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front of a high definition camera in bright
lights because you will see what you really look like
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hi guys how are you today my name is bailey
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mystery and makeup monday
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spoiler alert
another cannibal
but it’s a little bit more intense this
story today is about armin
mavis tell you i
watched over and over and over
again a youtube video with
an interview with armin
get into my head like how he says his last name
i’m just gonna call him armin
cause that’s his name no
need to use his last name and he’s german and this is
based in germany
i can barely
speak english correctly
sorry i’m trying my best here
but something that really interests me
and i’m not trying to
like glorify or idolize
these people whatsoever but it
definitely interests me and that is cannibalism
not in a way
where it’s something i like want to partake
in i wanna like
be in it no it’s nothing like that it’s just
i find it like very interesting i
think because it’s so far opposite of anything
i have ever
heard of or my brain
truly can’t comprehend
and i consider myself a very curious cat meow
so i get very like invested in
these types of
things i just
wanna know like
everything i can
about these people and like find a pattern
in their stories or have an
understanding of
is it something
that you’re born with or is it something that you learn
like the nurture
versus nature type of deal
okay so armin he was born on december 1st 1961
armin’s father
he was police officer
so he had a good job
he saved up enough
money to buy his family a 36 room
16 000 square foot mansion
in germany so armin’s parents they
married when the mom
was 40 years old
and dad was 21 years old so there was a big
age difference armin
would say that like
his mom was extremely controlling she was manipulative
jesus christ she was manipulative
she was jealous she was always accusing
her husband of
cheating and that
she got pregnant with armen
pretty much as a way to keep
her husband
not because she wanted a baby
but because she just wanted to
pretty much keep her husband so he
wouldn’t leave
his mom was extremely just
possessive of him
i guess his mom and dad
would always
fight and then she
would threaten
to kill him all the time like this was just a normal
thing that would happen in the
household and it was just a very
toxic relationship
so there were a
total of three kids
so arman was the youngest and then he had two
older siblings
but when he was
young like five or six years old his
older siblings actually left the
house they just were
tired of it
since they were
older they were like
older teenagers
they just decided
peace out were gone
so they left
which just left armin
at home with his mom and dad by himself armin
would say that his mom
would just not show any affection
she wasn’t loving she didn’t show any type of love
there was no
um relationship really at all between them
if anything she
would just yell
at him she was always asking him to do all of the
household chores
like she wouldn’t really do
anything it was always up to him and he’s like six or
seven years old and then eventually
armand’s father
just picked up and left
and armin was
seven years old
so when he was pretty
young his dad just
stormed out of the house
got into the car
and drove off
no explanation
nothing and he
never saw him
again so not only did his
older siblings
leave i mean so did his father so
i can’t imagine what that’s
gonna do to a child but
life goes on
and to keep himself busy like to pass the time he
would read so he
started reading
robinson crusoe
i guess just to keep it simple the story
in it there is a part
about cannibalism
he found himself just being fixated
on eating another person and
would kind of obsess over it
he was ten years old at the time
yeah that’s where
it started for him the introduction
so time goes on and then
at 19 years old armen left home and he joined the west
german army he wanted to be a professional soldier and
spent 12 years in the armed
forces he felt
comfortable and normality that stopped him from
pursuing his fantasies
during this period when he was in the army
he developed friendships with
women but it
never went anywhere
he started to question his sexuality and
would ask his friend like do you
think i’m gay
and his friend
would say that’s something that that you need to know
i can’t tell you that his friend
cause there’s an interview with his friend
he would say that like everyone kind of knew he was gay
but it was kind of like armin was the last to know
or maybe he just didn’t know what it was
and then he
started drinking and he
started drinking pretty heavily
he ended up getting in two car accidents
and both of
them were because he was driving intoxicated
and then he
ended up getting kicked out
from the army
so then he moves back home with his mom
and at this
point he’s now 32
so he was in the army for a
while so armin moves back home with his mom at this
point she’s
older now she’s ill
she really can’t do
much for herself any longer not that she it’s from the
sounds of it it doesn’t
sound like she really did anything on her own anyways
but he went there to take care of her
plus there was plenty of room because
she lived in this humongo mansion
he decided to go in a different career path though
and he ended up
becoming a computer engineer
and he succeeded
in his job doing that he worked for i believe a bank
so then the 90s come around
and armin got
introduced where the
whole world got
introduced to the
world wide web the good old days
now back in like when the internet
first started
first of all websites were
super janky but also
the internet really wasn’t
that monitored
as well so like there wasn’t anyone policing
things that
could be illegal you see what i’m saying
armin started to poke
around on the internet kind of like typing in whatever
and he came across a community of
cannibals it was like a website that was for cannibals
and they would all
discuss it was pretty much like a forum
where everyone
would come together not everyone the cannibals
would come together and talk about
how they pretty much want to eat each
other and their
fantasies of eating people
so when armin
saw this he was like
hell yeah there’s
other people out there like me so like so i’m not
alone in feeling like this like there’s
other people out there feeling like this
and the internet
really it bridged a gap between fantasy and reality
he ended up
building his own website
where he can openly talk
about cannibalism
and he would also create fake
images there was this website that he
would visit it was called cannibal cafe
and naturally when i read that i was like
cannibal cafe
and i try to let go to the website whatever
i was just curious to know if it was
still up it’s not up anymore
but if you use wayback machine
it lets you
browse past
internet stuff
that you really
can’t find nowadays and you can find it through
there you can’t find armand’s posts from back then
a lot of them got removed and
once shit went
down but it’s such an interesting website
it’s creepy
and it’s pretty much just a
cheap looking well yeah
cause the internet back then was so basic
so it’s like a forum
like a and people just post
about like their
fantasies i
wanna eat your
flesh and just
well i can’t wait to murder this girl and eat her
yeah a lot of that so armin
being a little
crafty little
bitch that he is
he would go down to like a butcher shop he
would buy some meat he
would take this meat and like
shape it and
sculpt it into
make it look like they were body parts
he would take
photos of it and then he
would post it on
these websites that he was
visiting and make it look like
he really did kill somebody
and like brag
about how he killed somebody
and cook them and
ate them and stuff
so people have been
lying on the internet
since day one so
just fyi he made it look like it was real dead bodies
and he was sharing
these images on the cannibal websites
and people were
believing it and like idolizing him because he
was actually doing it like all
these people on there were talk
and he was actually
doing it so he kind of became a little internet
famous then the
second of september
1999 rolls around armin comes home from work so he’s
still working his computer engineering job
comes home from work
he goes up to his mom’s bedroom and he finds his mom
dead dead in bed now most of us
would be really sad
but armin was like
fuck yeah she dead
finally he was
excited because he was free
he was finally free from his mom’s control from her
abuse and he felt like he
could finally deep dive into his
fantasy of eating people
because his mom wasn’t there any longer to judge him
his mom didn’t know
like what he was doing
but with her not there he decided i’m
gonna turn one of the bedrooms
into like my
dungeon or my cannibal
room and that’s
where i’m gonna
take photos
all that good
stuff he was just relieved because now he
could live his life in his
own rules he felt a
sense of freedom
he now housed
the house to himself
and his dominating
mother was out of the picture
he then took his fantasy to the next
level two months
after his mom was gone he
started advertising on
these cannibal websites
so armin decided to post on the cannibal cafe website
asking for a volunteer
he was asking for anyone willing to be eaten
so a lot of the people on this website
would post like role play
they would say
role play when they wanted someone to just kind of play
along with the idea of being eaten but
armand was actually
looking for a volunteer someone who wanted to die and
if he could do it at
least he asked
before he did it
you know that was nice i
guess so he
kinda hit a
couple of websites because there were multiple cannibal
websites and he
would post in german and in english
one of them
said i’m in
search for a
young boy between eighteen and
thirty years old
if you have a normal
build body and you are willing to die
then come to me i’m
butchering you and eat your
horny flesh
hot i’m not sure what horny
flesh is but okay
so armin made his way
around these websites
and he was looking for somebody who was willing to die
something that armand
stood by was that he didn’t want somebody
who was not willing to die
he wanted this person to willingly
and he made that very
clear so armand wants
horny flesh
he gets a lot of responses
a lot of people are writing him back but then last
minute they
would back out
but armin had one
guy come forward
and say like
yeah i’ll do it
so this man
i didn’t get his name but
this man comes forward they start
emailing back and forth and this man
seems really interested he’s like it’s my fantasy to be
eaten so armin
writes back cool
i’m sure he
doesn’t say cool but he says
all right let’s meet here at my
house we’ll go through with it
so this man comes over to armand’s mansion
he’s in this huge ass creepy mansion by himself
the man comes over and he lays out on the table
and armin is telling him play by play what’s
gonna happen
and then the man tells armin that
he’s not feeling well
that he didn’t really
wanna do this he didn’t
wanna go through with this and armin
he says okay
let’s not do this then
and he lets the man get up and walk out and go home
again armin
wanted somebody
who was willing
to be eaten he didn’t
wanna murder somebody like that wasn’t his fantasy
which side note that guy is
lucky that armin
wasn’t fully
crazy because he
coulda easily
just died that night
but he didn’t armin
didn’t want to be a murderer
so armin was a little bummed that it didn’t work out
but little diy armin over here he ended up
paper macheing a body
he painted it and made it look like it was a person and
he took photos of it
he also got a mannequin from a
store one that was being thrown out
he got this mannequin painted it
again making it look like a dead body he
would take pictures of it
and post it on
the cannibal website making it look like
he did kill somebody
and ate them i mean the internet was just going
crazy over him they’re like wow you’re our hero
they were just really
idolizing armin
and the fact that he was
killing and eating people
so armin was
you know internet king on this cannibal
website and
was determined to find somebody who was willing to die
right and he
prepared one of the
extra rooms in the
house to be the
slaughter room
and the slaughter room had
no windows in there he had a cage to hold his
victims or whatever
and he also had meat hooks
um hanging from the ceiling kind of like catherine
so finally he gets a response
okay someone who is willing
to be eaten
the final person to respond to armand’s
post his name was
brandas brandas
was an engineer
he was 34 years old he was actually married
but he came out to his wife as being curious
he wanted to
experiment with men
i think he knew he was gay but
maybe he was just
too afraid to actually say it because he was married
so they ended up
separating because it
caused a lot of tension in the relationship
so brandis was on
the cannibal websites as well he’s interested in this
writes armin and he’s like he volunteers himself to be
eaten they email each
other back and forth
and armin discusses with brandes
the best way
to be consumed and what he plans on doing with his body
brand is actually
throws out a lot of ideas as well like i want
my skull to be used as an ashtray
that was his request
brand is also expressed to arm
in that he wanted his
penis to be cut off and for both of them to eat it they
he want to share
the imitation
of the penis
brandon said that this was a big fantasy of his
to chop off his wiener
dream big they say
dream big i forgot to say if you hear humming i’m
sorry i had to turn on my fan
um it’s gets so hot in this room with my
lights that
i was melting
and it’s got me nervous
about what’s to come with summertime approaching
so if you hear humming i’m
sorry um but a
bitch is hot
anyways so brandes was telling armin
his fantasies
and armin as
crazy as it sounds
in interviews
he said that he didn’t want to be disrespectful
and not do anything that wasn’t of the
volunteers wishes so if
a volunteer wanted to be
eaten a certain way
he would make sure and do that
for the volunteer
because he didn’t want to disrespect at all
so brandes is telling armin
i want my dick to be eaten
so march 9th 2001 brandes
who has been communicating with armin
for a while now
they set a date they set a plan
march 9th come out here
armin’s place
and we will
feast we will eat
so once brandis gets there
they have sexual relations
right armin
gives brandis
a bunch of sleeping pills and he gives him some vicks
and he gives him some alcohol
and the reason he does this is because
he doesn’t want
brandis to be in any pain
and he thinks that this will help with the pain now
brandis takes the
sleeping pills
and alcohol and
everything willingly like he’s not
sneaking it into his
drink or his food or anything that armin
tells brandis that this is
gonna help with the pain
will help so you don’t really feel anything armin tells
brandis ahead of time that he’s
gonna film the process
so he can watch it over and over and over
again and get that sick thrill
that he’s looking to get
and like probably
take his pants off to it or something so armin
sets up the
video camera
brandis he lays down on the
table armin
then decides
besides we’re gonna
start with the penis
first we’re
gonna chop off your penis
and then we’re both gonna eat it together armin has the
video recorder goin
starts to cut off the
penis in an interview armin says brandis
screamed horribly
but it was short
maybe 20 to 30
seconds and that
blood was squirting from the open wound
similar to a fountain
these are his words
but they got the penis off and
so armin decides to then cook the
penis because you know like that was the wish
he goes over into the
kitchen goes to the little
the stovetop
thing he puts
a little bit of garlic some salt some pepper
chop up the wiener puts it in there some oil
flipping it
so after cooking the the wiener he
serves it to
brandon’s himself
on a nice plate
feeds it to him armin says that the penis
tastes disgusting it was
super chewy
and it just wasn’t
edible and he was pretty bummed
he said it was really
but it just was not edible
brandezz is
bleeding a lot creating a mess
armin decides to put
brandes into the bathtub
that way he
could like run the
water and it
wouldn’t be so
messy because he’s
bleeding he’s just
gonna let him
bleed out essentially
and he sits in the bathtub and he just waits it out
every 15 minutes
armin would go and like
check on him in the bathtub
he said that
it was a really slow process like he thought he was
gonna die a lot faster but he was just
dying at a slow pace and
so he busted out his star trek book i’m not
lying this is what he said in the interview
his star trek book
you know kill the time
read this book
and waited out
until brenda’s died he wasn’t
dying fast enough
so about after like three
hours armin just goes in there he says
sorry i’m just
gonna i’m just
gonna slit your
throat because
you’re taking too long to die gives brenda’s
piss and then he slits his throat
you know there’s just a lot
going on in this
story to the
point where like it’s really hard to believe okay once
brandis has died that’s when armin
now gets to work he takes his body out of the tub
and he chops
brandis into pieces
he puts part of him in the freezer
and then he buries the
skull in the garden
in an interview
armin says that he decorated the
table with nice candles
i took out my best dinner service
and i fried a
piece of rump
steak a piece from his back
made what i call princess potatoes
and sprouts
after i prepared my meal i ate it
these are his quotes
he then goes on to say the
first bite was of course very strange
it was a feeling i can’t really describe
i spent over 40 years longing for it
dreaming about it
and now i was getting the feeling
that i was actually
achieving this perfect interconnection
through his
flesh the flesh
tastes like pork
stronger he then um
stored a lot of the
pieces of the body like in little ziploc
bags he put them in his
freezer he hid them
underneath a bunch of
pizza boxes
and he would
spend the next six to
eight months
eating parts of the body
he would add it as
pizza topping
he would eat some for breakfast he was just
using this as
his food supply
i don’t know what to say to that i really don’t know
so i forgot to say armin
took video footage of this
whole process right
but then he also took
photos of the process as well
armin then went on to his cannibal
websites again
and he uploaded these
photos of brandes
onto the website and
his body and of course once again
this website goes
crazy for him they’re like oh my god you’re
the best and they’re really idolizing him i mean armin
never acknowledges this but i personally believe
which means nothing but
that he probably
was getting some kind of high from this like
what comes from
a family he really didn’t even acknowledge him
to now like being recognized for
something and that probably really made him feel good
late november
early december
that’s when armin decides
to go back onto his cannibal websites and advertise
again because he wants a new volunteer
his supply is running low he’s been eating
all of this meat for the last couple of
months and he needs a new fix he needs some new
fresh meat he posts
on a couple of different cannibal websites
again on this site there was this austrian student who
saw armin’s post
and saw the
pictures of the bodies and
stuff and then saw that
armin was looking for a new victim
so he actually tipped off police
letting them know
hey i think this guy actually killed somebody
and on the morning of december 10th 2002 police made a
visit to the mansion
that armand
lived in now police
they go into armand’s
house and they start
snooping around
looking for any type of evidence and they
weren’t coming across anything
which is odd because he had a
slaughter room but
maybe they just didn’t
make it upstairs
yet we don’t know but they get to the refrigerator
and they look in the
freezer and
underneath pizza
boxes they find 50
pounds of meat
and armin tells the police that it’s wild pig meat
but then another
police officer looks closer and they notice there’s
skin on it still
and so they take the meat out and upon further
inspection they notice that it’s human meat
so when the police ask him is this like human meat
armin says yes
and he admits to what he had done
and he tells him
about the photos and the vhs
showing what he had done and
armin actually
never once denies what he
the only time he did deny something was
when the police showed up he didn’t confess that it was
human meat in the
freezer he said it was wild pig
but other than that he was very honest
told them exactly what happened
showed them
where the tapes were at
gave him his computer
everything police arrest him
naturally as they
should on january
30th 2004 armin
was convicted of manslaughter
and he was only sentenced to
eight and a half years in prison
look real talk that made a lot of people upset
okay so this case picked up a huge amount of media
coverage and people were outraged but
armins defense and i
think it’s actually pretty damn
strong was that brandes
was willing
he volunteered all of the
email correspondence that investigators have
found he actually
drove out to armand’s
house is like more
proof it also proved problematic for german lawyers
who discovered that cannibalism is in fact
legal in germany
so instead they
charged armin with murder
for the purposes of
sexual pleasure
and with disturbing the
peace of the dead
they ended up showing the
court 19 minutes of the
video that armin took
which i’m sure probably ruined a lot of people’s lives
because i couldn’t imagine what they saw on that tape
their argument was that he
should have been convicted
of murder and not manslaughter
and also that he
should be given a life sentence
not eight years
so in the retrial they
thought that
brandez was not in the
right mind to be able to give consent
and then finally may 10 2006
armin was convicted
of murder and was sentenced to life in prison
afterwards armin
he’s in prison now he’s
still in prison
he actually became
a vegetarian
so he doesn’t eat meat anymore
and he has done interviews
which you can find easily on youtube
and in these interviews he’s very calm
like very well
spoken he would not even
hell there’s one
thing i’ve learned
about doing
these murder mystery
things is that nobody
ever looks like a killer but they’re probably a killer
so he looks normal normal
as hell but he’s a fucking killer and yeah he seems
good i guess i don’t know
he says what he did was
wrong and he acknowledges that so yeah
i mean this is germany to like i have no idea how
their legal
system works i don’t even know how our
legal system
works for christ’s sakes don’t know what the hell’s
going on over there
harmony so that’s the
story about armand mavis
let me know what you
think of the
story down below
i would i would ask the question do you
think he deserved life in prison
but i have a feeling everybody’s
going to say yes
a piece of advice
would be anyone who looks really normal to you they
could potentially be a murderer
so don’t be judgmental
but other than that i hope you have a very good day
today you make good choices
be safe out there i’ll be seeing you guys later bye