Rituals - E1 • When Witches Brewed Weather


Imagine having the ability to create winds, storms and cold weather that could destroy fields of crops.

Sounds pretty darn evil.

It sounds pretty darn badass as someone who lives for the theatrics.

Controlling weather and destroying crops for the sheer Whimsy.


The of it all sounds right on par extremely Whimsical tornado coming through.

Well, the idea of whether witches or people who could harness the elements, like that seems far-fetched and yet we still use a groundhog to predict the length of winter.

I don’t know if you heard of him, but he tells us how long it’s going to be cold and snowy.


So I know him Punxsutawney big p, but yeah, I do love that.

We’ve decided that people surely can’t control whether for The Whimsy, but pucks TP.

Mr. Philip.

He is rodent, he knows.

You doing nothing, but when Z talk about theatrics?


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer and I’m M Schultz every week.

We will explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impacts on Modern culture.


I’m going to be telling you am a little bit about the weather which is you know, we’ve talked about so many so many spooky things.


We’ve talked about Witchcraft and a lot of different ways and in the last several years never once.

Have I heard of weather which is I don’t know where I’ve been this whole time.

I don’t either I learned so much from this research and I cannot wait to tell you all about it because I think we are gonna you know, click with this one.


I think we’re going to, we’re going to Vibe with it.

Oh, yeah, so let’s crack into it.


Thanks, by the way, for taking my line on us.

Let’s crack into it.

You know, I just felt right.

So, I just did it.

Yeah, but usually I feel like it feels right to you to just, you know, upstage me wherever you can take your content.

That’s exactly right.

And on that note.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about whether, which is M.


So historically weather, which is were actually called Tempest re and that basically means someone who claimed or was Accused of important distinction.

Having the ability to harness the natural elements.

So Tempest re kind of a fancier name.


There’s two eyes at the end of that.

Oh my God, that’s you dramatic.

You know, it’s an old word to the two eyes.

You don’t do that anymore, right?

That’s some Latin getting involved.

I’m glad you said okay.

I didn’t know if you I don’t know if there’s like a Latin or something else and I didn’t want to be the person to like state which language it was fun fact.


I also don’t know.

So we’re going to find out together on Twitter when If you look up, okay true, but basically the idea is that they can control the weather with spells with rituals that kind of thing.

And this reminds me.

I don’t know if you have experience with this but as a kid growing up in the midwest snow days were extremely important part of the winter months during school, and we would try everything.


We could to attempt to control the weather and create a snow day.

Did you?

I did.

What was your ritual that you did?

I get it.


What was your like snow day ritual?

Yeah, we had a few.

So there was the classic.


Well, I don’t know if it’s classic, but it’s classic in my area of like, wearing your pajamas Inside Out flushing.

The toilet.

Three times was one that was when I heard about, but like other other towns did that, like that we were seeing some of, you know, we were like we were you instead, we did a little dancing around on the bed.



That was a big thing.

Spinning in circles, which I may be the toilet is what took care of that for you.

Some that you were above flushing the toilet, but then you spun in circles on the bed just interpretive dance to toilet, you know, just kind of kept going well for what it’s worth.


My mother really still complains to this day because she was like, you were just wasting water.

You were up there just like flushing the toilet over and over again.

We can imagine if you were a parent with like a wonky toilet, you know, and like, if it got flash too many time lows, you did cause a storm.


It was just one in your home, you know, because a very local, a hyperlocal.


Yeah, but I think the logic I mean when I say logic I use that term very Loosely but the logic quote-unquote was that it would if everyone flushed the toilet at 9 p.m.

So it would like back up the sewer or something, you know, like a Google alert or something for 92 we never it was kind of like a clock.



I don’t know what to tell you why.

We never had an alarm for that specific time.

It was kind of a, if I’m doing it, when I feel it you do and you feel it.

And universally we will all build.

Old up the energy that causes years was much more interpretive.

Ours is very strict but saline and at my friends and I used to write poems, we this is a thing that we do.


But to snow listen, what we wrote poems to Santa what happens.

Hey god, it worked.


I don’t know what to tell you.

It worked.

We wrote poems to the snow, and then we danced around, interpretive dance.


And then we tape the poems to the window.

Okay, this is getting About really getting.

It sounds like a music video.

I like it.

Sounds like we got third grader tried to make a music video and be really deep.

So okay.

So it works.

I’m congratulations.

It worked and I feel like the fact that I went to Catholic school if they knew about this maybe it wouldn’t have flown because I’m going to tell you about the Catholic church has feelings about whether witches, and I feel like if my Catholic School growing up had known, I was behaving in this way.


They might have not allowed me to come in anyway, so it’s really resonating with me is what I’m trying to say.

I see and is what you’re getting at this, this thing that even we did as kids probably goes all the way back to weather which has all the way back.

And when I say all the way, I mean to the early medieval period, all the way all the way.


So the earliest literary reference was published in the 9th century.

That’s how long ago.

This was and Catholic parishioners were big Believers back then, so parishioners believed the weather which has worked in cahoots with a mythical race.

Get this of cloud dwellers called McGowan ins.


You had me at, Hurts, but I allowed the rest of that sentence.

But okay.


Cloud dwellers, again.

I’ve never heard of makoni ins before.

Where have I been?

I know, I where have you been?

Where have we been?

So they thought the megarians paid the Tempest, re the weather, which is to conjure a storm and then they’d come down from the clouds and steal the corn from the fields like while the storm was happening.


Sorry, so, sorry.

So they had to wager a deal and then jump out of clouds for corn.

Well, I mean, you heard You heard Cahoots, right?

They were in cahoots.

Okay, but here’s my okay.

There’s a lot of things.

First of all, very few things.


I would jump out of the sky for corn is not even barely on that list.

But like it’s not even the number one crop.

I would jump out of a sky for like, what are they eating up in the clouds?

Were there?

Like I gotta get corn and I will I’ll make whatever bargain I need to with which has to get out plummet to Corn that to plumb it down.


There’s creamed corn.

There’s corn on the cob.

I don’t know if you want me to list corn foods, but I played it a lot of options.

Okay, but here’s some more options here.

You know, what crop?

I would do some pretty dangerous things for, tell me potatoes, UK.

There’s a lot more types of potatoes and there are types of corn.


Now, we’re talking, I don’t know, a single person who’s like, oh my God corn.

I would just absolutely Skydive for corn.

Like and also like make weird like behind the scenes deals, with other groups of people.

People to cause I don’t know.


What are they felonies?

Maybe or something do something risky?

Why am I including more people in this just for corn?


What I wish I could tell you but really, their priorities must have been different from yours is all I can say, I’ve talked too long about this.

So please continue, but I gotta say, I’m confused.



Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but this was the many, many centuries ago and corn, I guess was a hot commodity hot commodity.

Yeah, so the meconium Would pay the weather, which is Condor storm.

And then they would come down.

Take the corn.

All right, the, The Tempest story would be paid.


It’s like a win-win and this is how the parishioners explained extreme weather.

That would wipe out their crops.

Oh, yeah, so it’s sort of like explaining what had happened and by that, I mean throwing the blame elsewhere.


The Catholic Church though.

Said, no way, they were like, witches aren’t real humans.


Don’t have powers like this and they definitely cannot influence the weather.



Again, if you don’t mean to keep interjecting here, however, Her like the Catholic church is like, we believe a lot of stuff.

The coin thing is a no go too far.

That’s 100% too far.


No, no.


So that this is a good point because in the 9th century, there was this letter.

This is one of my favorite parts of This research is that there’s this Arch Bishop of Lyon called a gabbard.

And he wrote a letter explaining like, how silly this idea was that people could control the weather and his letter was called against the foolish opinion of the masses about hail and Thunder.



Oh, I know dramatic, right?



Which is why I’m 100% on board.

Yes, so they were like, come on everybody.

Stop being so foolish.

There’s no witches.

There’s humans can’t control the weather.

Even though they stepped in and wrote this awesome letter.


They could not stop the belief in the people and it just grew stronger and stronger.

People kept throwing blame and by the mid 13th century, it was widely accepted that which has existed and we’re capable of causing physical harm to others.

And obviously control Natural Forces, IE the weather.


So of course when you believe someone is destroying your crops and thus your way of life, you need to punish them.

So Witch Trials began happening to try and stop anyone.

That was even suspected of being responsible for changes in the weather.

And this was real life.

I can’t believe something as simple as like, oh, crops equals there must be which is afoot.


I I mean, it could be anyone.

I it’s very it’s a very paranoid way of thinking but okay, whatever whatever they had.

My guess is terrible, all the way around so far to recap.

It does feel very paranoid, which I feel like is an obvious here that innocent people are just getting mmm grouped up an accused for I don’t this corn ordeal.


I suppose.

This idea is true.

This it’s always like you gotta blame somebody right?

Yeah, exactly.

And I guess back then they were just looking around and maybe they were in a bad mood that day and to start picking people.

I don’t know.

But they were like, And poor women look like they could use some more problems.


So right, kick them while they’re down.

That’s the way to go.

I can see the timeline forming for how other witches came to be the Tempest re going through all this trouble to help people, still corn, feels like a bit of a stretch to me but where it matters?


I’m understanding it seems like it’s such a distant piece of history that I’m mad.

I haven’t heard of it up until now I have a feeling I’m not gonna like It’s going now.

No story about people looking for which is has ever seemed to end.

Well, so whatever’s next, I don’t think I’m gonna like it.


Coming up will dig deeper into the stormy history of weather witches and those trials and executions.

I mentioned that ended up lasting for way too long.

Yeah, I can already tell where this is going.


So like I said, when we got into the mid 13th century, a lot of people were accepting.

The fact that witches were real and could influence the weather.

And so now we got people blaming them for crop destruction, followed by trials and executions.

So we went from like 0 to 60.



Wow quickly.

We went from like having fun joking about And to like now I really just want to like scream into a pillow.

So yeah, it got dark real fast.

So, of course it did.

So in a few minutes, I’m actually going to introduce to you.

Some of these people who are being accused of witches and by people, I mean, mostly poor or widowed women who decided they were I guess kind of just destroy crops, even though that like also hurts their way of living.


So I’m not really sure what the logic was there.

I hate to break this to you Christian, but not once has I have I sensed logic This full experience.

But yeah.

Hmm, if you’re going to be poor and or widowed and or have to take care of yourself for your own family and you’re struggling, why not destroy the very thing that you absolutely need to?


I don’t know.

Get back at surviving.

That’s I don’t understand.





Yeah, there’s corn here and I need it to live, but I know what I’ll do.

I’m expelled by Warren.


I’m gonna give it all away and probably be killed for it.


So around the same time, a fun fact, many.


And actually we’re getting blamed for being werewolves and cannibals.

So it’s not only these women that are being accused of Witchcraft.

But now the men are also in trouble because why not just group everyone together.

So it’s supernatural blame game in its Heyday.

I was going to say, you know in a really horrible way.


At least there’s finally a level of equality here where everyone’s being chased and hunted down for no reason.

No one is safe.

If there was a movie about this real, like all the women are being accused of which is all the men are being accused of werewolves are all running around.

And together, I would it would be very much my cup of tea until I realized that this is real life and it only contributes to the scream.


I’ll be having with my pillow later tonight.


No, I don’t like it.

Well, good news for you because we are going to be talking about werewolves in a future episode as well.

So you’re going to have to just hold the scream and so it’s take a deep breath because the screams going to continue.


Yeah, so there’s this book called The malleus maleficarum and it was published in 1484 and it became the definitive guide on how to handle.

Which is during this time, so it’s sort of like a guide book like for dummies, you know, which is for dummies, which by the way like the name.

Can you repeat the name?

The malleus maleficarum?


Yeah, that’s the sound of a book that only a villain owns Bible a.

So like sounds very magical just the the name of the book alone tells me that there’s some stuff in there.

I’m not going to be happy about.

I fully agree with you.

A 1484 is when this book was published and it was yeah.

Like a guidebook, how to handle which has gave specific guidelines about how suspected witches could be.


Questioned yikes, okay.

Until they confessed to their crimes and then how to sentence them.

So basically how to punish them.

Once they confess to their crimes quote-unquote and how to on the live them as that we’re getting.




I mean, you know, persecutions Witch Trials executions all kind of rolled together.

So the largest period of which persecutions happen between the mid-sixteenth century to the end of the 18th century a little long for my liking but yeah.

I think there we have it 60 Minutes of it was like going to be too much.


Let alone like a century and a half the quick.

Our of it was like enough.


It’s no coincidence that the more severe weather was happening and killing crops than the more Witch Trials were being held especially in Europe.

So it was like any time, the weather got really bad again, the blame just escalated and kind of, you know, circled the cycle.


Can you imagine just living in a place that just happens to have bad weather.

Imagine living in like Seattle, like Like, I don’t know, every woman there should would have to be terrified.

I mean, I think Seattle was like really around in the mid-sixteenth century, but not in the way it is today.


Anyway, whatever the Seattle equivalent was back.

Then I feel horrible for those people.

I don’t know.

Like who wasn’t there somebody to be like, hello?

Ding dong, it’s me.

Yeah, somebody smart.

Can you stop doing this?

I wrote a big book about it, wasn’t this a big time for like, philosophers, like where?


Where where was everybody?

It was a Heyday for those philosophers.

Everyone was on like a Spring retreat or something.

Like I like, no one.

I don’t know what enough about what the world was like, but I feel like there should have been a stage, someone could have stood on and be like a voice of reason, you know, someone who could, you know, stand up and just say like I don’t think they’re totally on par here, but you know what?


I bet the second someone said that they were against what everyone believed they would just The, which, I mean, that’s true.

And the weird part two is like, if they’re not listening to the Catholic Church, whose like mmm.


Where the boss?

There is no witches and everyone’s like, hmm.

Usually we do whatever you tell us, but this time we’re not going to listen, like I guess there was just no hope for these philosophers either.


Wow, a real pickle.

I mean, I really fucked up Pickle but like a pickle.

Nonetheless, a pickle nonetheless.

So of course, all this blame was being pointed at mostly women, but I’d like to introduce you to some of these so-called Witnesses.

Witches that were being persecuted, so I’m going to introduce you to a couple of them.


Whew, okay.

So the accused included a Danish woman, her name was good.

Spend Amaya sound good.

Good job.

It sounds great.

Yeah, I got something I could say good for you.

Her witch trial happened in 1543 and was one of the earliest trials recorded.


She was blamed for Danish warships, not having enough wind to sail during battle.

So sorry.

Yeah, I can imagine if people came to you today and they were like, So our ships, they’re not going the way we want in a war that you’re not even participating in, right?


Gotta go.

Christine, like what it’s your fault, just fall looking for.

It’s not even looking for reasons at this point.

It’s just declaring anything.


It’s like making anything up and of course, because they decided it was her fault.

The ships were not going fast enough.


They tortured her until she confessed.

And once she confessed classic there.

Like, see, we told you, she did it, and she was burned at the stake.

So, God, a lot of people in Denmark, unfortunately, celebrated the which executions and historians estimate that around, 250, alleged Danish, witches, alone were executed during the 1600s, and that’s just the ones that were executed.


Oh my God.


There were also a group of women called the women of Bavaria, which interestingly sounds like a group, my mother belongs in being from the bury herself.

Like all the women of the Feria, that’s me.


And then I read the rest went, never mind.

I don’t, I don’t think I want to be part of this.

So there were 63 Bavarian, women, who were executed as witches between 1589 and 1591 and they had been blamed for severe storms that had damaged crops.

So in 1594, which was four years after the witch trials, ended a judge requested, an eternal pillar, be erected to commemorate The Witch Hunt because the Fist had finally returned to normal.


So just to clarify, it wasn’t like.

Oh we’re gonna raise a pillar in memory of the people.

We like just horribly treated lessly Kill Ya.

It was sick like celebrating.

Thank God that worked.


And now we have all that corn back.


Oh, that’s how ingrained this was, you know, and all because like there was a perception that women were powerful, not to take it there.

But like, you know what, it’s very valid point.

Like, oh a woman intimidates, you which dead.


What does that tell you?

A woman is slowing down the worship.

So we lost that war.

Well, guess she did, it single-handedly.

I mean, if I weren’t in control the worships like you’d think he’d try to harness that.

Do, you know, when we could like win the war?

I don’t really get fired up about toxic masculinity.


Now, if we want to, but we are going to quickly skate on but we could women apocryphal bada-bing bada-boom.

Keep going Christine.

All right, speaking of women being powerful.

The third person I want to tell you about is Catherine Grady.


So Catherine she was on a ship sailing to Virginia.


In 1654 when a storm nearly caused the ship to sink.

This is terrible because she’s trapped on the ship and other people decide, they Point their fingers at Catherine and say you are a witch.

She caused this Storm and the captain agreed and she was hanged for witchcraft.


Yeah, they just picked a random person who’s going through the same thing.

They were.

And it’s terrible because I mean, like I said, the often times it was women who were, you know, in poverty or who were, you know, unmarried or who were different.

And so, they were targeted the outcast, or misunderstood or something, right?


Except for all, we know, like she just like, didn’t wave back one morning and there were like, oh well, she caused the whole ship to almost.

Sighs and including her own death, but like yeah, doesn’t matter.

She should smile more.

So I think that she’s, she’s probably the one tipping over our ship.


I want to go punch a wall.



Okay, so she was hanged for witchcraft.

She was hanged, Christine these women deserved so much more those examples alone.

I’m all fired up.

I put the music back on sound booth.



Next, our spiritual conclusions will show you how the weather, which is past influence.

Has inspired cultural elements today.


I’m very, very excited.

When it comes to weather which is being represented in culture, of course, Bill.


Oh, I’m sorry.

You might know him as Shakespeare was on top of that.

After you talked about Philip, you know, the groundhog.

I felt a little bit, like, I needed to have a friend of my own, who if you’re a fan of Broadway, the show six, they call him Shake CP.


So, wow.

Well, okay fine.

So you call him bill, I come.


There’s a Red Spectrum here.


Can’t win.


Well good old, good old Bill Shake CP.

He was on top of it.

He included whether which is, as characters in Macbeth, believe it or not.


Oh, I might have known that better.

If I were still in English class, junior year.

I last time I fought a Macbeth actually.

I feel like my English teacher somewhere is, like I told you that, I feel so bad.

I know my teacher was like, I’m passionately telling me all about.


About sheepies works and I was just like, whatever I need to go get AAA or something.

So, Macbeth was written during the height of the witch trials in the 17th century, which was the early 1600s and throughout the play and in its staging.

Three sisters who are alluded to be witches in the story are accompanied by thunder lightning and rain as they come into Stage.


So basically, they are, they are suggested to be witches and then they have different weather elements, you know, as part of their character traits and something to fear.

Her something to fear powerful women.


So in I think he heard of this Marvel Comics.


There’s a character called Storm from X-Men.

I’m sure you know him.

Yeah her yes.




I don’t do you color storm EP like am I missing?

I feel like I’m really not the outcome is absurd.

No, just it’s just a solid storm.


She’s actually a she is one of the most powerful X-Men.

So you know what?

She can control the weather.

It makes a lot of sense.

Oh, my girl, their crops never crossed my mind to like where the origin interesting, where the origin of storms, like the conceptual idea of in came from.


Oh my gosh.

That’s so fun as a pleasant Marvel nerd.

I think that’s my favorite part of all this so far.

I don’t think I could have ever thought I would tell you.

A fun fact about Marvel.

You didn’t know now, I feel very powerful.

Go back to Macbeth.

Were like you would have fit in very well.

Like, a crack of lightning is behind you and every doorway.

Like, yes, that’s me.


Yeah, so the video game Warfare has a quest called Call Of The Tempest, re in which a Ghost Ship Sails without its Captain, who was whisked away in a storm.

So that’s another little reference for us.


So I mentioned in the beginning that we still have Groundhog Day, you know, Phillip to predict the length of winter and interestingly enough, the idea of watching animal behavior is something that outlasted the weather Witch Trials.


Like, to this day, we still watch cows snakes and even dogs to determine if bad weather is approaching mmm.

Yeah, like, I always knew that if cows were laying down in a field, the yeah, bad weather was coming.

I mean, I don’t know if that’s an Ohio thing and everybody knows that, but I know about cows, I don’t know about snake makes, what are we up to within the snake?



What are they up to?

What are they doing?

Without those little legs?

What are they doing?

You get me?

I don’t like that.

They don’t blink.

I don’t like that.

They don’t have legs.

I don’t understand or which way they’re going.

You’re just a move.

I don’t get it.

Also, okay.

I dunno, ladybugs are supposed to get ladybugs are caterpillars are supposed to tell you if it’s going to be a bad winter or not.


What how do they tell you that like whisper in your ear?

Like you’re out at like you’re on a quest and just bump into like a family of caterpillars and they’re going over the weather report if the Farmers Almanac and their little pocket pocket, I guess with like they’re talking caterpillars.



Gee, I don’t know in this world, I guess with all their little legs.

They have to have a lot of pockets on their genes.


Okay, you’re right.

So they have like a, like a microscopic Farmers Almanac and in their, it lets them know if they like, is the woolly ones.


The Halsey was are cute.

So, if they’re mainly Brown, that means the winter is going to be worse, but if it’s, if they’re that, they say more black instead of brown, then the winter is not going to be Baton, wow, okay.

We’re learning a lot on this episode.

So pay attention of the cows.


Don’t look at the snakes because we don’t know what they’re doing.

Good luck on your own messed with the caterpillars.

Good luck on your quest with the caterpillars.

They have a lot to tell you.

And with modern-day folk magic to conjure the weather.

We know that indigenous Americans also have rituals including some to summon the road.




So I feel like we learned about that.

Also, that makes my no dance thing.

Feel a little icky.

Is it if like word?

Interpretive dance, is this like a moment for us?

Where we unpack our childhood?

You know, it could be, I don’t know if anyone wants it to be, we can do this.


I surely don’t want it to be, but interesting points of like, where did it?

If it came from, whether witches and also indigenous people.

I wonder if that had something at I.

Yeah, that’s a really good point where we up to.

I wonder.

I mean, honestly, I was just flushing the toilet over and over again.


So, okay.


I don’t think anyone else is doing that.

Come to my side.

Like we talked about earlier odd Traditions, that school kids have been known to do to summon a snow day.

Some of the other ones that we didn’t do included spoons under your pillow.

I think I had that anyway, because I was eating, like, yogurt in my bed.


Come on.

I was the person who likes up with a knife under my pillow when I was like, oh, and I was home alone because I felt like, if an intruder comes in, I’ll be prepared saying, then like one night.

I had a bad dream and like grab my pillow and I cut my hand.

Oh, so I was like, oh my God.

I was like, I thought it was a good idea.

Kind of and then actually a really bad idea.


So I should just read within work spoon idea and just like the spoon it’s it’s it’s apparently known to work pajamas inside out.

That’s a thing that we did ice cubes in the toilet bowl.

Now, that’s new to me.

You’re going to freeze the sewer system is happening there.


I mean, maybe for throwing a whole brick eyes on there, but I think maybe it would have melted.

I don’t know.

I haven’t heard that one before I hadn’t either.

I haven’t heard.

I it makes more sense.

You’re incorporating.

Mixing and matching the.

I don’t know you’re throwing snow or ice in there.


I get it.

You’re creating a little ice age in the sewer system.

You’re doing a little chemistry set.

Like it’s a potions class now.

Oh no.

Well, the last thing is wearing plastic bags over your socks which sounds extremely uncomfortable and like sweat inducing.

I’m not into that, was it?


Like, I don’t think I participate is it to manifest like avoiding cold wet weather and like preparing an advanced like, oh well, where Plastic over my socks, but you’re not trying to avoid the whether you’re trying to bring it on.

I know.


But is it like manifesting like we’re going sledding tomorrow and I will wrap my feet up and yeah, like, oh, like I better wrap up my socks now, for when that snow comes, I don’t know.

Oh, okay.

So you’re leaning into it.

You’re like my pajamas are inside out.

I got bags on my feet were going sledding.

You get it.


I don’t know.

But you did.

I do well.

Anyway, that is about all I got for you today on whether which has I feel like we learned more than I ever thought there was to learn about something like this.

But very very interesting.


I had no idea this whole time that that even yeah all the way down to Childhood that snow days had something to do with which is that would have made me by the way, really lean into it a little more of like, oh there’s a oh, yeah a important history here.


Also, it involves which is my child brain would have loved that.


Oh my gosh, just another reminder.

Sure that the witch trials were just about one of the worst times and like absolutely women deserve so much more, like every time a woman was powerful.

They went, nope.

And now look at us, though, imagine all the witches, then if they could see us today, if they could see me writing poems to the snow and taping them to the window and going to Catholic school the next day.


Actually, they would be severely disappointed.



I’m sitting here this whole time and I’m wondering can you imagine the shear tension in the room?

When the scientists actually start looking around until like meteorology and just basic weather science and they realized that all everything.


They’ve been doing out the window all their beliefs out the window.

Yeah, they’re like, oh clouds that this is how clouds work and I like no.

No, that’s where that has mythical beings live.

And it’s like the corn is their excuse me.

Court is up there.

Yeah, must have been awkward.

I wonder.


I mean, if you really think about it introducing science, Probably sounds just as well.

A key, you know, if you try to explain science in the context of what they knew back then it probably sounded just as wacky.

So it was probably hard to fight through.

I do feel like they probably figured out some new level of Science and they were like, oh, let’s do a couple extra tests to make sure that we’re right this time or like like was there a newspaper?


Like wrote about it and they were like we were wrong or since it was like a bunch of like white men.

Scientists at the time where they like, don’t look at this, don’t Get the big mistake.

We do.

That was a big joke.

That was a joke.


This is the real one, the corns actually not up there.

We were kidding.



And every woman that has been absolutely harmed and every single one of our beliefs so far.

Just just don’t even think about it.

Just like I do.

We’ll find another reason to accuse them of Witchcraft in a minute.


Information on today’s episode came from whether hunger and fear by Wolfgang, Behringer from the University of Bonn, witchcraft weather and economic growth in Renaissance, Europe by Emily austere.

Witchcraft in colonial Virginia by Carson.

Oh, Hudson, paganism, in the Middle Ages by leuven University, press the New York Times Scientific American and Fordham University.


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