Rituals - E39 • Astral Projection

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Have you ever wished?

You could just disappear and be somewhere else, completely?

And be careful what you say.

Cuz you better not offend me.

Well now I wish I wasn’t here often.


Usually when I wish I was somewhere else.

It’s under the covers unconscious but do go on.


Yeah I thought maybe you would agree with me on that one.

Well today we’re going on a journey to another dimension but don’t worry.

Anyone can come on this trip and there are no drugs involved, even though it sounds, maybe like that’s where we were headed and I promise.

So getting looser, we’re going astral.


Projecting, I can hear in your voice, the smile.

I know you’re so stoked about this and I’m equally stoked.

We have a lot of opinions and good luck to the editors.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer.

And I’m M Schultz and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

I cannot wait to talk about astral projecting today and this is the topic we’ve been waiting for.


We finally have been given permission to talk about.

Because every other time in our lives, I think it’s just we’ve really force it.

It’s a whole conversation.

We talked about it on and that’s why you drink.

We talked about in our personal lives, we make our spouses listen to it, and they’re not cut from the same cloth as us.


So not quite the really put up with a lot.

So now we’re happy to finally have a platform where we’re invited to talk about it.

Well, let’s crack into it.


All right, so we gotta get into a store projecting and we’re going to start by talking about dreams, one of my favorite topics em.

Do you have vivid dreams at?

Do you remember them every night, every night, I think you, and I have talked about this to where we not only both have very vivid dreams, but we both have very dark patterns to our trade.


Irving disturbing dreams.

Yes, I think that just comes with the career I suppose.

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

I’ve had one when I was very little.

And I remember flying around the kitchen and then like flying back into my body and I’ve always wanted to be able to do it again, but I haven’t been able to my step-mom, she lucid dreams.


Like it’s no one’s business.

That’s like, it’s not even hard for her at this point.

She’s been doing it for so long, but what like, it’s hard, yeah, I’ve tried to have them.

You and I again have talked about this so many times where I haven’t practiced my muscle to be able to do that.

But you certainly have, you are the one that should be talking about this?


Not me.

No, I have but not very I often, but let me explain what lucid dreams are first for the people who could because I know some people have had them and don’t even realize there’s a name for them and some people have them a lot.

So, a lucid dream is essentially where you understand that you are dreaming while you are dreaming, so it’s sort of like this awareness and sometimes it can happen like in a snap where you suddenly go.


Oh, whoa!

This is a dream or sometimes you just kind of drift off into that state often times.

It feels like you’re hallucinating or you have the feeling of being like transported somewhere else.

As you’re drifting off and, you know, I actually have some tips for you that I’m going to relay later and there’s some that I used for a while there where I was practicing lucid dreaming and then there’s some new ones.


So we’re going to get into that in a little bit.

But have you ever had that feeling where you’re about to fall asleep?

And you feel like you can’t move your body?

Has that ever happened to you?

I don’t think I’ve had that one know that one sounds like sleep paralysis.

That’s a waking nightmare.

No, I have not had that.


Have you That I have, in terms of, I’ve had sleep paralysis that wasn’t tied to any scary, you know, Visions or anything.

It was more, just not being able to move my body and a slight Panic that, you know, am I going to see a witch crawling from the ceiling or whatever people say that?


I see, I think I have had that happen a few times, but if freaked me out too much and I remember trying to like, Shake yourself out of it.

Yeah, it wasn’t working.

It freaked me out.

But we got there.

We woke up.

I woke up eventually.

Don’t worry.


And do you have an With meditation at all because that’s a big tie into all of this.


You tell me if this is a meditation because I don’t know what this is but I’ve told you before in the privacy of our own homes that I have this strategy when I’m trying to get myself to fall asleep.

And I called the Ironman strategy where if anyone has ever like watched videos of like a drone flying through a landscape.


It’s the same concept but I like to pretend I’m Iron Man flying over those Landscapes and you just visualize and it was visualize flying and like a lot of like swoops and Drops and all that.

And it actually really does knock me out pretty quickly.

That’s amazing.

A relaxation technique.


I don’t know if I’m doing anything for my mental spiritual health, though.

Well, you’re going to sleep, which is pretty good.

I think, maybe some people who suffer from insomnia out there might try to put this to use tonight baby hot tip for everybody.

I think in terms of like a more common meditation practices know, I haven’t really done much.


Do you have any reference points?

I guess to astral projection?

I mean, I know, A lot of times, for whatever reason, these topics end up crossing over with Marvel.

So, I do have a couple little reference here for you and these notes say MCU, which through you.


I’ve now learned what that stands for which is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In today’s world, is actually the MCM now that the Multiverse exist.

So, my mistake.

I’m so sorry.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Blame the park guests research.

So good for that flip up.

Just getting know the MCU, Oh, there’s definitely some Avengers out there who can astral project.


One of them is Doctor Strange.

And the other is Wanda was just seen astral projecting in Doctor Strange to they actual product differently.

But I think the more common version that we think of as Wanda was, she’s kind of able to tap into other worlds.


Oh well there’s also the chilling Adventures of Sabrina which is the Netflix version of the show the newer version and several of the characters also use astral projection throughout Series, which I think is cool.

Sort of like, ties into witchcraft a little bit.


Also the kid and Insidious that whole series is based on him astral projecting and like, not being able to find his body.


So what the heck?

And then like demons are trying to take over his physical body because it’s an empty vessel, that’s horrifying.

Well to understand, astral projection, we should start by talking about kind of what you’ve alluded to now, which is out-of-body experiences.

So where are your inner self?


Your spiritual self?

Your astral self leaves, your physical body.

So So as a suggests, an out-of-body experience is a feeling that your spirit or Soul has left your physical body and this is typically a temporary thing.

Hopefully expand less your the cared for Minnesota and let’s do this but people who have had an out-of-body experience usually describe themselves hovering above or near their physical body which I think is really interesting because I feel like those are the first steps before you can really just like transport somewhere else entirely.


Like you’re kind of just separating a little bit at a time.

From your physical body.

Sure, and you hear this happening after trauma or a near-death experience, like a car accident, I’ve read a book, it’s called erasing death and it’s fascinating.


There are doctors who have described patients waking up and being able to describe what they saw from the corner of the hospital room.

Where, you know, in actuality, their physical body was laying unconscious on a bed, the whole time, even if they had woken up, they would not have been able to see, you know, for example, the painting behind Them or the picture or whatever was on the wall.


Or for example, the like operating tools and you know, people have woken from these experiences having memories of floating and seeing their own body on the bed.


And so that’s one definite example and people, you know, have had this happen during a near-death experience of trauma car crash that kind of thing.


Have you ever had like an out-of-body experience?

I don’t know that I have really, I don’t know that I have but you just described to a tee one that my mom had when she was at the dentist.

I gave her too much laughing gasps.

Oh, and she was floating around and she watched them operate on her.


It was very creepy and then she eventually kind of like, sank back into herself, but she was able to describe things that she shouldn’t have known.


Yeah, is so fast.

And I think that’s one of the most fascinating stories when people describe that.

It’s so weird to me, because my mom has had so many Supernatural experiences.


Actively doesn’t talk about it at all.

And I’m like, yeah, I had to pull that story out of Her and she’s talked about it.

Maybe a handful of times and then she’s like, but we don’t really talk about it.

I’m like, it’s like pulling teeth.

Hey, good one.

I feel like your mom must have had an out-of-body experience.

She’s lives all sorts of lives.


Lived, many lives.

No, I feel like a lot of people in my family have.

This is a very recurring thing.

Actually on my dad’s side where a lot of the like, paranormal stories I have from that side of the family, they all are about people projecting my aunt and my grandfather in particular like almost accidentally /.


Nothing to a different location where something Monumental was happening.

Like my grandfather was not speaking to my aunt.

She had gotten divorced, and he was very Catholic, and he was so upset.

They had cut off communication for several months, and he, and my grandmother went on a trip to like some Spa in Austria, you know, this was pre cellphone days.


So they were there and just kind of having a relaxing time.

And one night, he had a dream that he was in a hospital room and he looked down and saw his granddaughter lying in the bed.

Just sick.

And she kind of sat up in bed and looked at him and then he, you know, like that was woken up and he was very shaken by it and felt like it was different from, you know, your regular dream to the point that he finally told my grandma and she said, we should just call, you know, I know we’re mad and we’re not talking, but we should call and make sure everything’s okay, as it turns out, they had, been trying to get ahold of them for days and didn’t know where they were vague.


And my cousin, his granddaughter who was about like I would say, like six or seven at the time, had ended up in the hospital with a really high fever.

And that night was like her worst night yet and her fever was extremely high.

She had an infection of some sort and my aunt said it was a strangest thing in the middle of the night, she sat up in bed and scream dopa which is German for grandfather, right?


And just, it was yelling at the ceiling and they were like, wow, her fever must be out of control and, but they saw each other.


Isn’t that wild kissy that shells.

But, anyway, she’s okay now but all the stories from that side of the family involved.

This kind of like, Astral projecting not necessarily intentionally just kind of visiting each other I guess.



Oh my gosh, it’s one of those things where I’m actually very jealous of I’m sure there’s probably a downside I’m unaware of, but the cool parts are really very intriguing.

I actually have M been able to pull myself out of my body before but only a little bit.


Why then I get scared, I would also be scared.

Be like, go back down, go back down.

I’m very good at this so seating and I say I’m very good at it.

Meaning, it’s not intentional, I just You know, it’s a trauma response dissociating and pulling out of my body.

And so, over the years, I’ve been able to really practice it and just like, when I’m really, really overly stressed or having a panic attack, I can like, pull myself out of my body amazing.


And for a while, I practiced it and I don’t feel my physical body anymore.

It’s the weirdest feeling but I’ve never done it to the point where I can like turn around.

And look at myself.

I think I would have a mental breakdown or something.

I don’t know what I would do anyway.



Three, my big fear would be, what if you finally were able to pull herself out of your body.

And then, even your spirit has, as much anxiety as your physical body and then it started freaking out.

That didn’t know how to get back in my fear.

I think I do have that panic and every part of me is like, no, no come back.

I don’t know what I would do.


I feel like my fear is like oops.

Now it’s going to be stuck that way boy, I don’t know, I don’t know.

But anyway astral projection is typically an intentional Out of Body Experience.

That’s the kind of point of its Your will?


So the person needs to will their astral body to project elsewhere, you can control it and your conscious during it and in astral projection the non-material or disembodied soul is referred to as the astral body and it travels to What’s called the astral plane or the astral World, which interesting.



And even more interesting, the astral plane is actually unique to each person based on their own life experience.

So you know what, 10 astral world is to another or might not be the same for another.

So some believe the astral world is a representation of this world.


We know with a lot of similarities which kind of frightens me.

It sounds like a parallel universe almost in my mind.


Is it better or worse?


Is it like the same but they’re like your cats a different color.

Like things are a little different.


I don’t know how slight is this house.

Light of a change.

Are we talking here in the astral plane?

The astral body is sometimes Described as being connected to the physical body by an astral cable or astral chord.

Sounds like an umbilical cord when I know stretchy.


So at least technically you can’t get too far.

I was just thinking that like a bungee cord my way back.

I just say it’s like when I used to like my mom would put me on a leash to go to the amusement park.

You know, it was good.

She’s like, you’re just an extension of my astral self.


I’m gonna put you on this leash and rein you in.

It’s like you’re nearby but you can think you’re happy.

During fun, you can yeah, you can live in your own astral world but really I’m going to pull you back into mine but soon as you ate too many churros at Disney World.


You know I was going to say it’s like I’ve gone rock climbing a few times that it’s reminds me of those like bungees where they add of pull you back kind of bounce on the way down and around.


In astral projection, the spirit or Soul, can travel far outside, the physical body and supposedly can do all kinds of miraculous things which is just a very cool concept.

The Books I’ve read about lucid dreaming.

Have this aspect to them?

Or people who get really good at lucid.

Dreaming are able to travel and almost like either get information or visit people that they know, or are just very cool stuff that you can do.


Once you’ve kind of mastered this technique, which I have not, but I would love to someday me too, very cool.

Coming up, we’ll explore where this idea comes from and whether it’s all real, what do you think any predictions them can confirm with minimal to maximal certainty, that it is real.


Okay, well, there you have it.

I don’t think we need anyone else to weigh it.

And so, we have the ultimate say here.

M, Schultz says it’s a go, it’s a go.

Of all the mysteries in the world, perhaps the greatest is, when will it all end or rather?


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All right, so let’s get into the history of astral projection.


So some of the earliest recorded, intentional out-of-body experiences date back to ancient Shamanism, which reportedly popped up in Siberia around, 6000 BCE, mmm, okay?

This is the old-time practice that people have been doing this for a very, very long time and it said that shamans could go into a trance State and Thus be able to journey to spiritual worlds catch.


So, you know, a reflection of like the current meditative practice, I guess.


There are sacred texts from many different cultures that talk about this, including the Quran, Hindu scriptures, and an ancient Egypt.

You remember the Book of the Dead, where your spirit has to travel through the underworld with all those different language tasks and puzzles and scavenger hunt?


You had to go through.

Yeah, there’s like a scavenger hunt.

Also like an obstacle course.

That’s what it is.



The gauntlet sounds like a whole lot to really prove yourself.


And so, you know, before achieving eternal life that’s what your spirit would have to go through.


So we can see aspects of astral, projecting through all these different Sacred Scriptures and then in the 19th century Mystics, really started to love this idea.

So Russian Aristocrat, Helena blavatsky was one of these Mystics who just loved the idea of astral projection.


Hmm, she traveled the world in physical form for now and not in a stroller.

Okay, just to clarify you have to with this.

Oh no, you never know.

I think she did both.

So, for now she traveled through the world, physically learning about the religions of the Middle East, India and Tibet, and then she took what she learned and reworked them into her new religious movement called theosophy, okay?



We’ve mentioned her briefly on the show before she founded the Esophageal society and that, you know, promoted her new religious movement.

And the idea behind theosophy, is that we have an eternal self that exists on a high mental plane, but it can travel using different bodies who, okay, I know it’s fascinating and in other words, our bodies, our vehicles of Consciousness, which is this mind-blowing, in a way, if I were Stoney baloney right now, I would think about that for the rest of that day.


I feel like it’d be dangerous to tell me that in any other impaired when people to think about anything else for the next 24 hours.

So the physical body in this case, is the lowest form of Consciousness and the eternal spirit, or self is the highest form.


Hmm, is the idea here in theosophy and the astral body is one or two steps depending on who you ask above the physical body.

So the astral body is interwoven Your physical body, but it can transmit energy between your physical body and your higher bodies.


Wow, that’s all right.

I know I feel like my mind is blowing up.

I can’t compute, but I do agree.

Like you’re like maximal.

Certainty it is correct.

Even though I don’t totally follow, it’s like, I don’t need to follow to be on freaking bored.



You just heard the first few hours you’re like at quit.

While you’re ahead.

I’m climbing on and I’m just going to go for the ride.


Need to say.

More, I’m M.

So when a person dies, their astral body, May survive, briefly as a ghost AKA a wraith.


And, you know, I had heard of this word WRA ith, but I didn’t really know what it meant.

Do you know what it means?

No, I mean, through the context of what you just said.

I can figure it out but like I don’t think I’ve heard that word before but an astral body, that’s a ghost.




Pretty much.

So it’s like a temporary ghost because A faint wisp of somebody.

Oh, okay.

Actually, it’s often seen before or after shortly before after a person dies, it’s sort of like an essence of them as like, almost a wispy Essence, got it.

And so, this is why this idea of a race is often linked to near-death experiences, because it’s the idea that like, your astral body, maybe leaves momentarily, and you can almost sense it or see it before ascending or leaving your physical body, completely, if that makes sense.


Yes, it does.

Also known as the Eric double the astral body is believed to be a replica of the physical body but made of ether instead of, you know, your physical flesh.

So to speak, that’s so cool.


Anyway Helena, blavatsky it.


Taught that the astral body was able to separate from our Earthly meat suit, Yum, Yum, Yum, and travel to new places at our will, and not just in death.

When your wraith is leaving your body, but actually, you know, and then come back.


The bungee cord, I guess back to your body and be able to come home.


So she claimed that her spirit could travel across the universe and actually visit different planets.

That’s a power move.

She’s like, oh, I’ve been to Tibet and stuff like in real life but like, that’s nothing guess where I went last night.



I think in my mind I always think of astral projection is like something that my brain can compute which would be just like oh going to different locations nearby the concept of leaving to go.

Go like maybe see like an alternate version of yourself or something, is not even a little bit.


Can my brain allow that?

That is one long bungee cord.

If you’re going up to Neptune or, you know the moon or wherever you’re headed, maybe even an alternate reality for another reality great Point.

Like wow, I’m glad that that rope thing exists.


I know pull you back.

That’s a long rope, the long travel back to your body.


So some of her students even claimed, they could travel through time.

This is something that I Know M is going to get all sorts of feelings about.

I’m just so mad that I can’t be me.


Why can’t it be me?

And McHenry you with three easy payments of $39.98?

Just then Mo me later, okay?

If Helena blavatsky, if you happen to be around the year 2022 since you can time travel.

Technically if you happen to be passing through, right there’s no excuses.


I can your astral body also take students or only your physical body.

Did I miss the mark?

What happened?

You know what?

That’s a great point.

If she’s She’s traveling through Burbank on her.

Many Universal Adventures.

Me coming back from the Moon and 3059.

Oh my gosh.


So, yeah, they claimed, they could go to the past in the future which is just a very cool concept.

It almost feels like once you are able to kind of Master this technique, the world not even the world.

The universe is your oyster like anything, you set your mind to, you can kind of pull off, which is very cool.

But naturally also has brought a lot of criticism and Debates about whether this is real, whether surely possible.


I mean as you can understand people saying I’m time traveling and you know where as we might say oh hundred percent maximal is a maximal.


That was true.

You know, not everybody is going to jump on board, the train right away.

Sure, sure.

So, in the mid-twentieth century, researchers really started paying attention to stories of people who had had near-death experiences.


And so there is a body of research out there about this, believe it or not.

So, in this, This case we’re talking about when a person dies, but is then resuscitated, which I think is where we get a lot of this information.

Because obviously once someone has passed they’re not reporting to a scientific journal about what has happened.


But if they come back to their bodies and had this nde, this near-death experience, you know, they’re able to share the crazy stuff that happened in that moment.

And so people have reported leaving their bodies and coming face-to-face with religious figures or Spirits.

I personally think near-death experiences are one of the most Fascinating Concepts.


Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

Modern research on this can be traced back to a man named George.

See Ritchie now, Ritchie wrote In detail about his experience while he was dead for nine whole minutes which is so long time for your body to be dead.


Just saying I mean that’s 10 minutes of your family grieving.

Like that’s a lot of time, that’s a lot of time.

That’s a lot of time.

He went on to become an influential psychiatrist with a specialty in near-death.

Experiences naturally neuroscientist studying these out-of-body experiences look to the brain for answers.


I mean, as we know the brain is already very complex and not fully understood and so you know, they look to the brain to see, maybe this is what’s causing it and according to the cognitive neuroscientist Jane, a spell, there is a part of the brain that takes signals from multiple senses and creates the model of ourself in the world.


In other words, the feeling that we are located inside our body.

Is so there’s like a part of our brain that creates this sense of.

Oh, I am me inside my body, which is so, very trippy.

The brain is the creepiest thing.


It is well, never know it all.

It’s like it’s got a little pools that are like the Deep part of the ocean, we’ve never discovered.

Yeah, just like, how does that work?

There’s a lot of murky creatures with like, 18, tentacles down.

I don’t even want to know what’s in there, a lot of dark stuff, but so if that part of your brain is malfunctioning, say you Had a Brain Injury.


Traumatic, brain injury.

For example.

Epilepsy lack of oxygen.

Say you’re nearing death.

Our brains model of reality can become warped and this could lead to an out-of-body experience.

And so that’s Jane a spells.

Take on this whole thing and to an extent this brain sty and stuff makes sense.


But then there’s astral projection, which is a totally different thing because it’s not just a near-death experience, a traumatic event, where your brain is damaged, it’s an out-of-body experience.

That’s Harry that right practiced and you, you know, want to go elsewhere.



And so that’s a totally different thing.

So, in 2014 researchers at the University of Ottawa, published a study on a woman who said, she could astral project, hmm?

But, so, for an hour, they had this woman lay still under an fmri machine, and they would guide her in and out of Astral projections, and she was prompted to move her, non physical body, in different ways, and these scans showed activity in parts.


It’s of her brain that were associated with that motion, okay?

So some might argue that this was just a strong or active imagination.


Where her brain was just actively working on that process even though it wasn’t being acted out physically, I’m with you on.


Maybe it was just an act of imagination.

I feel like the study they could have gotten a little crazier with their methods.

Like I feel like they should have had like cards being like a cold or something and like a whole other state like, okay.

Now fly over 2 Texas and Nebraska count the number of corn cobs.


Yeah, Highway route.

Yeah but I think that would be much more telling but I wonder what the limits are on right on that and they probably wouldn’t even need the fmri machine, you know, those are expensive just layer down and put some cards somewhere and see if she can figure it out.


You get it.


Like while she’s under like hide something in the apartment you know, I why are they in an apartment and not a lab?

I don’t know but like cuz it’s you and me doing this.

Study, not real science.

Like wow, she’s for sure out.

Hide this little trinket somewhere, and then when she comes to she’ll tell you where it is, looking love, this idea, this is why we should be site is, I can’t even say it with a straight face.


I could say with a straight face, we should certainly be giving unsolicited advice to these scientists.

I think we are and I think they’re just not listening right for probably a good reason I was going to say like scientists are here right now with us.


Yeah as if they have better things to do, Another study published in 2021 looked at a purported case of astral projection in a 15 year old boy and noted that he had been suffering from mood and behavioral issues the researchers cited several possible neurological causes for these out of body experiences.


So things like seizures migraines visual or sensory issues, near-death experiences, psychedelic drug use and eventually they concluded that the boys.

So called astral projection was just part of him going into a dissociative state.

In other words, it was his way of escaping reality.


Another group that took out of body experiences seriously was the US.

Government course.

I love how they Gaslight us saying, oh, you know, none of this is real.

And then we find out there researching UFOs and astral projection and all this stuff.


They love to weasel their way into a supernatural research, don’t they, they sure do just like our friend Isaac Newton who was studying, you know, the Alisal himself, I call him the ultimate week.

In 1995, the CIA Declassified details of nearly two decades of psychic research.


Wow, there was the 20 million dollar Stargate project, which looked into the possibility of Psychics spying during the Cold War.

And some of the wildest stories involved, even visiting civilizations on Mars.

But Skeptics, ultimately wrote all of it off as hogwash saying, you know, none of this is real, this is just a bunch of baloney.


So the bottom line is, there’s no real scientific evidence of a soul.

But I mean, to me, that’s almost a given.

Like, how would ya prove that?

How do you measure a soul?

Yeah, yeah, my God.

You were saying about staying rent.

Okay, you know what you do.


I really do Wonder though.

Like, if and the world of like villains, like, if someone knew how to harness a soul, like we’d all be in so much trouble.

Oh, yeah, that’s a good point.

That ability in the wrong hands, would probably be messy its key.

It a mystery, let’s keep it a mystery.

So there’s not really scientific evidence of either Soul or that Consciousness can exist outside of the brain.


I mean, I would argue go read erasing death by dr.

Sampar Nia because he’s a doctor and he talks about people who have seen things that physically are impossible unless this were the explanation.

So true, I don’t know.

I think it’s evidence but I guess not.

Everybody says I do to be clear.


So you and I do and that’s all that matters.

That’s truly it.

Not any other research don’t go looking for Rex the most certainty.

But just because it can’t be measured by science.

And even if it is all in our heads, or our brains does not mean it’s not a profound experience or a real experience for those who have had this and, you know, it, maybe the soul is in the brain and it’s just something we can understand.


It’s sitting in that deep ocean part.

It’s one of those tentacle monsters.

That’s what my soul looks like, but I can confirm with maximal certainty.


Next we have the answers you’ve been waiting for and that is how to astral project allegedly.


Okay, homework I’m finally prepared to do.


All right, so if you believe in astral projection, which will we, most certainly do I want to teach you how to make it happen for you.


Are you ready for your homework that you’re finally going to do but it’s taken 30 years but I’m ready to finally do some more early time so the most common out-of-body experiences happen when you’re in a hypnagogic state and that is that Drowsy state, where you’re kind of awake kind of asleep, kind of drifting off.


And, you know, we hear about sleep paralysis happening.

Most often during that state as well.

So, I do want to warn you.

It is also opening you up to those kind of experiences, it can get chilly.

Get really scary and the two times I’ve had sleep paralysis were when I woke up and then fell back asleep.


And all of a sudden I was like cool.

None of my body parts are moving and something some broken broken, I missed something.

Any moment, like, spiders are gonna be crawling out of the walls or whatever happens when you have to sleep paralysis and now I’m never trying.



No no come back.

According to Laura Brown, who is an Ascension guide and Channeler, there are a few practices that can help you get there.

For example, surprise surprise.

There is meditation.

Basically Brown suggest you start working a few minutes of meditation into your daily routine.


You know you don’t have to do anything crazy.

You don’t have to do like 30 minutes or anything at a I’m just a few minutes, check out Spotify, they have plenty of options for you.

And once you’ve got your daily meditation practice down, you can try practicing self, hypnosis fun.


Yes, very fun.

There are multiple techniques out there to send you into a deeper trance-like State and we found a couple that include repeating affirmations and visualization.


You know, maybe you’re Iron Man flying through the cliffs, can do it for you.

I don’t let me catch you on the cliffs, folks.

What if one day I showed up and you realize Come on, be like, fuck intractable sleep.

Just like hanging off a cliff.

Oh, I asked our projected here, I think I’m on a cliff.


And all of a sudden it’s your weird tentacle form.

Talking about spiders in the walls.

It’s ruining your beautiful sleep time meditation.

So you’ll also want to practice lucid dreaming to help you with astral projection.


And this was his habit.

I really regret not continuing, it just kind of died off when I got busy.

With other stuff.

But researchers did find that people who hit the snooze button, more often in the morning, are more likely to have lucid dreams.

So you and I are already 10 steps ahead of everybody else.


I think, I truly hit snooze, minimum, 30 times.

Every morning, I get to turn your alarms off and every 60 seconds as we’re trying to record a different alarm goes off because you have them set.

So often throughout your morning that’s me.

That is very true.

I have way too many alarms and yet, I find a way to sleep through all of them, but When I do snooze them, it’s usually because I’m trying to finish a dream and I think in those moments, maybe I am experiencing some sort of lucid dreaming because I will get back into the dream.


And I’ll thank at least, I won’t address at anyone in the dream.

But I’ll thank, like, I got to hurry this up because I gotta wake up.

That is absolutely an example of lucid dreaming.

One of the things that they suggest in the book I read about lucid dreaming was to tell people, you’re dreaming, like tell people.


This is my dream, like I invented you, and often times, they will try to prove Prove to you that you’re not dreaming like they’re like no I’m real and it’s like such a Trippy thing because like you’re subconsciously creating this conversation where they’re trying to convince you.


No no I’m very real.

What are you talking about?

You know, it’s like so Eerie why do I wonder if you know you’re dreaming and people in your dream are having their own dream and you’re just a secondary character and it usually that’s a dream world and we’re all talking to each other and then we wake up and pretend we were all strange.


Another concept.

He About how he had a group of friends who all did lucid dreaming and so in their dreams they would like create challenges and say, I like, I’m going to write something down.

And if the next time you lucid dream, see if you can come find, what I wrote down and they were able to kind of do this confirmation of, you know, they were actually crossing paths in the dream world, it’s not creepy.


Oh my God, that alone makes me want to learn how to do this.

So we can do a bunch of tests on which we can just not leave each other alone.

Alone even when we’re sleeping.

I can’t wait.

I’ll just create an entire escape room in your mind.

Meanwhile, you’re flying to the cliffs.

I have to be stuck at an escape room.


Yeah, another dream.

Researchers suggest practicing mindfulness.

And this is the biggest takeaway I had which is to be aware of your environment during your waking hours because that will translate to Greater awareness when you’re sleeping and you are more likely to have one of those moments where you go hang on a second, some things.


Not write, like, this isn’t my living room or pigs.

Don’t really fly, you know?

And you’ll have a moment where you’ll go, oh, and that’s when that Clarity will hit.

And so, I know I’ve told you this on our other show, but the tip I always got was to try to put your finger through your palm and in Waking Life as well.


One of the suggestions was every hour set an alarm, just like a vibrate alarm to make a mental note of like I’m awake and I’m conscious and I’m not dreaming and Then like, ideally this habit will form where hopefully when you’re sleeping, you’ll have that.


Oh, mental check.

And you’ll go, oh my God, this time, I’m not awake, I’m actually dreaming.

And it’ll kind of pull you into Consciousness, which is super cool.

And it has worked for me before I try to put my finger through my hand and it wouldn’t go through.

But I knew I was dreaming.


So I put my hand through a wall and it went through.

I was like told you that’s so crazy.

I fear for people like me who like I fly a lot.

My sleep.

I wonder if my sleep.

I’d still just do the motion and you feel, your hand would be.


It’s still, I feel like my brain would still feel my finger go through my hand and wait in my physical form, and it would be like, well, okay, we’re good, we’re fine.

Pigs do fly here, it’s normal.

Yeah, once you’re able to connect with your astral body, Laura Brown says to try to see yourself lifting up and out of your physical body.


And once you’ve mastered that, you can then work on turning around and looking at yourself.

Elf looking at your physical body which is West be so unsettling.

I don’t know, I am so ugly when I sleep.

Like I feel like I would turn around and I’d be like, oh my God, wipe your face.


He’d be meditating, not sleeping, I guess.

So that’s true.

You can put on some moisturizer before hand brush your hair and then do your astral projection just in case, right?

Really get it together.

Because I think if I pulled myself out and turned around a bit, I’m not going back to that, I’m betting this court.


That binds us, I’m going somewhere else Brown says it can take a lot of practice to really feel it happening.

And the goal is to practice getting in touch with another state of consciousness, with control once you’re able to achieve that Laura Brown says, you can start setting an intention while your conscious to send yourself to a specific destination.


So for example, this is one, I would love to do, would be to connect with a spirit guide to perhaps go somewhere in the past or future.

Future which I know would be very cool or maybe find answers to certain questions.

You have fun.

And there’s one final tip from a professional psychic which is to let go of expectations which I think is one of the hardest things to do as a human.


But oh yeah having expectations of what’s going to happen.

Can actually close you off from having an experience.

So you know let it take you where, it’s going to take you try.

Not to control it too much, you know what I mean?

Sure, yeah, makes sense to me.

So what do you Do you feel like you’d ever want to intentionally have an out-of-body experience?


Do you understand why other people do?

Yeah, I would absolutely want to do it.

I would have the same fear as you though of.

Like, all I would mess it up or I wouldn’t be able to get back or something.

To think I’d risk it.

Honestly, what’s the worst that happens?

I just get to float around forever.

I don’t know.


Yeah, I mean, as someone who has done it, do you feel or have you really had an out-of-body?

No, I haven’t.

What do you want?

I, absolutely, and I’ve loosened dreamed and I’ve done that thing where I hover.

Above my body, which I always thought was just a fun little party trick until I actually learned what as we’re predicting was.


But I’ve never actually, you know, done any more than that and I think there’s a fear there that I’m going to mess it up like you said, so maybe have to get over that hurdle first.

Sure makes all if we do decide to follow this path and figure this out there actually was a group during the early days of the pandemic, these paranormal enthusiasts would band together to use astral projection as a way to escape horn.


Teen why on Earth am I finding out?

I know, you know, start over like for introverts like me you don’t have to get up and leave the house.

You can do it from bed, you know, I obviously didn’t have that version of escaping during quarantine but I did have VR which did feel like an escape because I was in a whole other world talking to people.


I’ve never met.

That’s the closest I think to maybe an out-of-body experience.

I’m probably going to have more while.

I bet there’s a lot of similarities there that one certainly easier to do a little pricey.

But once you get past the horizon, Tag, you’re good?

Yeah, 45.


But I want to know the name of this group.


I totally want to get some help.

Don’t you?

Even worry because I pulled it up.

Of course.

It’s a group of redditors and there is a vice article about this.

The headline is meet the redditors using astral projection to escape quarantine so cool.

I know, I mean like, what a fascinating and fun concept and the article even talked about Area, 51, and how remember that planned raid on Area 51 in 1919 and so they were saying During the pandemic.


Like we can just go astrally and storm.

That’s actually so smart, you know?

And so the subreddit is called are astral Army.

Oh, yeah, it’s pretty cool.

They supposedly even went to Skinwalker Ranch and, you know, military bases and all sorts of fun stuff.


So, you know, that’s there if you do in a group activity, but yeah, so those are all the cool things.

Do you believe that this is actually possible that astral In is possible with Maximus.

There’s no way.

There’s no way.

It doesn’t exist.


It can’t be done.

I feel like I’ve just had enough stories told in my family of people who are not the type to go onto our astral, you know, Warriors or whatever, they’re called astral Army and this happened to them and they didn’t even know how or why.

And so I think it’s absolutely a real thing that you can harness, you know, by practicing.


Oh yeah, me too.

Are you going to try it?

I’ll try it.

I’ll fail, but I’ll try it well with Out of the picture.

Well, I definitely felt the first time but I’ll give it a couple try it.

But no gosh, I could just talk about the stuff forever.

I won’t just so fascinating, I gotta practice and then if I find like the best methods, I’ll let you know.


I’ll do some test runs on my end table about.

Thank you, my little game, but how fun would that be if you hid things from me and I got to visit your apartment and that would be so fun.

Oh, I’ll leave a note.

Now, I’m not gonna tell you where it is though.

So you have to figure it out.


Wait, wait, what if you tell me where it is?

So I can ask for project there but you don’t tell me what it says.


Okay, do you know what I mean?

Yes, I know what you’re saying, it will be in the troll hole in the troll hole.

It’ll be a sitting right next to my boom box.

Okay, I’m gonna come over there.

Eventually it might take me three years later.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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