Not Past It - Introducing Not Past It

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Hi, I’m Simone polenin and I’m the host of a new weekly show from gimlet about history and wait.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait before you skip this.


It’s a history show.

Okay, but it’s not like a boring history show.

It’s called not past it.

And it’s all about the weird and interesting and crazy things that have happened in the past.


I’m not a historian or a scholar, but I am a writer, a filmmaker and, you know, All-American Girl.


Door Maxim Hometown Hottie type.

I’ve got a microphone, a decent internet connection.

And frankly a lot of questions.


Like what’s the deal with the alternative uses of cornflakes?

The rumor on the internet that it was created to prevent masturbation young men and why don’t we have an AIDS vaccine yet?

Oh, we think we have the vaccine this one on every single year 80. 86 87, 88, 89, 90 91, and none of it went anywhere.


And how does a baseball pitcher play the game of his career while tripping on acid my teammates.

They knew I was high but they didn’t know what I was hiring turns out the answers to these questions will tell us a whole lot about the world.


We live in today.

So every Wednesday, I’ll share a story from that week in history and Trace.

It’s the Ripple effects of how that story shaped our world in unexpected ways.

Let’s put a real history through history of our country.

On the cable, the good in the bed.


Not past it is out now, follow and listen for free.

Only on Spotify.

Okay, trailer over.

You can skip now.