Rituals - E12 • Naked Baking (& Other Things We Do For Love)


Once upon a time before dating apps where you could swipe your way to love, there were love potions and they were little treats made with special specific ingredients.

Some magic to get that special someone to love you back.

Not at all, toxic.


Not at all manipulative.


It seems like a big red flag in the making.

Yeah, and love potions can Only be glamorized.

But as you can probably assume.

There is also some dark history to this romantic ritual.

Yeah, I feel like it and in the past I’ve seen love potions mentioned, as kind of a cutesy thing you would do.


But with kind of today’s 2022 Outlook.

I don’t think it held up as well as a concept.

I think we’re about to unpack that to pay.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m M Schultz, and I’m Christine cheaper every week.

We’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

And today we are talking about love potions.


Christine have you, how often have Love Potion has come up in your life is there?

You have Astoria to this at all, any personal experience after telling you about my hex phase recently.

I’m afraid to really bring up anything even remotely troubling that I did in my childhood /.


Teen years.

I’m sure there were times where I attempted to do this.

I’m sure it didn’t work.

So that’s probably the extent of my knowledge.

I beg to differ.

I think, if you’re afraid to tell us about any potential love potions because of how powerful your hexes went.


I think your love potions might have been successful.

I think they were successful in the way.

I planned them but not successful in the larger picture of hey, maybe don’t do this anymore.

If are like her and you think this is a good idea that you want that guy from math class to like you be careful.


What you wish for.

I feel like is the running theme that goes on when I discuss these kinds of things fair enough, be careful what you wish for, I think should fall into most things including love potions.

So anyway, let’s crack into it.

Christine, I have a story about a love potion if you didn’t listen, oh, I’m so interested.


Please share.

It’s very embarrassing because I was course it is.

I can’t wait.

I had to have been 77 or I mean I was little, but my mom and I were actually I think my mom had taken us on like a family trip to Italy and I was seven and could not have cared less that I was in literally.


Only because I was unaware of the fact that I thought we got on a plane and like might as well just gone to Florida or something.

I had Amy the land of gelato and you just didn’t care.

I really, I was so young.

There was no way I was gonna appreciate it.

And when we were there, I remember like walking past like a fortune teller at least in my mind.


I was a fortune teller is probably just someone completely exploiting tourists and I’m fine with that now in hindsight, but they were like, oh we can tell your fortune and I was told that that my true love’s name is going to start with the letter c Christine.

I was also told that if I and ironically actually, at the time I did have a crush on someone with a name that starts with the letter C.


And so, it blew my mind and I was like, oh my God, I was literally in second grade, by the way.

So anything they said I was going to be completely swindled by this.

I don’t know why my mom let desire where your parents that was next, but they were probably like.

Why, why did we take a second grader to a foreign country?


I thought you were about to say what they were probably wining and dining.

Dang, and I was like, they probably weigh probably were, I think they were like, I don’t know why we brought our kid on this trip.

So you let someone else like have to deal with him for a second.

I don’t know.

So I found out that my true love is going to start with the letter c.



A that sounds true.

Yeah, and they also said oh and the person you have a crush on.

They could fall in love with you too.

But you have to buy this love potion and stop it either.

My mom purchased it or what?

My mom gave me like a 10.


I don’t know and so I bought it off of this random woman and looking back.

It was literally just a bag of glitter.

But at seven I was like, wow, it’s Sparkles and love is in the air.

So I was told to put this love potion somewhere where they would end up touching it.


So that way it would like rub onto them and they would think of me because I was the one who put the Love Potion there.

So I remember sprinkling it all over their chair.

So that way they would sit down on it.

That’s what I was thinking.

I would do that to ya.

And it ends up not working out because she came into the room that day because I sprinkle glitter all over her chair and she ended up pulling her chair out and seeing that, it was dirty, and then just like switch chairs.


She was like, I don’t want to say here.

There’s stuff all over it.

And so I bottom line, the Love Potion didn’t work.

And in hindsight.

I don’t think it was ever going to so well, who wants glitter all over them, you know, so I love potion, story will never know, huh?

And that’s a great story.

I cannot believe you bought a love potion from Um, an Italian fortune teller and it was, I was promised love and I still need my money back.


After all these years, guys, that that kid did not like me back.

I still think about it.

I was so embarrassed.

I was like, I had a plan here.

What was going on which by the way?

Lets you know, that I was very easily and quickly indoctrinated into the world of glamorizing love potions and forcing someone to have a crush on you.


So like yeah, glad to know I’ve broken.

And free from that.

But it said that is a great early segue to talk about love potions and how they are pretty glamorized.

And when you don’t stop to think about the fact that it is a way for you to feel like you’re manipulating a person into something, not a cute look.



It doesn’t seem like a healthy start to a relationship.

Even if it does, quote, unquote work, you know.

Yeah, I mean I did you ever realize at the time like as a kid or when you were younger.

Did you ever realize it was so romantic sized or when did?

Realized that it was probably not a tasteful act.


I think I always got a kind of a weird feeling about it because it always felt a little bit.

Like, why should I force someone to like, you know, I think in a desperate move, when he really have an unrequited love situation, I can see why you’d think like, oh, it’s worth doing something like this, but it always kind of struck me as a little bit.


If not icky necessarily then at least Like cheating a little bit like, oh, well, you shouldn’t have to force trick someone into loving you or liking you like that seems like kind of a shortcut that isn’t gonna make your relationship last.


I don’t know.

It just didn’t seem like the smartest move in my book.

I’m impressed that you had such a Healthy Outlook on it because I don’t think until like I became a full adult.

I had anything but toxic traits.

What did I do?

Wow, what?


Statement, what is David?

But I do think like when I like when I think back on like high school or even College like my idea of what it took to be with the person or what type of person I should be looking for.

Like I think I just had I was one of those classic people who fell for all the tricks and I like did not stand up for myself or look into the meaning of things.


I really just like had no concept.

I was just hanging out getting myself hurt all the time.

Give you my feelings are following your bliss Lily.

My blessing hurt in the process.

I don’t think Until I like grew up and really start looking within.

Did I I mean, I don’t think I was The Toxic person.

I think I just fell for all the toxic moves.



I just don’t think I had a Healthy Outlook at all because I would have looked at a love potion and been like, oh, like, that’s so romantic being pursued and they’re doing whatever it takes to win me over, and like, not realizing that like, hey, maybe that person needs to read the room that you’re not into it.


And like yeah, I fucked her boundaries.

Anyway, time for me to teach you a little bit about the history of some love potions if you will and see how far back the Stop it goes.

Which spoiler alert all the way back to like Biblical times?

Oh, okay.

It’s important to state that we’re going to talk about a lot of recipes and tensions and actions that were done using love potions to get someone to love you, but I thought this was super interesting because you know, we keep saying like, oh love potions there historically, they’re actually like kind of manipulative and toxic and more or less a version of like a roofie without like the drug part of it.


I feel like you’re I mean, I think we’re these have a much worse and result, but I think they are more or less.

Oh, we’re going to drug you to be easier to manipulate your feelings and manipulate our tool or in or something awful.


At the mean reviews, go a very particular dark route, but love potions are under the same umbrella to me in terms of there’s still problematic.

Yeah, we’re tricking you into having a less of a problem with me pursuing.

And as I say, that one thing that’s really interesting is there’s actually an herbalist in Brooklyn.


Who said it best.

I think where they said a love potion is quote a practical recipe + magic.

That shouldn’t be about trickery.


So instead what a love potion, a true love potion should be is about self-realization.



This is a quote from this herbalist who said the first step in being able to love someone else requires you to activate it yourself love.

Oh and a potion might help you get there.

So even though that that’s nice.

I love that idea of it where it’s not.


Oh, I’m going to Swindle you into falling for me and you don’t have free will in this experience.

It’s it’s more like I’m opening myself up to opportunity and potential and maybe if you’re standing there, you know, you might be the person I’m looking for.


Yeah, I 100% understand that that I’m into, I love that.

So the main Read it in a lot of love potions.

Do you want to take a guess at what?

That might be?

I have Newt.

I don’t know.

Oh, that feels like a common.

I feel like I’ve heard that one before.

Is what I mean, but no the it is mandrake like from Harry Potter.


That’s what I thought.

Yes, the thing that screams at you.

It’s also known as mandragora and it was reportedly used from Biblical times for the Middle Ages and some areas of the world today.

Here’s probably my favorite part of all of the notes.

It’s there’s something in the Middle Ages.


That was called The Love Cake.

Oh, no, I already don’t like, you know about the love cake.

I don’t, but I hear Middle Ages and I hear all they came up with a fun invention and I think this is not going to end.

Well, it could allegedly get your crush to like you back.

So you could do all this and your crush.


Still might not like you at the end.

So here’s how it goes.

First of all any cake to me is really like a love cake.

I don’t care who you are.

If you bring me a cake.

I’ll probably You’re a little more.

Yeah, but here’s if you wanted to like make your own cake at home.


This is how you do it.


Are you ready?

I’m ready.

I’m writing it down.

Step 1, get naked.


I’m so glad that I didn’t say I’m gonna do it right now because we are on camera and I don’t think anyone needs that by the way, never mind to what I said, five seconds ago about how any cake will do because I am kind of nervous and this already doesn’t feel like a love cake.


It feels more like a lust cake.

If we’re nude.

I feel like that.

It’s unnecessary, but it is part of the recipe process because your then supposed to, well, as you’re naked.

Okay, you take the dough, which already this cake is wrong because cake is made with better.


So I don’t know what we’re making it out of Middle Ages cake.

They also, I did not get a recipe list for houses.

Do is made, it’s just take do and your naked body and then you’re going to press the dough into your naked body.


Now and originally I was like, oh like for like to make like a mold of your body, like a cake in the shape of your father’s case with all my lovely curves, but here’s the thing.

It’s not for that.

All it is to absorb the sweat from your body know it isn’t.


But who are you?

Baked it?

You’re kidding me.

And the 16th century Europe.

We’ve got official books with instructions on love potions.


There’s like some documentation instead of like trust me get naked I heard about this 300 years ago.

Trust me.

I think this is how it works.


Well, one of the most popular of the books was called The Book of Secrets of, albertus Magnus of the virtues of herbs stones and certain beasts, and I pardon nearly can confirm that that was from Harry Potter.

It does sound like, it doesn’t it?

And the book gave us a recipe that involved a mixing crushed.


Earthworms with periwinkle flowers.

No, I don’t know about the worms.

I think that was like a cultural move, but I also know that Flowers, make sense because that’s always been a sign of romance.

There are a few flowers that have been in love potions or love rituals.


One of them are very common.

When at the time was people used to plant Marigolds in your footsteps.

So first of all, you have to be a person who follows someone long enough to know where they step to them marigolds there.

And also wow, that’s I mean, it’s kind of cute in theory and then it’s like oh, why are you following them around?


I do feel like the same person who is stalking you long enough to know exactly where to plant Marigolds on your like, path to work.

Probably is also the same person who thinks a love potions romantic, to be fair.

Good point.

So one of the plants that is pretty toxic for us.


A few potions is called a datura plant.

The datura plant was used as an aphrodisiac, but it was also a deadly hallucinogen and that makes me wonder like Was it actually an aphrodisiac or well?

You spiral.


You’re drugging someone?

Yeah, exactly.

It early.


That’s scary.

Some potion recipes have also called for animal parts, including the fat of a snake, which I thought snakes really pretty lean.


I don’t I didn’t know snakes could get fat.

That’s why it’s so hard to find that the fat, right?


So then also some ingredient.

Some of the other ingredients like this are the brain of a Espero.

No, the blood of a bat or the heart of a pigeon to.

And so indigenous Americans also use lizard tails and their potions.


And so I don’t know.

Here’s my thing respectfully.

I totally get the like other cultures use foods and stuff that maybe we think are gross or odd.

So I don’t want to like, you know, poopoo on things that are just not normal to me and therefore that means they should be gross.

That does not make sense.


Well, really because I feel like that’s what you do to me every day.

But okay, you’re a different.

Saying, all on your own, with your icy storms, but respectfully, I know that other cultures use these kinds of things, but I am curious.

Why all of the ingredients are something like the fat of the snake or the brain of a sparrow like, is it, is it part of the ritual that it has to be something that is limited or hard to come by?


So that way the potion is more powerful or interesting, like why could why couldn’t a love potion be like the fur of York?

Cat that sheds everywhere and it’s like super easy to get because I feel like, has I feel like the whole point is like you have to really work for it.


You know, I don’t think it’s just like, oh, everybody is gonna be able to do this because then think of all the Havoc that would be caused if everybody is trying to do love potions.

I feel like this true kind of an exclusive ability to do something like this.

I will also say I assume this is from the past because I know a lot of people who practice witchcraft today, do not use animal parts in there.


We talk about that later.

Yeah, okay, and I know that that’s something that has given witchcraft a bad name and like, things like the eye of Newt and stuff are actually usually symbolic for plants.

And so, I think, I don’t know.

I feel like as a person who does not eat any animals, I will say wholeheartedly, I do not want any of these things to be in my potion.


Any potion.

We talk later about what a current potion looks like, so don’t worry, right.

We’re going to get on it.

I know I do Wonder like, culturally, how are those things?

Things still at play or have.

They also change things based on different parts of the world.

I don’t know.

And I also would not want to eat the fat of a snake.


By the way, if the whole point of feeding me, the fat of a snake as someone who hates snakes when they’re alive and skinny, and not the don’t have fat on them.

If the plan is to feed me one.

So that all like you more, you’ve are in a world of hurt.

Like I’m about to really super duper not like you you’ve so hurt your chances, but I think that’s the point.


You don’t know that and I think that’s why This is kind of problematic to like I don’t think anyone’s saying oh here drink this.

I put a heart of a pigeon is so that you’ll fall in love with me.

Like I think that’s where we get again until like the non-financial part of this.

Yeah, so to summarize for ourselves, several problems here with these potions, one not vegan to not even vegetarian, not even vegetarian to a lot of levels of informed consent, not being a play.


Correct and three, I don’t want.

Fat, let’s just put it that way.

I knew that would be.

Number three.

I was prepared for that one.

Coming up.

Let’s take a little trip around the world to see how love potions are used in different cultures, which were already touching on.


Plus the scandalous side to using them.


I have a hunch.


As with any cuisine different parts of the world have different recipes and ingredients for potions that they believe will cause people to fall in love one of them.

And Uganda is if you mix herbs and the eggs of a grey crowned crane, which this is what I’m talking about like a why I like, how can it just be eggs from the store, especially if in today’s world things door.


If things are more symbolic versus like necessary.

I wonder like our love potions.

Able to be accessed easier.

I wonder what the A power Behind these eggs are so if you mix these herbs and eggs, it will increase affection and monogamy, which if someone made me some breakfast eggs, I would also be more affectionate to you.


So that makes sense in my mind and Africa, if you seep the bark of a pimp, a tree and drink it, like a tea, it’s said to give off aphrodisiac qualities and the Dominican Republic.

There is something that is made of rum, honey, and red wine, and they’re mixed with tree bark and herbs.


And it creates an aphrodisiac called Mamajuana.

That sounds kind of good to me.

I’m honey and red wine.

But I mean, those are things that I can imagine a flavor palate together.

Sounds great.

And then in Indonesia’s, Madeira island in East Java, they use herbs to make something called Zhang mu, ROM one, which they say make women look more youthful.


So their husbands will be attracted to them.

So that one, I like so much love, don’t love that.

I don’t love that.

They need you to be useful to be attracted to you.

You could talk about that for years in Romania.

The Romanian day of Love is called Drago BEC day.


And this is where young girls collect frozen snow, our ice and use it to ward off illness for the rest of the year.

I’m curious about that one.

I would like to know more about like what if these are a ceremony?

Do you just go get like a, like an icicle and just kind of like use it?


So it melts or something.

Like I wonder what the story is there, but that’s not Sia.


Because the snow, right?

What do you do with the snow?

I wonder that’s interesting or like do you keep that you take a nice call from outside and keep it in the freezer.

So it stays all year.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

In Finland.

There is an alcoholic drink with blueberries instead of yeast and it’s called the lapis love potion and we mentioned this earlier.


But yeah, an alcoholic drink is kind of a more Modern Love Potion.

If you drink enough of it, you are going to probably make some silly.

Al’s, you know, I am loving this.

I’m loving the blueberry alcohol.

I’m loving the rum and honey, this all sounds delicious.


Well, I’m glad you enjoyed how delicious things were up until now, because now we’re going to talk about vegetables and in the 19th century asparagus was called an aphrodisiac.

Okay, but we both love asparagus.


We love asparagus.

I can’t confirm.

I am more interested in hanging out with you.

Asparagus, is there?

Yeah, asparagus.

He not an aphrodisiac, not great.

If you’ve ever experienced that and it was used as an aphrodisiac and served two Grooms before their wedding night.


Oh, that’s nice.

Maybe they should have also been giving some given some like you him Bay.

If they’d only known, if only the cultures were all coming together to share their aphrodisiacs.

We could have had quite the Melting Pot of a good time, you know, the power in ancient Greece.

They also believe that carrots made men and women were attracted to each other, which is interesting because carrots are supposed to help with your vision, right?


So, I feel like, Like but I feel like that would do the opposite, right?

Because you’re like, oh just blur your vision and maybe the person, you know what?

I mean?

Yeah, that’s a good point.

Maybe you have to be really confident in how you look before giving someone a bunch of carrots and be like, look at me.

Look at me clearer, you’ll want this, you’ll want it.


Which, I mean, good for you.

I guess if you have that confidence and then the most iconic aphrodisiac that was used by the Aztecs is chocolate, but shot that one, I can understand a little bit that when I can get it triggers, high levels of Serotonin and Lifters in the human brain, which makes sense why I love it and it increases energy and produces euphoric.


Effects can confirm if you eat enough chocolate, you will be happy eventually.

It’s foolproof.

Full prove.

I don’t think I’ve had a chocolate.

I didn’t enjoy.

How about you is to?

Do you like chocolate, is that like your go-to?

I feel like sitting here eating chocolate eggs in front of you.


I’ve been doing that for a long time.

But do you have a go-to chocolate?

I feel like, what is it?

Peanut M & M’s.

I love peanut M & M’s.

But as far as such just like chop plain chocolate.

I love a milk.

I love a German chocolate.

That’s kind of what I grew up on and like some nougat in their love of hazelnut chocolate.


I’m all about it.

I think I appreciate chocolate-covered things more than solid chocolate.

I feel like I like the the combo.



What’s your favorite chocolate?

Covered item a strawberry?

Oh, yeah, but I feel like those are hard to come by.

You either have to go to a specialty shop or have them delivered and takes forever.


But like my go-to, like I need something covered in.

But right now is a pretzel who I like a good, chocolate-covered espresso bean because I will get all sorts of chaotic after eating a bag of those.

Yeah, when it comes to like chocolate-covered like nuts.


I’m not really a big fan.

I’m okay, like that’s fine.

But like trunk number pretzels are probably my go-to can get in a day or can get in under an hour situation.

Can get you revved, can’t get you revved up.

Have you had chocolate covered potato?



Shockingly good, you know I have and I kind of I’m kind of into it.

I didn’t think I would be but it’s that salty.

Sweet combo that kind of works.

You know, I love the salty.


Yeah, if you’re not catching on by now the idea of love potions can have a darker undertone to them.


So it’s not surprising that.

There have been some Sinister stories about them.

I just want to keep talking about chocolate, but I guess we have to move on.

You’ll have a good time because we’re going to talk about Scandal and I feel like you love that just as much as chocolate.

That’s true a chocolate and scandal.


I mean talk about an aphrodisiac.

I’m ready.


A chocolate-covered Scandal side me.

Oh, so the Spanish fly has been used in love potions dating back to the ancient Greeks which I didn’t know until I think the problem though is that the Spanish Fly is deadly and yeah, that’s I would consider that a problem at least a slight problem.


Also again, even like deadly or not.

I don’t want flies and a potion like it’s really eating me that it’s not food.

Food as we’re talking about love potions, more and more.

I feel like in the first sentence we are like, oh, this feels toxic and now it’s like, oh this is physically.


Physiologically toxic is toxic in on many level on every level.

Probably a lot of levels of on informed consent and a lot of levels of things.

I don’t want happening.

Why isn’t so while it could cause feelings of warmth that course through the person’s body people would find out the hard way.


That it wasn’t love, they were feeling, but it was inflammation from this data.

Well, yeah, well that I don’t love that.

They found out the hard way and then kept using it I guess is my problem.

Yeah, I wonder if they felt like oh you just had too much or not enough for it was the wrong flyer.


It was a bad batch, but it’s like no it was just bad with the first time just that’s it.

Not good.

It’s also believed that the Spanish Flies but killed Ferdinand.

The second of Aragon, he was using potions to increase the ability to have a male Heir with his much younger wife.





Also happened.

Well, so he ended up dying and 15/16.

I don’t know if he actually had the male Heir or not, but I think the potion is what was killing him because they ended up finding Spanish Flies, or they knew he was drinking Spanish Flies, yikes.


And they were like that, probably did A Min.

And then we have French monarch Louis, the 14th who had a lot of Mistresses.

And one of those Mistresses is said to have been involved in a plot to poison him and 1677 by sprinkling.

Potions on his food.


Oh, this also happened. 300 years later in The Emperor’s New Groove.

Different results, though.

It just has resulted in a lot of laughs.

That’s for sure.

So one of those Mistresses, they thought she was sprinkling poison on his food and I think she ended up getting.


I don’t know.

The right word is cleared.

I guess that she wasn’t a part of it.

Oh, okay.

She allegedly did some other dark things to try to keep control over Louis.

So eventually She was not allowed to be around him anymore.

I would guess if they really thought she was poisoning him.

I understand why they were like, you probably shouldn’t be around his food anymore or him.


Like I think they were like, we don’t know what abuse is going on here, but something is happening.

And by the way D, that does remind me of, that’s a bring it back to.

And that’s why we drink every episode.

But it does remind me of a whole lot of episodes that we’ve covered our, you’ve covered specifically of people like poisoning their spouses or poisoning.


Their family members and I don’t know if it was always necessarily a love potion, but it was like the need for control or in control or a desperation for them to not leave you which in a way feels like a toxic Love Potion.

Oh, yeah, and so like I was Gypsy Rose and very good point.


We can them to control them.


Yeah, I feel like I wonder if there’s a psychological correlation between those behaviors and love potion.

But I feel like they’re kind of is, if you are so scared that, someone’s going to leave you that you are drugged.

Them so that they are physically unable to.


So I feel like it’s just like a modern-day Twist of very bad manipulative, lovely.


Yeah, I can see that also in 1957, a New Jersey man was accused of murder and he foof.

He was using the victims skull to make a dust to use and love potions, so he could put spells on women.



So they was like, oh, I need a Skull.

So I’m going to 0 and also the victim was a 13 year old child.

So they ended up using this kids skull and the dust was put into love potions for women to fall in love with him.


The frick he was caught by police before he did any more damage, but I can’t think of a lot more damage after like already using someone’s skull and yeah, I mean, I’m just I guess I’m just glad he was stopped before he inevitably decided he needed more.


Our skulls and also it is stories like that that make ceremonies like this or spells.

Like this have a really bad name.


If we’re talking about a true love potion, which as that herbalist said, early on is like about self-love and opening yourself up to opportunity.


There’s no way anyone’s ever going to hear about the good side.

When there’s people like this who are using scold us to make people fall in love with them.

It’s just so easy for people to get the wrong idea.



Next, if you’re looking to create your own Love Potion, we have the modern and consensual way to make it happen.

Ah, thank God.


So, this is what I was talking about earlier when we were saying like, oh, I wonder like, you know, how many animals were used or why were they use?

Or is it symbolic based on certain cultures?

I don’t know if all cultures have done away with animals.

I can’t speak on that.

But I do know in today’s world and our worlds in our space is becoming much more kinder to living creatures.


And I think that was also always just kind of like a more darker magic thing.

Anyway, sure, I Like most people truly practicing consensual and ethical spells are probably not hurting people or hurting animals or giving signs out of birds.


Yeah, maybe a maybe they are.

I don’t again, I can’t totally speak on it.

But in my mind, I feel like there’s a lot of stereotypes.

I would like to unpack and discard.

So, for all intents and purposes, I would like to thank most potions.

These days are very ethical and consensual.


So, if you’re going to try a love potion, here are a few Ooh tips.

When you’re setting your intentions, if the first one is getting naked, I’m not doing this.

You that is probably optional for you.

But I’d that’s not required anymore for this certainly.

So, first off, keep it simple.


And don’t limit yourself to the ways of the universe.

Should the magic, take you down a different path, which I like that.

I love that immediately immediately and keep everything you need to reverse the magic on hand as a plan B, which I also love that because they’re saying, like, it’s not too late.


And also I am I agree.

You can’t mess up, which is something.

I was worried.

What I mentioned earlier of like.

Oh, maybe these ingredients are hard to come by, to make sure people are doing these properly, whatever my head was at the moment.

And so now, there’s, they’re saying, like, Okay.


Well, you can reverse these things.

So you’re like, okay.

It makes me feel safer to, like, be open to trying and practicing also set time limits for your potion, which I love this too.

So, it’s not a potion that’s going to be here for the works of it.

Aren’t going to last.


Years and years, for example, making it good for one lunar year.

Lunar cycle is totally acceptable.

Okay, so it’s another way to give yourself some flexibility and feel safe that even if you didn’t do something right, at least if you haven’t liked, haunted yourself forever with this now or just like, not even if you’re not doing it, right?


But just like, oh this this is a temporary thing.

It’s not like you’re committing to this feeling or this intention for the rest of your life for your point.

Maybe, this is an intention for now and then Things will change down the road great point.

Or what if you did this and you were, like, okay, for one lunar cycle and then you found out like the next day.


They actually don’t like this person.

You’re like now got this whole lunar cycle available.

You got Plan B.


Remember, I see, I already love this.

Why foolproof, so consider love spells that aren’t straight up for love, but maybe, just for creating romantic situations.

Aha, that’s slightly less manipulative.


It’s like, let’s just make the energy in this space friendlier to us and we’ll See where things go.

Marvel movie, chocolate-covered strawberries.

That’s your own potion.

You got it.

You’re good to get.

It’s consensual.

By the way, I 100% allow that.

So maybe to get someone to think about you.


Maybe to go on a date.

All of these are great.


You could put out there for this and there are also this is something I think you’re really going to like.

There are some consensual takes that you can do with your partner so they can be involved in the Love Potion with you.

All right.

Blaze get ready.


Well, I really like the idea that it’s not just a In for a newcomer to become part of your world.

It’s totally people.

You already love like this.

Can this enhance that experience?

Yeah, and it can, it can bring you closer.

That’s really nice.

I wonder if it can be done platonically, because we could do it together you.


And I probably, I imagine if your intention, is that what if my attention to something different than yours, Christina, I’ll go make you sweat cake and you’ll be sorry.

That’s my new thread.

Be like, oh my gosh, reverse it, reverse.

It Plan, B.

No reverse it.

So this post Is called the retina and the Stars lovers potion and it is an astrological love potion that uses the power of the Stars.


Well, you know, I’m into this, I had a hunch so you use this with your partner and you’ll need to know your partner’s sun sign.

I already know Capricorn, I was going to say, I know you’re a Gemini.

I know he’s a Capricorn.

So I don’t know if certain signs.

Maybe have a better chance at the potion working.


I don’t know how like as far as the internet tells me he and I already don’t have a good chance at making.

Work and we’ve done it for eight years.

So I feel like I could use some backup potions just to make sure your enough.

I do Wonder though if like certain signs, if the potion is more potent if like it was a Sagittarius and a Libra, you know, like let’s do I mean you and I are both Geminis.


I feel like that is quite a combo.

We could try it and see what happens.

That could be too powerful.

I think we might flag when it flowers on there.

So set your intention against a simple and like you just want to Make the love between you stronger, which I totally want to do that with you all the time.


I salute, I didn’t see us doing this and to answer your question from earlier because I, we were talking about, like, oh, what are the ingredients in the brain of a sparrow?

And you know, who?


So this is what you’ll need.

I think you probably have every single one of these things already in your house.



Okay, let’s hear it.

You’re about to text Blaze and say I have date night planned.

You’ll need water.

Look at this, a half a gallon right here, a glass.

With a lid.

So a mason jar.

Got it, rose quartz.

Got it, clear quartz on it, cinnamon stick and make hot toddies with it.


Got it downstairs.

You got everything you need for this potion.

My goodness.

I’m excited.

So mark on your calendar, the nights that the moon passes through your partner sun sign.

So that’s that’s the next step.

And then the day of your spell, fill a jar with water and set it outside or by a window to charge in the Sun.


And as you do, the speak your intention and use the cinnamon stick to drawing.

So either your partner, zodiac symbol or name on the surface of the water?


Just do a little, doodoo will draw know how to draw a Capricorn.

I’ll figure it out.

That’s why you get to also draw, just their name, their name, I could do that.


I could do that drop the clear quartz crystal into the jar to help.

Make the love, you’re sending out to your lover stronger.

Okay, and then you’re going to stir the potion 8 times clockwise.

Okay, and because 8 is Number associated with the planet Venus and clockwise movement will give your potion projection energy.


Then that night set the jar out under the moon and remove the clear quartz crystal.

And after using the other end of the cinnamon stick, where you draw the symbol on of your own zodiac symbol, or your name, on the surface of the water, you’re going to then drop the rose quartz crystal into the jar and store the potion eight times going counterclockwise.


This gives your potion the energy that allows you to receive love from your partner.

So, yeah, I like it.

This is A whole Mutual experience, absolutely is two ways.

And so we send energy during the day and receive it in the evening.

And then you repeat this process until the moon has moved out of your partner, sun sign, and then you can just store the jar of the potion under your bed or somewhere romantic.


I don’t know what a romantic place for you.

Probably is the refrigerator.

I was going to say, like the kitchen the couch, where you just watch movies all day.

I don’t know.

I can’t think of a romantic place for me.

Allison the bride would feel like a jar wouldn’t get messed with.


I feel like like, if we go camping or something like that’s romantic, but I wouldn’t like drive a jar out to the desert.

You know what I mean?

So I would.

Okay, you are more invested in this, that I had that but so then the potion will be effective until the next time.

The moon passes through your partner.



I wonder if it’d almost be a fun like monthly partner dates to, I do it.

I wonder if you did it every month.

I wonder if there’s like a cap where like you do it three months and then like the love.

Can’t get stronger or do you just do it every month for your whole relationship and just gets better and better and better.


That’s really wonderful.

I don’t know.

Maybe it just keeps.

It keeps it at a high, you know, just keep the love strong.

That’s it for love potions.

I feel like ending it on a high with a consensual ethical.

Mutual potion is like just the right way to go.

Absolutely, and that’s what we, that’s what we like to hear.


I love that love potions.

Have not gone away completely.

They’ve just kind of morphed into something more positive and fun, and Something you can do with with your partner to.

That’s I really like that.


I feel like we started out like on the complete opposite side of like, oh, they are very non-consensual and they can be dangerous.


And also with based on what you’re putting in there.

You could kill somebody and now it’s like water and don’t drink it.

It’s all just make a cinnamon stick.

It’s all in the kitchen.


Even worry about even if you choose to drink it cool, but that’s not part of the potion of we’re not asking for that.


It really I do feel like potions went from like something really Ali complex, and exclusive.

I feel like it was very much like, oh, we know this.

We know how to do this.

These are all the ingredients you need.

If you don’t have them, you can’t be a part of this community that does.

This stuff would probably encourage people to do it wrong anyway, because they didn’t have access to the things they needed, right?


I don’t know.

But so now it’s just so nice that anybody can do it regardless of your beliefs and I appreciate that spirituality is becoming so much more of an umbrella for anything as long as you have good intentions.


I can totally agree with that and I think I’m gonna go get my mason jar and some tap water and get cooking.


You’re going to start stirring it with a cinnamon stick and Blaze is going to be like, what are we doing?

Happy Date night, it’s me.

The rain is healing energy.


Thanks so much for listening.

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