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story which is about Matrice Richardson
and her very
sad story they’re all sad
today I want to talk about Matrice
Richardson and she was born on April 30th 1985
her parents were Latisse Sutton
and Michael Richardson
latisse and
Michael they had met as juniors
at their high
school and then Lettis had become pregnant
when she was entering her
senior year of high school
she was determined so like to keep good grades
and just to be successful in life and she also had
moved in with her grandmother
Mildred and she was
considered more as lettie’s mother
than her grandmother
so she was very
close with her
when Matrice was born
her great Grandma
Mildred she would
watch over Matrice
so that Lettiece
and Michael
could go to
school and then when they
graduated also
Mildred she would
watch over Matrice
so both parents
could work so Michael
matrice’s father well he was working at a fast food
restaurant and then he
ended up to start selling drugs on the side
it was a way to make easy
money was quick
it was way more
than what he made at the fast food restaurant
and he was just kind of living
living paycheck
to paycheck so he was like okay I’m just gonna
you know sell drugs it’s not
what he wanted to do but it’s what he did unfortunately
it just kind of got out of control and he
ended up getting caught and he
he ended up getting locked up he went to jail
and when he was locked up Matrice
was 4 years old so she was
still pretty
young he was sentenced to
serve 8 years in
state prison
and then in 1993
he was released
but Letteece
is girlfriend
matrice’s mother
she didn’t she didn’t
wanna wait around for him
while he was in jail I mean
she had a family
to take care of and she just had to keep
with her life he was in prison she
started to see
other people and she
ended up meeting a guy
named Larry
Sutton and then the 2
would end up
marrying and
Larry would become
matrice’s stepfather
so at this time they were living in Los Angeles
and then in 1993 the LA riots
are going on
and if you were in Los Angeles like that’s
it was I mean I wasn’t there
so I don’t know but
based off of
stuff I’ve seen
there was growing
violence and then there was a lot of racial tensions
going on so
Lettees and
Larry made the decision to move to
Covina which is
a Los Angeles suburb it doesn’t
sound like it
would be that much different but it’s
way more quiet over there I mean I
don’t know what it’s like now not that it matters okay
so it was just more of like the
suburbs there was a lot of families there it was more
quiet and it gave Matrice
the opportunity
build a good future
do well in school
and not be surrounded by
all the city violence that was happening at that time
so from an early
age obvious that Matrice
was a pretty
smart cookie
her mom would
say in interviews that she used to tell Matrice
all the time that you can do whatever you want
in this life but you have to make sure to always give
100 and she
could achieve whatever her
heart desired
and then throughout
school Matrice
she always had
super high grades it
would be said that Matrice
would get kind of
bored throughout
school because it was almost too easy for her
I wish I had that problem in
school in middle
school she joined the cheerleading team
and she would continue
well into high
school where
she was involved in multiple cheerleading competitions
she also loved
dance she loved
dancing she was someone that everyone
loved to be around because she was just so
happy and it was like contagious and
she just was
sounded like a very very
great person
in high school though her interest in
doing outdoor
activities it
began to change
she just had no interest
in it before
she would play
outdoor sports or
go outside with her family and go for a walk
garden with her
her great grandmother Matrice just kind of stopped
involving herself in that like she took no interest in
going outside she
started to say that she didn’t like being around
like bugs and she didn’t want to get dirty
so instead she
would just stay inside she would do
crossword puzzles
she would watch TV
dance write in her journal
so then when Matrice got her driver’s
license I mean like
or any teenager it’s
the best day of your life and then you’re determined
to not walk anywhere
never walking
again I’m only driving
so according to her
mother matrice’s
mother she fell in love with
psychology and learning
about how the mind worked
why people did
certain things they did
and she was fascinated just overall with psychology
so then after high
school Matrice
she went on
to Cal State
Fullerton and it was
about 20 miles
south of Covina
rather than commuting driving back and forth
every day matrice’s mother
she suggested that Matrice
move in with her
great grandmother
Mildred that wasn’t far from
school she was
there living by herself so she was more than
happy to have
somebody come live with her cause yeah
you don’t wanna be
alone all the time
so Matrice was more than
happy to go stay with her
her great grandmother she jumped
right into the college life
she was just living it up so Matrice
was the first family
member to attend college and
much like she did in high
school she was
crushing it and she
quickly rise to the top she got onto the dean’s list
and then she also
found a job working at Santa Fe
Springs Shop
shipping company Matrice
stood out as a top student
and she decided she wanted to pursue a career in
psychology and she was determined
to achieve that
and then in
2008 Matrice
graduated Cal
State Fullerton and
she was looking at grad
schools to pursue
her master’s degree in
psychology as well she
taken a job dancing at Debras
which was a gay and lesbian
nightclub in Long Beach
it might still be there
but Matrice
she used a stage name
Hazel and she
printed business cards
and on the business card it had her
picture obviously
her name and matrice’s real father Michael
he didn’t approve of her
working at this
nightclub he warned her that this
could potentially lead her to a lot of
trouble or get herself into
trouble but Matrice said like she wasn’t a stripper
she was just
you know like a go go dancer
and if you’re a stripper there’s nothing
wrong with that either so Matrice
tried to explain this to him but you know
dads they just don’t
understand and then
while dancing Matrice decided
to try modeling so she
began going to job interviews and like
sketchy ass areas
and friends were really concerned
that she could end up in a really bad situation and
you know don’t meet up with
these people in
sketchy places
maybe go to a public
place but she wanted to pursue modeling
so during this time
um Matrice met this girl
named Vanessa
and I guess
it’s hard to say because some people were saying
that they were dating and some people were saying
that Matrice was really interested in Vanessa but they
weren’t dating because Vanessa technically had a
girlfriend there was some kind of like love triangle
going on and Matrice
really liked this girl Vanessa
and wanted to
pursue her but Vanessa was
not had the same feelings back
and then also during this time Matrice
she had attended a
party at the Playboy Mansion and she was a
guest model friends
could see that there was like something different
about Matrice
she seemed more stressed
and irritated and
they think it was because of the relationship that was
going on with Vanessa
again I’m not 100 sure what
fully was going on but
she was in the picture
eventually Vanessa had told Matrice
that she needed
to back off or at
least she wasn’t interested in her
and then that’s when friends
really noticed a drastic
change in the way Matrice
had begun acting she just seemed
really withdrawn
matrice used to like call and text friends all the time
and she just
completely stopped and if she did it
would be like
weird text messages that didn’t make sense
and then friends noticed
on her Facebook
and her MySpace because MySpace was
still around then
I think they were constantly being updated with random
thoughts and
statements at all
hours of the day
one of the posts that she had posted was
have you ever woke up at 7 a
m crying on a Saturday
cause now that you see the
light you see all the people lost in the dark and
quote I mean I’ve seen
posts like this before
I guess have I
have you I don’t know but it was just different for
something that Matrice
would be posting
it’s the New Year
a magic spoon is perfect
for meeting your goals whether it’s eating healthier
or saving more time in your morning routine
so as summer 2009 was coming to a
close her behaviors became more
erratic and
a little difficult to
track she started
to withdraw more like from friends and from family
in text messages matrice
would not make any
sense like her
sentences would be disjointed
and they didn’t appear to be connected to like any
particular topic
her explanations for her behavior
it made even less
sense on one occasion
matrice’s mother Letees
she had texted her asking her
daughter like hey what’s
going on matrice
responded with a text message that said
I’m writing
a book because you told me I can be anything I wanted
you told me I was Miss America
you told me I was america’s Next Top Model
now do you know what I want to be when I grow up Miss
Mother Nature
because Miss America
is fake ass
joke so I’m trying to find my way to Michelle
Obama to see if she will talk to Mr
Obama about creating my position within the White House
and quote so this is
concerning to her
mother at least because like this isn’t something that
matrice like what
what is going on
is what her mom is
realizing Matrice
doesn’t really
have an explanation she’s giving her kind of like
the run around or giving her text messages like that
where it doesn’t
quite make sense as to a
just what’s
going on you know and then
on September 16th it began
like any normal last day
like they always do in
these stories
early in that morning
Letteece received a few text messages from her
daughter that
again didn’t make
a lot of sense
and according
to a co worker Matrice
she had showed up to the
shipping company that morning and
she was in a really good mood
everything seemed
normal but when Matrice
went on her
lunch break she didn’t return
she hadn’t told anybody
where she was
going or that she
wouldn’t be returning
and then on Wednesday
nights matrice
and her great
grandmother they
would sit down together and have dinner
but on this day
Matrice when she got home she explained that she had
a change of plans
she told her
great grandmother that the ocean
was calling her name she needed to go to the beach
so she told her
great grandmother hey I’m gonna
skip dinner just for tonight I’m gonna
drive down to Malibu along
the scenic Pacific
Coast Highway
and as far as Mildred knew her
great grandmother
everything seemed fine
there is nothing
concerning about
her behavior or her plans she didn’t really
think anything of it
matrice left the
house at around 5 p m
and headed towards Malibu
at least we
think sometime between 4 pm and 7 pm
matrice’s aunt her name was Lauren
she came home
and then she saw
like all over her lawn
and the steps to the front door
there was a
bunch of business cards
everywhere and she when she
picked it up she looked and she saw that it was Matrice
her business cards were like scattered
everywhere and
she thought well oh like matrice must have stopped by
and she must have
dropped all these
why Matrice
went there nobody
nobody really knows Lauren the aunt she discovered
a strange note that was like tucked
under the windshield wiper of her husband’s car
it was in matrice’s handwriting
but it made
no sense there was a
smiley face
drawn on the page
along with the
statement quote I
Uncle Johnny Jimmy
nobody knows on the
right hand side of the letter was written quote
black women
scorned end
quote Lauren
the aunt she wasn’t really sure
what to make of it I mean what
would you do I don’t know I don’t know
I don’t know what I would do
I’d be like okay
thanks she didn’t really overthink it she
would go on
to say that she felt like in the pit of her stomach
that something just was off something wasn’t right
and if you ever
have that feeling you need to listen to it
so it’s believed that Matrice
had arrived in Malibu
around 7 PM
she like stopped to watch the
sunset and then
she got back into her car and
began to drive
along Pacific
Coast Highway
which is a really beautiful
area you get a nice
view of the
ocean and just really pretty so
while she’s driving she comes across this restaurant
it’s called joffrey’s or jeffrey’s I
think it’s joffrey’s
or jeffrey’s
and let me tell you this restaurant
is bougie okay
it’s like one of those
places where
bread costs $50
I’ve seen it
I’ve never been there before
they don’t have $1 menu
so Malibu is not really a
place that Matrice
you know has
spent like a
great deal of her time in
she sees this
place joffrey’s and
she decides that she wants to go in and
enjoy the view and then get some
good food as well so she pulls into the parking lot
and the parking is valet
only valet man explained that like he was
gonna go park another car
and he’d come back get matrice’s car and move that
so pretty much she’s saying like just
hold on 5 minutes
so she agreed so then as soon as the valet
guy drove away
with another customer’s car she got out of her car
and then she
climbed into the valet
guy’s car and
like another car that he had a park
or it was his car just had the valet
guy’s car when the valet
guy came back
now get matrice’s car he saw that Matrice
was in this
other car and he was like what are you doing
her response to him was
it’s subliminal
end quote so the valet guy is like
what are you doing
and then she
later explained to the valet
guy that she needed to avenge the
death of Michael Jackson
and then she just like sat in the car digging through
all of the Cds that were in this car wasn’t her car
so then Matrice
she handed the valet guy
her car keys
and then she turns to the ballet
guy and she asks is Vanessa here
and the ballet guy
is like I don’t know who the hell Vanessa is matrice
warned him to
watch out for a
woman with tattooed arms
matrice walks into the restaurant
she’s just kind of like
rousing around and the valet guy
tells the hostess to keep her eye
on Matrice because she was acting just really strange
so Matrice had
asked for a
table for one and she was led into the main dining area
now again like this place is
super fancy
I mean people don’t come
dressed in like
tuxedos and
stuff but you know a little bit nicer
so Matrice did
stand out a
little bit because she was wearing a Bob Marley T
shirt and then she had a long
sleeve shirt
underneath it she
had on vans a pink alligator belt to hold up her jeans
she also had on rostafari and hat
so she orders a cocktail
and then she also
ordered a Kobe
steak which is like 65
not that it matters but like
treat yourself
but while waiting for
her food to come out
she noticed like a
table it was nearby
and it had a
group of people it was like
7 different people
so she approaches this table
and she kind of invites herself in
their party the people that were seated
they said that
Matrice was just making really strange comments
she told this
table that she was from another planet
that her mom was planet
Earth so then
matrice’s food comes out
so she goes back to her
table and she eats for 65
it better be a life changing
state so then once Matrice was done
eating her meal she went
over back over to the table
of people that she was talking to
once they were done eating they paid
their Bill and then they were getting
ready to leave
and I guess Matrice
she got up and she started to
leave with them
she told the people at the
table that she was
going to Hawaii soon
and that she
would contact them when she arrived
so then Matrice
was following the 7
individuals out of the restaurant
cause they were getting
ready to leave so Matrice was like following with them
but she was stopped by the manager
and said like
where are you going you
haven’t paid your Bill yet and her Bill was like
it was like 90
for the 2 things she
ordered and
so the manager was like you
haven’t paid
and Matrice was saying that her Bill was paid for
that the people at the
table they paid for it
and the manager said like
no the manager
asked Matrice
well they didn’t pay for it you have to pay us
how are you
gonna pay for this
and Matrice
responded by saying
I’m busted what are we gonna do
matrice also told the manager that she was from Mars
she emptied out her pockets to show that she had no
money so since she was not able to pay
the Bill and her odd behavior
the manager told the hostess to call the police
while on the
phone with the police
the hostess explained what was going on
and the hostess
explained that like this customer she’s on drugs or
she might have some like mental issues
so police were in route
okay so then the hostess allowed Matrice
to make a phone call and the only
phone number Matrice
could seem to remember was mildred’s number her
great grandmother she called her
great grandmother Mildred
and Mildred
actually offered
to give her credit card information over the
phone so that she
could pay the Bill
but unfortunately the the restaurant
they couldn’t accept her credit card number over the
phone um she had to be there in person to like
you know sign the receipt
which I think is really stupid
cause I feel like I’ve been places
where they’ve accepted credit card payment over the
phone but I don’t know
so now it was like 9 p
m at night and
3 officers arrived
at joffrey’s
and the officers
asked them a tree some questions like what’s
going on trying to see like
where she’s at
mentally and Matrice says that
her wallet was in her car
and she could pay for it
cause her wallet was
simply in her car so then the officers they
started looking through her car to retrieve her wallet
but when they were
going through
her car they realized it was a mess there was just
stuff everywhere
papers garbage
items all over the
place they could not
find her wallet but they did find her license
and they also
found a small amount of marijuana
like it wasn’t enough to warrant
an arrest it
could easily just have been
taken care of with a misdemeanor
ticket so then Matrice
was given a sobriety
test and she
ended up passing like she wasn’t
under the influence of anything
when they couldn’t locate her wallet that’s when they
asked the manager okay
what do you
wanna Joe do you
wanna let her go or do you
wanna like press charges
and the owner decided that he wanted to
press charges
against Matrice
so at this time Matrice
is 24 years old I don’t know if I ever mentioned that
but she was handcuffed
and she was placed into the back of the patrol car
and she was
taken down to sheriff’s station
so I believe that the restaurant was on the phone
with matrice’s great
grandmother Mildred
and then Mildred
was told that Matrice was
going down to the police station mildred
called matrice’s
mother and let her know like what was going on
so then matrice’s
mother called the police station
and she had asked
the police station is Matrice
going to be released tonight or tomorrow
like what’s
gonna happen because
she was gonna
drive down there
to the police station to pick up Matrice
but if she wasn’t
going to be released
she didn’t wanna bother driving all the way out there
to pick her up because she had a 10 year old
daughter at home who was
still sleeping
so it was just gonna be
an inconvenience to
drive all the way down there
for her to not even
get released
the police station informed her
which will be released tomorrow
and we’ll make sure to have
Matrice call you
and let you know
what’s going on and what not
matrice’s mother
is like okay well you know I’ll wait for the call
at least like I don’t have to
drive all the way out there tonight
and matrice’s
mother later on
would say like oh
I was kind of glad
knowing that she was safe and
locked up all
night versus
her just being out there cause
really out of
character for her to be acting like this and
I wouldn’t want her out on the
street cause
who knows what
would happen
so her mom was kind of not
happy that she got in
trouble had
peace of mind
knowing that Matrice
would be in a safe spot
so once my Teresa
arrived she was put in a cell she was being
charged for
possession of marijuana
and defrauding an innkeeper
which I thought was
weird because
I thought she didn’t have enough marijuana to be
charged with
but that’s what she was being
charged with
and for some odd reason
when Matrice was arrested
the deputy who was filing the
paperwork and whatnot
they made no mention and no notes
about matrice’s behavior
like she was acting and saying strange
things and normally you
would kind of take note of this
there was nothing written in the reports that
would suggest
any questions existed
about her mental
state at the time
the reason for this has been
heavily debated
and the general consensus
seems to believe
that this was done either to
avoid the additional
paperwork or because the deputy
felt that Matrice was fine
had she been written
in as possibly being
mentally unstable she
could have been held
under a closer observation
or she could have even
been brought down for a 72 hour
psych holds
and evaluation
according to the call log book Matrice
had placed 4 different
phone calls and it was
scene is kind of
weird because she made 4
phone calls but
we’re unsure who they were too
one of them was not
to her great
which was the only
phone number she seemed to remember
and unfortunately of course
like that night
normally in jail like there’s a pay
phone and anyone who got arrested can make a
phone call normally
when they make
these phone calls they are recorded
but of course
pay phone was out of
order that day or night
so they had Matrice
use the phone
on their desk like it was just a normal
phone and it wasn’t recorded recorded
nobody knows who she
called multiple deputies who were interviewed they all
heard Matrice
talking on the phone
they don’t know
who she was talking to or what they can’t remember
what exactly she was saying but they know that she was
on the phone and she
was talking whether she was talking to somebody or not
she could have even
just been talking to herself pretending she was on the
phone but I
guess we’ll
never really know
meanwhile at home
matrice’s mother she was like getting
ready for bed she was
kind of waiting to see if
matrice was
gonna call her but she
never came through so okay well
I’ll wake up
early and then I’ll head out
there and get it all settled and see what’s going on
that was her plan
her mother had gone asleep
so then September 17th
at 5 20 a m
Latisse matrice’s
mother she calls a
sheriff station and ask what it
would cost to bail her
daughter out or like how it works really she
was informed that Matrice had been released overnight
suspicious so then when she finds out that Matrice
has been released she’s like um
what and she
asked why has Matrice
been released
like you guys told me she wasn’t
gonna be released
this morning the person on the
phone with her mom said well she
was released because she had no previous like record
and her charges they were not like big enough
to warrant holding her
it would have been
against the
department’s policy to hold her overnight
so why’d they bring her
I don’t know
again I know nothing
they said on the
phone that Matrice was told okay she could
you could stay in the cell if you want to
that way you have somewhere to stay tonight
and Matrice
turned them down
and then they also offered her to stay in the
lobby and wait
and Matrice also said no no thanks
so they told matrice’s mom on the
phone this like she didn’t want to stay
we can’t force her
when asked about matrice’s
state of mind the sheriff’s department said
that she was showing like no signs of a mental illness
she was an intoxicated she was fine
quote she’s an
adult end quote
they’re not wrong
about that like they can’t
force her to stay if she
doesn’t want to stay but
so Matrice had been released at 1215 a
m She had no car she had
no money her wallet was in her her car no money
she had no phone no food nothing like
1215 in the morning
she was released bye
what are you supposed to do she can’t get anywhere
1215 in the morning a
young woman like what
jeez yeah she’ll be fine
her car was
actually at an impound center that was like 15
miles away so it’s not like she was
flipping close
and even if she did get there most likely they
would be closed
so like what was she supposed to do
at no point did deputies or anyone
offer her a ride so
again what is she supposed to do what did they
think was gonna happen
so then lettie’s
matrice’s mother she calls everyone
she’s calling everyone to see like hey have you
heard from Matrice
but she’s calling around just trying to see
maybe Matrice
like showed up somewhere
and like just didn’t let her know I don’t know
so when she’s making
these calls she’s realizing
nobody has heard from Matrice like
nobody knows
where she’s at
and she starts to kind of like
freak she’s
starts to panic
as any of us
would so then
leticia’s feeling
worried she’s feeling scared
so she and just really upset
so she calls
the sheriff station back it’s been 15 minutes
since her last call
she calls them back and she’s like I
wanna file a missing persons report on my
daughter because
nobody’s seen her nobody knows
what’s going on like I’m really worried
and she was told over the
phone that they usually wait
about 24 hours
unless there
are serious circumstances
but for the most part you
should wait 24
hours because
she might show up the police station had convinced
Leticia to just wait
she’ll show up just wait
so then back at the police station it’s
about 6 30 a m
The sheriff station they receive a
phone call from a guy
named Bill Smith
and he’s a retired reporter who
lived in an area called Monte
Nido monte Nido
it’s out there
Malibu area
but over there there’s a lot of canyons
hiking area
there’s ranches
it’s not far from the station it’s like 6
miles from the police station anyways
so this Bill guy he calls the sheriff’s office he says
there’s this
young lady she’s a slim
black woman with Afro hair walking through his backyard
those are his words according to this guy Mr
Smith he asked
the woman is she all right like
first of all you’re in my backyard but
are you all right
and she said that she was just resting
so then this guy Mr Smith
he goes back into
doing whatever it is he was doing at the time
he kind of like goes back to doing that
and then he looks out his window again
to see if she’s
still there
and she’s gone
so he called the police
because it’s not like there’s
houses like
crammed on top of one
another out there it’s like a lot of land and what not
so it’s like
where this lady come from
first of all
second of all
where is she going
3rd of all why is she in my yard
so that’s why he called the police in the
first place
cause at first I was like why do you call the police
on that but I
guess people just call the police so then a deputy
goes out to see this Bill guy and
check on to see if the woman
still there
but when the sheriff went out
there they didn’t find anybody they didn’t see anybody
who was just wandering
around they didn’t find anyone who fit the description
so that was really that so then matrice’s
mother Lettice
she arrived at the station and she finally
was like okay I need to file a missing person’s report
it’s been a couple
hours now she
still hasn’t shown up I need to file this report so
while she was there
the police officers were like oh we got a call from
this guy out in Monte
Nito we got a call from this guy out there and they
think like they spotted her out there
so then Letteece was
given directions
where this guy’s
house was or like how to get there
so Lettis she fouls the missing
persons report
and then she heads out to the area where
maybe somebody saw
a trace latisse
would say that she had that really bad gut feeling
she was like I just know something’s up something’s not
right now the area that Matrice
may have been at
it was really difficult
to get there it was extremely rugged and remote with
steep canyons difficult terrain
it wasn’t easy to
go looking for somebody
or something out there
matrice matrice’s
mother she stated that matrice
she hated walking
she did not like being out in nature and she was
deathly afraid of the dark so didn’t make sense
as to why she
would be out there
because there’s like no
street lights or anything
it was at night time it was it’s like pitch
black out there it’s just the moonlight
which is kind of
nice but like not really if you’re scared of the dark
I’m still talking why am I
still talking 48
hours after matrice’s disappearance
on September 19th that’s when the
first official
search went
ahead and some reports say it was 8 hours
after matrice’s
disappearance but the family says it was 48
hours later so
that’s like a big difference too
so they brought out a
tracking dog or the
search dogs that
smell stuff and they brought him to bill’s house
Mr Smith remember him
so they brought the
dog out there to see if he picked up matrice’s scent
in hopes that they get led in the
right direction
and the dog picks up matrice’s scent
and the dog led them up to like a nearby neighbor’s
house and then
the scent was lost
so the search lasted
about 8 hours
and then they called it off so then
4 days go by it’s now September 23rd and the case is
transferred from LAPD
Missing Persons Unit to
their robbery
homicide Division
so the first
thing that they wanted to do was examine
matrice’s car
and see if there’s any like signs or
indications of
where maybe she was going
like her plan
for the day was
phone numbers
whatever they could find
maybe they’ll find something in the car
once detectives are going
her car they come across matrice’s
phone and her wallet
which is in the car
and in her wallet was her debit card
so they check like her big
bank statements to make she’s not withdrawing
money or anything or
they go through her bank
statements and they
see like she has over $2,000 in her bank account so she
could have easily paid her Bill in the
first place if she had
been able to go get her wallet from her car
so it’s kind of like oh my gosh all this
could have just been
prevented if she
was able to go get her wallet
they also found her
journal in her car and
so they go through her journal
it would kind of help them see
maybe what her mindset was
before disappearing and a
psychologist working with LAPD speculated
that Matrice was most likely suffering from
some kind of mental illness specifically like
maybe possibly it was bipolar disorder
the media picks up the story
and they’re saying that a
young African American woman
has been arrested and brought to the sheriff’s station
and then allowed her to
leave on her own
despite questions of her mental health the arguments
quickly became a question of why
deputies didn’t offer her a ride when
just a few years
earlier Mel Gibson was arrested for a DUI
and he was brought to the same station
he was booked and
everything and then once he was released
police gave him a ride
back to his vehicle
so everyone saying like a
famous actor
Mel Gibson why are they giving him a ride and
they’re not able to give a
young woman a ride at 12 in the morning
when she has no car or wallet
or phone like
I think it’s a good
point I agree
so matrice’s family
obviously they’re really
angry plus her
heart broken like
where’s their
daughter at
where is their
daughter at
so matrice’s
mother wants to know
why her daughter was released when she had been
assured that she
would be held
and not released
until the morning the sheriff’s department
denied any knowledge
of matrice’s possible mental health issues but
there was an
email from September
20th between the station’s lieutenant
and captain
which the lieutenant
explained that
he felt she was acting unusual and uneasy
about letting her go like this is what it says in the
email and then the sheriff station
they stand by
the fact that they had no idea and they don’t have any
recollection of writing this email
there’s no way
they didn’t say this even though there was like an
email side note
side note these cases
especially when like
maybe the the police are like
the bad ones here
why don’t they just own up and say we made a
great mistake like I
I don’t get that why do they always
stand by the fact that they did
everything right
and then in the end
they don’t and then it makes them look even
worse like why do they do that
can someone explain
so due to like obvious
conflicting information
tensions were
growing between the family and law enforcement
so letteece
matrice’s mother
she hired a
civil rights attorney
several months have passed
but the family and friends
still they searched the area
they handed out flyers trying to keep and
bring awareness
about matrice’s disappearance
just reminding people to keep
their eyes open
and don’t forget
about her and then January 9th
2010 so 4 months after the
authorities volunteers
search and rescue teams
totaling to about
250 individuals they
searched the area that Matrice was last seen
they were looking for anything a shoelace
clothing crumbs
they were just looking for anything
that would hopefully
give them some answers and
nothing not a shred of evidence was found
shortly after the
search for Matrice
Michael matrice’s real father
he’s driving
out to Las Vegas
he reports seeing Matrice
and he alleges to have seen her working as a prostitute
and speculates
that she may have been recruited by someone
she met through
the Playboy Mansion or
dancing at her job
and then according to Michael
he says that he called out her name
he was yelling matrice
matrice and he runs
after her but the
woman whoever it was
she ran off into the crowd
but Michael was like I saw her I know I did
so March 29th
which is like 6 months
after the disappearance
matrice’s family is brought in
to the sheriff’s station
sheriff’s department
to be shown
the surveillance footage
now they’ve
been asking for this footage for a long time
but the police officers constantly said over and over
again that there was no surveillance cameras and that
they have cameras in the station but they don’t record
they’re just there to monitor
they kept telling the family over and over
again there is no
there is no footage there is nothing
nothing at all
they magically find this footage
cause yeah civil
Rights Attorney was like really pushing for it heavy
so good for them
so frustrating
because if they didn’t have an attorney or somebody
I don’t know but they probably
wouldn’t have seen the footage
anyway so out of thin air
this footage appeared
magically appears poof
they have footage
oh weird they
watch the footage and they see that okay like
Matrice is acting
really weird
she’s holding onto the cell bars and she’s like
swaying her body from side to side
she looked like she was really agitated
annoyed her family says her behavior
is abnormal
she’s acting it’s obvious
like she’s acting very strange
and the sheriff’s department
disagree they’re like no she looked normal to us
that’s why we released her but
based off the footage the official release time was
about 12 28 am
the jailer walks around the door
and as the jailer is reentering another deputy
can be seen exiting the
building the family had been told that
no deputies were present at the time of her release
and now they
begin to wonder like hey
did this deputy
give her a ride
did he have
something to do with it did he see something like
where’s this guy at
so then the deputy that was seen leaving he was
interviewed or
asked questions
and he said I didn’t see her leaving I don’t remember
these skies are
super helpful
now in June a former friend of matrice’s believes he
spotted her
in Las Vegas as well
so according to this guy he
saw her in a casino he called
out her name she appeared nervous and then ran away so
since this is 2 times now someone spotted her or
thinks they spotted her in Las Vegas
investigators were sent out there to
more than 70 people had reported seeing Matrice
there but after looking around and
investigating questioning people they
did not come across her and they
couldn’t seem to find
where she could
be at so that was the end of that so then August 9
2010 2 park rangers were out there in that Monte
Nito place nido
and then they’re like walking around
hiking this
area extremely difficult to walk in this area and it’s
known as the Dark Canyon
and it’s incredibly
steep it’s difficult
to maneuver through this Canyon like they
do not recommend
anybody really go out there
cause it’s rough
okay during
their descent they kind of discover
what seems to be
a body they see a skull with
curls of dark hair
still attached
nearby there were
women’s clothing
the remains
later would be confirmed to be
those of Matrice
so matrice’s
right leg was located
about 6ft up
from the Canyon from
where her body had been
found and then there were no
signs of animals having
found or disturbed the body
her left arm was flexed
tightly and what baffles
law enforcement officials is the idea that Matrice
could have been
lying in that Canyon for nearly a year
and yet no animals
found her her body seemed undisturbed this
particular area
I mean they have coyotes they have scavenger birds
so that’s suspicious
also this area
where matrice’s remains were
found it’s very
difficult to get there so the corner like couldn’t
get up there
with their car
apparently they had to take matrice’s
by a helicopter
and they weren’t able to get
pictures of how matrice
her body and her remains were found
luckily one of the park ranger guys he actually took a
photo on his cell phone
and that was like the
photo that was used
to see the scene
so according
to the medical examiner there was no signs of
trauma to the body
no outward signs of physical violence
nothing to explain
what happened
her cause of
death is ruled to be undetermined
the only clothing that was recovered was
her jeans and a belt
and bra 2 of her
shirts were missing
socks underwear
shoes they were all missing they weren’t
located like around the
area at all police said animals must have gone to them
so what they’re
saying is animals now know how to undress people
you better watch out you guys
next time you’re out camping a coyote
might try and take off your
clothes I’m being facetious
because why
wouldn’t they mess with
the body if it’s been almost like a year now
just doesn’t make any
sense so Letteece
matrice’s mother
decided to hire a forensic anthropologist
so he takes a look at the
photographs that were
taken when they
found matresa’s
and remember they were
taken on a cell
phone because they couldn’t get proper
photos of the
scene and what not
when they originally
found matrice’s body her
skull was completely detached
and it was resting
upside on the
upper torso
5 of her neck bones were not recovered
so it’s hard to believe her body was
still intact which
was what the sheriff and lieutenants were saying
when they found her body
everything was like untouched
but they were lying
we don’t know why why are you lying
and then the forensic anthropologist had a
great deal of questions
about the way matrice’s remains
were discovered in an interview he was explained that
the left arm it was like flexed and it was like in a
weird position something that
would not happen if you
died the way she had supposedly died
he knew like it
could not be created by environmental conditions
where the body was
found there was nothing present to hold her arm in
such a position that was
defying gravity
and he says the initial assumption
should have been homicide
and the scene
should have been
treated as such
for example
matrice’s hair wasn’t examined at all
some hair was
still attached to her skull
but other hairs were
found nearby
there were some reports that said it was like her hair
and there were some
other reports that said it was like
someone else’s hair but an earring was
found tangled up in her hair as well
and it was not attached to her body
but it was an earring which
Matrice was not
reported to be wearing at the time that she vanished
that wasn’t examined at all
and then matrice’s
remains and
clothing were not examined for
fibers or hairs related to the possible suspect
the surrounding area wasn’t
checked for
blood he noticed that matrice’s
teeth had a pinkish hue to them
which could suggest
strangulation but the neck bones
are necessary to determine
if it was a strangulation but they were
never recovered no one knows
where her neck bones are
so then July
2011 matrice’s body was exhumed and
it was brought to the LA sheriff’s Department crime lab
for examination the corner came to the same conclusion
which was undetermined
cause of death and no signs of homicide which
why I don’t know so this
upsets the family as it
should lettis and Michael
they both separately
filed lawsuits
against the LA sheriff’s Department
which was settled
and both of them were awarded a good amount of
money the sheriff’s Department they do not and
will not seem to
admit that they did any
wrongdoing on their part
so the family reached out
to California Attorney
general’s office asking
them to review the sheriff’s department’s handling
of the case
in 2016 they
state that they were
going to begin
criminal investigation
in connection with the case and after
a year long investigation
they concluded insufficient
evidence to support
a criminal prosecution
for destruction alteration
or concealment
of evidence
so the family was trying to sue
the sheriff’s department for
not doing the
right thing
okay I mean they originally
were trying to
hide the fact
that they had security footage they let Matrice out
even though
multiple people say that Matrice was acting
weird or seemed
mentally ill
they let her go without her phone
wallet anything
so yes I think they
should be in
trouble for that come on this
could have all been prevented
so it was later
explained that
sadly even if they had
discovered evidence
to prosecute
the people involved at
the sheriff’s
station there
would be little that they
could do because
the statue of
limitation it ran out in 2014
think the family just honestly wanted closure
and for people to be held accountable
which they deserve
so there are many people who believe
that there are answers as to what happened to Matrice
and they’re out there but someone has to know the truth
and hopefully someone will
speak up and come
forward and say what happened for now there are just
theories as to what happened that are
floating around there’s a lot of theories there’s some
theories that say the police department was trying to
cover up some kind of
bigger involvement with something
but I couldn’t
quite find like an
answer as to
what they were hiding
but that was
one theory another theory is just that Matrice
was suffering from a mental illness
she went down into that Canyon and she died
and then another theory is that
the LA Sheriff Department played a role
in matrice’s death
some people believe that letting her go was purely
negligent while
others believe
the investigation itself may have been a mass
cover up to conceal criminal acts by the deputies
and then the
final theory suggests that matrice’s
death was a homicide and that Matrice
may have come across someone who offered her a ride
and then she was
later murdered
or when she approached the dark Canyon area someone
maybe like saw her
or found her
or they were down there too and then they
killed her if Matrice had simply been
held in jail
or held in the office or
given a ride home
his story would be
completely different the family hopes that
they will somehow
find a way to obtain the answers and get justice for
their daughter
and yeah that’s the story
about matrice
about how shitty that police department is
and how they hold
no responsibility for what they did
if you know anything
about what had happened to Matrice
I’ll leave in the description box
below maybe
where you can
reach out and speak up I
should probably do that with all of the stories I talk
about which I will okay
good call anyways
um so this story is odd like what happened to Matrice
nobody knows
the location
where she was
found it’s so
hard to get to that area I feel like there’s no way she
would have just wandered over there
and if she did wander over there why
weren’t the animals and
like how was her body
still in such
like quote unquote like good condition
when it has been out there for almost a year
I don’t know like
where the neighbors looked at more heavily
it seems like the
police department didn’t even want to deal with it so
anyways I would love to hear your theories on what you
think may have happened
thank you guys so much for hanging out with me
today I hope
that you have a really good day you make good choices
please be safe out there and
I never know how to end
these because it’s always like a really sad
story and then I’m like bye but
other than that I’ll be seeing you guys very soon bye