Rituals - E46 • Grimoires

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All right everyone pull out your book of spells.

It’s grimoires appreciation day grimoires.

If you’re wondering what on Earth just came out of my mouth are legendary books where you’ll find rituals charm spells instructions which craft laws.


And so on that have influenced generations of spiritualists.

It’s the only as equi pedia collection.

I think I would like to own.


Officially you’ll have a library and it’ll just be Renoir’s.

Yes please the word grimwald was most likely born and raised in France where it was whoops.


I mean I could have told you that grimwald I was a bigger fan of your Franz Franz.

That’s what happens when someone tells me to say something from.

So the word was most likely born in France where it was part of a figure of speech people used when they didn’t understand what they were reading, which means every time I’ve ever read I could have probably just called something, your grandma.



I really just kind of like put the spotlight on, you know.

That’s exactly what you were about to say, like and Ikea Manual of receipt.

I was like, I don’t understand what’s going on.

This is such a crazy grimoire.

Now I’m just picturing your Ikea receipts and you’re like, this is just the ultimate grimwald.


I keep thinking of my restaurant receipts from, like I didn’t order three baskets of fries.

What if this is a crazy grimoires, must be witchcraft, indeed.


Hi everyone and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer and I’m M Schultz every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

So today we’re discussing grimoires.


And I’m so sorry, but you’re all going to have to hear me say that multiple times.

For what it’s worth.

I’m having a blast and a blast.

Okay, well now I’m not, but I am excited to hear about them.

The word has been, as we said in another episode, it’s been in my mind Palace for a long time.


And I don’t think I’m really in there.

Don’t think, I actually knew the full history of it.

Yeah, I think it was more squatting in my mind.

Palace, like, not paying rent because I did not know really the ins and outs of it, but I’m ready to teach you.

So even more exciting than that, I’m actually Also going to be listing off three of the most influential grimoires, that we should all know about.


Oh good.


Well as you do that I will be adding them into my shopping cart.


By the end of the episode, I’m a click purchase.

So you go and then your library will be officially begun, it will be begun.

Let’s crack into it.


So the first talking prompt here is, are you big readers and I just feel like a turtle.

Yeah, it’s hurt someone pointedly ask that of M specifically that’s a tough one.

That’s a toughie because yeah I’m not much of a big reader.


I hope that doesn’t mean that I’m not.

Well versed in things or actively trying to always become a better person.

But reading has always been really difficult for me.

Like the act of reading is tough.

If so, thankfully with the Advent of audio books and things like that and podcasts and YouTube videos, I am becoming much better at it.


But as for reading, no, I am not a big reader.

Yeah, in comparison.

I am a big reader in comparison to many of our listeners and people friends and family.

I’m not a big reader because I feel like I know people who blow through a book a week.

I’m not I wish I were that person but I I get distracted by Gilmore Girls and it’s just hard.


You know, you do seem like a big reader To me and you always seem to have a book, you know, that you’re in the middle of, I do admire that in you.

I wish I had that ability and I did have a roommate for a long time where he was a book, A Week person.

And wow, we were different people, and he would just be like, oh, so you’re watching the office again.


Okay, he was like reading Harry Potter.

Okay, so he was reading Harry Potter but you know what, he, anyone can get into that.

He had like lists of books, you needed to finish by the end of the year and it was, wow.

I mean he’s a very Pettit of person by nature and I’m not and it showed and just are reading ability in just your evening activities, where you were just watching Jersey Shore and he was reading another book.


I love Jersey Shore.

Okay, I know, and I love Gilmore Girls on here.

We are.

Anyway, yes, we have different takes on reading, but if you do em, listen to any audio books, things like that.

Or if you do read any books, are any of them about the sort of topic?

The occult?


Yeah, but all 100% of them are actually really.


So, I actually, I Of, I didn’t even plan.

What are you about to pull up?

I’m gonna pull out two books but no in our relationship, this is actually very shocking for Christine.

This is not Palms.

Just began to sweat.


I bought myself to books.

I’m not getting worn and they’re both about the occult in some way.

So the first one is the book of Witchcraft, a compendium of spells, rituals, and occult knowledge.



The other one’s a little silly one but I thought it was cute and Illustrated history of ghosts.


Oh, that’s very cute.

Actually, Here’s the irony, folks, is that we also have a New York Times best-selling book.

Yeah, we wrote a book so that’s why did the park ask folks?

Not ask if we wrote a book, you know, I feeling that we would have had a better answer to a man.

That’s you guys.


Look silly.

No, I, we wrote a book but I did say, I told when we were in the very first part of it, I was like, I am famous for not reading.

So like I would look like such an ass.

If I wrote a book and I did, it was a book, I wouldn’t read, so I’m really good with blurbs and Like bite-sized pieces.


And so both of these books are basically that where I feel like they’re palatable for me, which is what we did for our book.

Sort of like, yes, fun facts and little like, excerpts and pictures.

And yeah, actually my dream if I, it feels kind of like a moot point, considering I’m not a big reader but I still would love the aesthetic of a spooky library in my house one day, so slowly.


But surely I am buying books that hopefully I can actually get my Self through and they would fit well in that spooky Library.

So I manifesting, what about you?

What did were use our?

I feel like more yours are more True Crime.

Yeah, I read a lot of crime, but not true crime.


Actually, I read a lot of like crime Thrillers.


So like mystery novels, things like that.

I do actually also read a lot of spiritual occult stuff, lucid dreaming.

I mean anything, that’s like slightly Supernatural or paranormal.

I’m reading it, I’m listening to it.


Astral, projecting.

Just like list of books.

Like I have a Goodreads page that’s public and so have a lot of like and that’s where you drink fans on there and then books are so Random.

It’s like an astral projection guide from like 1985.

And then the next one is like Bunnicula the name.


You’ll see Bunnicula was probably the first occult book I ever read.

Probably same.

Honestly probably the one that got all of us into the spooky stuff.

Well I am happy for you.

You are inspiring me.

I took a to own to physical books is, I’m impressed.

Not something that happens.


A lot in my house.

I’m impressed.

Good for you.

I do have to say before we move on.

I feel like you’re lying to me though because why I said all your books are called, but I heard from a little bird named Eva are and that’s why I drink producer that she caught you reading a book about Revolutionary War medicine and that I did strike me as very a cult.


You were know why though?

Because I was, it was very small.

It was a very, very thin.

What on Earth were you doing reading that?

I’m on my way to Texas?

Is because I know it.

Really well, first of all I have ADHD so like let’s get that straight real.

Quite sure, I sure I was having about a 24-hour bout of hyper fixating on revolutionary medicine and, you know, well that much.


I figured out that much.

Was that much was extremely obvious to me.

Okay, so it was also written about an apothecary from my hometown.

So I heard Apothecary.

And then that’s kind of what that school and it was all very bite-sized information, like quick fixes for like a dopamine rush.


Like it was like fun fact about amputation and I was like, whoa.

Oh, and that was and then you went back to sleep on the plane.

Yeah, that’s where that came from.

I gotta say I’m comforted by that because when I asked Eva, oh, how was your flight?

She looked very troubled and I said what happened and she said, well, and was reading a book and I said, well, that can’t be true and she was like, no, it was.


And I was like, what was it like something like Atlas obscura?

And she was like, it was a book about Revolutionary War medicine, and I about dropped my coffee on the ground and I was like, pardon.

And so I I’m comforted to know that it was, you know, a small book like the way, the way I heard it and absorbed it, it sounded like this was like a Tome, like a thousand-page thomann.


Like the history of Revolutionary War medicine, and I was like, if you’re not a reader like, that’s probably not the place to start.

It’s like, I started at War and Peace or something exactly.

It was bite-sized information about very drastic, medical procedures and it was interesting.



And it was like, maximum 30 pages so I was like, okay, and it was About my hometown, it was a whole thing.

I feel comforted the hyper fixations over but yeah.

So other than that I guess I own three books and nice to know Eva talks trash about me saying I read all of a sudden can I tell you?

I think she was really just concerned and and so was I by the way but I’m comforted to know the background of this whole story.



I actually I just wanted to add real quick because I looked over at my shelf and I remembered that I have a pile of books there that I’ve collected all about Witchcraft and Tarot and different spiritual Says, so I have one called Greenwich.

I have one called basic witches, I’ve won called modern Taro.


I have one called hexing the patriarchy.

That’s a good one G.

So if anyone wants any like witchy book recommendations, I love all of those.

I felt like, I just forgot.

I blanked on all the books that I read that are kind of rituals based.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand.


Do you have any personal experience or understanding of grimoires or otherwise known as Book of Shadows?

Well, yes, I well, first of all, I By the book I just described is technically a grimoire, I guess.

But again the book of practical witchcraft a compendium of spells rituals and occult knowledge.


The yeah, that sounds like it.

But it’s interesting that now we’re talking about this because when we covered the Book of Shadows or talk about the Book of Shadows, a while ago, I couldn’t come up with a word to help you understand what a book of shadows was because you were like.

So I don’t understand as an instruction manual is like your own spells and I was trying to say like it’s kind of a catch-all for everything.


You might need to know for your practice.

And had I known that the word grimoire was available.

I would just use that and I would have said, well, what the hell are you talk?

Well that doesn’t answer real questions for us, true?

No, but you did a great job explaining it because now that I have the notes I’m like, oh yeah, that’s that thing, Em described Reese.


Yes, so I got the picture, the only experience I’ve had with beneficial.

Grimoire guy says my stepmoms Book of Shadows which I have said before but I’m proud to say again that I will be inheriting one day and I’m very excited to flip through the pages with you.

So that is so magical.

I’m so honored that I get to look at It with you.

It’s so cool.


I can’t wait, well, I can wait because I don’t want anything to happen to her obviously, but you know in time, we’ll have something to look through, I guess, but not for a very long time.

Hopefully, what about you?

I guess, most of our books actually seem like grimoires and hindsight that a lot of them are like, compendiums of how to use and things like that, you know, I don’t know that any of the ones I have are technically considered grimwald.


I don’t think I own one that actually would be considered that, I don’t think but now I Like, this is my speaking of hyper fixations, I feel like I’m now on a new level of Christmas shopping for myself.

I just, I want to get on this and learn more and read more of these.


Now that I know that grimoire is actually like a category of occult books.

The library in my head that I will have it at home.

One day is just ever-expanding, just very excited.

Oh well I’m going to make the connection soon between what a grim.


Wow, is versus a book of shadows.

There’s a similarity there so we’ll get to it.

Have you gone into your newly acquired Book of Shadows or grimoire yet to kind of add any of it to your daily life for practice or not really?

No, I bought it and then absolutely never opened up, which is that going to be fair?


That’s what a lot of people do including myself when we buy books because it’s fun to buy the book and then put it on your nightstand and then you know, takes a while.

Well, one thing that I really liked about this book, so I did flip through it in the bookstore at least and I just opened up to the page again.

So I feel like that’s Telling cosmically in some way.


But one thing that I really wanted to get into this was in the middle of me, Hyper fixating on Alchemy, and I was like, I’m going to learn everything about alchemy and that I realized that like, I’m not like a flower 3 degree Freemason, or something.

But, but one thing I liked about this book is that they have less and less and less of all of the ingredients that most people use in their spells, and what they represent and what the point of them is and how to use them and what it increases decreases, And so one thing I liked about this instruction manual, if you will, is that it has a whole thing about different types of spell working and how they all play with each other.


All that’s very cool.

So I’m excited, I think out of all of it to learn about all the herbs and what they, what they do together.

So yeah, what about you?

I would love to buy one and really develop like my own book of Shadow just because I have a lot of crystals and, and candles and things.


And I do a few rituals with like, dowsing, rods pendulums, that kind of thing and I would love To keep them all in my own like compendium.

But you know, I just Googled like where to buy like, you know, your own book of shadows to create and the first ones from Target and I feel like maybe that’s not the way to go like or Amazon.


You know, I want to fight.

I want to maybe I’ll go to like my local bookstore, my local Crystal shop or something.

They probably have something like that.

I can use because I think that would be really fun to get started on.

I would love there to be, you know how like some places like a candle store will do like make your own candy.



It’d be really lovely.

If there was some, hopefully, like, which owned the store, where they do like a, do your own DIY Book of Shadows and they just kind of start you on the Facebook pages.

I love that.

I want to say let’s do it.

But then also we’re not witches and I don’t want to take from them, so never mind.


Let’s leave that available to people yet.

I’m working on it, okay, I’ll get there.

Once I find my book of shadows, I’ll get started, then we can move on.


Anyway, have you heard the word grimoire before this episode?

Yeah, but I No, it was just sitting there in my head like you said, squatting and I didn’t, I didn’t actually know what it was.


I think I always thought it was actually a darker Book of Shadows just because the only reference I remember, is from Charmed where it was their Book of Shadows.

But evil and so it was, yeah, the dark magic.

You know, I think it has that reputation.

It’s definitely in Harry Potter.

Like I said, to blaze, what’s a Grimm, wha like, do you know what that is?


Because I sort of knew, but and he said, I have no idea and then two seconds later.

He’s like, Isn’t it a book?

And I was like okay so clearly we have some sort of Knowledge from pop culture is squatting universally and all of our minds.

Yes, so so if you’re reading from a groom while you’re basically reading from a book of spells or sacred texts and so that’s kind of the general definition.


So for example if you need to conjure something find a charm, make a Talisman or just generally have a need for some ancient wisdom.

You would check out a grim wha to find that information.

Okay, got it if you’ve ever read which I actually was trying to compare the Of your book to this one, because it really sounded, it sounded similar, the Encyclopedia of witches, Witchcraft and Wicca, mmm, that book.


You’ll know that the OG reason for Grim, woz was to conjure and control demons and spirits.



That does kind of to me at least have like a slightly darker Edge to it too.

Like yeah.

Conjure demons.

I mean you know it sounds a little darker that part.


I don’t need to add into my and so my book of shadows one day.

Yeah, we’ll leave that chapter out.

Yeah, I’m happy living life.

With no, no demons.

No more than that are already there no more than exists already.

Some people think that the books themselves also possess magical powers, which is kind of cool.



So here’s a real thinker for you.

Oh, and Davies who is a professor of history at the University of Hertfordshire.

In the UK, wrote a lot about grimoires and is the go-to person on the subject and he would tell you that while all books on Magic could be thought of as Grim Waze, not all magical books should be thought of as Grimm was okay.


In other words, books can be magical without containing any magic.

I feel like that’s an inspirational quote, in a library.

Yeah, your age.

It’s the one on the bookmark.

The free bookmark as you’re leaving books, can be magical without containing any magic.


It’s on your English teachers wall somewhere, like faded.

Go on an adventure without going anywhere.

You know who will sitting on your butt?

Yeah, Professor Owen also taught us that the first talk about Graham was dates back to the Ancient Middle East.

So, this has been a very long term term, long term term that’s been used, grimoires, origin stories.


Actually connected to Judaism Christianity and Islam.

The books have been connected to the development of science, the cultural influence of prints and literacy and the social impact of European colonialism.

So, widespread that thing, like you cerie, squatting in all our minds, because it’s just so widespread since the beginning of time since forever, I’m sorry to do this to you, but I have another thinker for you, okay?


Oh God.

Okay, let me turn my brain back on.

Okay, great.

So the identity of each grimoire is defined by the text and content of each one.


But independent from the book as a whole the act of writing and individual words can also be considered magic themselves.


Oh fine.

Right now, that’s pretty deep.

And certain words can have power stimulated by the ritual use of specific inks and blood.



Oh that’s intense.

Yeah, there’s a lot of layers to these grimoires.

It’s not just like pages in a book.


You know, there’s a lot.

It’s a materials.

Its intention behind it.

It’s the words on the page.

There’s a lot of layers to these things.

It’s not my compendium, I got a Barnes & Noble, okay?

Oh, that’s where you got that far as the Nova well.

I didn’t write it in my blood, so, yeah, but maybe a crystal shop or something.


Yeah, unfortunately it was not, unfortunately, but it was I wish Got it from a mom and pop shop, but it was Barnes & Noble.

I’m just taking notes because I’m, you know, I’m going to be shopping later for one.

I’m just curious where they come from.

Okay, well, I take back what I said about like this is obviously a grimoire okay.


I said that knowing, I knew nothing yet and yet I had the audacity to make such a statement, we’re educating ourselves.

Let’s put it that way.


So strict old-school Grandma’s, have very specific instructions for rituals, including what to wear, what tools to use and what prayers and Incantations to recite.


And when they also include instructions on fasting, sexual abstinence cleanliness and prayer.

Oh okay.

It is a lot.

It’s like a, it’s almost like a how-to guide rules to live by but like, very stressed by step.


Yeah, yeah, exactly.

And there are also hierarchies of demons and spirits, that can be summoned well, within within the text poof, I would love to know this is its own episode, I’m sure, but I would love You know why?

Like what are the reason someone would need to summon a demon?


Oh boy.

I mean, I imagine it’s the same reason.

Youd probably do many different incantations or spells I guess so, I don’t know.

It’s a great question.

I guess you gotta go read one Written in Blood and find out.

So today grimoires are still used but as you can probably imagine the ones sold at Barnes & Noble aren’t Written in Blood anymore.


Thankfully at least let’s hope not there are these newer versions and they have started replacing the old.


So a prime example, this is where we kind of get into what we talked about on a different episode about your stepmoms Book of Shadows, because that is sort of a newer iteration of what a Grimm one is.


So the Book of Shadows, traditionally came from Wiccan practices and had exact instructions for everything from rituals, and Witchcraft laws to incantations and dances.

But now there’s a more modern take, which I, it sounds like this is kind of what your stepmom.


In which is a book of shadows sort of similar to the older texts but it gets updated by each individual coven or each individual practitioner.

Yeah, that was kind of one of the earlier understandings I got when I was looking through her book of shadows as a kid and she always said like, oh one day I’m going to pass it on to you and you can add pages to it and then when you pass it on to the next person, that’s incredible.


So it becomes almost like a family tree of sorts of like, oh well, you know, Grandma had to use the spell and it’s a A very, I guess sacred in a sacred and a family sacred for sure, reminds me of like an, you know, an old recipe book or something that you have or a binder that you would pass down.


That’s very cool.

I really, I really love that idea.

Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll add any pages to it but I think I’m certainly the one most inclined to fall into witchcraft at some point.

I think she’s all into it to just the trip and land face first into it.

But I think she’s like of all my kids because she has her own children to, she’s like, out of all of them, I think you’re the one most Likely to carry on its purpose.


And I feel like I’m just gonna naturally raise children it somehow and in the world of Witchcraft, so I’m sure they’ll love it.

One day.

I feel like you’ll at least respect and appreciate it at the very least, you know, even if you don’t add to it.

Definitely, you know, and I didn’t realize, like, the Book of Shadows that was kind of brought to the wiccan world in the 70s.


So, it wasn’t even, you know, that long ago, it’s sort of, a new age, kind of way to look at it.

Grim, la, which is really interesting.

So for those that have created their own Book of Shadows or know someone who has there are some grimoires that probably serve as their base or like their inspiration and then added on in more individual ways from there, Up.


Next, the power of three can’t be denied.

Will reveal three of the most influential grimoires.

That maybe you’ll want to add to your rituals book collection.

I got an empty library.

That needs a philan.

Empty library has two books in it already.


I’m taking very early contenders now.

Okay, great.


I’ll add him to the list.

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All right.

Am I promised you some major influence in the world of grim Waze?

So let’s talk about three of them that are beloved in the world of Witchcraft.

I’m so excited me too.

Okay, the first one we’re going to start with is called the sixth and seventh Books of Moses.


Mmm, already curious about what happened through one through five.

Okay, those are irrelevant.

Okay, not part of the library.

Got are talking about six and seven only.

So this is actually a more recent Grimoire that first got passed around in the 18th century once it landed in America via the Pennsylvania Dutch black communities in the country including those from the Caribbean were drawn to this book.


Oh, okay.

It was allegedly, the written secret wisdom of Moses and became the foundation.

Get this of rastafarianism, get out, I’m down.

Oh isn’t that fascinating huh?

Okay, so it became the foundation of rastafarianism but also different religious movements in West Africa.


I don’t think I’ve ever crossed my mind before that rastafarianism and Witchcraft would come from the same Roots.

But now that I’m saying it out loud, I feel like I did kind of know that they ran in the same circles but I don’t know.

I’d never, it’s definitely something we never learned in in my school.


So, in History Class, yes, sir class surprise surprise.

Yeah, so, this book was actually published by LW de Lawrence in Chicago, and he made a career out of putting a cult text out into the world, cool, what a cool job.

Yeah, he was credited for, not only printing the sixth and seventh Books of Moses, but for the fact that it influenced the development of a new type of phobia in Jamaica.


Oh cool.

I know so the methods in this book became known as science with a capital S and called for the use of crystal balls and fortune-telling cards My Kind of Science.

Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, the book also talked about the use of substances that have some interesting names.


So here are some of these substances discussed in the book.

What is compelling?

And powder, one is essence of seven spirits.

One is Saturn blood, and then my personal favorite destruction powder.

I feel like I have used a lot of Destruction powder at some point.


My life, just I mistake my mistake just by thinking about it.

Wow, that’s so, so cool.

So are these.

I don’t know if this is something that people still use, or maybe they have different words.

I feel like I’ve never heard of Saturn blood, I’d like when I go research the heck out of it now.

So interesting that by six and seventh book of Moses, you definitely gave.


Me something to distract myself with later today.

So now I’m going to go so proud of that.

Fact going to go learn about the essence of seven, spirits, and weirdly know too much about it and no stranger at the grocery store will want to stop and make small talk with me.

We’re gonna catch you on the airplane, reading about this and not know what is happening.


So Jamaican authorities became pretty hostile.

Actually toured LW de Lawrence’s book and they eventually condemned and Bandit because of its association with obeah.

But the government went even further than that because in 1833, they passed the vagrancy act, which prohibited obeah and then the obeah Act was passed in 1854 which literally attacked obeah and made it a crime to actually practice it.



Now, one of the last arrest for obeah was in 1977 and the law itself actually hasn’t gone away.

It just isn’t enforced anymore these days so it just kind of fell out of favor, I guess, gotcha.

But in 2019.


So quite recently, there was actually talk to officially get this law repealed.

Oh, as of today’s recording, this is a TBD situation.

We’re not sure in the future.

If this will actually get repealed if it’ll go anywhere, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

It’s one of those things where you don’t think about how it’s still in the the political world today.




So the second grimwald I would like to discuss with you.

Ma is the key of Solomon.

The king, okay?

Now this is the Second influential grimoire, I wanted to discuss.

It’s been called enduring and notorious, and it was allegedly written by King Solomon himself and was passed around during the first few centuries ad in the Eastern Mediterranean.


So old school, very old, very old by the 15th century.

Western scientists got a hold of it and some clergyman also got their own copies of this book and called it.

Heretical aren’t we supposed to be surprised by this no one thousand percent?


I’m not, okay, but here’s a fun little twist.

Um, some of these clergymen actually secretly loved this book, I know I know, oh, they did like, we know, but I’m glad that we actually have have researchers who say, it’s true.


Because in my mind women, like someone was keeping that book under their pillow.


So the admiration for the key of Solomon, the King has been because some people have wanted to get ahold of some wisdom from the quote wisest of the wise King Solomon.

Lemon and there are others who wanted to own the text so they could Vanquish the spirits that guarded them.


Oh, okay, well, wide range of reasons.


Whatever you need a for, I guess, it’ll help.

Now there’s no definitive version of the key of Solomon, the king, but whatever version you come across, you’ll find rituals used for personal rather than spiritual well-being.

So yeah.


So for example you would check out this g w to quote provoke.

Love punish enemies become invisible.

Let’s just put a pin in that and deal with thieves.

I’ll good things to know.

I feel like become invisible could really help you with all the other three rest you know like deal with thieves just like be visible by yeah, real expansive list on things.


You could learn that we could be helpful and sort of more practical application, you know, like day-to-day application, right?

Or you could use it to conjure up the commands that help.

Helps you control the Angels of Darkness.

So also good to know, also, very practical application, if you if you’re into that kind of thing.


Also a way to control the Angels of Darkness has also to become invisible.

I feel like that’s the Golden Rule.

You’re 100% right also a good way to deal with thieves just conjure up an Angel of Darkness, they’ll handle it for you.

I feel like the invisible chapter is really getting overlooked and we are shining a light on I’m saying I’m saying that that’s like underrated.


I think we gotta put our little free bookmark from the library in that Chapter just know if I’m folding any page corner it’s the invisible check.

Just know if I hear you stomping around and don’t see you it’s because you bought that book and learned a thing or two just one more influential grimwald you all need to know about but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer, okay?


Coming up, I’ll mention a few modern day.

Pop culture appearances by Grimm Waze but first don’t miss the reveal of the third influential grimwald on our list and why it’s very different from the rest.


Okay one of these things is not like the other don’t on.


All right, so I’ve given you two influential grimoires, to add to your magical library and thank you.

We’ve had the sixth and seventh books of Moses that really helped lay the foundation of obeah.

And we’ve had the key of Solomon, the king where you can find texts that help you on a more personal level than spiritual, such as dealing, with thieves and becoming.



I feel like if you’re dealing with Angels of Darkness though, it has become spiritual.

We, yeah, that part is sort of like a practical application, sort of, but more.

It’s both, it’s both, I guess.

Yeah, good point as promised.

I now have the third grimwald.


You need to know about and this is the Necronomicon.

Mmm, do you know anything about this?

No, I have very recently.

And by recently, I mean last night when I was looking through these notes, I found out that it was not Real and I didn’t know that I’ve never read it or anything.


I don’t it’s not like I was believing it as fact but I just have heard it so much that it’s like in the Zeitgeist and I just thought like oh that’s obviously like another book that was written forever ago that people take seriously.

Well, you just spoiled the whole next fun plot twist of my bullet point but here, sorry, here we go.


So this is a bit of a Twist and like you said, one of these is not like the other because this book actually came from the mind of horror and fantasy writer HP Lovecraft.

Meaning it is a work of fiction.

As I’m already told us all it’s fake.

I not even 24 hours ago, found this out and it’s kind of blowing my mind that I feel silly for not having known after the title, came to him in a dream which is pretty cool.


Lovecraft, conjured up a backstory for it saying it was written by a yemeni poet in the 8th Century.

Oh and then he first wrote about it in his short story The Hound which was published in 1924.


Now you may be wondering Why is it so influential?


Why is it one of the top three?

Most influential Grim Waze?

And why, like em said, is it in the Zeitgeist?

Well, that’s because even though it was all made up, a lot of people have taken it at least semi seriously as a real text.


That makes me feel a lot better because I thought for a second, I stood alone and like, certainly not.


No, no.




No, because there were actually rumors starting in the 1930s that the Necronomicon was a real historical texts.

And so people began to believe this.

And Several quote-unquote, real versions, actually of Necronomicon, ’s have been published.


So people are like, Fanning the Flames here by publishing these and saying, oh they’re really ancient texts and they’re not and I would have eaten it up.

I see you over there.

Like pulling them out of the library, all of a sudden like deleting it from my card, I’m like save for later just in case one of the most famous real versions is actually called the Simon Necronomicon which has Senses to fictional deities created by HP, Lovecraft himself and the teachings of Aleister Crowley.


So very cool.

Like even if even though it’s fictional you know very interesting historically just a very cool text even though it’s disappointingly not from the eighth Century, right, right.

And actually fun fact for you can literally search YouTube for the Necronomicon or the Simon Necronomicon and you can find tons of people discussing this in a serious way like as if this were an old, Text.


So there’s a little bit of confusion out there.

Are they discussing it as serious text?

As if like, they know it’s fake and just for fun or why I think people genuinely don’t realize that this is a work of fiction, okay?

So, there are something that up until yesterday.


I would have probably watched them and absorbed it fully.

I have my solutely, okay.

You know, I was in the market for a new hyper fixation, so I will be opening up YouTube and about two seconds and yeah, marking a tab for when we’re done recording.


Well I’m so glad to always be offering you new hyper fixations.


It’s one of my pride and joy to be able to do for you.


I also want to add I was thinking about the Necronomicon and I sort of I did actually surprisingly for once know that this was fictional and I was trying to figure out why and it’s because did you ever watch the show?


Lovecraft country on HBO.

Okay so Lovecraft country is a series on HBO.

Co-starring Jonathan majors and Jurnee Smollett.

And, of course I immediately fell in love with both of them as I watched it and that’s why I watch the entire series.


They mentioned the Necronomicon because this is sort of like a horror fiction series based Loosely on it, you know, has like lovecraftian influence.


So anyway, I had heard the Necronomicon during my watching of that show and so I think I kind of realized it was connected to HP Lovecraft in the I knew this probably wasn’t quote unquote, a real Grim wha sure but you know, great show, check it out.


But there have also been other mentions of grim Waze in pop culture for example, Charmed which you mentioned up, top Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Harry Potter, so nice.

Imagine some of us have heard of it even in passing again.

That’s why it’s universally in all of our minds somewhere and we just don’t know how it got there.


It’s just squatting, you know.

Yeah so M are there any of these?


That you’d be interested in checking out, in purchasing for your library.

I mean, all of them.

Okay, good me too.

I do think I would start with the neck.

Rub Nomicon, I keep going to call the neck or Comic-Con.


Wait, no.

That’s a fun twist.

I wonder if at Comic-Con they have an accord Comic-Con, but I don’t know like a, if they don’t, they should a special version of it.

But no, I would start with that one.

Just because now I know that there’s like a silly lure of.

Like, he’s half the people out there, believe it and I was one of them 24 hours ago.


So, Really cuz my immediate thought was like, well then I don’t want to read that because I want to read the real ones.

No I think I like being in on the joke if there is one like I like I know something.

You don’t know.

Yeah, I don’t know.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just want to, I don’t feel good about myself, right then just like make a fake account of comment on it all the videos like, you know, this is fake, right?


No, I would actually probably push people into thinking it was more legit.

For some reason are terrible.

I don’t know.

It just sounded the most interesting, I think.

So I would probably jump there and do like a backwards.

This thing where I read that one first and then go down the line.

Yeah, I know, Lovecraft himself had some quite problematic viewpoints.


So you know, just just a side note out there before this episode comes out that that’s definitely.

Oh, another fun fact, I know about him again, thank you for educating me because I didn’t even know that he also wrote like hero Cthulhu or with he’s the reason for Cthulhu.


He wrote on my gosh, he wrote a lot of the early sci-fi that has influenced a lot of Art current stuff.


So I think the low yeah, the call the call.

Cthulhu, I hate saying that I’m so mad that you made me say that.



Yeah, I’m also.

Now gonna go learn all about the problematic parts to there’s just a lot to unpack here.

I’m very excited about it.


There certainly is, and I think I’m going to go ahead and get my hands on some of these books of Shadows.

Maybe do a little research, do a little scribblin of my own.



That’d be fun.

One of the problems I have when it comes to things like tarot and crystals is that I just it’s hard for me to remember member all of it.


So I guess is a great solution.

I can write it down in like a compendium and have it all in one place, it makes sense but it’s also one of those things where I don’t know if it’s my own brain or I don’t know where it comes from but I really do have the inability to complete any project.


So I have a probably ADHD but I do have a fantasy of completing a project and if I ever were to do that, I think I would want to create my own book of shadows.

I’m so lucky.

I already have a stepmom who’s a witch and has already done it for me.

So worst case scenario after throw like one page at a time, will you know, I didn’t know about these other siblings who are vying for it you might want to get that in writing just in case, I don’t think they’re vying for it.


I think I’m pretty in the bag.

So you got to okay.


I’m pretty in the clear.

I think also it has been stated publicly at every family gathering since I was like 12.

So Anton, a few podcast episode had a few.

Yeah, it’s very publicly.

So I think I have secured myself with the Book of Shadows good.


If I could make my own Book of Shadows, I would certainly want to and I would want to do justice so well, maybe I’ll make one and then when I die, you can have and then you’ll start really just collecting them from other people and then you don’t have to make your own.

Well, that was the point I held off on earlier, because I was going to say, I love that it’s started as like grimoires were like this really intense Written in Blood bricked, super strict.


And now we’ve talked about this and other episodes to but in modern witchcraft like a spell book is a Blog.

Yeah, it’s still seen as really important and Information isn’t any less important.

It’s just we’ve found a way to make it more comfortable and easy and convenient on ourselves to be able to practice Witchcraft.


And so I like my stepmoms Book of Shadows half the pages are just like print it out from online, like it’s nice, not Written in Blood, that’s weird, half of it is but the okay, the other is just computer Inc.

Good good, good, good printer ink.

But I do like the idea of like, hey, if you really wanted to get into making a book of shadows and for people like me were it’s really hard to actually sit down.


With craft material and hand write everything.

It is much easier for people.

So that’s simple, it’s accessible.

Yeah, where I like it now, just do it all in a Word document and print it out and I don’t know, have it spiral-bound at Kinkos and I’ve got myself a hooker Shadows, you know.

Honestly, if you don’t do that, I will and I will only use custom or word art on all the pages and it’s going to be beautiful.


I’m going to do some wing-dings, just to make it look a little secretive guy.

Feels like dark magic.

So, okay, you’re right.

Treading into some darker territory or recursing the books.

It’s becoming more and more of a grimoire as we speak.

So, Well anyway I’m very excited to at least pretend I’m going to Kinko’s.


Get more into the Instagram was so got it.

Okay, great.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode.

Information on today’s episode came from grimoires, a history of Magic books by Owen Davies the Encyclopedia of witches Witchcraft and Wicca by Rosemary.

Ellen guiley the guardian William Laurent de Lawrence and Jamaican folk religion by WF, Elkins the racist history of Jamaica’s obeah laws by Diana.


A patent Loop news HP Lovecraft.com and New York University’s Institute for the study of the ancient world.

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