The Joe Rogan Experience #44 - Todd McKormick

herbs and they move shit around and put

things in weird places

and when you read the

translation like what the fuck does this mean

well they’re

figuring out how to

translate it not just both word for word but

figuring out how you

would say that same sentence in english to

structure as well yeah so it’s

clear what what you know what you’re

translating it’s fucking fascinating shit man

it’s fascinating and i also wonder after

50 or so years of everybody

using english on the internet how many kids are

going to grow up

just as english as their

you know their new language and their

original languages like the old fashioned

thing their parents did

could you imagine if there was only one language

could you imagine how much shit

would get done well can you you know what’s

interesting though when you say that like imagine

languages are

gonna go away by

technology very very very fast no

languages well so what’s

gonna happen i

think translator

might out you

know like you’ll just sit there and

have something

translate it to you in real time you know it’s

going to be

voice detection

and everything like that

it’s just going to make

languages languages though people are

still going to want

traditionalists will

still be there playing with

their whole

thing but what if a few

generations go by

right i think

things are gonna change profoundly

well you’re a proponent of the isolation tank you

actually have john lilley’s tank don’t you i actually

after i met

john he gave me his tanks

john willie’s isolation

you’re my only

other friend that ever had one that’s

that’s like having willie mays is fucking baseball bat

you know it’s cool i got a shower

shoes to go with it

oh so i actually get out and walk in issues

every time i go from my

dad’s to the shower raising

that’s not high heels

right now i’m

pretty boring

brown shower

shoes but imagine when they figure out how to

stimulate the mind to create certain states

and they do it in conjunction with the tank

which is really

the way to do it because it eliminates all the sensory

input from this

world if they

could figure out how to do that put some

electrodes on your head

and set you in that fucking tank

and light you up like a christmas tree

and you just go into some

other world then

maybe people will stop talking i

think dr lily did that to me with one

cc ketamine injected you know

yeah you told me

about that what a rush

yeah what did he do what did he do exactly

well when i got there actually they

i was gonna go into the tank just you know

straight and

when i you got a

rinse off and

everything before

you go in the tank and the guy was prepping

me and he says you know

usually when we do it

we go in with one

cc injected

in a muscularly you know

ketamine you know

would you like some and i hear

part of my brain go

no no drugs

thanks and then i hear

my mouth go oh

absolutely i’d love some

and and then i i felt like a complete

third person in my own reality because

he said no problem you know it’s injected

in a muscully is that a problem in my side of my

brain with needles no

my mouth however went

no problem that’d be

great if you want to find them yeah

and you know and i and he walked away to go get me the

stuff and i sit there for a

minute and my

brain was saying

no way and and my

other side of my

brain went look you’re at dr lily’s

house man you’ve

come all this way there’s no way you’re saying no

and he walked

back in and i felt a little alcohol swab on my muscle

and i heard my

brain go no

and then i heard my mouth go

thank you very much

and then i made the most naive

sorry i said

how long does it take to kick in

and i will never forget

his face when he went

you haven’t done it before

oh you should lay down

about 45 seconds

and he like put me in the tank and when

you do what if you do something like that you have

sleep apnea

do you run the risk of choking and not breathing

i don’t know i didn’t have

sleep apnea but the last thing i was thinking

about was sleeping when he

slipped me into that tank i thought i was there to

watch the entire world come to an end

and i had a ringside seat it was pretty interesting

so they shot

you up with this ketamine you lie down the tank

yeah you get into the tank and you

float and for me it was the

first experience ever

floating in one of the tanks so your

first experience

floating was with ketamine

yeah it happens

you know how do you say no to dr lily

you know i’d

watched the

movie altered states

dozens of times i’d own the

laser disc that’s how

what happened

what happened

after after you did

personally 45 seconds in

i thought i was

freaking out and

the funnier side of this was my good friend was in the

other room and i was

background panic

noise while all this was

going on and he didn’t know

about the ketamine

entering into the equation

and he was sitting there

with dr lily and his assistant at the time craig and

they had no concern of me like

sounding like i’m drowning

and finally

he asked you know

is he on ketamine and

craig said yes and he said

would you go get me some

and my friend was totally

blown away didn’t

think that was

gonna be the answer

to the problem

and john put some ketamine

into his leg and told my friend have a nice night

and he went into his bedroom

and my friend

could see into the bedroom

where the tank was next to a bed

and he didn’t

touch the tank

he just went in and laid down next to the bed

and i actually stopped

screaming at that

point and my friend was looking in the bedroom he was

screaming i was

freaking out man and i’m

fucking losing my mind also okay

so you’re in the tank

and she grew up with a panic

you panic you

start screaming

john lilly says

give me some of

what he’s having yeah and honestly for me i felt like

well when i stopped

screaming i remembered it was conscious

i i mean it felt like somebody came into

my trip and just said yo take a deep breath calm down

and and i was like okay

and and you know what i just channeled the energy and

and it actually

really positive

experience john lilly joined you in your trip

what if he joined you in the actual isolation

he didn’t me and my

girlfriend later on

tried to get

it it’s like that dentist

it’s not a cool

place for to

have a friend

that saw tits

yeah come here let’s cuddle it

didn’t work but

you know what in a

sense yes i feel like he did i felt like

there was a telepathic communication as much as this is

gonna blow all of the credibility i just had

about talking

about pot yeah

i actually felt like dr lily and i

communicated on a

level that was more telepathic during the time i was

under the drug

and you think do you

think like the tank even

have a story

don’t want to believe it

i don’t care you think

the tank would

even work though if he

took the same amount

of pills and just laid on something can i tell you

something the tank that no i don’t

think the pill

or i wouldn’t

think that your


here’s how here’s how the tank’s huge right

no it’s huge

here’s how mckenna described ketamine

he said that it was like

he believed that when you did


you somehow are another connected to the

experience that everybody had

had doing those

psychedelics before you

that’s one of the reasons why the mushroom

experience is so rich and diverse it says

thousands and

thousands and millions

of people over the years have done mushrooms and you’re

connected to this one big gigantic growing experience

he said doing ketamine

he said ketamine is so much more rare that really

it gave him the feeling like he was in an abandoned a

warehouse or an office

building with no

furniture in it

that’s interesting

i felt very

alone in my trip

initially and then when i felt like there was another

energy around me

it did feel different and it was

weird i had a long conversation with

john lilly after it and he really he was

i really liked

the old guy he was really a nice guy and then

afterwards when i left whatever the next day

his assistant showed up and said you made a real

impression on john he’d like you to have his tank

okay just gave it to you

yeah wow that’s

crazy he probably felt bad

he probably didn’t want you to sue him for fucking

whacking him with ketamine and

throwing him

into a fucking bathtub

he’s like this dude

might sue me

man i’m gonna

work this i’m

gonna work this i’m

gonna stroke it

i’m gonna call him up and say yo man you are the shit

and i’m gonna give you my tank oh

you know oliver

stone went the

night before me in his tank

yeah yeah and what

if he peed in

there yeah he took off

a huge shit and

i never really thought

about that i

never really thought

about that until

just this video

i would have

definitely no

he did k though and did it and it

was yeah we both did it yeah we got to talk

about it years

later him and i sit down and chat

about our weekend at john’s

wow what a fucking

freaky dude

whack people

out with hair with a special k

and throw them into a fucking tank of

water you do know

this is the guy that the day of the dolphin was made

about he’s the guy that did

all of the research on

books all of

them you have

oh he’s a bad

motherfucker he was awesome he’s got a

great book where he actually shows

it’s got um

the deep self has directions on how to make a tank

shows you how to make it

well that precurse the sonomari

tank i got isn’t it sonomari is

a samadhi samadhi

samadhi yeah that’s what i had too

i had one of

those as well

now i got a

float lab one the new

crazy version

have i showed you that

not yet i can see

it’s in the basement

on the trip

it’s the craziest

thing i think

they’re awesome

and i think a lot of people have

never really been able to

meditate within

themselves and when you get in this tank and

there’s no resistance on your body and you can actually

really hear and you don’t really see

and you feel

the same temperature as the surroundings around you

you really feel so

boundless and it’s

truly you’re flying through

space man it’s

a spaceship it’s a

spaceship man

that downstairs is a fucking portal to another

world it really is it really is when you

learn how to

relax once you

learn how to

relax and it takes a few times you have to do it a

bunch of times and depending on your personality

how good you are

truly letting go

but if you really

learn how to let go man you go on trips in that

thing dude i used to

i’d set an alarm at like 4 am if i went to

sleep before midnight

and i’d just like walk

cause i had mine in my bedroom

i’d walk right to my tank get back in it and like

go back to sleep

and like four five six o’clock

i would always wake up before seven

feeling like man i had just

slept for so long

and i felt great and my

dreams would be so lucid

so incredibly

real and tangible and holy shit i

wanna go write him down lucy that’s intense

so you only had to

walk a couple steps so you barely woke up i barely woke

up and went

right back right back out bam

that’s amazing

you got it it’s awesome

mine’s too far from my fucking bed

in the walking i’d wake up

going what the fuck you doing with your life rogan

getting up at

four o’clock in the morning you fucking weirdo meditate

and then i’ll go on the internet and

check my twitter

on the way down

ufos the congress is you what’s

going on here

next you know

be an hour later

i’ll be like

i want to get some breakfast man i’m fucking hungry

totally awake

sipping coffee

did you see that shit that was on cnn but

all these former us air

force employees are coming out

about ufos around nuclear

around nuclear

facilities that’s fucking

trippy shit man

i wonder if

these guys are all just nuts

i wonder if

these guys are all kooks or if they’re like

disinformation guys

that work for the government the government wants us to

think there’s fucking really ufos thing just

just distract a

lot of people and i can yeah and meanwhile

obama’s passing on his


making it easier for people to wire tap your

emails and get into

your fucking twitter account your facebook pages and

they’re passing all this


right into everybody’s noses

i wonder if

that’s what it is i wonder if it’s just a distraction

tactic i truly believe

it is i mean they appointed the un appointed some

chick to be the ambassador when the

aliens come

listen bitch

you don’t speak for me is that real

yes the un just ant

pointed and what’s the

fuck’s third job

just sit around

and wait she is a i believe she’s an astrophysicist

and her job is to communicate with the aliens

you don’t talk for me hooker can i just say something

i got a dog we have been on this planet

evolving with dogs for thousands of years

and we don’t

speak doberman

we don’t speak german shepherd

and how do we

think that they’re

gonna show up and

suddenly we’re

gonna be like sit

right good alien

up it’s fucking

hilarious well

up the idea

alien want a

snack is that they’re

gonna be so much more intelligent

now they’re

gonna be able to

understand what our language is

they’ll be able

to decipher our language that’s the hope and the dream

i think they’re

gonna show up and

think food man you look soft and

juicy that’s what we do

if you look

these people if you look at what

you look at what do they

just eat us

we be like cows you know

if you look at what

every single


life form on this planet does

they’re gonna

make sure that they exploit

everything weaker than that that’s

the ethic of

space it seems like

it’s the ethic of life

on this planet

that’s survival of the fittest

and when you’re the fittest you get the fuck

the ones who are not as fit that’s just the way it is

what human beings do to dolphins and seaworld

and what we do to killer whales

we know that killer

whales rescue

human beings that fall off boats we know that there’s

never been a case in the wild of a killer whale

a documented case killing a human

the only times they’ve ever done

other than seaworld

that’s the only times i’ve ever done it

and we know what

dolphins do dolphins kill baby dolphins so they can

force the female dolphin to fuck

dolphins are

ruthless man is that true yes fuck yeah it’s true

yeah they killed the baby they

killed the babies how do they kill them

they killed

their face are

they kill him yeah

that’s one of the reasons

yeah they dolphins rape the fuck out of each other too

and one of the reasons why female dolphins are whores

female dolphins are

super slutty and the reason being is because

they have to fuck as many male dolphins as possible

so that when they have babies

those male dolphins won’t kill the babies

so the male dolphin will go

i could be mine

some might be mine damn

they like her

cause they they get the fucker would you

take this so

from documenters

and so the the

the idea being that the

mother does not

breed while she’s with the baby so it takes

like six years or something like that before she’s

going to breed

again oh before she

breeds again before she breeds

again because just take care of the baby how well

how long does dolphin live

good question i don’t know

i don’t know but you need

to know a lot

about their sex life dolphins

freak freak

fucking one of those

for a while

if it only had a

sheep’s pussy

but it was a dolphin right

be in there son

put those two together

yeah if you get fuck

it and it could drag you through the

water the same yeah

take you on trips you like

40 miles an

hour better be able to hold your breath

you’re gonna need to design some new dolphin

they can fuck

that’s right

or maybe you

could just climb on the back of a dolphin

just get a flashlight

attached to the dolphin

you fuck that could be

i heard it already feels good there’s

videos on the

internet people fucking dolphins have you seen

those no no is that

that can’t be real that’s totally real

no one’s fucking dolphins dude

how’s that possible huh

they have their

penis comes out and though the

woman gets underneath it

remember it was a be making the show no i’m not

now there’s

videos that kinds

of videos of people fucking go can’t

be time actual sex brian

yes i need i need some clarification

okay we need to we need to go deep on this one sorry

we can’t just

leave people out there

thinking that there’s

humans i wonder

how many people are

right now going this is bullshit i will look myself

oh a lot of people that’s a beautiful thing

about the internet now you know i mean

instantly you can find out you can google and at

least get the general consensus

i mean you can’t find out who killed kennedy

there’s some

shit you can’t find out

but you can’t google yes on 19

yes help us

win in california yeah probably

thirty four days away

prop yeah it’s yes on nineteen com

thirty four

days away and what are the most recent polls

recent polls show us when

it depends on

whose poll you look at fox or what have you

and while they make great

human sounds

and what are you doing

brian he’s looking that

you said it wasn’t

true is it real don’t tell him it’s not true

it’s not real that well

he’s on and i wasn’t

i was a fucking

die apple dolphin uniform

apple isn’t

gonna let you look at porn yeah man how you

think you gonna look at that on that

they’re gonna say no dolphin porn no good

yeah but they can’t stop you from

going all those

those websites now they

would go to html5 because the ipad

all the porn websites

then none of them were

flashbase anymore

to like oh really you can’t

get on the ipad oh let’s just change this shit up son

whoa they change

everything to

html5 and then that works on your ipad and then you can

watch porn on your ipad

who would have

known innovation

leading the way

against porn leading the way

there are a lot of christians who need their porn

they do you know how

about that new dude that got busted what’s his name

eddie long so his name the new

oh wow the rings

preacher yeah

boys i’m just what is his name

dude that’s double bad because you know brothers ain’t

supposed to be even

thinking like yeah brothers do not get no

homo man that’s

the proposition 8

passed in california

a lot of gay people

were really pissed off at

black folks

because black

folks voted some

ridiculous number

ridiculous percentage

those white

folks should be mad at

their christian

siblings who brought christianity to all

these poor people

you know because that’s really the problem

okay well you’re

going back with

moral a little bit

far with your

blame there fella whoa

what is this guy’s name ed

long what was the guy’s name that got

busted i want to read this alone

could it be

could it be ed

long that’s like his

point no you’re

right due to the size of the dolphins dick

the best way

you can have sex with a male dolphin

is to masturbate him brian

brian yeah male

is whatever

a female his name is ed

long his name is

it’s no eddie

long yes eddie

long it’s true

eddie long that’s you

couldn’t write this fiction you

really couldn’t man it’s like you remember when that

there was a long yeah

it’s all of the name you know it

right here’s

the best part

homies got a pink tie

oh how about that so he’s the one taking it yeah we’re

watching it not necessarily

with the pink tie it’s

kinda soft yeah

everything else is black

well his outfit’s dark and

strong powerful

he’s just like

you know i’m into that boy pussy wow

bring him the flashlight

this is this is a big ad they

make you watch

now yeah they’re

good at it captive ads they saying fuck your tivo

i know it’s like the only time i ever

watch as now when i’m trying to

watch a youtube clip

this is cnn com but it’s

hey you know what man it’s only 30

seconds whatever well of my life

added up so this guy this ed

eddie long another

christian man in a position of power

that it turns out was actually banging boys

shocking what if

what if what if

like the catholic church has been run by gays who are

angry at the straight people this whole time

right and they get to wear

their dresses

and have their fabulous cars and their

drink out of

their gold chalices

and be covered in all

these colors

and live in

total secrecy

and then pick out

the little gay kids

right out of the

straight audience the flaw

is that they think

hate madonna

whoa what do you mean madonna

the churches hate madonna you know

gay people love madonna

love madonna

so that’s therefore your

analysis does

not hold water

oh i think it’s true

that’s what you

think it is i say ancient gay cult yeah

insults pope

wearing a dress

yeah of course thank you

what’s up with that

crazy fish head

all of them at the

vatican and let me

think i don’t

wanna fuck women i

wanna go live with men for the rest of my life

pretty much

you get and you’re not even allowed to masturbate

why not just

oh nocturnal emissions

well you can’t even

dream about getting off well how

about salt peter

that shit they give them to keep them from getting

horny that’s not true

it’s not real it’s an

urban myth pretty much it’s an

urban myth but they

still did actually give it to him

salt peters real

shit stuff i

think no i don’t think

might say it in

jail all the time there’s always salt

peter and food really

i don’t know whatever

i can’t say

yeah i still

dreaming my

girlfriends and wake up feeling failure rousey

well i don’t

think they really assault

peter in jail that’s one of

those urban

legend type

things but total

urban legend the

whole idea is

ridiculous the

whole idea that anybody

would ask you to not have sex

like why would god give me a dick

if i didn’t want to use it god don’t procreate go yeah

god does not only just want not want you to procreate

doesn’t want you to feel affection

doesn’t want you to

love someone i love how people that talk

about you know there’s no

evolution there’s

just creationism they don’t want to talk

about incestual relations between adam and eve and all

their kids yeah which is

where the fuck that come from god

show up again with a new boat

hey i got no

fresh yeah there

you go brothers are

just fucking like

crazy that would be what it had to be

wouldn’t it if you go with the christians

and then they did all this in 6 000 years

what’s up you’re my brother

yeah that’s that’s my christian

brother don’t eat that apple

which is bad

no and you know

i love that in the

union that was the

first prohibition

the prohibition of thou

shall not eat from the tree of knowledge

and who was the big cop

right god and

how many people

two two people he had to police and god

according to christian mythology

couldn’t handle prohibition

yeah how hilarious is it god

would make some shit that he didn’t want you to eat and

tell you don’t eat it i’m telling you i will fuck your

world up oh oh

oh you ate the

apple that i told you not to eat

well guess what

you don’t ever get a

second chance

you’re fucked forever your

whole species is fucked

joe do you ever wonder if that’s

do you wonder if that

snake that one

snake the original

snake ever made it

if he made it on noah’s ark

do you ever think

about that like no wonder that

snake was the devil

it was really a serpent

that’s how much

i know i was just like

i was hoping that

snake made it maybe that

snake is all around us all the time yeah

pretty much

the whole idea that you know they’ll make fun of

fucking muslims or that

they’ll make fun of

scientologists they’ll make fun of

you know like oh they’ve got the

wrong thing well

you better come to

jesus well see i

argue that everybody’s an atheist because a jew

doesn’t believe in a christian god and a christian god

doesn’t believe in buddha

and a buddha

doesn’t believe

in a jewish god and none of them believe in muhammad

so it’s really they’re all atheists

cause they don’t believe in

anything but

their little fantasy

truthfully so they’re all atheists

to somebody else’s

shit to somebody else’s shit they don’t believe in

their other god so bam

suddenly we’re in

alignment i just don’t also believe with any of

their gods it’s

amazing that there are so many different religions

hundreds literally

we were neat

we were lost we needed direction we

need someone to woke up and go i know

where the food is

i know where you’ll be warm i

know how to heal you sick when you die and come with me

right it’s amazing that

there’s so many different religions but even though

we know that they all say different shit everyone

is willing to go

believing that the one they believe is right

even though

there’s so many examples of contradicting ideas

for whatever fucking reason we compartmentalize

that when we you know go down the road of being

a mormon or go down the road of being a catholic or a

baptist we just

which you don’t

look at it just don’t just

say this is my team and

screw your team

and it’s a very ten nfl

mentality you know rah

rah my team boo your team

it’s all the same shit

it is all the same shit when i was indiana

i was in indiana for ufc

anybody who

fought somebody from indiana even if they were american

they would boom

really you’re not from indiana boo

that’s our local boy

hoosiers but

think about indiana is

great don’t get me

wrong but the

mentality is so fucked up

that you’re booing against

other americans

cause they’re not from a similar place

they’re not within a certain distance of

where you sleep

so you’re there you don’t even like him

right now who’s

going up against our guy

like we need we don’t just have americans

versus the rest of the world

we’ll go down to neighborhoods

we’ll break it down to neighborhoods

we’ll break it down to the hatfields and the mccoys

you know the problem with

indiana is there’s nothing else to fucking do there

and they’re not

known for much in indiana

and so that

movie hoosiers came out everyone was like

sports is now our big

thing so now it’s like

seriously the

movie came out because

sports is a big

thing right

right right but they’re so

proud of that

movie and that

cause that’s all they have

living in indianapolis they

used to have this

thing called the indianapolis

500 that was

kind of big

direct mix too

yeah they have a lot of shit dude

yeah so it’s very

important to see

we’ve gotta

bring farming back to the midwest is what we

gotta do we

gotta really farming you

bring it back to weed right weed

man but hemp we need hemp

man i know look

farmaid right now is in its

25th year and the

problem with it is 25 years and they’ve gotten where

because all

these people they’re trying to convince

they built their

their farms on corn and cotton

are completely

wrong and they’re not

gonna have any economic independence back

until they get

their hemp back

and again as

john cougar melankamp came onto the

screen and they boot him

really boom in indiana

yep he’s from indiana is

they didn’t

get the cue

card he’s a

liberal always

liberal fucking really wow

it was crazy

they showed him i expected everybody to go ape shit

wow boo you know in ohio the farms are

getting so bad that they’re like closing farms left and

right that a lot of the farms are turning into

shopping centers

where my mom lived

just in five years used to be farms everywhere

and now it’s like commercial

buildings and

they’re losing all

these farms because there’s no

money in it or something’s not

going on right

in the farming industry in ohio well

it’s very difficult to run a farm and make a profit

it’s incredibly difficult it’s so fucking hard

especially when you’re up

against unfair

trade practices and fucking fuels that come from 9 000

miles away well how

about seeds you know you don’t even own your seeds

you’re a farmer when you get seeds from

those a big

deal and you know what hemp is the one

thing that we need to really

push that we don’t have gmo control of we have to

stand up and ask for

but you know our

civil rights

back we have to demand them in back in fact i mean

when we are well let’s explain the

seeds thing though what i was saying is going it

when you buy seeds if you’re a farmer you buy

these seeds that have been made by this company

monsanto yeah you don’t own

those seeds you go you got

those seeds and when you

plant your new plants

and you grow like

say if you grow peppers you can’t take the seeds out of

those peppers

and grow more peppers

cause you don’t own that right

you don’t own that

they will sue you they’re like


they will sue

you if it is

it’s incredible monsanto has actually people that

go around and test crops of people that they suspect

are using a

generation away from

their last seed

and it’s really

scary i mean and you know how

crazy is that now can you take

those seeds and like make new

new versions of that seed no it

can’t be any

trace of it no

no is there

even genetically modified

so they know what the genome

of this particular

plant that they’ve created is

right so if you have that shit in your field

you have to pay them every year

every year you have

to pay for new seeds you can’t

the way people always did it

you grew tomatoes you took the seeds from the tomatoes

you grew more tomatoes

you can’t do that now it’s illegal

like that is

the nuttiest

shit ever and that’s the number one reason for

genetically modifying food is to control the

market and that’s

the number one

reason also why marijuana will always remain illegal

to a lot of people

they’ll want to keep

it illegal rather is because they can’t control it no

you know hemp has

grown in every industrialized country

other than america it’s amazing

how crazy is that canada

right up north

right above us

right they’re growing it

they grow all of the seed products that are in

whole foods and all that

nutrition so all this is

money that farmers

could be making here all this

shit all this shit they’re

stealing from them

these cunts

yep the government is

stealing from

steal julius i love

and stealing it by

denying them

their own country

everywhere fucking best country it’s

gonna indiana grow

nascar american

peace i know

i’m free they’re gonna

bomb california

is what they’re

gonna do what are they

gonna do max

that proposition

9 takes over 19

19 proposition 19

i was thinking gay

the one when they when that shit

goes into effect if and when

it’s gonna change the culture

it’s gonna that’s

the big change is gonna be in people’s behavior

because you can talk all the paper you want but

the most fascinating

thing to me

is what it does

to people socially it changes the fuck out of

human beings

well you know some of the

things that people are coming out

against property

19 is saying is that it’s

going to lend itself to corporations and it’s not true

corporations are not saying that who’s saying that

believe it or not we have a lot of people

that are in the medical

marijuana industry that don’t want to see prop19

pass because they’re comfortable

right now in

their profiteering

and they don’t want to see

a status quo

change and it’s really sad because

these are the people that have benefit the most when

their local communities

allow them to

start selling

to anybody over 21 without a doctor’s note

right but the doctors who’ve been making

their living for all

these years giving away prescriptions

and charging

150 bucks a pop

that’s that source of income

these guys have

doctors were historically

wealthy and they’ll do fine actually practicing

medicine i’m sure

maybe but when you’re set up for years and years and

years just giving out medical marijuana prescriptions

and you’re comfortable with it then all of a

sudden something’s gonna come

along to make your business go away

and you’re gonna have to come up with some

whole new business

if you’re a

selfish douchebag i

could see where you’d be like man i don’t want this

isn’t that why the alcohol

beverage industry is giving to the campaign against us

isn’t that why all

these interested

self interested companies are

stepping up

it’s all the

same thing but

we don’t expect

it out of the medical marijuana doc

another lie i

heard was that big tobacco monies behind this when it’s

such bullshit proposition

19 yes when you can look up and

see where all the

money came from

going forever

it realistically though

prop 19 was passed by somebody that as somebody i’ve

known for over 15 years he’s a really good person

that really just wanted to do the right

thing he wanted to put forward a more

liberal initiative

but he had cash and he pulled

the initiative

and he found that more liberal


were not pulling well enough to actually pass

so he actually

pulled back pulled back pulled back on the verbiage

until he got an

initiative that pulled well enough to pass

and what a lot of people

don’t realize is that this is not the means to the end

this is just

or this is a means to the end it’s not the end

it’s just one

small step in the

evolution of

getting our freedoms back and this prop 19 is

going to be

one step closer to having our

rights back

and what a lot of people are talking

about which is pissing me off is that

we got meg whitman buying her way into the governorship

and we have

steve cooley who has been the guy down here in la for

those of you

who don’t live in la

who has been

closing down all the los angeles bought clubs

and if this guy gets the top

cop position in the

state of california

and prop nineteen loses

all of these

idiots and i’ll say you are

idiots that are

going against prop

nineteen that are selling medical marijuana

are gonna lose your businesses and lose your freedoms

and the only

thing that’s

gonna protect you right now

is if everybody in the

state gets the

rights that you have been getting for the last

14 years since medical marijuana

concentrate on

these dildos let’s concentrate

on that yeah it’s


on that cop not the

yeah i’m sorry

steve cooley

is this is the guy that’s running for attorney general

and he’s basically running as somebody that’s

against the

death penalty and in

california you

might as well be running

against somebody unopposed

he’s running

against someone who’s

against the

death penalty yes oh so he’s running unopposed

in that sense he is

absolutely and when he gets in his agenda

is to do in the

state that he

has already done in la

well why is he want to shut down medical pot

stores ideologically on

who knows who knows what he’s invested in

who knows what his reality is from

it’s all part

of his life you know

who knows who

who really he’s

loyal to in that

sense you know

but there’s something there’s some

campaign contributions or something there’s something

going on i would love to be able to

follow the money forensically and see exactly

what changed

these people because

in some ways there’s got to be strengths pulling them

you know and it’s not

cheap to run a campaign in the

state of california you need

to get on the sides of people with a lot of

money well that’s where they

don’t have a lot

of collective

money oh megan

she is very

very rich and what is she what was her position in ebay

she had something to do with ebay

she i thought

founded not

founded she was the one that

was brought in and like brought them from being a very

small company to a very

large company she helped

organize them and she rode

their growth curve

okay so she made a ton of

money off ebay

and now she wants to be the governor and she’s

spending how much

money to do this she’s already

spent over a hundred million dollars of her own

money to become governor

yeah 100 million

for a job that

pays 200 000 a year google it people how much does

it pay how much does it pay

it pays nothing and this is a scarier

port it’s like what do you

think she’s

gonna accomplish

with this 100

million influence

what is she doing this for

test them out to their ego

you know it’s

building a big you know why

don’t do it too

and you know this is just

turn my volume down no

this is the part that kind of bothers

me is that this is more of what we’ve had for a long

time it’s just that now we’re looking at it and we’re

grossed out by it

but don’t think before newspapers and internet

carried the word

that robber barons

weren’t running politics

going back to the 30s and 40s and 50s

and when i say they i don’t mean to

sound like some conspiracy

not i mean to

sound like somebody that’s realistic

about the fact that alcohol

got together

after prohibition and went yo who’s our competition

all these kids are smoking this loco we gotta

set and then

we should go

after that but look at it this way okay this

makes okay okay

this meg woman

woman she is obviously very wealthy

so it’s going to be very difficult

to buy a person that’s very wealthy she’s very wealthy

so why would this

very wealthy person want to stop medical marijuana in

california because that is what she wants to do

what would be her

motivation because it

would not be financial

right she doesn’t need the

money she’s paying 100 million dollars

can i say the governor you don’t

think that alcohol companies

for sure are not giving her a hundred million dollars

when you have that much

money joe it isn’t sitting

in a locker at the edge of your bed it’s sitting

in investments and i’d love to know what her portfolios

vested in because she has people that are actually

standing there saying

this is what i’ll advise you to do

and anybody that’s

advising somebody that has

literally hundreds of millions of dollars

is going to say listen

this initiative

is bad for your liquor investments it’s bad for your

pharmaceutical investments it’s bad for you so you

think it’s purely

a financial decision on her i

think a lot of why we’re dealing with prohibition

and why we’re dealing with people that are

against it is because of the financial

connections they have in the more wealthy they are

the more people lean

against them

how few in a

sense do we have of you

because here you are a guy that made it in tv

five years of newsradio five plus years on fear factor

you have a career you have

advisors around you saying listen joe if you do

stupid stuff

it’s gonna not get you the big jobs it’ll pay a lot of

money and then i’m not

gonna make money

so are those persons

gonna advise you to go be the

activist that you’ve become

or are they

gonna say bro

really because i know that a lot of

other actors have to stop and think man

i won’t get hired

if if i start getting all radical

and that’s what they really believe

so they told the line

you are so rare cause you

haven’t told the line

he said fuck it

i’d rather be

happy and be myself than be some

slave to a corporate you know dictation

yeah well you don’t have to do it that way

those guys are pussies

a lot of emons

but when i look at it

as long as you’re a nice person

but how few

woody harrelson’s and joe rogan’s do we have

speaking up for the

right reasons

well you know what a lot of people

have families and they want to play it safe and they

feel conservative and they get paranoid and they don’t

trust in the

greater good of

humanity and the

people’s ability to see

what they’re saying

they don’t have

faith in their ability to express themselves

so that people

understand the

point of view that they have and

where they’re coming from

right i have

confidence is my ability to express myself

and you do it for us all i think

it’s important for everybody i

think everybody

should and would do it if you’re a rational

thinking person why

would you live your life pretending to be something

other than who you are

you know why

would you not want people to know

about something that’s radically

changed the way you look at the

world why would you not want to

why because

fucking meg whitman says it’s bad look at that bitch

get the fuck out of here did she quit or get

fired from ebay i don’t know

she’s a woman who wants to be in control of

things that’s always freaky she

probably don’t

need a mom is in ebay

seventy five percent of ebay’s audience

stone people in the middle of

night buying shit she

should know her audience

i don’t know

she probably

pulled a sarah

payment i got

fired you know she’s slapped away

for more lucrative


man women that want to run

should creep me out

no i know it

sounds gross

but it’s totally true

why because hillary clinton

she doesn’t

creep you out

she is a creeps me the fuck out right


rice have condoleezza

rice was running

things on you

think you’d

freak the fuck out

creepy but there’s a lot of creepy guys

dictating you

right they’re creepy

too i’m not

saying i want guys running shit

but at least they’ve been doing that forever

when a chick wants to

hop in there and compete with the man i’m like what you

crazy bitch

what are you doing you’re not balanced you ain’t

no fucking yogi

you’re not gonna see through the maze

you’re you’re fucking just as

crazy as the

men if not crazier because you have to because you’re a

woman and because they’re gonna

prove that they’re

tougher than the men that i was

terrified that scares me

there was a moment

where hillary

clinton was running for president when i was

thinking you know what

she’s gonna win

and what if she wins

and she gets a new position

where one of these

crazy fucks from another country tests her

because she’s a

woman i mean if

assuming that political

power is real and then the president really has any

say and then anybody in another country really does pay

attention to him that it’s not all this big gigantic

build a burger meeting group

assuming that a president is real

could you imagine what putin

would do if he sat across

from fucking hillary clinton or sour palin at

some sort of negotiations it’s horrible

would crush them isn’t

a mock them he would

well because most

cultures put

their most intellectually capable people in

power and not

their you know

best idiots

like what’s just

i mean it’s just

it’s not that it’s not that men

should be running shit

right it’s not because i

think most capable i

think the idea of the

alpha the one the idea of having a leader is fucking

ridiculous i

think it’s some

archaic shit that we have to figure a new way around

so i’m not saying that men

should be running shit

but i’m saying that

anybody who’s a

woman that wants to run shit

like that’s kind of

crazy like you don’t even

have a dick why are you trying to control everything

what are you doing why are you trying to fucking

grab the reins i don’t

know what are you doing

i don’t want to be president okay i’m

not i don’t want to be a leader

don’t get me wrong

i’m not saying that i am better than a woman who

would be doing the job i’m saying when i see a

woman who wants to be a leader i

understand the man wanting to be a leader it makes

sense to me even if i don’t believe in it or

agree with it i

understand it

when i see a

woman that’s

wanna do it

i’m like look at that

crazy bitch

that’s what i

think i think you

wanna be the king of the

world and you’re a chick

whoa you know

but yet iced

lin’s not in wars and they had a female

friend over there

i was i was

starting to

think of all the female leaders around

the world i’m like

there’s a lot actually it’s totally sex a lot of

queen because

it’s totally

sexist don’t get me

wrong but i don’t

think anybody

should be a leader

i think the

whole idea is i like

that it’s based on some leftover

fucking shit from back when we were a

tribe of 200

monkey people

and we needed a leader to protect us from the other

monkey people who wanted to rape our

women and take our food

i mean that’s what it is

the idea that one person can represent the

whole country like

a president i don’t give a fuck if he has a cabinet

i don’t give a

the idea that there’s a one guy that

stands there

ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states

you know what

no it’s even the

voice even the figurehead even

descendant of

royalty it sure

it’s an avatar

you did the

whole idea is

ridiculous it’s

it’s so they

created our whole

structure in america to compete

against what they were

what they were

fighting and then they

became that and work and they became way worse

right way worse

it’s beautiful

i love this

i’m gonna hear so much shit from my female friends well

thank you you don’t

think women

should be running things

oh what does that mean

i think men do it better

maybe maybe men have been doing it

wrong for so long

maybe be good for a

woman to give it a try

you’re definitely comfortable

in your relationship

that’s not a worldly

thing to say if she’s a woman

meaning like i

you know i mean i’m not

gonna be like yeah fuck

women should be presidents

you know right now i’m like what was his name

to be president what are you talking about

he’s saying he’s afraid to get his

dick cut off

when he goes home and he’s obviously saying you’re not

no but what he’s saying is you misread

the thing is he’s trying

to pretend to be someone in different so he’s attracted

to females i’m not

gonna start

bashing the female race race

that’s what it is

i’m not bashing the females

rate listen most women

females that’s how women

say that listen

well the women that take that are cunts and

listen i’m not bashing the female races

i’m not bashing the male race it

doesn’t want to be president

you know most of the male race

doesn’t want to be president

you don’t want to be president it’s not a male

thing it’s a leader thing

but what i’m saying is i

understand the creepy fuck control

freak men i

understand that instinct

but when i see a

chick that wants to rock that right

i go what’s

going on there

you see like

sarah palin

i guess one way

sarah palin is just this

dummy that got

stuck into a

nice position and she’s trying to make some money

i mean that’s really

what it is but

after a while it’s not that anymore after a

while it’s like well you’re the figurehead for the

retard movement and you’re just like them and you got a

microphone on you

and there’s a spotlight

on you and oh now you’re a fucking problem because you

never were supposed to get to this point

and somehow you’ve artificially

been inserted into the public consciousness

with no merit

and now all the retards go

just like me woo

i hope they rise up and

start these fucking tea

party rallies

have you watched any of that shit they’re crazy

god damn insane and

glennback is just making gold

underwear and gold socks and

and diamond

covered fucking cars and that guy must be just

scraping it in with rakes

he’s so obviously full of shit too

it’s like his game only works on the dumb

it only but there’s

so many dumb people it’s a very effective tactic

him and her together man they

scare the fuck out of it double dumb double

glenn back and

sarah palin

they combined

forces like they did at

their party meeting

dude they could they

could run for president

man that’s real shit i hope the

first president’s a

black lady with a lisp

that’s totally a lesbian

i hope it’s like

every single horrible

thing that’s

wrong with you know like you know banning gay

marriage you know

women presents i hope it’s all combined into one like

super president

that just pisses off everybody

i hope it’s an alien

an alien i hope an

alien wins in disguise of a

human being and then tells everybody

now that we have a

diplomat we’d like to

now that i’m in

place and i’m running shit

bitches need to sit the fuck down

we’ve been thinking about

exterminating you fucks for

about 50 years now

i thought your concept

about getting

mold was really accurate

well it is a

giant life form

it’s a giant life form on a


that’s what the

human race is

the human race

on earth earth is a life form it is a

superorganism we don’t

think of planets that support life as a life form

because it’s an environment

where life grows

but i’m not so sure

about that if you look at lava

in the center in the magnetic core and you look at the

magnetosphere in the

atmosphere and like this is like it’s not just

a place where life is it’s almost like a

system it’s

alive and we might

be conscious

yeah we don’t know what’s conscious man we’re

guessing and we assume that conscious means

that it can talk like

us and move like us but we don’t know we don’t there’s

a lot of evidence that there

might be something

going on inside trees some sort of a fucking

reaction that trees and

plants have to people

well think of cellular intelligence

yeah and that’s really

where we’ve always thought oh it’s in our

brain and then

there’s this myth that we don’t even use our own

brain all of our

brain and it’s like really

do you know how many of us

are you stupid that you believe that your

whole body is not actually

shooting at all

all marks right now and i

think that our

capability of intelligence is really really deep well

that’s a metaphor i think for

wasted potential

people have this

idea we’re only

using 10 of our

brains if we just really concentrate

no one even

knows what that means what does that mean you’re only

using ten percent of your

brain what’s

going on with the

other ninety percent of

your brain like

what’s useful well you know how

we know how the

brain works

when we blow holes and parts of the

brain we shoot people and parts their head

and then we go i can’t see anymore i

guess that’s the part

where you see out of

it is oh we

drilled a hole here and he

still saw he’s calm

well i guess this is the part that makes him

aggressive we’ll just

drill a hole in that

bitch that was

the lobotomy

that’s what

they did when people got a little nutty they go

what do you

wanna do you

wanna kill him

you wanna drill a fucking hole in his head and

see if we can fix him one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

that went too

far yeah they

would fix people by

drilling holes in

their head hollow back

hollow back y’all

you know you ever there’s a

whole group of

humans that voluntarily put holes in their head

and they believe that it

alleviates pressure and gives them euphoria

and that the pressure of the growing

brain trapped inside the

skull causes headaches and all sorts of problems

and in africa there’s fucking

cultures that have done this

where they literally they caught the entire

skull i posted it on twitter

see if you can find it i mean i don’t know what you

would look under

there’s a term

for it there’s a term for it for

streaming holes

in someone’s

head where they call

shit i’m fucking up here

because there’s an actual term for it

but people do it on purpose it’s like it’s a it’s a

see if you can find that but

people look

great voluntary wholes

in panning yes

trae panning

trepa and ing its

often reusable

leave pressure beneath a surface

bubble yeah and

there’s a video of

these african dudes

where they do it with no anesthesia and they do it with

these fucking

stone tools

they like strip away your fucking

scalp and cut out your bone

oh they don’t

just do it once they do it as many as 20 times

they had a life

yeah and they fucked

their brains up because

not only that

they have to wear

they have to wear hats from

then on i’m sure because

their brain is exposed there’s

like a canoe shaped cut out

on the top of

their fucking

skull dr john

clark was the

first one to do it in 1664

and he taught the africans how to do it that’s what

they’re saying us i’m sorry us

us american

hmm well no he

might have it

might have been just

like religion we brought christianity over to africa

it just says

first fit position

to perform it in the us

and he did it as a alleviating pressure on someone yeah

whoa it’s like if you can think

about it someone’s out there doing it man

you’ve seen

those women in

surrey is that

where is in africa

where they cut

their lip and

stick a plate in it

have you seen that shit you know i’m talking you

never seen the

plates in the

lower lips yeah yeah yeah i didn’t know the theory

dude named it’s the most

insane thing it’s not just

weird the bigger the plate

the more cows they’re

worth when they get married

so like say if you want to

marry my daughter

okay and she’s got a

giant ass fucking

plate i’m like

bitch that’s a 50 cow plate

you gotta come strong son

right so dudes

would have to give up

me heard they have to give up a herd because she’s

willing to carry around this

giant plate in her lips

what else issue they bang their

teeth out too

they have to bang

their lower

teeth out because the

plate sits there and

you can’t get a full

plate in there if you have the

lower teeth

so when the

plate starts getting big they have to

smash their

teeth out yeah

my blowjobs feel like

probably how much

does africa

suck oh my god

willing to do that

you willing to put

plates in your lips and cut holes

in your head thing

where they stretch

the neck out

that’s fucking crazy

they must be so

freaked out they got

stuck in africa they’re like look we’re

gonna make this

interesting all right

pretty much

stuck running from

hyenas and getting

eaten by crocodiles and shit we’re

gonna have to

stretch our necks out make our necks real big wow

who knows why they do

these things

well how about

those heads they

found in peru

where they stretch

their head out gigantic like a big alien head

they did it to like a huge percentage of the

population they put

boards in their heads and

and tied them down and

literally extended their head

and people were

thinking well is this

to emulate something is it to emulate the gods all the

anunnaki people see

this is evidence they were doing this to try to emulate

maybe not because look at

these africans are cutting the fucking holes in

their lip and

sticking plates in there are the dudes

cutting the holes in

their heads and

letting the air out you know

they’re not emulating anything

they’re just practicing

medicine they’re fucking nuts man people are nuts

well they’re

still kind of nuts too or they’re

trolling everyone you know it’s

freaky the disease i had as a

child i found out in the mid 80s they stopped

treating aggressively

that like more when i was in the 70s i was more

victim of fucking chemotherapy

and elective

surgeries or not elective

surgeries but

surgeries that

weren’t needed

and radiation than i

was of the actual disease because they were practicing

what yeah you

know what’s fucked up too is the x in histocytosis x

meant that the ethology of the disease was unknown

and when i first

asked an adult

where did my disease come from and they went

we don’t know and i was like wait a

minute who’s we

you and me or like

we like so what

exactly is the disease

histo what it’s like an overactive immune system

histosite it’s

histocytosis x

and it’s an overactive immune

system disease

right like i

would have too many

white blood cells

and they would

in a sense accumulate if you will

and usually it was in

bone marrow in

areas like that and it creates like blowout so like my

spine it blew out my arm it blew out

my hip it blew out

would it get better if you got sick

what do you mean sick you got a cold

now cause you’re the

hotels are there

right no no no think no

but i don’t

usually ever get

sneeze it all the time but

funny is i don’t really ever get sick

either i either i have problems

where like obviously

it was overgrowing

you know in

marrows and

stuff or i’m always

healthy i went to prison five years i didn’t get a cold

whoa yeah and that’s crazy

in place let me tell you

but start licking toilets how

yeah i don’t like

touching doors and shit

though i’m not a germaphobe but i actually i’m careful

people are gross

yeah people

are nose picking balls scratching ass

fucking wiping

just disgusting fucking

which is why i always recommend you use a tissue

from the bathroom when you open the door to

any public restroom i take mine open

not if you gotta pull it

play with a man

you have to

twist it and pull it

usually you

do actually

you use a piece

of towel yeah

there’s ways

you can protect yourself and if we had hemp we

could be using hemp towel man

you just have to

clean it man dude we had

some hemp flashlights

which is why we have to vote yes on 19

yeah vote yes on 19 it’s very important and

if you’re one of

those people out there that goes man

potheads are fucking annoying


there’s a lot of potheads are annoying

you know most potheads lots

just like most people

yeah like most people

a good percentage of people are annoying

and the reason being is because we do not have

a direction book on how to properly live a healthy life

a healthy fun

satisfying life

you know we live our lives

based on myths and bullshit

tv shows and movies and

we have this distorted perception of what this fucking

world is all about so

most people with this

especially with

the situation that we have now the way our

world is set up it’s so easy for a

moron just drift through and be

taken care of

every step of the way

and yet have opinions and yet be able to vote

george bush junior

well sarah palin

man that’s way

scary than her

than him gary

cool at least he was a man

wow that’s right i said it

i don’t give

a fuck gary

coleman gary coleman

can vote yeah

angry as fuck

i’d been angry too

after his whole bad life

yeah not the saddest part of his life i

would not have been

angry when he

was in the hospital dead

dying in his fucking

crazy cunt ex wife takes a picture

and sells it to

matt over him like all strapped up with pipes and shit

dying in bed and she’s

right next to him

with his like

dead she did

that yeah dead

fucking rubber face

just like didn’t

have any emotion in her eyes nothing like yep here

he is he’s dead and this is me i’m next to the dead guy

that’s horrible

oh it’s gross because that shit on like mouse pads

pretty sure

i’ve never seen that i did not

know she did that yeah that’s pretty dope i’m learning

i’m learning

well you got it

saved even huh i

think i should oh

usually i do

i can’t thank you

enough for coming out and support a prop 19 man well

dude you know i

enjoy the marijuana

so of course i’ve got to support prop 19

you know a lot of people have been really confused

on what this really does man and you know that’s been

a big problem for us because that’s

what i was talking

about what i’m saying most people

you look at potheads and you

think they’re

annoying right

really i’m finding them

annoying right now because i can’t believe all

these people i was working around that we thought

was working towards a common goal and now working

against it because a lot of people are

against prop 19

that’s what you’re saying

a lot of people are

against prop

19 not for the

right reasons either

for financial reasons

financial reasons or

just inaccuracies

how much most hippies are though

every time i

was hanging out with hippies they were trying to make

money making profits and still

there’s a lot that

there’s a lot of non hippies that are just commercially

motivated there’s a

bunch of people that

have just got in this industry in the last few years

you know sp

at 420 past and allowed for clubs

they’re trying to make money

and right now they

think oh no you’re

gonna change

this and we like this so please don’t change this

and that is really

what we’re up

against you’re

right when it comes from

the enemy within if you will

yeah there’s a

lot of people that aren’t hippies they’re opportunists

they are i know a

bunch of people that are in the business

yeah the people that own like

dispensaries they’re doing it purely for profit some

there’s a lot of good ones yeah you

know berkeley

patients good

harborside they’re all good there’s a lot of

good one provide

something that’s good marijuana is good

but there’s a lot of people that you

wouldn’t expect they’re not like

old dudes with gray hair and ponytails yeah

they’re young dudes look like they’re

right fucking doing squats right now

problem nineteen is

gonna make it so

these people

aren’t having to get away with it it’s they’re

gonna be able to service

their neighbors who have a

right to have pot

and everybody in the

state’s gonna have a

right to grow pot and that’s

gonna be a big

big yeah so all

these people that are selling it the shit’s gonna go

under because no one’s

gonna need to buy it you

can just grow your own

so he’s gonna see the

prices drop

thankfully you know

radically radically

and profits are

gonna drop and

right now you know

it’s the liquor companies it’s the big drug cartels

these are the people that are getting i’d be

more than willing to pay

exactly what i’m paying

right now just keep making it just as good i’ll pay

just as much

i’m not growing a shit

no there’s always

gonna be thousand dollar bottles of wine

you know and there’s

gonna be people that do

things with a high quality and grandma

could grow better pot than

me for instance and you’ll want grandma’s pot over mine

that’s really bulk

like cheetos

i wanted to see like but see piles of it’s been

throwing joints out my

window the only

thing about

crazy is that

it doesn’t really lend itself for quality with quantity

because when you have

large amounts of it

you don’t have

in a sense is is good quality control

right now in

smaller batches

now let’s talk

about one thing

for the non smoking

non marijuana smoking amongst us this is one of the

things that

really fascinated me the most when i

first found out

about marijuana

when i first

when i first

when i was a

kid i thought marijuana was bad for you it made you

stupid all these different things

but when i first

started smoking weed

the thing that fascinated me the most

was that there are two

completely different strains

that have very different

effects just

not different

strains okay let me

break this down

can i say this right now

there’s a lot of confusion

in this before i went to prison a friend of mine he

wrote marijuana

botany and he

later wrote the book hashish been revised

his name’s robert

colonel clark

he’s forgotten more

about cannabis than i’ve had an opportunity to learn

and while i was in prison

these scientists actually looked at the

specimens of sativa and indica

and sativa and

indica were questions

so if i walked up to you with seeds joe

it would actually be

does this make

clothing and

paper and all this

stuff or is it like

india because

if you look up the word

indica names

indica means

of or like india

okay so when you go to

india all of the cannabis that’s

grown there is indica

because it’s in india

but when you

go there you’ll find tropical varieties down by goa

and northern varieties

up by the area that’s now pakistan and hindu kush

that is the entire

range of cannabis and it’s all

indica the history lesson is interesting but

for everyone today

who wants pot there’s two different effects

indica makes you sleepy

and it makes you

couch weed it

makes you what a lot of people

think of as a

stoner sativa

is a totally different

experience and it makes you much more

introspective it makes you

start looking at fucking telescopes and

space documentaries so

that’s not a

strain what

should we call it

well it’s an

equatorial variety it’s from near the equator

cause let me

break this down

there’s two different

effects though correct

this is what i want people

who are not potsmokers to

understand this

when they go into

these deep historical

it’s not but

but they did

it like this

right in the 60s and 70s all the pot that was

coming into america was like acapulco gold michuican

maui wai jamaican

all of these

strains were from

the equator tropical

they made you

happy horny well organized

want to do things like protest

and then the hippies went to afghanistan

they found this

short fat leaves

plant that they thought was

indica and they

started mixing it with all

these tropical varieties like maui waui and thai

stick and stuff

and they shortened

the time it

takes to flower cannabis and they picked varieties

that yielded

the most amount of pot because it was the reason being

is that the ones that were equatorial the

ones that were growing on the equator needed a longer

cycle of sun because it’s

right because

they’re in a 12 12 and

those are the

ones that have the different psychoactive effect

ones that come in contact more with the sun

are the ones that make

you not so much more with the sun

it’s just the

varieties that developed near around the equator

where there was a longer

cycle our more innocence

cycle and in a

sense to be

grown in america they have to be

grown indoors yep

and then what happened is the hippies in a

sense started

breeding this afghan with all of

their tropical varieties

and through the 80s we kind of

developed this one hit wonder pot

that took away

all that good energy and took away all that

and now for me i always

smoke haze i like

super silver haze and nl

for people who don’t

understand what you’re saying haze means sativa

in a sense it does in the

sense our terminology of sativa but sativa really means

most useful

but the way okay that’s true but

that’s not how it’s used



indica and sativa

is how it’s used sativa is the heady

more you know trippy

spaceweed and

indica is couch high energy

this is my whole

point in the beginning was

i did not know there was two different types

of pot i thought pot was pot and then all pot had a

similar effect some pot may be

stronger than

other pot but it’s

basically all pot you’re gonna

smoke pot you’ll either get really high or what

but it’s not the same

it’s not even remotely the same there are two different


and almost everyone is used to

indica because

indica is the easiest shit to grow

and because the shit

that you know you’re getting if you’re getting it from

you know some dudes are

coming down from you know they’re in canada growing in

those commercials

brickweed it

grows the fastest and yields

the most and

now that we’re getting through prohibition we’ll see

these varieties

that take longer and

yield less but

have a profoundly different

effect on our energy

and our thinking

and our movement exactly so how is it

wrong what i was saying

well it’s not sativa everybody’s

calling it sativa but sativa really means hemp

it’s indo european hemp variety

right but we’ve decided

we haven’t names though

but everyone universally

in the pot community they’re looking at two different

things indica and sativa that’s what they called it

right that’s universally in the pot community

they’re all just a

noise you make with your

mouth to describe something

absolutely okay but

we’ll be making different

things we’re not

gonna call it to

tv and look at

what’s we want

to fuck out of

people that’s what it is

right now we look we

look what am i

gonna call it reality

california’s not that

developed hive weed

and couchweed what do we call

it we’ll call it names like you know

arrowhead or you

know avion or whatever we’re calling that

water at the time we don’t really go

give me a bottle of

water when we’re sitting in a five star

no i say bottled

water what am i a fucking

water connoisseur

and now i just want

water okay now trip on this the same way

right now you walk up to a weed

counter it’s almost like the same

thing because

you can’t make distinguishes

like you do liquor

and when you walk up to

a bar you know the difference between wine and whiskey

and if somebody you ought a

whiskey and they hand you wine you’re

gonna be like yo douchebag this isn’t what i asked for

right but when i go to the now

store i say hey

where’s your sativas

oh we got jack

cleaner we got

trainwreck or give me some of that

trainwreck and then

that’s what

we do but technically all drug varieties are

indica what

no there’s two different

types though when you go to indica

when you go to

india and you get

indica and it’s from go

india india

suck my dick

there’s two different

experiences we’ve broken

this down for

people don’t know look

practical knowledge this is very important

what all he’s saying is all nonsense

there’s two different


there’s the

couchweed and there’s the weed that makes you

think about the universe and want to be creative

so that’s sativa

that’s what they call it the indigo

shit is og kush

you know i’m

gonna take a nap and eat cheetos all day that’s

what they say

oh gee grows very much like a sativa

just so you

know it’s long and leggy and grows tall and has

small buds and

right i hate

to break that feeling

different it’s a more potent

version of it but you want

to know what’s weird

my hays my sativa

you’re calling it came back at

237 thc and my og cush

indicate call it

came back at 206

there was a 31

difference in

stage right

but aren’t there a

bunch of different

things cannabinoids

other than thc that make up the high it’s not just thc

well actually i think that

there was a doctorate

by the way we should

point out that todd knows a shit

where’s your book

before we go any

further like who’s this guy

talking all this

shit about weed

well there was a doctor

at the infant faggot

what does he know this is what he knows bitch

he’s got a book

how to grow a medical marijuana

out of europe

oh i’m right here no no

i came back it’s on a delay

this is a book

how to grow medical marijuana and it’s not in

print right now

right no to get it you go to amazon com

and maybe get a used copy

yes probably do that right yeah

my next book grow

medicine is

gonna come out and i’m

gonna be talking about

strain specific growing

yeah you can

write a lot

of books on growing weed it’s very complex isn’t it

it is and there’s a lot of

differences when people try to say oh

generalizes how you grow pot you can tell they’ve

never grown pot

because pot is very different to grow

go ahead i was gonna say

this is a question i need answered because i do not

understand it now

there’s a female

plant and a male plant and

you need the female

plant is where the

medicine comes from

where weed comes from

right there so you

need a male

he’s in both

right but they become

one or the other like you have to get the males out

explain what happens like how it pollinates

males are sex

much like men in an irony you’ll find

funny is that normal with other

plants by the way

some plants are either

diatious or have both sexes on one

plant cannabis

actually can be both

cause it does some

aphrodite and

sometimes spews on itself so you get a male you

gotta get it out of there

right males actually

create their pollen

sacs faster than the females actually develop

their buds and in hemp for instance the males

pollinate and then die off

early and the

roman catholic

church miscategorized the male and female

plants even though the female had the seeds

and even though the male blew the pollen

they didn’t like that the male died off early

so they called

the male the female and the female the male

whoa yeah they were

heavy they were

heavy into their dogma

you know can’t

can’t can’t

rattle their cage

that’s the way

cannabis works so how do you tell so if you grow

say if you’re growing a

bunch of wheat plants

you have to keep an eye on them

bitches because if they all they’re all males just like

certain leaves it’s like a little tiny

right it’s not

leaves what they do is they develop

these little they develop

these little male

pollen sacs if you will

and what they do is they come

off the flower different they come off the plant and

they hang like little ball sacks

and they open up and

then the pollen

this is a male flower open

the pollen is

carried to the

if you’ve ever seen little red hairs on your pot

those are the sex glands

and they are what they don’t get

you higher at all

what the red the yeah the red hair

doesn’t get you higher at all well the red hair

doesn’t have crystals on

right you know they just have

these like non

glamulous stuff it

looks cool though so you get some weed and you’re like

red hair red hair scum

cause it’s not what you want yeah and it’s funny

cause it’s so pretty and well when that male pollen

hits those pistols what it does is it

causes that

to fertilize and the seed grows in that little

pod and if she

doesn’t get

fertilized that

pod just gets

swells and swells and swells

and the resin develops deeper

that’s why we grow seedless cannabis because it’s like

tricking the female

into like really producing a lot of resins and a lot of

you know just she’s waiting waiting waiting to be

fertilized it

never comes so it makes it more potent

well you know potency i

think is an interesting

conversation there was a doctored institute of

medicine who

got up one day and he said i gave my patients 10

milligrams thc

and they had a

known effect and then i gave him 10

milligrams thc and one

milligram cbn and it

doubled the effective dose

and i shot my hand up and i said hey

would that replicate in nature and he said i

think it would

and when i put my hand down

my publisher said what did you two geeks just ask each

other and i said

basically he told me to

breed hemp in with my drug varieties

because cbn for instance is a chemical that’s mostly

found in hemp

and as we have bred away from the characteristics of

these equatorial varieties that are more hemp like

we have actually bred more towards the drug varieties

and we’ve lowered the chemical

of cbn down

while raising thc up

with less of an effective rate

so now we have thc

levels over 20

that don’t hit us as hot as i believe

is if we had a little bit of cbn

mixed in with it

how many different

cannabinoids are there inside a marijuana plant

well there are over 400

chemicals created by the cannabis

plant and that’s the

definition of a cannabinoid

and the reality is is that 60 of them

known to be


you shits vibrate it’s okay

we’ll ignore it

coming through the

microphone and what’s

gonna happen is

that as science


these elements of it more

then they’ll be able to better

direct what the different chemicals and also

terpenes because

terpenes are

these volatile oils that are on the bud

and what happens is they’re kind of

steamed off when it’s

dried so if anybody’s ever picked up

cannabis flour

and it had good body and you squished it and had sled

moisture and you could

smell it was real

strong those

terpenes were intact

and that is a psychoactive effect

very much and

a synogistic psychoactive

effect so it’s not

good it’s good

over drying it bad joey

has like to take his weed

and put it on the heater

i put that shit on the heater

you know i do

i put that shit on the windowsill

and let it dry out

yeah perfect i put it sometimes i put on top of the tv

but the reality is is

because a lot of what he’s getting is people that are

hurrying to

market and they sell pot that’s not dry and not cured

the the best cannabis is actually not just

dried but cured

and then stored for

about three

months and then

the oil set up and they’re the smoothest

and then there’s a window of when

those cannabinoids actually keep themselves

which is between

three months and nine

months so after

that after nine

months you weed

starts to degrade chemically decompose

in a sense yes so old weeds

whack whatever what

about if you cook different how

about different

what if you cook with it

would feel like an old

chocolate bar

an old wheat chocolate

bar how long does that last if you have an old

wheat chocolate bar

older than nine

months and the

dairy product in it

would be moldy and you

would have other issues with chocolate

even if they’re

wrapped up chocolate they’re wrapped up

well not the kind that it depends on

me probably

ain’t no dane

i have some of those

old fucking nestle’s

quick bars that they made with weed

uh you know a lot of why

i don’t eat cannabis that’s provided to me by people is

cause i don’t know the

conditions in

which it’s made and i don’t

trust their

you know the way they handled it and

stuff and on

yet not just measuring cuz you don’t know how

strong it’s gonna be

interestingly enough you know in holland

like hash bond bonds and

brownies are considered a hard drug

totally verboten

yeah you can be 16 and go into a

dutch coffee shop by hash on your way to high

school and you cool

and this you can’t buy

brownies that you told me

about first you’re the

first person to tell me

about 11 hydroxy

that eating weed

eating weed when you eat weed it goes through your

liver and kidneys and actually turns a

chemical process and it turns the psychoactive chemical

thc into another chemical called 11 hydroxy metabol8

and that 11 hydroxy is too

to five times more psychoactive

than the canvas actually it’s

three to five times was the

estimate i saw out of the

university of


yeah i know

and you don’t get

thcv i mean

11 hydroxy in your

bloodstream when you

smoke cannabis

it’s such a different

experience and you and i were talking

about it one

night i don’t remember what the

context of the conversation was but it was probably i

ate something that was just too fucking strong

and you had to explain it

it’s so many people have had it and they’re like

i’m on acid or something it’s not

it does not feel like pot

and you’re not used to it because when you

smoke pot you’re only used to dealing with thc and

bloodstream and not tea

and not 11 hydrox so

different man

there’s nothing ari shafir

we were on a

we’re on a plane the

other day we were flying to austin

texas and ari

ate a cookie in his car on the way to the airport

and then he got there and you

know it takes an hour and 20 minutes or so to kick in

he got there we were on the

plane on the tarmac and he was seriously thinking

about telling him that they had to let him off the

plane cause he’s that high

was that high

oh i didn’t know

until we landed

some model did that the

other day i saw him really

well you know

dave chappelle did that too dave chappelle had a

panic moment on a

plane i gotta get off it

might have been that you know

that’s one of

those things that you wonder if you really

want to go with it though what if you get off the

plane the fog and then

crash as you both

thank you baby

jesus i’m not religious

no it would be a moment you know i

guess we’re

him parachutes

high as fuck son

would save george bush

that’s why father yeah right yeah

and the first

draft the declaration of independence was drafted

on him yeah

yeah this was an

integral part

of our history man and this is why i’m trying

to convince

people they need

it back yeah

they had no

other options

canvas was the only

thing they had

there was no cotton gin when she knitted the

first american flag you know we

we only need

look at our history’s timetable to realize what we were

using before the invention of some of

these things

this is all lost information

ladies and gentlemen and if you want to find out more

about this if

you’re really fascinated go pick up this book the

emperor wears no clothes

it’s the one that as we said was written by

our late friend

jack heror heror

is how you say it

right now yeah

think terror yeah hera

like terror he used to say his weeds

still available though but you know he was a serious

yeah you can

still buy a

strain is a

strain named

after him is there a

ton mccormick

strain out there

thank god no

no thank god no

thank god no

there’s a joe rogan out there there is

is it really can i get the

i don’t know

i don’t know

where it is

how about you make your own

i was just gonna

say i’m talking

about man fuck it

i’ll give you permission

me man this is

officially sanctioned joe rogan’s

train will be

created by todd mccormick

do you want to choose the

teva or indicus

teva son fuck

with a dope we

just a sprinkle of indica

yeah so sprinkle sometime makes you a little silly

this little sprinkle and

see what have you

tried to put this together

thank you everybody for

tuning into the podcast once again

thank you to the flashlight

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i don’t know why i hold this up i can’t

just say it i can just say it but i feel like it’s

right here i

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light there’s no

way it’s just all fuck

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i’ll tell you what’s up

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right of course

i went to prison

for five years so if you masturbate

but if you masturbate why

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these cause this

is masturbation i

could give you a long

list of reasons it just popped

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you fucking

the top of it

shoot it oh you just

or you shoot it on

your face you do whatever you want to

shoot on your face i like you think brian

place out with a song what’s the song

brian this is called walking on a dream by embarassing

thank you everybody for

tuning in we may or may not be doing one of

these on thursday

maybe do it with you on my website

yes send them to

empiremedia com hempire that’s what an h hem pir

you can find him on twitter hempiremedia

for the folks that aren’t

watching this right now on the

you stream empire media on twitter atm pre

media and of course

brian is red band and i am just my name joe rogan

thank you very much and

thanks for tuning in

may see you guys on thursday if not

as always i love you bitches

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