How to form questions in English (easily!) with "QUASM" | Espresso English Podcast

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Are you wondering how to form questions in English with correct grammar? Well today I’m going to teach you a simple method for asking questions in almost ALL the verb tenses!

I think you’ll find this lesson very helpful, and I’ve made a free lesson guide available for you to download. It also includes a quiz so you can practice forming questions. 

All right, let’s take a look at this question formation formula. I like to remember it with the acronym QUASM, and that stands for

  • QU estion word
  • A uxiliary verb (also called the helping verb)
  • S ubject
  • M ain verb

Reported questionsindirect questions, and subject questions also do not follow QUASM. Click on each link for my lesson on those topics!


Now you know how to make questions in English! Try the quiz on the next page to test yourself.


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