Rituals - E8 • High School Hexes & Oh, Holy Knights

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It feels more obvious with spiritualism where we see adaptations of ideas spread across a lot of different religions, but it happens with the occult as well.

Everything is connected is what you’re telling me.

So what we get is maybe a true origin story that then gets tainted by centuries of conspiracy theories and appropriation.


I mean, it sounds sounds about right.

Everything’s connected.

Everything’s at listen.

You said it.

Not me.

You’re right.

I said and not you and I gotta tell you that’s what happened to the Knights Templar.

I knew it.

I knew it already.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from podcast.

I’m M Schultz and I’m Christine Schieffer.

Every week.

We’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism, and the Occult through stories practices and the impact, on Modern culture.

And today, we are talking about the Knights Templar.


I don’t know if you know about them, Christine, but there.

In today’s world, a bit of a secret society, the there are secret, but not that secret.

Because I’ve heard of them, and I will say also, I thought they were pronounced Templar.

So clearly I’m totally amateur at this topic.


I’ve heard it both ways.

So I don’t think you’re 50% wrong.

I think good for me.

So there you have it.

And you’re right, maybe not so Secret by the end of this because we’re blowing them out of the water folks.

Okay, says the case has been cracked.

Let’s crack into it.


Christine, I went through a phase of being very into secret societies and I would argue that phase hasn’t ended yet for you.

That’s true.


Well, it’s a secret I hate when I don’t know things.

So, yeah, you’re very much.

You and I are Gemini’s.

We need to be in on The secret.


If there’s a secret, we need to be part of.

It is how we feel.

I’m very curious and I want to feel included and also it’s like potentially spooky with some conspiracies around it.

So it like it’s just the perfect mixture.


And Knights Templar is a big one for me.


I always get the ones that have nights in front of it.


My grandfather was a one of them and I always forget which one was he one of the Knights of the Round Table because those existed to hmm, know that what I could That would I that one?


I have a feeling I would know about but no, I don’t know if he’s Knights Templar.

I may be Knights of Pythias.

There’s too many nights these days.

I think you know if I had a nickel.

Oh, yeah, you would be what you five cents?


Okay two nickels.


Well, so their story is based on a little bit of a curse.

Do you particularly believe in curses or well, you know any personal experiences you’d like to talk about.



So this is a secret that I feel like I’ve probably never told you or anyone who God when I was in high school, my friend and I used to do what we called hexes.


And I think God, it was an early form of man of learning.

What manifestation was and it was not bad.

I don’t mean it like, oh, we would like curse people.

It was never - but we would kind of try and create a scenario, you know, like create your own reality and we started doing it because we had like crushes on people or we wanted to get off.


Off school next week.

And then we realize it was working and we realize, yeah, I know, and it sounds kind of cuckoo.

But I’m, I’m totally dead serious.

We started.

What are you even talking about?

This sounds like a Junie.

Be Jones novel or third?


Grade was crazy.

Here’s how you’re probably wondering how I ended up here my school burned down and also my crush wants to marry me.

Well, it’s called a hex.

Oh my God.

No, we did these X’s but We realized as we were like, trying to manipulate the situation, things were happening to us and then it wasn’t necessarily good.


So sort of like careful what you wish for sort of, wow, and I’m not making this up that.

Our school literally fell down.

And I’m not saying I caused that before any sort of lawyers come into the picture, but I’m saying we would do these things of like a, we want school off and we would sit there and do these like rituals and hexes and we would just shuts.


All we would focus on and then the news went On our scope.

Wait, what did you say?

You ended up on the news?

No, we didn’t.

But our school fell down.

So what?

Wow, you okay?

So nobody was harmed.


The school was the little things but they’re okay.

That’s just one example, but what I’m saying is we used to do this sort of manifestation thing and we would try to like control the situation.

This is so that I’m going to get arrested or what a wild tangent.

I went from minor inconvenience and you’re like, well, I actually Of end will again?


Make a building fall to the ground.


Never mind.

That was a, I’m sorry.

I don’t know why I told this story today of also, as you got older I’d like to assume that we know now that like maybe if any witches are out there.

Hopefully you can Define what a hex is and maybe that was or wasn’t one by accident.


I don’t know.

Yeah, I think it was just manifestation which I do believe again as someone who believes in the power of energy for this very reason.

I think that’s what we were doing.

We were just kind of Trying to control our own reality.

You must have had the math test of a lifetime coming up to really think that hard about a building drop it.



Anyway, let’s move never did my homework.

All right, your turn.

How much do you think religious groups?

Or the occult can get mixed up with each other, just to throw another question out there because that’s kind of where the Knights of Templar end up.

I feel like they often get conflated and mixed up and I think this is where that word curse comes into play.


I think some religions even though they get mixed up with one another like Catholicism in Voodoo, like things get mixed up, but then they tried to put up walls and throw around words and other.


The I’m not describing this very well, but no your feel like there’s a fear aspect sometimes.


Even though they’re Closer Than They think, I was going to say, I see a lot of places where a lot of groups overlap and it would make sense.

Why one would eventually morph into the other.


I mean, if you think of like, whatever you consider everyday, common, Amin Place religions versus something more quote Fringe.


They all to some degree have a supernatural base.

They all have symbolic ceremonies.

They all have things that don’t 100% make sense.

If you don’t have the context, both based on community.

I think there’s a lot of overlap for you to kind of you for your opinions to change with your community and you’re like, oh, I ended up somewhere else, you know, so absolutely this doesn’t happen every time but there’s also how Colts happens.


So, yeah, everyone’s got a belief.

You just kind of follow the pack and it just turns into something else.

Very good point.

So anyway, let’s get into this during the First Crusade aka the religious wars, which was the late 11th century, Christian Fighters, took control of Jerusalem and with Jerusalem being the holy land and all groups of Christians began, making the Trek to visit but it was not safe for them.


So around 1118 a French Knight named Hugh the Pion he Added a military order to protect them, and he called it, the poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon later, the Knights Templar.

That’s a lot of words.

I’m so glad you said it.

Here’s here’s what I’m thinking about this.


I can’t believe that they picked.

First of all, a boring name also, such a long name.

There’s a lot of Zin there to me.

It’s very confusing and it was a protective military order to help people go visit Jerusalem.

It was basically a Christian pilgrimage security.




And so here’s what I’m thinking.

Here’s the original name.

The poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon.

I did something because it was the middle of the night and I can’t stop myself.

I came up with some other options.


They could have gone with and just actively avoided so your, the pr team.

Now, if it were 2020 and 2022, if they want to do this, I would have certainly thrown my, my hat in the ring and then like, um, you could have called it this you, okay?

I’m Ready to hear your modern.


Take your creative, take on this.

I’ve got a few things.

Okay, so think Christian security detail and you just tell me how you feel from here.



First one, God’s guards next.

Holy Heroes now.

Oh, Bible Battalion.


So these are all just basically.

These are all just a literation.

Is what you’re telling me.

I don’t know.

You’re talking about Trinity Troopers know.

And then I thought Crusaders for Christ, but apparently that’s Real thing.

That’s absolutely a real thing.

Yeah, here’s an obvious one soldiers, soldiers and also like the body of Christ Bodyguards of Christ.



We’re just not going to talk about it.

I think we are.

I’m not done.

Oh, sorry continue.

If you wanted to be boring, which is clearly what their aesthetic was.

You could have just easily gone with the savior’s or the shepherd’s or shepherd’s is good because that’s kind of double honor.


Anton but, you know, and they’re French and something think of the mascot copying of it.

I don’t know.

And the Catholic saint of protection is Saint Christopher.

They didn’t even try to touch that.

They were focused on Solomon though.

I like I think maybe they wanted Solomon in there.

Do you have anything that keeps almond in there?


No, but I do have some slogans if you’re interested.



Well, here was my favorite one that I think they should have gone with.

By the way, here is my winter.

So I was thinking like the lamb, you know how that’s like a big stir for sure.



Right, so that’s two.


So here are some slogans.

I was thinking because like if it were done in today’s world that have to have like team jackets, of course, or like a big van and they have like a slogan on the side.

Big man big.

So I was thinking like don’t cross us.

Hmm excusez-moi.


That is a Twitter Banner waiting to happen and I was thinking like, the sacramental bread.

So I was like mess with bread and you’ll be toast, you know what I mean?

Like, I thought we could get aggressive.

Put this energy toward I Now, anything else?

I know anything.

Well, so anyway, they went with the poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon.


I feel like calling yourself a poor night.

It’s like, like, I see what you’re trying to do.

Be a little, like self-deprecating, but, like, your name is not the way to do it.

Like it.

Also, if you want to keep Solomon that bad, couldn’t you have done like Solomon’s soldiers sold in Solomon’s men.

Men is in Solomon.


The Solomon.

There we go.

We cracked it.

I knew we grab her.

We would anyway, so that’s us poking.

Some hopefully harmless fun.

And at the name, but in terms of their purpose, they were curses.

We’re going to get I’m telling you.

This is what we do and then all of a sudden I’m like, why is my house falling over?


I think the meanest thing I’ve said his bodyguards and I also think it’s really creative.

So I think we’re okay.

I think we’re safe.

You’re right.

If there isn’t a Christian group out there looking for like a name for their own set of superheroes.

I just gave you so many of you found a very nice job, Backup backup job.


If this podcasting thing fails, which it sounds like it might based on the way we’ve gotten so far today.

Well, so those are their potential names that they completely neglected, but in terms of their purpose, they were a group that was trying to keep their people safe.


That long name, eventually does shorten into the Knights Templar.

And soon, I think it’s 11:29, the Catholic Church formally endorses, the Knights Templar, and that allowed money to start rolling in.

And they eventually gained Financial power and set up a network of Banks, Banks, Banks.


They have are expecting that Learn.

Well, they really go from like a volunteer group to like running the show real quick.

It can I just point out that they called themselves poor and now they’re running Banks.

Thank you.

Thank you.

So soon the night.

This is how crazy it gets soon.


The knights expanded their business and brand across Western Europe, which involve their strict code of conduct and signature style of dress, which were these white habits and blazoned with a red cross.

Don’t cross us Christine.

I mean, it works, whatever you’re doing over there.

It’s Gagging.

I’m into it if I could get back to 11:29 and throw this pitch at them I might but then I would also be a time traveler to them at a time where they’re super religious and it I might be dangerous.


It’s might get like take it out.

You need your own bodyguard, but would be there The Bodyguard that went rogue and it can they can take care of me the time traveler the black sheep of my right.

We’re gonna get fired.

Are we allowed to get fired from this?


Because I think we might I am I can’t tell if I’m scared or a Or which one wins at the End.

By the way, speaking of the poor, the poor Knights eventually, they’ve expanded their business and brand so much that they also own a fleet of ships.


They own the island of Cyprus and because of their cash flow, they became a primary lender to European monarchs and Nobles.

Oh my, so like they really flew to the all the way up, the charts, its success incredible.

And in the late 12th century Muslims, Take Back Control of Jerusalem, forcing the nights to to find a new home base in Perry.


Okay, but King Philip, the fourth of France was not a fan of these nights.

And one rumor is that they weren’t helping him out financially like other monarchs and so King Philip maybe because of this decided that he was going to bring the ordered down.


Oh, oh my on October 13th 1307, members of the Knights Templar and France were arrested and brutally tortured until Many confessed to false charges.

That sounds, so familiar.


Does it get any more familiar?


Three years later.

Many were burned at the stake.

Oh my God, they’re so dramatic back.


I’m just saying 300 years later.

They did the same thing to, okay.

I’m just going to say to like, you know, men always accused women of being dramatic, but then I hear these stories and I’m like, seriously, here’s here.


Hang on.

So then King Philip got his revenge because Pope Clement, the fifth.

L’ve the Knights Templar in 1312.

And one thing that they don’t mention is that the I just wanted to bring this up because I thought this was interesting history before we keep going.


But one thing they don’t mention a lot is that the Knights Templar is actually even though it got dissolved in, thirteen twelve, and thirteen, nineteen after it.

Allegedly died out Portugal’s, King actually ended up getting people permission to carry on the order in Portugal.


Oh, intriguing.

But as Like a Knighthood campaign, so it’s more like, it’s not for a religious things.

It’s verb the king.


So anyway, just wanted to, before we keep going on, what happens to the legacy of the Knights Templar, the closest reality.


We actually have two descendants or coming from an actual time.

That included the Knights Templar.

That’s probably your best answer that.


Okay, Portugal now, runs things.

Love it.

Anyway, so the legacy of the Knights Templar lived on for centuries, and they’ve become synonymous with the occult conspiracies.


Percy’s, the holy grail and the Freemasons.

That’s right.

All of these connections though are not true because when you’re dealing with a group that originated centuries ago, the truth gets lost in the shuffle a lot of times and there’s modern twists.

And I mean, just a big old game of telephone, that’s like 900 years long, right?


So things have really shaken up.

In terms of like how the story went of the Knights Templar coming up.

I’ve got Few of these conspiracy theories about the Knights Templar, including whether they’re responsible for the legend of Friday, the 13th, who would love a good conspiracy theory, love a good conspiracy theory.


So we have the Knights Templar allegedly going extinct in the 1300s after the pope, shut them down.

But some people believe that the group just went underground and still exists.

And this is where we, I think the beginnings of the secret society aspect kick in totally and the 18th century groups.


Like the Freemasons brought back some of the nights Traditions, which didn’t help the rumors of their existence.


The Freemason say, that’s when I do know about, I have family, I always think about with you.

I like connect because I know we’ve talked about that quite a bit on, that’s why I drink that.


You have kind of a more knowledge about that group, more knowledge, but still it’s a secret society.

What could that even mean, but I will say about the Freemasons not to poopoo on them.

But there’s some drama between the Freemasons and the Knights Templar.

When they first started, when rumors started circling that they were, they were in cahoots in some way.


So, the Freemasons, even though the Knights Templar had disbanded or was dissolved forever ago.

The Freemasons as like a marketing tactic started promoting themselves as descendants of the Knights Templar.

Oh, that’s kind of shady.


And also like of course not people think of the Knights, Templar to secret society, like of course, so originally it was one, Freemason named Andrew Ramsey and he tried, originally it just gets even Shady.

Are he tried originally telling people that Freemasons were descendants of a similar group called the order of the knights?


Hospitaller, but they existed.

So they heard him doing this and they call them out and they were like, no, you’re not.

It’s so they ended up changing the story to the Knights Templar, because nobody was around to confirm or deny it.

The Portuguese Portuguese, king, or whoever was like, wait a second.


I thought that was my thing.

He’s like, I don’t know, unless all the Freemasons come from Portugal.

It’s hard to believe that, that maybe is where the started.

So then we start getting some gossip that makes its way into books and movies.

There were stories that the Knights Templar had found and dug up the Holy Grail.


Shout out my face.

She’ll treasure, starring Nicolas Cage.

My personal National Treasure.

And other rumors were that they possibly had some secrets that could bring down the Catholic church.

And so official now baby.

Come on, Like official conspiracy theory where they like now stand for the exact opposite of what they were there for like if they were known as like the bodyguards and now suddenly there they were no ending for, you know, being God-fearing and good Christian good, Catholic people and I mean, I guess nothing has suggested that they aren’t good Catholic people, but if I wanted to turn, they would know how to do it.


So I mean I knocked down my Catholic schools buildings, I thinking about it.

Can I think with my brain?

So I feel like you’re stupid brain.

Step it up or like I’m not impressed.

You know, wait.

Hey, you said it not me as you like to say allegedly.


I’ve got to throw that word out there.

Allegedly, since it was a religious school.

You knock down.

I’m sure.

They would find a reason to be like that was the devil.

So we have to approach She didn’t say a chi-x.

I did say the hex word.

And I think maybe I shouldn’t have said that, so I hope your principal knows how badly they failed you.


And in the faith, they’ll find out eventually.

So since there was no one, who was actually a Knights Templar member around anymore, that meant there was no one to protect their legacy.

So it was almost like they needed their own protectors now.


Wow, that’s deep.


The bodyguards needed, bodyguards are their own body that literal bunkers this time actual bodyguard.

So groups, like the Freemasons just kind of went wild with their own appropriation and interpretation to things and more recently.

Right wing, extremist groups, like the Knights Templar UK, and there’s a mass murderer in Norway, who has invoked the Knights Templar, and says that he’s part of the new Resurgence of Knights Templar out there.


Oh my God, he said he was part of the new Resurgence of the Knights Templar.

Oh my God.

Yeah, yikes, but then again, I’m not entirely shocked, I mean This is a group founded in like conspiracy theories.

And although it’s related to Freemasonry, which a lot of people think is, you know, they’re the new world order.


So, I mean it here, if you’re kind of a right-wing extremist who might fall into the Q&A on group and you might, this might be just one of the things that you tack on to your beliefs, you know, this is one of your overlaps, you’re talking about maybe one or overlaps.



There are some Modern versions of Knights Templar actually maybe in Portugal.


I would guess but there are others also.

Other ones who act as charitable groups.

Oh, okay.

While they’re not the Protectors of Christians, like the original version.

They are helping people.

So I’m into that, that’s nice down with that.

And the Knights Templar has also been associated with the occult, including the Illuminati.


Which many believe has influence politics in the media, which also is a stepping stone into qm.

So, it really doesn’t surprise me when extremists say like, oh, the Knights Templar are involved in New World.

Order stuff.

Yep, make sense.

Do you know anything about?


I’m getting off track here per usual, but do you believe in the Illuminati or know anything about it?

I feel like we’ve never discussed that as a topic.

We haven’t really.

And I feel a little overwhelmed by the topic because I know like a vague sense, you know, I’ve done a lot like a couple internet deep Dives, but I feel like even internet deep Dives.


Don’t really get you.

The full story unless you spend a lot longer research.

I think I was going to say it’s one of those topics that people have asked me to cover and that’s A drink too, but it’s just there’s so much.

It’s just a very overwhelming topic to even think about you’ve done q and on, but that alone was how many episodes it was three episodes, but I gotta be honest you and I was like a 19-hour research situation that is.


So, and that only started a couple years ago.

Can you imagine the Illuminati?

Oh, my God, exactly.

Just a lot.

It’s just a lot.

There are clearly so many extreme differences and how the group is invoked and more modern times.

But there Is one area where no one would want to be associated with them.


And that is the curses of the Knights Templar.

Here we go, back to curses.

Okay, about five years.

Before, the Knights Templar was supposedly shut down by the pope.

It’s Last Man In Charge, is Jacques de.

Molay, was arrested with the group in October, 1307.



So they were charged with heresy, or they were blamed for going against the church, which I think is what you would also be charged with for your building.

No, just warning you.

But just predicting.

Now, I don’t know.


Did I say that allegedly because of what happened to Jacques de molay.


There’s a lot of theories on where the Unlucky date of Friday.

The 13th came from I see because they were arrested on Friday October 13th. 1307.

I see which we’ve mentioned before on and that’s why we drink.

I did a whole episode on Friday the 13th.


I think it was episode 243 and very briefly brought up the Knights Templar, but that is one of the Is why the Christians believe and Friday the 13th being an unlucky day?

Interesting, there was a few reasons that was that wasn’t the only one but the I think I ran a list of all the Christian reasons, why Friday, the 13th was not a great thing.


Meanwhile, we talked about how and paganism and Norse mythology Friday, the 13th was seen as like a day for like female empowerment, right?

Because Friday is after the goddess of like love and fertility and motherhood and like divine feminine.

Entity and the number 13 represents the 13 lunar cycles.


And so Friday, the 13th is like one big woman’s appreciation day.

So anyway, interesting how the differences there.

How based on what you believe in there’s, it could either be super lucky or super, not lucky and all.

Once again goes all the way back down in time to religion Telephone Game.


Yep, telephone game.

So when Jacques and Company were locked up, they were brutally tortured.

So that they’d can Confess to being religious Traders, but they retracted their confessions and admitted.

It was under duress to save their lives.


Where have we heard that from before so familiar?

Hmm, they’re retraction backfired and they were declared a relapsed heretic which I didn’t know that was a thing.

No and Jacques de molay was burned at the stake and March 1314, not again, not again.


So now even before Jaques arrest in death we talked about Out some of the strange rumors that swirled around the Knights, Templar, one of them actually being that the group idolized, a mummified cat, headed satanic deity.

Excuse me.

That was just a personal favorite, but I also think it’s interesting that the Knights Templar is now being considered satanic.


It’s like already twisting.

We’re like, it was a it’s like a 180 from its original purpose.

Well, as full of Heretics, I mean, what can you get more Satanist than that to the church?

I mean they’re called relapsed heretic.

He’s right.

Okay, so it gets a, I actually get first one degree further.


Yeah, so that all happens.

But then once Jacques died in came, the idea that he cursed King Philip, the fourth of France.

Oh, no.

So remember, I told you in the beginning of the show, when the Christians lost control of Jerusalem and the Knights Templar fled to Paris, but King Philip, the fourth was not a fan of them.


Oh, yeah, because they didn’t help him financially or something.


So the supernatural theory is that Jacques actually cursed King Philip and the pope when he was burned at the Steak.

Oh, well, I mean who wouldn’t to be honest?

I think if someone’s burning at the stake, you have every right to absolutely wish all ill will on them agree.


And not even just the ink minor late know.

That one’s a full.

I hope something horrible happens to I think that one’s a Justified, really?


So, in theory allegedly, he cursed, the pope and the king, and here’s where it gets weird, though.


Is that the pope died?

Just a month later.

Oh boy.

Oi and before he is properly laid to rest, his body was put inside a church, which burned down overnight.

Oh no.

And in November 13, 14 8 months after Jack was killed, King, Philip had a stroke and died shortly after so, oh my gosh, so within eight months, both of them were dead.



Freaky could be a coincidence.

But I mean, if you’re very interested in the curse section of the story, it definitely helps your case.


Up next you would be crazy to think.


I don’t have a list of movies books and video games that took inspiration from the dramatic history of the Knights Templar and our final thoughts on spiritualist appropriation are coming right up.

Can’t wait. 900 years later, the Knights Templar, they remained the most iconic and Infamous order of knights from the Crusades.


And you can’t have a group with this Rich history of rumors and not see a pop up in modern culture over time.

Of course.

Oh, we’ve got a little ditties, such as Indiana, Jones and the Last Crusade.

I’ve heard about that guy.

I too have heard about that guy.

I have written his roller coaster.


It is fantastic.

Would recommend and attend, and writer-director Jordan Peele.

Talks about the Knights Templars influence in the DVD commentary of get out.

Oh, listen, I love get out.

Love it, great movie.

I don’t own the DVD.


I don’t own a DVD player.

So that might be a problem.

I was going to say, I wonder if this DVD commentary is available somewhere else for people and 2022.

Maybe put it on YouTube, Somebody.

I’d love to watch it podcast.

Everyone’s doing a podcast.

So just so a re-watch episode.


But yeah, he said that the, I guess the but not so good people.

The white people in the movie were part of a new group that was today’s generation.

And of the Knights Templar fascinating I could see that connection.

It’s a little spooky little conspiracy.


Well, interesting, is that he actually directly plays into it at the beginning of the movie where someone is wearing one of the old habits, with the Red Cross.

I think Noah, and he says, don’t cross me.

It’s embroidered in my hat pieces ba stupid.


So also the Game franchise Assassin’s Creed, Which is popular enough for me, a non-video game or to have heard of that same.

That’s about my extent of the knowledge though.

Me too.

It’s swarming with Knights Templar mythology and has created their own conspiracy theories, out of it to George.



Martin, based the Nights, Watch and Game of Thrones on the Knights Templar.


Now we’re talking, I read those books that is a lot of sense.

I do.

We would find a connection, eventually.

We get uh, and The DaVinci Code featured.

A theory that the Templars were involved in a conspiracy to preserve the bloodline of Jesus Christ.


Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you ever had a nickel but Cuban on, hello.

It’s all about.

They got a whole thing about preserving the bloodline.

So, if there’s any confusion about stories like this, and getting into the hands of the wrong people with extremist Fringe beliefs, it makes sense to me, why this secret society is so popular today for people who are looking for answers and And weird places, absolutely, especially if there’s not anybody to kind of Rectify or, you know, speak out and say, no, this is really what it was about because if there’s nobody left to kind of Stack up and speak for them.


Then everybody can have their kind of own take on it.


So after hearing all this, I don’t think this is a group.

My Jewish grandfather was in.

So we’ve at least determined one thing today.

But what what are you thinking about this guy?


I mean, can you imagine?

Engine starting out as a volunteer Christian organization.

And now you’re associated with, like, the occult and the Illuminati, and the New World Order.

I cannot.

I cannot imagine either one of those things.

Fortunately, for me.

I think.

How do you feel about all of this that I’ve caught you up on?

Honestly, I knew approximately 0% of it.


So I feel much more educated now.

So thank you.

You’re welcome.

It, blows me away that.

Something that happened all the way in the 1100s is still talked enough about that.

It’s mentioned in movies and books and people have heard generally about it.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a cult following of people trying to learn all their Comm there.


We could do like an internet black hole and get sucked into Reddit somewhere, but I will also say like he’s lucky somebody shorten that to Knights Templar because if they were still, didn’t poor Knights of Solomon of the no one one of the one at time.

No, but take nobody would we don’t remember that.

But can you imagine how many people were?


If it were like the Bible Battalion?

Can you imagine how many people would have learned everything?

They could about that one?


Okay, but since it’s been around for like nine hundred years and it’s still talked about a lot and modern culture.


What do you think something going on right now in 2022?

900 1000 years from now.

What’s the thing that everyone’s still going to talk about enough that it’s in all of their media.

The Salomon are one reference from our.

From this one podcast is the only thing that will take.


Maybe our podcast know, that’s a great question.

I wish it were something as fun as Podcast, I doubt it.

I have a feeling certain world leaders like Trump and maybe Putin will have some sort of lasting negative effects on the planet, but you don’t say, you don’t say.


I know what a take.

What a hot take.

Do you have any any thoughts?

Because I don’t know.

That’s a really great question.

I’m going to stick with what you said and say our podcast.

Oh good.

Because here’s the thing.

I do.

Have what you want to do.

Want me to do a hex?

No, wait a minute.

Hang on.


I do have a of one day being obsolete, but But I think I always assumed in 1,000 years.

That was a fair enough time for me, to be okay, with being obsolete, but it would be nice to still be around.

And also, if through the game of telephone, a thousand year, long game of telephone, maybe, they think we’re the new world order or something.


I don’t know.

Yeah, there’s like a whole new group and they’re like, we’re the descendants of em and Christine and they’re going to use this audio as proof or whatever.

Weird text.

They have.

That’s right.

Anyway, fun things to think about and I feel like it lends you a lot of credence.

If you say, oh I’m a descendant of Knights Templar because everyone knows that name.



If you are just like, oh I have this cool group and were a secret society.

It was like, cool.

Good for you.

That’s like what I did in third grade like made a club and said I was in a secret society.

That’s not very effective.

If you claim to be some long ancient, you know, a descendant of some ancient secret group or some ancient religious order like that already gives you a whether it’s true or not gives you a lot of credibility.


And also I think it’d be pretty easy to do something like that today.

If well I do No, the internet’s in your way.

See, I guess people could look at, look it up so far down the ancestral line to find out.

Like, oh no, you just made this up, but I think you could probably get away with things like that today and no one would really even think about it.


Yeah, because you’re not going to create a new group and be like Oh, were the religious order?

Like nothing’s as it doesn’t sound as cool or effective.

If you just claim now that your, I don’t know, protecting the Pope.

I don’t know.

I feel like the ancient having an ancient basis.


Your quote unquote, secret group, uh-huh.

Kind of lends.

You some badassery.

I’ll send up there.

I like that.

Thanks so much for listening.


We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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