
not really sir
I’m just fucking around
I really did forget your question though
sure couldn’t have been that fascinating
jimmy northern luzming
I love him too
I’m gonna see in a couple couple weeks
are you smart
because you’re funny or funny because you’re smart
you know
funny is just being honest and recognizing all the
fucking crazy shit that’s going on
it’s like the really
comedy is like really just tuning into
the retardedness of the universe
because it’s like it’s all there for you
you know I mean
you write it down and you expose it
but it’s like you know
the raw materials are all there
it’s like mining for diamonds in a room filled with
diamonds I mean that’s what it’s like
stand up comedy in america in 2010
it literally is like you know
like what do you do
oh I go out and I find money
where’s the money that’s every on the ground
I mean that’s really what it’s like
it’s like your raw material is life itself
and that’s what you mind you mind life
the ridiculousness of life whenever you see
warranted warranted irony
warranted things to be mocked warranted stupid shit
when it’s all right in front of your face
people complaining about avatar you know
meanwhile we got two wars going on
no one says a peep
I have not read christopher hitchin’s god is not great
but that guy is a
pretty badass arguer
he’s really good at trouncing people
I enjoy watching him
lash lash christians you know fundamentalist christians
he gives him a beating
it’s pretty interesting
no I never got a copy of the YouTube show
that I didn’t save
it was much like this one
I was just fucking around talking and
I forgot to save it this time I
know what the fuck I did wrong
I would make sure that I save it
what do I think
about the couple inches that the axis has shifted
I don’t know if it’s really a couple inches but
apparently the
the earthquake and Chile was so big
that it shortened our day
it changed our day by like
like a millisecond like
fraction of a millisecond whatever it is
but it’s a measurable amount that it’s short in our day
that’s how because it changed the
distribution of the mass in the earth
how fucking crazy is that
the earthquake was so strong it’s short in our day
which makes you think
like when earth gets hit by meteors
like giant fucking asteroids
like the one that killed the dinosaurs
I wonder if that can shorten or lengthen the day
I mean it seems like it could right
it seems like it only makes sense that it would like
if you add mass to the earth
so if these these things are gigantic you know
500 mile across
hunks of metal and rock and shit from space
they come slamming into the earth doesn’t
that that has to increase the mass of the earth right
unless it knocks off just as much as it puts back
and that’s how like
that’s how they believe the earth
developed a moon
they believe there was earth one and earth two
and earth one got hit by a fucking planet
we got hit by a planet
and apparently that happens like
that’s one of the crazy
could you imagine that we were about to get hit by a
planet you know
imagine if you look up and mars is like
right fucking there
like right behind the moon
and coming towards us
and there’s nothing we can do about it
what the fuck
like that’s possible
in some solar systems that happens to earth
it’s happened before
there’s a thing called bodeslaw
bodes law is the way it works I believe
I’ve been told at least by the scientist fellow
he told me that
the mass of there’s certain things
they measure about a planet
particularly the mass but a few other things too
and in measuring those they can pretty accurately
judge where the next planet will be
in that solar system
well it applies to all the planets in our solar system
except to
mars and jupiter
because mars and jupiter
apparently according to this gentleman
I’m not sure if it’s correct
look it up google it please
he said that mars and jupiter
in fact there should be a planet in between them
and according to bodeslaw but there is not
instead there is an asteroid belt which
makes some theorize that that is the result of another
planetary collision
or maybe the same one that created earth
that like something got fucking cracked
like I guess it happens a lot
you know it’s even written about in the sumerian text
the sumerian text depicts
you know this is
some shit that was written like 6000 years ago on
clay tablets depicts that
that’s also
how earth was created depicts that we you know
these two plants called tiamat and marduk collided
and they created earth
it’s very similar to our own earth one and earth two
hypothesis so it’s really fucking fascinating shit man
you know to the idea that
the universe is static it’s not static at all
you know the center of every single
galaxy is a supermassive black hole
that’s exactly one half
of 1% of the mass of the galaxy
so the bigger the galaxy
the bigger the supermassive black hole
and those things are just eating stars up all the time
I mean you see like the big spiral around like
black holes they’re eating they’re eating planets
I mean they’re going
getting forced into the event horizon
it’s really really really nutty shit
you know we could get hit by a fucking planet
I mean that could be real fucking asteroid
we can get hit by a goddamn planet
I mean it hasn’t happened
you know
in billions and billions and billions of years
it’s not likely to happen
but whatever it happens
fucking nuts
tiamatin marduk babylonian gods may the earth
yeah it’s all this
it’s all from the same part of the earth
or yeah it’s from Iraq
where Iraq is today used to be sumer
the sumerian text all
talks about the creation of the earth
and you could dismiss it
but they knew a lot of shit
first of all they had a very accurate depiction of our
our solar system
with all the planets and the correct
size and the correct orbit
including pluto
and we didn’t know about pluto
until 1930
so who the fuck knows but they also talk about
beings from another planet that supposedly
created human beings using genetic engineering
it’s very very possible
that what we get
with these old old civilizations
that had a tremendous amount of knowledge
it’s very possible that what that is
is the remnants of an even
earlier civilization that was possibly wiped out
like our idea that earth
that it moves on a
very very linear that
our society progresses on a very linear line
that’s easy to follow
you know like there’s cave men
and at the end there’s human beings
in 2010 that’s very disputed
there’s a lot of people
graham hancock is one of my favorites
john anthony west is another
a lot of these archaeologists that support the idea
it’s very possible that human beings have been around
way way way longer than we think
like 30 forty
hundreds of thousands of years like we don’t know
that our culture
the reason why our culture is so advanced
today over such a short period of time
is because we’re really
re learning complex things
like technology and tools and you
know electricity in the internet and in fact
these old cultures that had all this
knowledge of genetics
that existed in the sumerian culture
and all that the reason
why these people had
this is because that’s knowledge that they got from
an even earlier culture that was probably wiped out
by some fucking
super volcano or an earthquake or a meteor
who knows I mean
there’s a lot of evidence
that some crazy shit has happened over
and over and over again on this planet
and not just crazy shit like
killing the dinosaurs
but crazy shit like during our lifetime
human beings were certainly around 10,000 years ago
but not only that
what else was around 10,000 years ago
fucking woolly mammoths and saber toothed tigers and
half a north america was under a mile high
sheet of ice there was a crazy ice h going on
and it ended almost instantaneously with
these animals becoming extinct almost instantaneously
and there’s a lot of people that theorize
that’s because of some sort of a
natural cataclysmic disaster
some sort of a meteor impact
or something
fucking nutty that wiped out all the wooly mammus
all the sabertooth tiger
fucked up all cultures all over the world
and sort of reset human civilization
and then it’s possible that people existed a long long
long time before that
and the culture existed a long long time before that
you know and people say
well where’s the evidence of that culture
that’s the real tricky thing
because what evidence would there be
you know
you ever see that there’s like a discovery channel show
I believe it is life after people
it shows like how quickly things get eaten up
you know in Detroit
Detroit is so bad right now
the economy so fucked up and crazy
that bears are moving back into Detroit
they have bear sightings in the fucking city
that’s no bullshit because
there’s so desolate that so many houses are abandoned
and these houses
plants are growing up through the fucking floorboards
I mean it’s only been a few years and nature is
already trying to devour these buildings
nature’s trees are covering these
and this is a cold ass fucking climate
where these trees can only grow
you know a few months out of the year
it’s really really nutty shit
there’s some images in Russia there too
of all these different
places in Russia that were abandoned after
the fall of the soviet union
and these places were abandoned
and now nature is just taking them over
trees are growing through buildings and
just literally consuming things
I think that
you know it’s probably
difficult to find evidence of a culture
a couple thousand years ago
unless it’s in stone
you know the stuff that we find
from thousands of years ago
it’s like the pyramid type stuff you know stone things
those things last forever stone tablets clay pottery
stone buildings that shit lasts
forever but
metal electronics like that’s just gonna be gone
that stuff will
just get eaten up by the earth and swallow
evidence of a culture 30,000 years ago
that’s ridiculous there’s not gonna be anything
it’ll all get swallowed
you know I mean
there are so many
temples that they find
that are swallowed up by the rainforest
in south america mayan temples
incredibly complex
Pyramids and all these different things that are
covered up by rainforest
there’s probably
hundreds of them that they’ve never found
they just they just
they waited too long
and they’re just covered up by trees
when they’re in Mexico city
in Mexico city they’re always like building things
and then finding
really old
you know mayan ruins underneath Mexico city
they find that shit all the time
where they have to halt construction
because they found some monuments and they found some
you know ancient walls or something
and turns out there’s a whole goddamn city down there
not a lot of evidence
not a lot of evidence happens after
you know
just 10,000 years
so I have a feeling that what
what we get out of like the sumerian culture
and all these people that knew all these things
like that knew about mars or newt about pluto
and knew about genetic engineering
all these ideas
it’s very possible
very possible that what they knew was just some shit
that ancient ancient civilizations
who were just as advanced as us maybe
became advanced in a different way
but just as advanced as us
that they had figured it out
you know like
that’s so true with so many different cultures
you know and
the idea that like you know
people read the sumerian text and they say well
you know these
sumerians say that
the autonoke came from another galaxy
and you know they they created humans with you know
with genetic engineering
so well there it’s written in stone
it’s got to be true
no people are full of shit in 2010
you don’t think they were full of shit
5000 years bc
the sumerian text could easily be
6000 years ago as version of scientology
it’s very very very possible
you know just because it’s written down on rocks
doesn’t mean it’s real
you know we don’t know
there’s a lot of goddamn questions
all right I’m only gonna ramble
for a little bit longer
because I gotta get the fuck out of here
because I gotta go to Canada bitches
oh shit
like I said I’m headed there this weekend very excited
can’t wait looking forward to it very much so
I am going to
casino nova scotia and hal fax Thursday night
and then Friday night
I’m in the branson center in Ottawa
and then Saturday night
queen elizabeth theater in Toronto
you dirty bitches
and thank you everyone for coming out to these shows
I’m really excited
it’s the most fun thing that I do for
sure you know
I mean I love worker for the ufc and I love
I mean
I’ve loved a lot of different things that I’ve done but
nothing’s more fun than comedy
it’s just it’s the craziest
most open ended art form you know
and it’s the the the art form that I have the
the most
the most control over so it’s just
you know it’s the you
could be the freest
you can you can show
people exactly what you’re thinking
say exactly which on your mind
and this too and this thing I think
you know I talked to a comic about this
we saying like you know
you do your rambling on this YouTube thing
or this u stream thing about it
he said aren’t you like eating up some material
I said not really
I think
I think I’m like coming up in material doing this
because I’m not crazy
so I never get a chance to just talk like this
I never get a chance to have like a one way
this is like a one way conversation
you can’t talk back
I mean I’m listening to some of the shit that you say
on the Twitter
but I mean I’m not you don’t get to talk
I only talk for an hour and that’s a very unnatural
and I think rambling long
long rants like that that’s like
that’s the best way
that’s the best way to come up with new shit there’s
writing and writing is important too
but this is another
interesting component and I think
I think doing these u stream things
has been taken my material to another level
another level
doing the u stream thing
doing what
doing the u stream
you stream
things has been taking my material to another level
I think
it gives me more of an opportunity to fuck around
more of an opportunity just rant about shit
you know when you ran about shit
sometimes you were ranting about shit with a buddy
and then he’ll say something
you forget what you were gonna say
and then
you go back to it but you don’t have it anymore
but with this it’s like
1h I think I’m gonna switch to
doing it twice a week though
I think what I’m gonna do is like this
1h and I’m gonna do it twice a week
so Wednesday
and I might do Monday too
so as of right now we’re gonna leave it as is
I’m just gonna keep doing wednesdays
but I think I’m gonna try to do it twice a week
I think it’s better to do a little less time
a little more often
and I wouldn’t want to listen to me
talk for more than a fucking hour
and you know if you’re at work
listening to me ramble for more than an hour
jesus goddamn cries go to work
get your shit done unless you can get your shit done
while you’re doing what I’m doing
listening to me and then I would say
god damn you got a mindless ass job
if you can listen to my nonsense
and still get done what you’re doing
no problem whatsoever
what are you doing you fixing shoes what are you doing
nothing wrong with fixing shoes
all right ladies and gentlemen
I think that’s it
this guy says plus one twice a week
yeah well we’re gonna have all the shows up in mp three
brian redband just finished a site that he wrote and
in the
in the next day or two we’ll have that new site up
and the new site will have the ability to
directly podcast so
it’ll all be on itunes
I know I keep fucking promising that but
whatever you can get this
I mean it’s better to have it on podcast form but
you can watch this
you know if you gotta watch you gotta watch it
all right
thank you very much
I really do enjoy doing these things
and I really appreciate that
all you motherfuckers come out and I appreciate that
all you guys come to shows and
as crazy as they yet
and as much as it seems like total chaos
I fucking I love it all
I love it all and I’m
very thankful very happy that you guys keep coming out
so I’ll see you in Canada
next week I’m in tempe Arizona I’m at the tempe
improv next Thursday Friday Saturday can’t falcon wait
I’ll be there with my road dog
ari shafir
and brian redband will be there too and by then
should have the new site up and should have
all the mp threes
and all the podcasts should be available on itunes
so thank you very much
everybody and I will see you next Wednesday or
Monday if I decided to start doing it twice a week
alright pitches thanks again