Bonus-wag: Q&A with 2 Pauls, 1 Stephen | Paul Giamatti’s CHINWAG with Stephen Asma

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Recorded live at the Murmrr Theater in Brooklyn, NY on Oct 17th with the incomparable Paul Rudd.

Chinwag’s studio audience jumps in on the action with their burning questions. More in-depth answers about fears, recurring dreams, pretend play and how improv plays a role in one’s success.

Plus: Does I Love You Man mirror real life? And what’s its connection to Only Murders in the Building? Which Paul is actually a fan of the Almond Joy? What are Rudd’s favorite tunes from his Bar Mitzvah DJ days? And after retirement, would either Paul consider a career as a professional team mascot?

It’s all in this Bonus Chinwag. And stay ‘til the end to learn Paul Rudd’s favorite social media meme!

Paul Giamatti is an award-winning actor and producer. Stephen Asma is a professor and author specializing in the philosophy of science, religion, and art. Paul Rudd is a beloved actor and comedian whose held a variety of odd jobs, including glazing hams at the Holiday Ham Company in Overland Park, KS and working as a DJ at Bar Mitzvahs.


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