Berkeley Haas - EWMBA Commencement 2021


distinguished guests members of the faculty and staff

family and friends of the graduates and members of the graduating classes of

2020 and 2021 on

on behalf of our esteemed faculty and staff i welcome you to the berkeley haas

evening and weekend mba commencement ceremony

i’m anne harrison dean of the high school it’s my duty and great pleasure

to officiate at today’s ceremony to our evening and weekend mba graduates

of the classes of 2020 and 2021 i welcome you to this wonderful hall

that provides a stage only for the most accomplished and celebrated minds from

all over the world people like yourselves

i congratulate you on your remarkable achievement you have completed your

master of business administration at one of the best business schools in the

world and we are incredibly proud of you

i would also like to take a moment to recognize the spouses the significant

others children extended family members and friends who

supported our graduates during what i imagine were the most challenging years

of their lives this is your graduation too

give yourselves a round of applause [Applause]

when you joined berkeley haas you joined a world-class institution at the

epicenter of innovation you were already accomplished

professionals before coming to haas but you decided to invest in yourselves to

become indispensable business leaders you did all this

while balancing your careers your family responsibilities and your personal lives

and suddenly your world was upended the global

pandemic disrupted your mba experience in the middle of your program and

classes shifted from in-person to remote instruction

in addition to grappling with this abrupt change at haas

you had to navigate through unexpected challenges among them were homeschooling

children caring for loved ones and making really

tough business decisions i know that this was not the experience

you had expected it’s not what we wanted for you either

yet in spite of these extraordinary challenges

you soldiered on you all embodied host defining

leadership principles the ethos that anchors and binds us

and i could not be more proud as a mother myself of two young women as

a professor and as a dean

i know firsthand what a huge emotional toll the pandemic has imposed on you our

students we get it

we see we saw the heartbreak on your faces even on zoom we all missed seeing

you in person getting to know you we all miss down on a lot of things over the

last two years but let me assure you what lies ahead of

you is not diminished in any way you have graduated with a degree in

business from the number one public university in the world

what you have learned will open new opportunities to you whether you move up

at your firm start with a new employer or create your own company what you make

of these tremendous opportunities is up to you

but remember you’re not alone look around at the wonderful classmates

sitting next to you they are your friends for life you have

joined a dynamic alumni network of over 40 000

haas graduate and over 500 000 berkeley alumni around the world

they will open doors for you if you just reach out

so lean on your haas community and

contribute to it come to reunion your first opportunity

will be april 29 2022

answer calls from prospective and current students who need your advice

lastly higher haas the more you connect

the stronger the network becomes

one of the great traditions at the high school is the selection of our

commencement speaker each year we call upon an individual of

uncommon distinction to address the mba graduating classes

someone who personifies our defining leadership

principles this year

we are delighted that the berkeley haas mba commencement speaker is such a

leader an amazing woman leila taroth is an outstanding and

authentic leader someone who truly knows and appreciates

talent she was a founding member of

where she added 250 employees to the team in one year she managed hr for

pete’s coffee and tea as it redefined its values as a national brand

today she is chief people officer at all birds

in san francisco so please join me in welcoming your fellow alum

leila turoff [Applause]

thank you so much for a kind and generous introduction and for the

opportunity to speak to the classes of 2020 and 2021

your families your friends and your loved ones it’s an incredible honor to

return to my alma mater as your commencement speaker

and it’s a true privilege to personally congratulate all of you on earning your

mba from haas and i’d like to pause just for a minute

and appreciate how seriously fortunate we all are to be here today and to be

associated with this world-renowned institution

aha’s degree is an instant signal to employers and colleagues that you bring

the value of a business school education that is both classic and modern

they’ll know you’re equipped with a deep understanding of all the critical

components of running a business they’ll know that you can talk

long-range plans and marketing mix that you can generate a swot analysis and

create proformas this is what you’ve gained through your

hard work here and i suspect classes 2020 and 2021 in

particular you’ve gained even more than the typical

cohort of high achieving haas graduates the skills and knowledge i’ve described

are a long-standing tradition of haas but you know what else is a

long-standing tradition fun

in addition to being rigorous business school is supposed to be fun

you’re supposed to have regular social opportunities go to strata for a cup of

coffee or go over to triple rock or the hotel durant

but let’s be honest you kind of got screwed on this front

after all i’m giving a commencement speech in the middle of october to two

graduating classes but given the mix of classes represented

today i know that some of you have had an entire school year online while

others only a few months no matter how

the pandemic has impacted your time at haas it’s impacted you

and none of you got the business school experience you were

expecting but this is why i think you will win out

in the end you got an excellent education

and a crash course in working and collaborating during a very tenuous and

uncertain time which likely taught you very personal and practical lessons of

the heart i didn’t learn these lessons until about

10 years after leaving haze i graduated in the middle of the first

internet bubble so opportunities abounded

i would go on to hold senior roles at and pete’s coffee as the

dean said and today i’m at all birds i’ve always loved that early to high

growth stage a little bit of a glutton for punishment

and thanks to haas i have the foundational knowledge to do well and

deepen my expertise there yet there was

an aspect of business where learning in a classroom can take people only so far

and that’s leadership the greatest professors of leadership

and many teach at this very school will expose you to a range of leadership

philosophies they’ll guide you through case studies of failed and successful

leadership and they’ll help you decide which

leadership approach is right for you but if you can’t learn in practice how

to lead with vulnerability and authenticity

your leadership knowledge will eventually prove no match for the raw

humanity of leading eventually every person in a leadership

and management role is confronted with the reality

that leadership without empathy and compassion

is really not leadership at all when i got out of haws i had not yet

learned this lesson it was at odds with how i was raised and

how i saw myself i had a black belt and putting my head

down and getting work done and what sent when setbacks arose and disappointments

came up as they inevitably do i would quickly transition my team towards

solution we’d push through whatever was in our way and we would always deliver

but what i didn’t do as well was to pause and check in with my team

i didn’t create space or time from my team’s emotional needs or mine quite

frankly because here’s the thing the thing i’m both ashamed to admit and

relief to state in the past tense i’d not yet learned to even recognize my

own emotional needs i lived life on autopilot focusing only

on outcomes if i wasn’t going to allow myself to

feel more difficult emotions i certainly was not going to have patience as others

sat in theirs strength was i was taught stealing

oneself from feeling any emotions in their realm of struggle or pain and

instead just pushing them down and plowing through

i’d live my life believing in this definition of strength

until life forced me to wonder if i’d been taught wrong

something i’ve learned is that eventually life will try to teach all of

us that true strength

only comes through vulnerability for me this lesson came

through the earthquake of losing my husband my father and my mother in a

span of few years and when life brings hardship so

monumental it becomes impossible to run from our feelings

yet as i’ve learned something beautiful something profound

something truly liberating can happen in these moments

they can crack our hearts open and with an open heart we approach every

encounter from a place of humanity vulnerability

fundamental respect and compassion through losses so close together i’d

finally gotten the lesson in vulnerability i could no longer ignore

i was forced to question many aspects of my life both personally

and professionally and i was finally able to see that my leadership and my

parenting were too lopsided and too focused on output

i could disregard the inputs those more humane and human considerations no more

so i began to embrace the inherent paradoxes of life i work to find balance

between emotion opposing dualities like tenacity and compassion

confidence and humility action and self-reflection

and empathizing and motivating this work has been hard but the payoff incredible

my professional relationships have gained an invaluable mix of safety and

intimacy that has empowered those on my team to excel

beyond my wildest dreams in other words

i learned how to lead in real life not just on paper

yes i got the much more typical hearts experience replete with those foggy late

night nights at triple rock i got the business school toolkit that

comes with this exception of exceptional foundation

and i got a great economy when i graduated one without the strange

uncertainty of a pandemic but you got so much more you got twice

as many tools in your kit the pandemic left you no choice but to

confront your more difficult feelings and to verbalize them

with your classmates and professors you were forced to leapfrog to intimate

conversations early on about the stress of being a student an employee a spouse

or partner while homeschooling kids or about the pain of chronic isolation

having a struggle to retain hope and motivation when you were devoid of

human interaction you had no choice but to

navigate the various emotional states of those in your cohort

and still function together to complete projects and meet deadlines

and you manage to achieve so much in spite of these unusual circumstances

my friends this is school learning plus life learning

this is the work of leaders

so much about life is learning to reframe

our most challenging experiences to glean them for learning

the losses we endure offer an opportunity to sit with

difficult feelings to process them and come out the other side stronger for

having given in to the vulnerability hardship can give way to tremendous

personal growth to a chance to build more resilience to

develop humility and learn to have compassion for ourselves and others

i have a feeling that you will look back on this time and see it for the

incredible opportunity for growth that it was

i expect you will feel in complete awe of all that you have achieved

against the backdrop of a pandemic and social unrest

and i suspect you might even be grateful for the exact business school experience

you got and that experience was academic

learning alongside life learning the head and the heart

in my career the biggest derailer i’ve seen

is when people can’t transition from being that individual rock star to the

generous leader who can bring out the best in others

for those of you who aspire to senior levels this is a must in the world we

inhabit today and you’ve already come to understand

this you leave haas already having learned

truths about leadership that most of us had to wait years to encounter

you’re already beginning to create your own leadership style

one that embraces dualities that brings the heart along with the head

as you reignite your career after haas you do so ahead of the curve of past and

future graduates for what you lost in the traditional

business school experience you’ve gained in in learning to bring

your heart and humanity to your classmates your work your colleagues and

most especially those you lead

in a moment where uncertainty continues to reign i am truly comforted knowing

that you all are our future leaders you’ve demonstrated incredible

resilience and have shown grace in the hardest moments

it’s clear that you have fully embraced haw’s four core leadership principles

congratulations classes of 2020 and 2021 i wish you all the best and remember

every setback every tragedy every heartbreak leaves

its gifts so long as you are willing to find and

embrace them please hold this truth close as you set

out to do great things thank you

thank you so much leila for that really powerful and really moving speech we

really appreciate it

i would now like to acknowledge the graduates of the

ew mba classes of 2020 and 2021 who have earned the honor of being named berkeley

haas beyond yourself fellows these students have completed 60 hours

or more of community service while completing their mba degrees

all beyond yourself fellows are listed on our commencement website

let’s give them a round of applause

so now let us turn to our evening and weekend mba class of 2020

you graduated during the pandemic and i’m sure your personal and professional

lives were turned upside down i applaud you for managing through this

uncertainty and leaning into the defining leadership principles to help

you navigate this new reality many of you went beyond yourself with

selfless acts of kindness others questioned the status quo and found new

ways to thrive in uncertain times all of you made us proud we would now

like to recognize the winners of the class of 2020 defining leadership

principal awards and the berkeley leader award

now as i announce the recipients of the defining leadership principal in

berkeley leah awards will they please stand and then i’ll ask you to all hold

your applause until i’ve read through all the names so i’ll start with

question the status quo this award recipient champions bold

ideas takes intelligent risks and accepts sensible failures he speaks his

mind even when it challenges convention and that individual is bruce hillman

okay bruce asked pointed questions in class

he didn’t water down his commentary to try to make more friends

he’s looking to shake up haas mba financing by raising a 2020 ewmba

venture fund confidence without attitude this award

recipient makes decisions based on evidence and analysis and leads through

trust and collaboration and that individual is jordan y oli is jordan why

why oli here no okay

so from day one of the program jordan was a clear leader he’s naturally

magnetic and he builds trust with others through his humility and empathy jordan

served in the air force for five years and he radiance conf radiates confidence

but never ego

student always this award recipient strives to engage with others in

continuous pursuit of knowledge and growth

and that individual is janice shawn [Applause]

janice is constantly learning learning both in and outside of school

challenging herself to try new things she’s an amazing listener and friend who

travels often studies diligently learns about others cultures and is always

asking questions beyond yourself this award recipient

leads ethically and responsibly and often puts larger interests above her

own and that is shannon elliott


shannon has made substantial contributions to the haas community by

serving on the ew mbaa team serving as social chair and leading your class gift


berkeley leader this award recipient demonstrates sharing our defining

leadership principles aspiring to live our principles and put them into

practice sean lee i know sean is here

sean has created a community at haas with the creation of the one haas

podcast that has grown to include here at haas featuring current haas students

congratulations to you all

it is my pleasure now to present the class of 2020 outstanding academic

achievement awards the academic achievement award is presented to the

student or students with the highest gpa of the class

for the class of 2020 we had a tie both with a 3.9


they are cody cusick

[Music] and jordan y oli

congratulations cody and jordan

now we will hear from the graduating student who was selected by her

classmates to represent the evening and weekend mba class of 2020

cat clark

cat has been very active holding multiple vp positions both in the ew mba

association and in the haas education club she’s been a trusted leader with

her classmates going beyond herself as a conduit of information between the

students and administration something she still continues to do

to this day cat


i just want to take a moment to drink this in so

we finally made it we did it we’re here

i’m grateful to be here with the class of 2020

and the class of 2021 congratulations to you all

way back when during our first semester we took micro

economics many of us had professor max offimer

who at the end of the course gave us a list of key takeaways

these were the things he wanted us to remember years later if everything else

became a hazy memory as he put it this one page list included things like

opportunity costs where you should always weigh a choice you’re making

against what it is you’re giving up and how sunk costs don’t matter

at the bottom of the page he wrote a final note in italics

economic efficiency is not the only thing that matters

economics is a set of tools not a set of values

economics gives you tools to accomplish your goals in an efficient way

use the tools to serve your goals and values

so we had just spent all this time learning about arbitrage

and how to anticipate our rivals responses

and our professors last words to us were about serving our

values too often we feel that we work for a social impact organization or that

we don’t that we either work for a non-profit or

for a benefit corporation or we’re just off the hook from social

impact but no matter where we work we can

always lead with our values we always have that choice

later in the program many of us took negotiations

with professor holly shroff she shared a slide early in the course

on negotiation myths these included the myth that negotiation

always involves a winner and a loser also that negotiation solves conflict

she would say that negotiation oh that negotiation solves conflict not that it

involves conflict she’d also say that experience is a good

teacher is a myth of negotiation it turns out experience is only a good

teacher if you get feedback the number one negotiation miss she

called out is this the myth that there must be a winner and

a loser instead she taught us how to find shared

value in a negotiation

to focus on value creation essentially if you feel you’ve lost in a

negotiation with me then we’ve both lost in a best case scenario it’s a both and

situation not an either or

we stop arguing over how we’ll split a tiny pie and we go out and find a bigger

pie expand the pie she would say

the last experience i want to speak to is one we’ve shared that’s a little less

tangible we experienced it at football games

and during orientation skits and at parties together

on trips and at raleigh’s and during our mid-program academic retreat

it’s called collective effervescence and it’s been missing from our lives for

the past couple of years it’s that feeling in those moments when

we’re with a group of people and we know in our bones that we’re part of

something bigger like when we’re dancing together and a

bollywood song comes on and all of a sudden we’re part of this glowing circle

of people spinning and twirling and clapping

it’s that magic feeling adam grant wrote about collective

effervescence earlier this year he said you can feel depressed and anxious alone

but it’s rare to laugh alone or to love alone

joy shared is joy sustained can take the joy that we’ve shared here

at haas and use it to propel us forward our collective effervescence is more

powerful than any roadblock will hit in business or in life

let’s hold fast to our individual goals and values

but also to the value that we create together

thank you

thank you so much kat i love that collective ever

effervescence i have to practice that um we need more of that clearly i need to

practice more of it um thank you um and now we turn to the evening and

weekend mba class of 2021

[Applause] you have spent the second half of your

mba program studying remotely working remotely taking meetings by zoom

and then studying remotely at night or over the weekend it’s not for the faint

of heart but you persevered and you made it work

showing the kind of confidence that doesn’t require the attitude you

nourished your connections to your classmates and you built a community

that will serve you for a lifetime some of you went above and beyond even

those tremendous challenges now we recognize these fearless leaders

with our defining leadership principle and berkeley leader awards so again i’ll

ask those of you who are named to please stand and if you could try to hold your

applause until the end i realized it didn’t quite work the

first time around so

we’ll start with the award for question the status quo

the award for this

question the status quo quo goes to alisa

faralli [Applause]

elisa made the school fit for her she took her time to get the education

she needed and wanted from berkeley haas we’re really proud of you elisa for

making the school work for yourself thank you

the next award goes for confidence without attitude

the recipient for this award is kate hughes

kate set an example of how to effectively manage competing priorities

while still being a leader to her classmates

she served as vp of incoming student experience

alumni relations and also class of the 2021 gift campaign

she was also the gsi in two courses all while working

full time the next award student always

this award recipient strives to engage with others in continuous pursuit of

knowledge and growth this award goes to lindsay hall

is lindsay here no okay lindsay not only founded a company

to create a sustainable future for food delivery during her mba but she had to

learn to pivot during the pandemic in order to make her vision

come true the next award is for beyond yourself

this award recipient leads ethically and responsibly and often puts larger

interests above her own

the re this award goes to kyle cook

kyle served in many roles in the ew mbaa leadership including on the executive

board he connected students to the faculty and the administration and he

provided numerous opportunities for students to help shape the future of

berkeley the next award berkeley leader this

award recipient demonstrates sharing our defining leadership principles aspiring

to live those principles and put them into practice

that award goes to anna lee

anna has always carried herself with grace and she truly lives all of our

defining leadership principles out loud she’s been a leader and a model for her

fellow students since her first year as a cohort rep and she continues to be a

voice among the student body and for those of us who are in the

administrations now

congratulations to all our award winners

and now the academic achievement award for the

student with the highest gpa of the class of 2021.

this award goes to george pratten is george here no

okay george achieved a gpa he’s probably

working away somewhere he achieved a gpa of 3.936

congratulations to george

now we will hear from the graduating student speaker for the evening and

weekend mba class of 2021

kate hughes

kate was chosen to be the student speaker by her classmates because she

reflects the energy the enthusiasm and the leadership of this class

kate [Applause]

all right it’s good to see everyone in person

you know half your face at least we made it we have spent the last three

years building our brands as house leaders

as we began our program we branded ourselves axosky blue and gold

evening or weekend poet or quant we were explorers pivoters or advancers

molding ourselves to become the next generation of impactful leaders

all powered by grit a lot of coffee or in my case a lot of

wine and those delicious chocolate covered

almonds from the program office when mark would let us have them

we’ve lived by a set of defining haas

principles that are unique to this group we’ve embodied confidence without

attitude we’ve questioned the status quo

we’ve been students always and we’ve gone beyond ourselves

all while pushing one another to grow in our own leadership identities

we begin this journey each carrying a unique set of brands and labels

influenced by our gender our ethnicity our families

and our lived experiences these brands make up our identities

the core of who we are as individuals who will be in the future and how we’ll

tell our story to the world and while we arrived here a very diverse

group we leave here today with one identity

that we now all share we are haas graduates

we are mbas

many of you guys know me as someone who’s been very hyper involved in this

program as my parents would probably say probably to my own insanity

uh but i don’t think a lot of people know that i never really thought i would

be here to begin with i didn’t come from you know an ivy

league education i spent five and a half years trying to

finish undergrad and community college and state college

i didn’t work for apple or google or you know one of the big four i worked for a

small firm that no one had ever heard of and don’t even get me started on how

awful i did on the quant section of the gmat

i wasn’t all of the things that i thought a top 10 nba candidate should be

so when by some miracle i ended up here thanks to whoever in the admissions team

thought that was a good idea uh i i definitely had like the little fish and

the big pond syndrome going but what i’ve come to find is that haas

leaders share a brand that is completely our own

in fact i asked a lot of our students when i was writing this speech if they

could describe a host leader in one word and i heard over and over again

compassionate grounded

empathetic genuine

selfless and humble and those aren’t usually the first words

that someone uses when you think about a leader or you try and describe it in one

word but they show just what makes the identity of a haas mba so distinctive

we focused our higher education on tapping into both the heart and the mind

of the leader we’ve been allowed to embrace the idea

that it’s not just what we do that will determine how we’re remembered

but how we make people feel we’ve been pushed to lead with

authenticity harnessing our unique experiences and world views to foster a

different way of creative thinking

and we form these leadership identities under one of the craziest times ever and

we’re emerging today more resilient empathetic and inspired than we’ve ever

been before and now we have an opportunity to

leverage the privilege that is this mba to make a profound impact on the future

of those around us in this moment right here at graduation

today we have an opportunity to choose the brand of leader that we want to be

moving forward leaders who are compassionate

authentic and empowering one of my mentors told me recently that

you are more than you can even imagine and you can overcome anything

as we step into this new chapter of our lives today

i challenge you to become more than you can even imagine

i challenge you to embrace everything we’ve learned here at haas to create a

new brand of leader one who can make a profound positive

impact at a time in our country and our planet needed the most

now this wouldn’t be an mba graduation if i didn’t end my speech with some

famous ceo quote so i’ll leave you with uh jeff bezos said

that your brand is what people say when you leave the room so as we leave this

room today let’s make sure that people say phenomenal things

thank you

thank you so much kate i think we should take a moment to applaud one more time

all our speakers [Applause]

so the moment that you have all been waiting for has arrived

we will now recognize the evening and weekend program candidates for the

classes of 2020 and 2021 for the degree

master of business administration assisting me today will be mark grower

and flow director of academics for the evening and weekend program and

professors panos patatukas ganesh iyer and rebecca portnoy


there we go

yeah that’s great

you ready

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dongji wong [Applause]

jack cow [Applause]


mohitwani [Applause]

daniela zhang [Music]


you hung you [Music]

guangzhou [Applause]


dong liu [Applause]


nima sherpa [Music]

jason kim [Applause]

benjamin u

brian tales

rory stanton [Applause]

fyodor kula [Applause]

john marco


gavillion aish rajamani [Music]


venkatesh ire

ryan colligan [Applause]

nick craig [Applause]

saurabh shah [Applause]

kyle reigns [Applause]

john u

leila nazimi [Applause]

carolina roller [Applause]

bessie wang [Music]


joe castilloni [Applause]

[Music] phillip chen


nadja yacker [Applause]

nathan hannah


david daitang [Applause]

kyle cook [Applause]

shannon elliott


cody cusick [Applause]

elisa farrelly [Applause]


janice shone [Applause]

[Applause] [Music]

cat’s clark

kate hughes [Applause]

anna lee [Applause]

sean lee [Applause]


we’re done [Applause]


at this time will all the candidates for the degree

berkeley master of business administration from the evening and

weekend programs please rise


by the virtue of the authority vested in me

by the president of the university of california and the chancellor of uc

berkeley i grant you the degree

master of business administration

you may now switch your tassels to the left

[Applause] please be

seated it is now official all of the graduates here have commenced

a new lifelong relationship with the high school and berkeley as alumni

we welcome you to this new distinction before i bring the ceremony to a close i

want to invite you all to join us for the commencement reception in the haas

courtyard we are full of pride at your achievement

today and we eagerly anticipate your great

accomplishments in the future congratulations thank you for coming and

this commencement ceremony is concluded [Applause]


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