First Rule of Republican Fight Club | Pod Save America

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It’s apparently Fight Club week on Capitol Hill. GOP Representatives are bidding farewell to decorum and possibly their own sanity as multiple almost-fights break out in Congress. Meanwhile, MAGA Mike Johnson gets his government funding bill passed in both the House and the Senate without any major cuts to spending or fulfilling any of his far-right fantasies. George Santos is no longer running for reelection as a House Ethics Committee investigation finds he spent campaign funds on Botox, Sephora runs and… Only Fans. Plus, Biden is getting advice from progressives about how to campaign on the economy and the New York Times says Trump may be more resilient than other Republicans when it comes to messaging on abortion. Finally, John Della Volpe, pollster and author of “Fight: How Gen Z is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America,” joins to talk about the President’s struggle with younger voters.