GBF- Will Anderson, Juju Gotti, Ekeler, Boselli | The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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(0:00) Juju Gotti joins Stugotz, Mikey and Billy to recap TNF’s multiple injuries and the Stugotz of sideline reporters. (8:38) Will Anderson believe his QB should be Rookie of the Year and MVP. (19:53) Chris Simms isn’t out on Josh Allen and has interesting interception stats in regards to the top QBs in the NFL. (39:22) Stu Ya Gotz. (44:16) In an unexpected twist Austin Ekeler has a pitch for the guys. (1:02:32) Tony Boselli and Mike Golic share their thoughts on Mikey A. not using his sideline pass. (1:23:53) Gordie is 4 days sober and has his Uber driver make some picks with him. (1:33:49) Juju has the lock of the week and may have a new role on the show! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit