Adobe - Adobe Summit 2023 Opening Keynote

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thank you [Music]

please welcome president digital experience Anil chakravarti


good morning everybody oh look at that that’s awesome well welcome to Adobe

Summit everybody it’s amazing opening video isn’t it give a hand to our

creative team great video to set the stage

is wonderful it’s really wonderful to be back in person here after four years in

Las Vegas it’s awesome to feel the energy in this room all the leaders in

digital experience across Industries it’s an amazing Community thank you

thank you a huge thank you from us on all of us at Adobe for being here today

and for the thousands of people joining us online really appreciate you joining

us and to be connecting with you it’s all of you together that make Adobe

Summit their digital experience event of the year once again huge thank you to

all of you

now we have a great experience ahead over the next couple of days to provide

a peek into the future the opportunity to learn from each other to network and

to have some fun we’ll be joined by leaders from some of

the world’s foremost brands as well as our own technical experts from Adobe and

our partners and I am certain that they will surprise and Delight you

will also obviously talk about our latest Innovations we have a lot of them

to share with you at this conference today all of these Innovations focused

on helping you succeed in what’s really a very Dynamic Market environment

when we think of what’s going on in the world today every company

is feeling the pressure to do more with less to quickly show value to customers

and to deliver the profitable growth that is a business imperative today

each one of us we are expected to drive Revenue growth while also taking keeping

a close eye on expenses to improve profitability

and what’s changing is we are navigating all of these business imperatives at a

time when there’s a generational shift in consumer Behavior

consumers customers of every company expect that any company that they work

with will be digital first that everything that they do all those

digital experience will be intuitive to them

it’s not easy for you as marketers for all of us as marketers customer

experience but easy to address these imperatives

simultaneously but the brands that do that will build a

massive competitive advantage over the next few years

and on Adobe we help you with both we help you with Revenue growth we also

help you with cost efficiencies and you’ll see a lot of Innovations today

that address both of those the biggest lever to drive profitable

growth is to address the end-to-end customer

experience when you are focused on profitable

growth every moment you need every moment and every experience with the

customer to work even harder for you and that’s why all of them really need to be

connected and brands that are competing on the

basis of experience don’t have to compete only on price it’s

very important for profitable growth and by focusing on experiences that are

fully digital or digitally enabled you’ll be able to do more with less

now digital experience is not new every company has the basics of digital

experience in place whether it’s digital marketing digital Commerce

but we really are the dawn of a new era one where digital marketing and digital

products are fully converging in the customer experience

which means that you must connect the complete customer experience across all

of your business areas whether it’s marketing or product engagement or

stores and locations or sales or customer service all of those need to be

connected together to provide The Full Experience

and doing so will dramatically increase your ability to deliver a personalized

relevant experience across all the touch points in your

customers Journey now this ability to personalize at scale

has led to the new era which we call the era of experience-led growth

where you and your customers derive value from the entire experience Journey

means let growth is all about connecting customer experience across acquisition

engagement retention the entire chain across every touch point in the customer

Journey Adobe we believe we are a natural

partner to help you the profitable growth that comes from

great customer experiences our mission our

means the world to Regional experiences across all of our clouds

to speak more about that and to lay out our strategy and what we are doing to

create the future I have the pleasure of welcoming adobe’s

chairman and CEO shantanu Narayan please join me giving a rousing welcome to

shantanur [Music]

thank you Anil good morning and welcome to Summit as he said it is so great to

be back in Las Vegas in person and thank you all so much for joining us here

today in December Adobe celebrated its 40th

anniversary and I was fortunate enough to go around

the world and meet with customers and employees and reflect on adobe’s impact

as well as the Innovation that we’ve provided to society

when you think about what Adobe has done from inventing desktop publishing

pioneering electronic documents advancing animation imaging video

creating and leading the digital marketing category enabling

collaboration so that we can have more stakeholders involved in the process

with workflows including workfront and frame IO as well as share for review in

our collaborative applications investing in a brand new real-time

customer data interaction platform and infrastructure with the Adobe experience

platform infusing Ai and now into our products as a co-pilot that

helps our customers work faster and smarter

and to most recently introducing task-based creativity with Adobe Express

across many surfaces including the web we have been thrilled to partner with

you to continuously deliver groundbreaking Innovation and expand our

aspirations to bring the best of adobe to an even broader set of customers

around the world purpose has really guided our Innovation

as well as impact over the past four decades

and today we think people more than ever want to engage with businesses and

companies that they can trust and whose values align with theirs

when we think about adobe’s purpose the three that come to mind it first starts

with a commitment to have a workplace that reflects the diversity of the world

around us where everyone feels included respected

and has the opportunity to contribute and make an impact

as the creativity company we’re uniquely committed to creativity for all

empowering millions of people around the world all ages all backgrounds to access

the tools skills as well as platforms that they need to express themselves and

reach their full potential and share their ideas

but we also take the impact of technology as seriously as the

development of the technology itself and we know that this is a growing area

of focus for all of you and we’re so grateful for the trust that you have all

placed in US technology to transform Is our

commitment to advancing the responsible use of technology for the good of our

customers the good of our communities as well as the environment

and our Innovations are truly making an impact across security privacy trust

safety accessibility sustainability as well as AI ethics

in our AI ethics principles have always tried to ensure that our Innovations are

developed with accountability responsibility and transparency

as we reflect on our daily lives it is so clear that digital has and will

continue to reshape how we work how we learn and how we’re entertained and this

is happening across every industry from Healthcare to retail to financial

services to education and we think at the core the creation

and consumption of these content and applications is exploding there’s an

insatiable appetite for dynamic content and applications

work is increasingly becoming hybrid and Global and people are finding new ways

to collaborate and creativity is redefining

productivity and whether it’s a school project that you’re working on or a

document that you’re creating we think that creativity is increasingly more

essential to how everyone brainstorms as well as communicates their ideas

and as consumers we all expect today that the brands that we engage with know

us and they can deliver that personalized compelling experience that

we expect today’s buzzwords of artificial

intelligence and machine learning are both powerful but they also require a

really thoughtful approach so that we can amplify and not re

replace the power of human ingenuity these Mass

Trends underscore how more now than ever

these rich and dynamic digital experiences are going to shape every

aspect of Our Lives so adobe’s Mission as Anil said is to

change the world through digital experiences

and we want to empower everyone everywhere to imagine create and deliver

any digital experience the great digital experiences starts

with ideas that are developed through collaboration among all of us and

expressed through content and now more than ever creators need

these tools across all surfaces across all media types that give them the power

and precision and speed and ease to deliver the standout content that they

want across applications because every piece of content needs to

be delivered to the right person at the right time to drive that engagement and

value at Adobe we’re focused on three massive

opportunities unleashing creativity for all accelerating document productivity

empowering digital businesses and we’re focused on ensuring that all

of you can drive growth and profitability for your business to

achieve experience-led growth

as I reflect on the journey that we’ve taken as a company over the past four

decades I think we’ve always focused on how can

we focus on solving hard technology problems

and we’ve tried to anticipate customer needs

and invest in the building blocks that are critical to transform the

experiences that you deliver across our customers end-to-end Journey with your

brands we started with content that was the

core of the company which I think continues to be a massive investment and

opportunity for every company because every digital experience starts

with content whether that’s an image a video an animation a document a 3D

rendering and Adobe will continue to offer the

most comprehensive delightful and Powerful Suite of products to create any

piece of content but understanding how that content

performs is more critical than ever before to realizing the impact and

potential and so we expanded our aspirations and combined Art and Science

investing in analytics and pioneering the digital marketing category as we

know it today in Adobe experience Cloud thanks to all

of you has become the underpinning of every digital business

combining and analyzing trillions of transactions and data sets across all of

our applications when you have content and you have data

they’re only a means to serve the customer so we then focused on customers

and how do you do the segmentation how do you acquire customers and how do you

bring to bear the world’s best customer data platform

and build natively on the Adobe experience platform adobe’s real-time

CDP today unifies customer data across online and offline channels to deliver

these truly personalized experiences at scale

thanks to all your adoption Adobe real-time CDP today delivers over 600

billion predictive insights every year based on customer profiles as all of you

as Brands create over 30 trillion audience activations every single day

with content data and the customer insights we now think it’s time to

tackle the artificial distinction that still exists between products and

marketing because increasingly the customer

expectation is that you integrate product and marketing

and so understanding how people engage with and use products is incredibly

critical to marketing success and as a company we Embrace product-led

growth in both our Creative Cloud and our digital Cloud business document

Cloud business and so we’re now trying to productize what we have learned all

the insights that we’ve got to redefine the product analytics category and

you’re going to hear a lot more about it today helping you unify your customer

insights across both marketing as well as product

with content and data combined with these customer insights and with product

insights we all recognize that it’s also time to

scale how do we think about artificial intelligence and an area where machines

can really Excel and we’ve been at the Forefront of this

with what we have referred to as Adobe Sensei infusing intelligence into all of

our products with features like neural filters for Photoshop

attribution AI in the Adobe experience Cloud as well as liquid mode in Acrobat

REI Innovations have actually won US technical achievement Oscars in imaging

and video and most recently 3D and we’re now trying to build the Decades of data

and experience we have and creativity and documents to extend that in a deep

and very meaningful and thoughtful way in generative AI

our belief is that generative AI will accentuate human ingenuity

as a co-pilot and not replace it

we’re excited to announce a number of product announcements today in

generative AI technologies that we think will redefine both creativity as well as

the customer experience it’s an area that we know is evolving very quickly

and what I’d like to do is actually invite Anil to join me back on stage

along with the president of our digital media business David wadwani to talk

about the opportunities and the innovations that we’re bringing to

Market David [Music]

foreign [Music]

so I think we all agreed David Arnold that generative AI is going to bring

about this incredible new innovation and we have a number of announcements so

let’s get into it David absolutely um so for those of you who don’t know

what generative AI is I think it’s probably good to just make sure we’re

level set generative AI allows you to describe what you want in your own words

and the computer will effectively visualize and generate content to match

those words in fact all the imagery that you’ve been seeing uh behind me shortly

all of that is generated with generative AI today we’re announcing the beta of

something called Adobe Firefly Firefly is a family of adobe owned

generative models specifically created for Content generation for Creative

output the first model has been trained on hundreds of millions of stock content

from Adobe stock and open licensed content and it’s built from the ground

up to be deeply integrated into application and content workflows really

becoming your creative co-pilot as you go and do and build all of your

marketing content we’re starting with the generation of images and text

effects and again all of this imagery you see here was created with a text

prompt not with uh with a deep creative tooling and in the coming weeks vectors

and in painting and out painting and video and a lot more 3D content is in

the pipeline you’ll start to see us creating and generating that kind of

content as well it’s a very long journey from where we are to where we know we

can get and so as doing this as a beta we’re inviting all of you to go sign up

for that beta and participate give us feedback along the way but one of the

most exciting applications of generative Ai and Firefly is really in the context

of DX and what all of you can do as marketers

perfect thank you David So in experience Cloud we are integrating with firefly

it’s obviously the best model for creating content and we’re integrating

Firefly directly into the experience Cloud starting with the Adobe experience

manager where you’ll be able to generate content that’s safe for commercial use

so for example if you’re a retailer you had a photo shoot you have the content

in Adobe experience manager assets you can then generate essentially

endless variations based on colors textures Etc and use them in e-commerce

and other applications and with new Innovations in the Adobe

experience manager you’ll have powerful insights that will then help you on

which attributes which variations are resonating with your customers you’ll

actually see that in a demo later this morning

that’s on the integration with firefly we’re also announcing a family of Sensei

General AI Services where marketers and customer experience practitioners will

have a co-pilot to help increase your productivity without increasing your

workload will literally start with use cases without natively integrated like

marketing copy generation conversational experiences audience creation Journey

creation as well as caption generation and in real we anticipate that over time

generative AI will really help us reimagine every aspect of marketing

as we said we have all of this data as well as the history of our creative

tools but maybe we can touch a little bit uh David and Arnel on what’s unique

and what’s differentiated about the Adobe Solutions absolutely this has been

an area that we’ve been very focused if for those of you who who followed Adobe

and and shot new mentioned this earlier we’ve been doing AI in our creative

products for well over a decade and what we’re really excited about this moment

is that we’re taking generative AI which is able to create great content but

we’re putting it together as part of a model Pipeline with our decade of

innovation around imaging video Vector 3D and more and the combination is going

to create some absolutely stunning output

the second area that we’ve been very focused on is that we’ve trained all of

this content in these models so that the output is safe for commercial use

there’s a lot of conversation around generative AI as it relates to copyright

as it relates to diversity and inclusion as it relates to the potential to create

harmful content and we wanted to make sure that we were taking all of those

difficult problems in addressing them early in the process and making it safe

for commercial use means that we can go from leveraging generative AI for for

fun and individual projects to leveraging it for commercial use so this

becomes something that is really focused on making it available to all of you

the third area was around integrating with our applications and workflows now

I already talked about this but Creative Cloud document Cloud digital experience

uh and uh and Adobe Express which you’ll be learning more about later today all

of these capabilities are all these platforms can now leverage generative Ai

and Firefly directly embedded into their existing experiences

and last but certainly not least it’s really about being Creator Centric at

Adobe uh we have introduced something called

the content authenticity initiative a few years ago we now have over 900

organizations that are part of that or uh that initiative and content

credentials is at the Forefront of of everything that we we want the creative

Community to do we want people to get credit for what they create so with

generative AI we’re going to make sure that all content created from Firefly is

marked as AI generated content so people know what the origin of that content is

the second thing is we’re going to also announce the availability of a do not

train tag so if creative professionals want to create content that they don’t

want Firefly to train on they can simply embed that tag in the content and last

but certainly not least we recognize that all of this training content is

really provided to us from contributors to Adobe stock so as Firefly goes into a

commercial State we’ll be announcing a lot more about how we’re planning on

sharing the success of that and uh and making sure that contributors get

compensated for their efforts and on the


on the experience Cloud side I want to pick up on what David said about

integrated workflows that is what makes it really unique both with firefly as

well as the Sensei gen AI Services native integration into the apps that

you use every day whether it’s Adobe experience manager or Marketo or

analytics it’ll be natively integrated that that is what makes it much more

efficient much more productive rather than having to use a third-party service

where you are essentially integrating between the apps you use every day and

these third-party services the other key differentiator is when it

comes to large language models for text we will work with the best in the

industry and make that available with conversational experiences so that’s

what is really unique about what we are doing with the experience cloud

and we’re certainly building all of this technology in partnership with a number

of other companies you mentioned large language models so maybe we touch a

little bit on the ecosystem and Anil I’ll start with you here right now I

mean who are we partnering with on this endeavor for Content obviously David is

our primary partner Firefly we believe is the best in the industry we’re going

to Crypt for Creative content we’re really going to integrate with Firefly

on the large language model side we’re working with several of them Microsoft

Azure open AI is one of them that you will see with uh later in this

conference with Marketo in the conversational experiences with Dynamic

chat we’re working with flan T5 on the analytics side so we’re going to bring

the best of what is in the industry in large language models into the Adobe

experience Cloud yeah and on the creative and document side we are very

excited about what’s happening in the space there’s so much research being

published every day by others and us but we’ve been very focused on the initial

set of Partners so uh we’re announcing today a deep partnership with Nvidia now

Nvidia has been a long-standing partner with Adobe around creative for for a

long long time and together we’re going to co-develop the next generation of

generative experiences what does this mean this means that between the two

companies we have every part of the technology stack end to end in a way

that nothing can that gets in the way in terms of our imagination our research

and our implementation from the chip to the cloud to the models and to the

applications that all of you use the two companies really have that entire stack

so there are no constraints in terms of the Innovation that we can do the second

one is our long-standing partnership with Microsoft and now Microsoft and

open AI we’re very excited about the work that they’re doing and we want to

integrate their conversational interfaces with chat GPT and Bing

directly into all of our experiences and because this is such a dynamic

environment we’re also making sure that Firefly apis are available for

third-party developers that want to embed what we’re doing in their

workflows and their automated process so we’re very excited about the

Partnerships we’re announcing and the platform to announce even more in the

coming years and we can’t wait to embrace embark on this journey with all

of you so how do they all get access when do we deliver this well some of

these Solutions are already in beta you will see a demo later today in a couple

of demos actually and then more sessions at the conference and for Firefly you

can have access today the Firefly beta is available at Firefly uh

we’re going to be gradually letting people in over the coming weeks so

please go sign up play around with it and give us your feedback

well thank you Arnold and David for sharing everything that we’re doing

thank you again all for joining us at Summit enjoy your summit we can’t wait

to see what you do with our products and with that we’ll hand it back over to you

and I’ll thank you thank you shantanu thank you David

[Applause] [Music]

[Applause] speak a lot more about

AI throughout our demos today and in the super sessions and we have a great panel

discussion tomorrow uh with Amit Angel bamry and Eli Greenfield our CTO digital

media as part of the day two Keynote okay

when you think about generally where I AI along with content and data is

clearly becoming foundational to build experience-led growth

and in order to drive those growth from experiences you need a strategy to

connect and optimize the complete customer experience Journey

keeping the send customer at the center of not only your marketing but all your

channels of Engagement across the entire chain which is custom

a customer acquisition engagement and retention

now when you look at adobe’s own business as shantanu talked about this

is something we’ve really been focused on to power adobe’s own transformation

and our own business for the last several years

Adobe has gone through multiple transformations to become one of the

world’s leading digital businesses a couple of core principles of these

transformations connecting that complete customer

experience across these areas investing in multiple modes of growth

marketing-led growth product-led growth and obviously a lot of Technology

Innovation over the last 40 years that shantanu talked about

we are taking all of that experience and the

bringing that to you so that you can apply it to your own business and to

drive experience-led growth so how does this work

you have to think of this in an integrated manner across acquisition

engagement retention typically people think of it as a funnel but actually as

you drive the next generation of experience let growth it’s really much

more iterative and agile today in most companies you have a

variety of disconnected systems and processes

but the magic really starts to happen when your channels and customers and

touch points when all of those are connected that engagement leads to

experience-led growth and the entire customer journey is

becoming increasingly digital when you think of customer acquisition

for example a lot of the investment today in your marketing investments in

your ad spend is going into digital but you need to ensure that those

Investments are more efficient and more productive than ever before

so that brings me speaking of AD spend to our first big new announcement of a

product announcement of the conference which is the Adobe mix modeler

there it is okay so uh if you think about where your ad spend is going

efficiency is more critical than ever and in a world without third party

cookies or third-party cookies going away with wall Gardens becoming more

common your job of integrating these are efficiently spending your ad dollars is

harder than ever a lot of companies have manual processes

spreadsheets disconnected systems today I’m happy to announce that we’re

introducing a new product the Adobe mix model that will change all of that

with mixed modeler powered by Adobe Sensei marketers have the ability to

measure plan Monitor and adjust their marketing campaigns all within a single

app now you can leverage data from Adobe

customer Journey analytics and mix model will deliver faster and more consistent

insights so that you can optimize the return on your marketing investment

whether it’s across your paid channels your own channels or your own channels

when you think

about digital products and web apps and marketing or increasingly merging into a

connected experience which means that product teams are

playing a vital role in shaping the customer experiences working with

marketing to align go to market and engagement strategies

so as a brand you need to have Insight on product performance in a way that’s

integrated across your entire customer Journey

once again Adobe is here for you

today I’m thrilled to announce Adobe product Analytics

thank you product Analytics

is purpose-built to provide the insights you need to deliver highly optimized

digital experiences to power product-led growth

and because it’s built on the Adobe experience platform

you can be confident that these insights are integrated across all parts of the

customer Journey this empowers product teams to play a

larger role in the overall customer experience

and because product analytics is a self-service solution for product

managers for data scientists you can reduce ad hoc requests to data analysts

saving countless hours of effort and quickly and easily unlock insights on

patterns and changes in customer engagement over time

which will also help you identify growth trends that you see that are noteworthy

across your cohorts

using product analytics surface friction within the product experience enabling

timely changes iterative changes to your current offerings and making

improvements to your roadmap in a continuous manner

this product-led growth is huge in advancing customer engagement and

retention which are the critical elements of

experience-led growth and there’s a great demo coming up later in the

keynote showing you this new product analytics offering

experience lead growth is just as relevant in B2B as in b2c use cases

if you think of the modern B2B Journey it spans more channels than ever

and in bit away the way Brands and customers interact has also changed

dramatically buyers now expect to conduct their

research digitally and they want to engage with companies on their terms at

the time that they want to do it

and you’re in your account there are many different roles decision makers

buyers influencers in B2B accounts so to respond to these changes B2B

leaders are increasingly driving experience-led growth with a tiered

account strategy for top accounts it’s a high touch with

digital enablement and for the long tailor customers it’s through chat and

self-service and all the Investments we have made work as well with B2B as they

do with b2c

so let’s bring all of this to life with a real world example

in the pharmaceutical industry Eli Lilly has been a great leader and has an

amazing vision of experience-led growth for its consumers patients Healthcare

Providers and business customers so let’s hear more about that and for

that please join me in welcoming shantanu back in conversation with Dave

Riggs the chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly Dave

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] well Dave first welcome to Adobe Summit

it’s my pleasure to welcome okay you’re welcome

[Laughter] to welcome Dave Riggs the chairman and

CEO of Eli Lilly to Adobe Summit a lilly veteran for more than 25 years

Dave has accelerated the company’s delivery of new medicines to more

communities around the world helping over 50 million people manage illnesses

like diabetes cancer migraine and autoimmune conditions in the last year

alone his vision to develop a growing

portfolio of Best in Class and first in class pharmaceutical and digital

products is helping people live longer healthier and more active lives

and more personally I’ve had the benefit of having Dave’s wisdom as he has served

on the Adobe board for more than five years so welcome Dave and thank you for

joining us at Summit great to be with you today fantastic

well we we started to talk about purpose Dave and I know you’re very passionate

about Lily’s purpose so maybe we’ll start with you know talk to us about

Lily’s purpose and why that’s so meaningful and appealing yeah well you

know our company will celebrate it’s a 147th birthday next month and back to

those early days the company was founded on three simple principles use science

to advance medicine make sure what’s in the product is always the same this was

in the days of snake oil salesman but really product quality and then

Integrity in our communication because Healthcare is no place to deceive

customers or whatever so those principals live today of course our

tools have changed dramatically how we create new medicines with science which

is you know really incredible these days Quality Systems and production are very

complicated and your company’s helping us with the communication with with

customers but every day you know we wake up and we know why we come to work which

is those 51 million people who count on us to live a better day a better life

extend their life in some cases save their life and so that’s important work

it’s not just a job at Lilly it’s it’s uh it’s a passion

so tell me a little bit you mentioned 147 years uh you’re going to be

celebrating how do you keep the spirit of innovation uh alive in a company for

140 years yeah it’s it’s an incredible uh tale and an old American company

that’s kept going and going we’ve never merged we’re not on the back end of a

hyphen it’s the same entity and I think the pride our employees have to solve

problems for patients is the top driver we spend a lot of time listening to

patients and every time we do people leave with a

bounce in their step and they’re excited to run back to the lab or to their desk

or to the factory and say let’s do this a little better today because as humans

you just can’t help but relate to the challenges people face with health

probably many of you know or or have struggle with that yourselves in this

room and we have a chance to use science and technology to to Aid um Aid people

and that’s that’s such a driver for us newer is really the advancements in

science which are allowing us to open up so many more opportunities to address

diseases we never thought could be conquered before maybe starting with the

the sequencing of the human genome about 20 years ago unlocked what we call

Target space places where we can make new matter chemicals molecules proteins

that can augment disease and solve problems like you know Alzheimer’s where

we’re a leading company and hope to have some data here even in the next couple

months on a breakthrough there where it’s the only cause of death in America

without a cure or something that even slows it down that’s what we get up for

and the possibility to do that across many tough diseases is just expanding

every day so those things drive us and get us excited about innovating for

patients well I’d love to spend more time and we will on digital and the

pandemic and the impact but maybe maybe a little bit first on on your personal

Journey as well Dave I know you’ve been there for 25 years you’ve played

multiple roles marketing and now clearly running the company just a little bit

maybe about your background and you know how how that evolved during your 25

years at Lilly yeah well you know it’s I’ve been at the company a long time as

you have at Adobe which has real benefits to really learn the business

and grow within it learn the culture but it’s an accidental success story because

I joined the company thinking I’d be there two years when I started my wife

was in med school in Indiana and I needed a job in Indiana so I joined Lily

but what I found when I got there was a company filled with really smart and

talented people we talked about purpose and why we come to work that that

infected me in a way I didn’t predict and then Lily is also a company that

believes in growing from within talent and the company put me in jobs I wasn’t

qualified to do but you have to learn to do and that that drives a lot of growth

I had a chance to work internationally which I really cherished to this day as

a global head of a company um in China in Canada and really learn

you know how Healthcare Works outside this country which is quite different

and then in development and other parts of operation so really exceptional

um kind of accidental career path in a way

and I’ve learned through time to really understand at its core what we do is so

important for CEOs and leaders um it’s it’s not about how it looks it’s

whether you can run a complicated organization really effectively whether

it be the bench scientists what happens in our plants or how our sales teams are

out working with customers to solve problems that’s what I love to do yeah I

think the whole aspect of transforming ourselves every few years as individuals

also is is what keeps us vibrant but you know switching to the pandemic I mean I

would say that Healthcare was probably perceived as the industry due to

regulatory concerns that hadn’t embraced digital maybe touch a little on how the

pandemic changed that and how you think about digital and Healthcare moving

forward yeah of course everything changed during the pandemic to be more

digital and online and accelerated your business a lot of people here were

involved in that but Healthcare probably was one of the lowest starting points

there was almost nothing happening [Music]

um whether it be industry to a customer to Consumer to Physicians or B2B I mean

it was very in-person shoe leather kind of business

um and mass marketing was how we talked to Consumers that changed quite a bit

but there’s a reason it started so poorly which hasn’t shifted as fast as

we wanted we have to keep investing one is the regulatory nature you mentioned

so we need HIPAA compliance and privacy and personal information critical the

second is the fragmentation of the market so the transaction itself

requires a consumer a doctor to permit them to use the product they want to use

and then a payer like an insurance company to offset some of that cost all

three have to agree and synchronizing that is pretty complicated task

digitally we have to create that environment still and then the third is

technology is really underdeveloped in healthcare there’s just a huge Tech debt

in hospitals doctors offices even in Pharma companies so that’s all

accelerating now we went from almost no for instance Telehealth visits for

senior primary care doctor to I think 85 percent in that first quarter after in

in Q2 of 2020. it’s back down again but starting to grow

um and I think that’s a function of uh forcing it and then people learning how

to use it appropriately and we have a similar thing going on and how Pharma

talks to doctors and consumers is we had a surge now I think we’re learning how

to use channels and and speak to our customers better

what would you think of Lily you certainly think of this massive

innovation in science that you mentioned how do you think about marketing and

especially as a B2B company I mean you know what’s the role of marketing and

digital in marketing I mean it’s a key role in some ways it’s it’s the thing we

often forget to talk about um but we do four things I think the

world hires us to do four things really well create a new substance that didn’t

exist before that could augment a disease prove its value in clinical

trials make it at scale and safely with good

quality and then share the benefits so it can be appropriately integrated into

clinical practice and to people’s lives to solve their health problems that last

bit is the marketing piece which is how do we communicate and not over

sensationalize on the one hand but on the other hand really change a very

um kind of system with a lot of inertia which is Healthcare there’s been studies

of how long it takes for a doctor to adopt a new practice the average in

America is 17 years for a new practice to be adopted in the

market now fortunately drugs are better because we have good marketing it’s

seven or eight years but that’s still way too slow and I

think using digital technology to talk to more people with more compelling

messages in the channel they want to hear it from can really help us speed up

that and when you think about it it’s not just revenue for Lily or a good

launch it’s better health for millions of people

um so you know we we think of marketing as you know key the key Last Leg of that

relay race to deliver the value we get hired to create

when I was sharing with you some of the AI announcements you were making you

were talking about your eyes lit up and you were talking about Ai and the impact

and science maybe you can share with the audience uh how AI is going to impact

Pharma yeah well it feels like a generational moment doesn’t it with

what’s happening with generative AI we’re using Ai and I think you know an

important way and hope to use it in the marketing sphere coming up uh more

robustly but we are using it to discover new molecules and our challenge is we

have a huge number of possible molecules in the chemical Universe I think it’s 10

to the 33. yet we’ve only met large enough that’s a large number yeah we’ve

only made ourselves six million compounds in the history of the company

now fortunately someone a couple decades ago was smart enough to annotate and tag

and make a rich data set around those molecules

so we’ve created our own AI engine to learn against those molecules and it

really helps our chemists just as you were saying with the creatives you know

as an aide to help them get started in their work so they throw a new Target at

it with and say what are the potential field of new chemistry we should explore

to look at this and it comes it’s interesting to a person it comes up with

some very orthogonal uh different ideas that the human mind does not and then

our scientists we find those ideas and test them and then weed out the best

ones so far pretty compelling results just in a couple years of work so I have

no doubt in 10 years this will be how every drug gets discovered not replacing

people with computers or chemists with computers but rather aiding them and

speeding up that process and so you hear a lot about personalized medicine as

well maybe you can touch on does this actually Usher in the era of

personalized medicine or how does that evolve it won’t hurt

um of course personally medicine is kind of a spectrum of things when we use that

phrase on the extreme side you can think of okay I have a I have testing done in

my body and I get a very specific n of one medicine for me

we’re probably pretty far from that in many cases except some rare what we call

monogenic or single Gene driven diseases and that’s already happening with Gene

therapies right now so there’s Gene therapies that can cure childhood

blindness we’re working on one for certain specific forms of childhood

deafness right where you could actually cure that in a newborn infant but that’s

still pretty nascent I think we can also think about personalized medicines as

ways to more specifically get medicines that are that are for diseases for

people like you right so we we segment in a way the driver of the disease and

then give a medicine you see that in cancer these days more and more what’s

the qual therapy you qualify for based on the type of cancer you have and then

we can get a better effect with less side effects so that’s another form of

it and I think AI can help both those problems both in the search for

solutions for those really customized medicines but also in population Health

helping the doctors sort what the right pathway is for a patient with a certain

biologic fingerprint disruption I think a lot of the

companies in this room are facing disruption and we touched on you’ve been

a clear Undisputed leader in diabetes and insulin for decades how do you think

about you know generational shifts in technology or disrupting yourself yeah

well in our business um it’s it’s an interesting business

because we have we don’t have forever products we have patent Express which

are by policy as it’s been put together basically in 12 13 14 years every single

bit of Revenue we have today will go to zero

and so we wake up driven by patients but we also wake up driven by our own

extinction because we could make a super profitable Financial Enterprise on the

products we have today and not invest in the Next Generation and in exactly 13 or

14 years we won’t be a company so we have to wake up every day and think

about 13 or 14 years from now what will replace or even grow can we increase the

replacement rate so we can actually grow off this base

and we’ve worked hard to compress the product introduction cycle from idea at

the at the lab bench clinical testing making it at scale and then introducing

it and now I’m really focused on actually compressing the time to Peak

sales so that again the revenue comes forward and and we can all imagine if

you can you can introduce more products than you lose patent on and you can grow

them faster than the ones they replaced that’s a recipe for really exponential

growth and in a way we’re replacing ourselves all the time and so

transforming culture I mean culture is such an important part of that and you

know as Leaders when you have this idea of what you want to change I what tips

do you have for the folks here about how you transform and accelerate as you

pointed out culture yeah it’s key Challenge and you know I

think in any big company you face this as well you have to always be on that

topic first of all which is um change is coming whether you see it

or not and um I think it was Bill Gates who said we

typically overestimate the change in front of us and underestimate the one we

don’t that’s just around the corner so I think again that’s a reinvention sort of

self-cannibalization idea taking the best of what got you here really the

values of the company the core things you know how to do better than anyone

else but then asking what’s next that will give us a Competitive Edge I really

appreciate what you’ve done and I thank you so much for all the Innovation well

great to be here as a board member and a customer and a partner thank you thank

you that’s

foreign [Music]


thank you Dave so great to have you here it’s a life-changing industry really

appreciate everything that you do and for the Insight you shared here really

appreciate it okay

let’s keep going let’s go into the next level of how Adobe is powering

experience-led growth in the Enterprise

ation David shantro talked about this a bit personalization at scale is crucial

to deliver experience-led growth meaning delivering relevant experiences in real

time for every customer on every channel both online and offline

we it will be we help you achieve this through five foundational principles

first through a unified customer profile by helping you develop a deeper

understanding of your customer at the foundation of any customer

experience when you take all the consumers and what they are doing

customers are constantly re-evaluating so their products and services

engagement and it’s imperative to show how customers that you understand their

needs which means you’ll take the idea of it a typical 360 degree customer View

and make that more multi-dimensional it’s not enough to know how your

customer responds and reacts to marketing activities across channels you

also need to understand how they interact with digital products like we

were talking about earlier as well as interactions with sales or with call

centers or in person or in stores all of that comes together with the

customer profile that combines your first party data with partner data and

any enrichment that you have from outside data and bringing that together

with a common identity for the customer which may also be powered with data from

third-party identity providers


in real time and to do that you have to ingest

customer Behavior combine everything you know about them and then activate those

insights by assembling and delivering the best experience within milliseconds

we do that with real-time activation typically within 250 milliseconds

third key principle delivering deep integration across your customer

experience technology which means integration with your existing

architecture with your existing multech Investments and across your stack and if

these are not integrated you’re not going to get that real-time performance

four Best in Class applications that provide comprehensive abilities

self-service capabilities for marketers customer experience practitioners to

personalize at scale and so without that democratization of data and content and

those experiences you can’t personalize at the scale required

and finally built-in trust and data governance so that when you have the

customers data you can respect their privacy their preferences and you meet

the regulatory commitment that you have in your industry

when you add up all of these five principles that is what is required in a

customer data platform to take your data Foundation to the next level

and when we started building Adobe experience platform five years ago this

was exactly what we were solving for with our vision at Adobe

we launched the experience Adobe experience platform it’s a real time

Cloud scale platform on which we and many of our partners who are in the room

we’ve really built a vibrant and growing ecosystem

we have delivered Market leading applications we took the market leading

applications we already had integrated them with the platform and we have

natively built new applications that run on top of the Adobe experience platform

and these cut across four key categories marketing planning and workflow content

and commerce

Data Insights and audiences and customer Journeys

through the experience platform and our entire experience Cloud portfolio we

have really provided a tightly integrated foundation for experience

toilet growth and to do so at scale

santro talked about the production the statistics that we now have for the

Adobe experience platform we have over 210 billion Edge Network calls per day

over 600 billion predictive insights were each year

as well as nearly 30 trillion segment evaluations per day that is what we are

seeing in production with Adobe experience platform and our native apps

every day

now let me cover the three key applications native applications we’ve

built on top of the Adobe experience platform

first real-time CDP which is key to this momentum Brands large and small across

Industries or using Adobe real-time CDP to generate customer profiles that

update in real time as they get signals from their online and offline channels

and they’re using that to activate personalized campaigns across their

channels and driving growth Adobe real-time CDP is the only CDP

that’s natively connected in real time and at massive scale and we’re not

staying still we’re continuing to invest in areas like data collaboration

customer acquisition identity and AI

I talked about the value of deep integration

in addition to building these natively integrated apps on the Ruby experience

platform we are creating seamless Integrations between our platform and

our apps across the experience Cloud for example Commerce we are the first in

Industry to natively connect Adobe Commerce into the platform to drive

experience driven Commerce so if you have a new segment that you generate

within the Adobe Within rtcdp you can use that to power and provide

personalized campaigns and promotions through the Commerce application

and we’ve also integrated on other

directly into the Adobe experience platform

and we have opened it up to Partners so that you get the full benefit of an

ecosystem we now have over 450 Partners integrated into the Adobe experience

platform and through shared services in the

experience platform that power these applications you can effectively go from

collecting a customer signal to taking action and Gathering insights in

milliseconds that is really unique in the industry

our second key analytics again a native app built on

the Adobe experience platform customer Journey analytics connects data

across every channel That Matters to your customers whether it’s web or

mobile and as we discussed earlier with new with digital products helps you with

end-to-end visualization and AI driven insights

when you take those insights and Lead that to activation that needs to be

seamless that is really where the Adobe Journey

Optimizer comes in when it comes to experience delivery we

are redefining the market with Adobe Journey optimizer

we launched it last year and it’s really been a rocket ship it’s the next gen

application for Omni Channel personalized campaigns all in one

product so it helps you run experiments and make

decisions in real time at scale so you can take insights from the

customer Journey analytics publish audiences to the journey Optimizer

activate them and then take the earnings and complete the loop

now this is something that would take multiple systems and you would have to

stitch all of that together instead you get to do it all through one platform

the Adobe experience platform so I’ve covered a lot of ground here but

the best thing to do is to show it all through a demo so that you can see how

all of this works together let me invite for that to Jen Lasser to

take you through a great demo Jen thank you Anil

everyone is becoming hungrier and hungrier for data as they work to

deliver better customer experiences I’m so excited to show you how our Adobe

experience Cloud applications Empower Brands to deliver experience-led growth

and enable seamless collaboration from product to marketing to analytics and

Beyond today we’re going to take a look at how

Cadillac approaches driver upgrades to their super Cruise autonomous driving

subscription I want to take a moment and thank

General Motors for letting us use their brand to tell this story today and

remind everyone that the data you see here is fictitious to maintain our

customers privacy are you ready to see what I have for you

we’ll buckle up Let’s Take a Ride

the first stop on our trip is in customer Journey analytics our analytics

application built on Adobe experience platform it’s here that marketers and

analysts love to analyze their omnichannel data in analysis workspace

well I am thrilled to announce that all of that same Rich omnichannel data is

now available in Adobe product Analytics product teams need to be able to ask and

answer questions of the user experiences they’re building and they need to take

the full context of the customer journey into consideration when doing so

and I have to tell you as a product manager myself I do not have time to be

writing SQL who who has time for that I mean really

this new experience introduces guided analyzes that have been tailored for the

jobs that must be done by product owners like myself

you can see some of them here Trends user growth funnel and even more to come

now I often need to assess my monthly active users to determine if my

product’s user base is growing so user growth looks like a great place to start

I instantly learn more about my product and my users from this View and notice

my hands were up the entire time this purpose-built experience is doing

all of the heavy lifting for my most critical business questions

some might even say it’s doing all the driving for me

from this view I can see if I’m getting new users if they’re being retained or

if they’re falling dormant and because Adobe uses an event-based

model for data ingestion I can easily filter to a more critical product event

in my journey let’s say those users that use the

navigation panel in the Cadillac lyric now this looks great but if I want to

look at it at a weekly level and set a monthly no problem

now it looks like users of the navigation panel are being retained

really well so this presents a great opportunity of qualified leads that we

can Target with upgrade messaging to the super Cruise subscription

let’s go ahead and select this audience and make it available for activation

the native connectivity of the Adobe experience Cloud enables me to activate

this audience in both real-time CDP and journey optimizer

and it’s that easy no Integrations no match rates no delays

now it looks like we have a recommendation here from Adobe Sensei

gen AI so let’s take a look the first suggestion is to increase the

size of our audience based on Partner data from real-time CDP

that partner data by the way includes new Partnerships with live ramp Merkel

Epsilon and more this sounds like a great idea because

it’s going to expand the reach of any campaign or experiment that we target

towards this audience so let’s go ahead and apply those

changes that was really easy to navigate

now I want to test some personalized upgrade messaging next to my audience so

we’re going to shift gears into my new experimentation home

it’s here that I can see all of the experiments that I’m running across my

activation channels we’ll go ahead and jump into the upgrade

subscription experiment I set up earlier and we can Target it to that audience

that we just identified

we can also test several unique variants of messages to see which one resonates

the best with our audience let’s go ahead and activate this

experiment and then we’ll move over to Adobe Journey Optimizer to set up a

journey for our users with journey Optimizer I can orchestrate

a cross-channel journey that reaches our audience no matter how they interact

with Cadillac inbound or outbound

the results of our experiment will also continually inform this journey so that

the right content is served on the right Channel at the right time pretty clutch


you guys are getting you guys are picking them up now

let’s bring this full circle into Adobe product analytics to analyze the impact

of our experiment on super Cruise subscriptions

because Adobe product analytics includes all of the marketing product and full

data from the customer journey I can easily build a funnel that aligns with

my needs we’ll start with those users who check

their navigation panel and the Cadillac lyric

then we’re delivered our upgrade experiment

click through from it and finally subscribe to Super Cruise

look at that conversion rate it looks like our experiment really fueled

subscriptions now if I want to see these critical

product events and how they’re performing over time Trends is just a

click away watch how the full context of my funnel

comes with me and now every step of that journey is trended

all the moments that matter with your customer available in one View

This truly is the Cadillac of product analytics tools

now you ready for the last leg of our journey

our customers love to analyze their data deeply in analysis workspace so from any

guided analysis I can simply click open in workspace and everything is brought

with me to continue diving in further and collaborating with my marketing and

analytics colleagues if you can’t tell by now I’m so excited

about how our Adobe experience Cloud applications Empower Brands to drive

experience-led growth I just highlighted a wealth of new

capabilities including Adobe product analytics Adobe Sensei gen AI

new partner data for acquisition and enrichment in real-time CDP and a new

home for experimentation in the experiment cloud

this is going to enable teams to analyze and activate across the entire customer

Journey product marketing and analytics will be aligned like never before thank


thank you again great demo and I guess you threw in the

bad puns for free so that awesome job on the demo while helping Brands achieve

that multi-dimensional view of the customer from acquisition to engagement

you saw that in Jen’s demo great stuff and you know it’s true across Industries

including telecommunications the very competitive industry where digital and

mobile are front and center Telecom incredibly Dynamic market and

personalization at scale is critical in this industry

so to talk with us more about that I’m really incredibly excited to welcome

Marcus east Marcus east is T-Mobile’s exec vice president and chief digital

officer and I’m sure he’ll do a great job of walking through T-Mobile’s

transformation Marcus welcome to the stage

we Aim High We step out we take smart risks we do it the right way for each

other for our company for our communities

our mission is to work out what is the quickest way to create wonderful

products and experiences that can better people’s quality of life

every action that you take the customer is at the center of everything that you

do we provide that efficient experience to

our customers every single time whether it’s care retail or engineering

we all have the same end goal in mind which is providing the absolute best



what they need in their customer Journeys we’re going to continue to

innovate our customers hold us to the standard of always being ahead

we won’t stop the restlessness the striving the unsatisfaction with the

status quo when we’re at our best that more than anything defines Who We Are

I can’t wait to see what we do next


good morning good morning Adobe Summit it’s so exciting to be here today thank

you to the Adobe team for inviting me to participate I have to tell you that

years ago when I was growing up in London I dreamed of being on the stage

in Las Vegas performing like my heroes like Michael Jackson I never imagined it

would be an audience like this but I’m still very excited to be here with you

today my name is Marcus east it’s my great privilege to be the chief digital

officer at T-Mobile USA and one of the things that’s really important to us is

how we take care of our customers and what I’m going to talk to you about

today is how we’re leveraging the power of the Adobe ecosystem to do just that

now one of the things that I was reflecting on Backstage was that nearly

30 years ago I wrote a white paper about how what was then called the information

superhighway is going to change the way in which organizations were able to

really embrace the power of technology to change their relationship with their

stakeholders now as a little bit ahead of my time we know that 30 years ago we

didn’t have access to the technologies that we have today that have enabled us

to do incredible things particularly around the internet but I’m very excited

in fact I’ve never been more excited in my career than I am today because we

have the ability to leverage the technology coming from organizations

like Adobe to do incredible work for our customers

so one of the things that we do in the digital team that I’m privileged to lead

is we’re responsible for all of our customer facing and Frontline facing

Technologies and experiences and one of the things that’s really interesting for

us is this idea that the last 10 years of the uncarrier have allowed us to be

incredibly successful we’ve developed a reputation for taking care of our

customers for crushing customer pain points for making sure they’re always

trying to deliver the maximum value to our customers but also making sure that

they have a wonderful experience with us what is happening today is that we are

moving into the new era of the young carrier we are looking at how we can

harness the power of technology to deliver wonderful personalized

experiences powered by the sorts of solutions that you’ve heard about today

from Adobe and that makes me very excited as a chief digital officer

because we have the potential to do things that we could only dream of when

I wrote that white paper that I talked about

30 years ago now T-Mobile as a company is uniquely positioned to take advantage

of the things that are available today but we must never lose sight of our

mission our mission as a company is to be the best in the world at connecting

our customers with their world and that doesn’t matter who they are or where

they are or what they are doing we always want to make sure that we give

our customers the services that allow them to connect to their world whether

they’re out enjoying things with their friends or whether they are traveling on

an airplane and many of you would have taken advantage of T-Mobile services on

your journey here today but the power that the Adobe suite is

unlocking for us gives us a unique opportunity a historic opportunity we

know that we have the best network that’s the core of what we do as a

provider in the wireless industry we have a 5G Network that is the Envy of

the world and so we also then have to combine that with the best value and

we’re known for being a company that always takes care of its customers we

don’t raise our prices on our customers we give them the best network and the

best value and historically we have always given them the best experience

making sure that whether it is going into a store where they interact with

our renowned Frontline employees or whether they call our care centers that

are known for giving them fantastic care we know that that is something that has

made T-Mobile successful and special today

but our opportunity the opportunity that really excites us is building on all of

that using the solutions and the Technologies available today to take it

to the next level to make sure that this next era of the uncarrier is all about

digital experiences we have used for many years Adobe

experience manager to deliver fantastic websites and app experiences to our

customers and they have loved that and has been an incredible Channel through

which they have been able to interact with us but we’re taking it to the next

level we’re now embracing the power of the Adobe experience platform to deliver

personalized experiences to them that allow them to get even more from their

relationship with T-Mobile and that is something I could only have dreamed of

30 years ago but it is now at our fingertips and something that we’re all

able to do our partnership with Adobe that has allowed us to do this is more

than just wonderful technology we have a partner in Adobe that challenges us that

pushes us to always innovate to always be thinking about the ways in which we

can take advantage of the capabilities that are built by Adobe and the

ecosystem that is represented in this room today and use it to do something

incredibly special in this next phase of the young carrier

what you’ll see is a set of experiences that go beyond even what we have

delivered in the past they will be contextual we will use all of the data

and all of the insights that we have developed through our platforms to allow

us to understand exactly what it is our customers are doing to make sure that

that context then becomes part of the capabilities that we use to inform what

we do with our customers we’ll also make sure that our experiences are fully

tailored using the power of the Adobe suite making sure that every customer

gets an experience that is just right for them an experience that knows who

they are that can take advantage of all of the data that are available to give

them exactly the data and the information that they need at their

fingertips at any moment in time and then even a step further the ability to

use all of those capabilities to actually drive new products for our

customers in a way that wasn’t possible before this phase of the young carrier

what do I mean by that for example a small business customer who maybe wants

to have a combination of Wireless plans and devices and software from third

parties we can use these digital capabilities to unlock those new product

experiences for that for them and to give them an opportunity to configure

things for themselves in a way that wasn’t possible before in case you can’t

tell I am incredibly excited about this it’s my belief that there’s never been a

better time to be a chief digital officer or to be working in this space

and what we are going to do with the Adobe suite of Technologies and products

is going to enable us to drive this next phase of the ant carrier I’m personally

super excited about that one of the things that’s key for us

though is that we understand that we’re the best at taking care of our customers

when it comes to building a 5G Network when it comes to showing customer love

which is one of our values when it comes to making sure that we’re the best value

in the industry we know that we are absolutely unrivaled when it comes to

that but when it comes to being able to take advantage of these Technologies we

knew that we needed to work with the best in the industry and that’s why we

chose to work with Adobe we understand that through the thought

leadership that adobe has in this space that we’re able to actually up our game

to make sure that we’re always looking for ways to innovate in a way that

wasn’t possible to us beforehand and we’re also taking it a step further in

that as well as taking advantage of the wonderful products and experiences that

are available we’re working with adobe’s Professional Services team to actually

provide us with Hands-On capabilities that are allowing us to accelerate our

adoption of these Technologies which is a critical part of this next phase of

the young carrier so I’m personally excited about that I know our team is

excited about that I want to thank everybody that we work with not only at

Adobe but those people that we work with in The Wider Adobe ecosystem we can only

do the things that we do as a company and we can only be successful in the way

that we are through the partnership that we have with many of you and the

relationship that we have with you now I could talk for hours about the work that

we’re doing but I’ve been want not to do that so I’m going to end with a call to

action as I said earlier 30 years ago I dreamed

of being able to build these incredible digital experiences for customers and

it’s my belief that now is the time so it doesn’t matter who you are whether

you are an author or a Content producer or a designer or an app developer or a

chief digital officer like myself now is the time to get after your digital

transformation we have a unique window of opportunity where our customers are

familiar with digital where we have through Partnerships with companies like

Adobe the tools and the experiences that allow us to be successful when it comes

to delivering these new experiences and so for all of us the call to action is

embrace your digital transformation now many people have talked about it for a

decade and some even longer now is the time to get after it I’m super excited I

can’t wait to hear more about the products and the experiences coming from

Adobe and its partners and I look forward to coming back to you hopefully

next year to share more insights about this Inc credible transformation Journey

that we are on with our partners at Adobe thank you for your time this

morning and enjoy the rest of the summit take care

foreign [Applause]

thank you Marcus that was awesome and and you and to everyone at T-Mobile we

really appreciate the Deep partnership that you talked about and we will keep a

close eye as you continue to push the envelope on outstanding personalized

experiences keeping the customer at the center

okay we’ve talked about personalization scale and how that is key to drive

experience-led growth now something talked about the

insatiable appetite for content content making all the difference the right

headline the right message the right visual the right layout delivered at the

right time to the customer really helps in the personalization at scale

so as true personalization at scale becomes the norm It’s Not Unusual for

Brands to be creating managing activating storing literally millions of

assets and that tsunami of content is only

growing we did a study recently we found out in

the last couple of years the need for Content the demand for

Content essentially to drive marketing campaigns has grown by 2x over the last

couple of years I don’t think your budgets have doubled

by 2x over the last couple of years now when you think of what’s coming in

the same survey we checked that in the next couple of years it’ll grow by 5x

the expected content demands from marketing campaigns to drive

personalization will grow by 5x and it’s not just volume

the variety of content types the mediums the channels on which you need to

deliberate also continue to grow and it makes it a problem of incredible scale

so one that even the most sophisticated brands are struggling to Grapple with

and so to respond to that it can lead to fragmented systems and teams chaotic

processes a lot of manual effort ending in less than a stellar experience

when you actually drive those campaigns and use activation and with this content

and also results in huge inefficiency for your business

to address these challenges I’m happy to share that adobe is reimagining the

future of the entire content process I’m thrilled to announce the industry’s

first comprehensive content supply chain solution

focused on helping you deliver better and more personalized content in real

time which will directly impact your success in driving profitable growth

so to get you there we are connecting natively applications across the Adobe

Creative Cloud and the experience cloud and only Adobe can provide you the

entire range of applications integrated applications and services that are

necessary to address every step of the content process

so let’s take a little bit of a deeper look at the content process

across Industries there are four typical steps in the content process planning

production delivery and Analysis so we’ll go through each one of these

critical stages of the content supply chain

first in planning for many companies content creation is very ad hoc

it’s pretty inefficient and slow and frustrating if you can’t have the right

content in time for your campaigns so with that in mind we are effectively

closing the gap between the work creatives do

and the outcomes you need to drive those campaigns and we are accomplishing this

by threading the strategy of campaigns into the process of prioritizing and

resourcing the content planning and content production

with Adobe work front our leading marketing workflow application in the

industry you get the benefits of agile with workfront simple boards which let

marketing teams iteratively manage campaigns

now you can create boards with any number of columns or Swim lanes and

organize your projects and tasks with a simple drag and drop

and we’re also introducing new campaign planning and marketing visualization

capabilities with unified marketing calendar and campaign objects across the

Adobe experience cloud

so with simple boards it gets you with workfront is center of gravity for all

the teams products and processes that you require to activate world-class

campaigns so think of them as like an operational graph that you can use to

model relationships and processes to optimize the end-to-end campaign process

and with workfront you can track all of this work everything about a campaign

through its entire life cycle regardless of the applications that you need to use

along the way so if you’re still using spreadsheets

ticketing tools Etc to manage complex campaigns and projects it’s really past

time to modernize how you do your content production

that brings me to the Second Step production this is the engine room of

the content process where all the creative magic happens

and with workfront we are helping you streamline the way work gets

orchestrated throughout the process

starts with a single place to intake and prioritize your request an intelligent

resourcing tools that make assignments based on the available bandwidth whether

it’s with your in-house teams or with external agencies and partners that you

use and simple dashboards easy to understand dashboard that show the

status roadblocks and everything you need to keep your content production on

track for your campaigns and since collaboration is a critical

part of enabling the top-notch work work helps teams share ideas tag colleagues

with comments request clarification and kick off reviews and approvals all in

one place and by integrating with Creative Cloud

we can now surface these same capabilities directly in the

applications where most content gets created which is there to be Creative


so now we have native Integrations with between work front and Adobe

Photoshop InDesign illustrator Premiere Pro and with after effect so creatives

can see the tasks view comments a lot of time even indirectly in the applications

that they’re using without having to leave that creative context

so that is a big time saver for creatives I’m sure it’ll actually bring

a smile to the entire marketing and creative groups as well

and Adobe continues to invest in bringing

bringing shantanu talked about we introduce Adobe Express just over a

year ago and it has become a really popular quick

and easy creative tool seamlessly connected to Creative Cloud with

collaboration built in at its core and today

thrilled to announce that we’re bringing Adobe Express to the Enterprise

so now Adobe Express will Empower anyone in your organization any user not just

your creative team to create share and review all of your content on brand

including social media posts videos other marketing assets based on the

templates that you have we see tremendous opportunity between

Adobe Express and the Creative Cloud and this native integration between

Adobe Express and the Adobe experience manager assets will also bring the Adobe

Firefly generative AI capabilities that we talked about into experience manager

asset and enable teams to create stunningly

unique unique imagery effects so that you can complement your existing branded

and stock assets and that will help you take your content

production velocity up a notch to a new level

third key step is delivery you can create the most amazing content

in the world but if you can’t get it to the campaign to the activation at the

right time through the right Channel it falls flat

Adobe experience manager helps you solve that problem it’s our content management

Powerhouse and we’ve had a lot of Innovations in

Adobe content experience manager with headless capabilities the cloud service

now we have evolved it into a powerful Suite of composable content services so

that you can deliver high impact personalized experiences across any

channel today I’m excited to announce the next

generation of composability in the experience manager

so with this we’re truly unlocking content authoring democratizing content

authoring so that you get the velocity to publish at the speed that you need

with experience manager users can cross your Enterprise will now be empowered to

update content across any online Channel including websites and mobile apps

directly from the documents that they created and with the tools that they are

already using whether it’s Microsoft Word or Google docs for example

that means without content management expertise

teams can create edit publish all from the same document think about what that

does to your content velocity and they can do all that with proper

security and access controls to ensure that only the people who are

authorized to make those changes can actually make them

that is a game changer when you talk about personalized experiences at scale

making that happen with any content that’s a game changer and these same

capabilities also extend to Adobe asset experience manager Farms as well

so for those of you in regulated Industries who are big customers of

adobe experience Farms that is massive when you consider the number of paper to

digital Transformations that are still going on whether it’s in financial

services government and verticals like that

finally analysis this is where the process

it’s where we’re really really medical strengths so for the

first time we are leveraging AI with Adobe Sensei to link content performance

directly with creativity and what does that mean let me explain

so traditionally when you think of content metrics they’ve just focused on

the top line like views or clicks which is really important but an incomplete

View today

through the power of Sensei we are enabling you to analyze content

performance at an attribute and an audience segment level by connecting the

Adobe experience manager with the profile that you have in the Adobe

experience platform this means you can now measure aspects

such as you know color objects composition even writing style and see

how they impact performance of the content with different audiences

once again when you look at this entire flow there is no better way to bring all

of this to life than to see it firsthand through a demo so for that I’m really

pleased to welcome Ben Tepper to the stage to show you our content supply

chain demo Ben

thanks annel content is the lifeblood of a Brand’s

identity and it defines the way that all of you interact with your customers and

today I am so excited to share with you how Adobe can help you deliver the

entire content supply chain from content planning and production through delivery

and Analysis and I’m going to do this through the lens of one of our the US’s

leading retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods and I want to start by letting you know

that all the assets and data that you see are fictitious to respect Dick’s

customers privacy so let’s get started I’m going to begin by planning a spring

campaign in Adobe work front now with the new dashboard view I can easily see

all of my assets my team members my budget all in a single View and in the

calendar view I can see a correlation over time for me and my campaign

managers about what’s happening and when if I dive directly into my spring

campaign I can see tasks assigned and aligned across my entire team and I also

see assets from Adobe experience manager so this continuity and centralization

ensures that everyone in my organization is working towards the same goals and

the same kpis now workfront also empowers everyone to

excel in the tools that they’re already using so let’s talk about content

production and the Adobe Creative Cloud in Creative Cloud we have workfront

natively integrated so I as a designer can use the tools I already love like

Adobe Photoshop here I can see my tasks I can see comments for collaboration I

can easily make edits in Photoshop and as soon as I’m done I can easily upload

a brand new proof of this asset to workfront for formal stakeholder

approval so we’re doing we’re succeeding in the tasks in the tools we’re already

using and the same is also true in Adobe Premiere Pro where video teams also have

access to workfront tasks and objectives but we also have integration with frame

i o and what that means is I can see here in my timeline Integrations and

comments from my team what’s working directly within the timeline in the

sequences that I’m already editing so video production is happening exactly

here and collaboration is happening everywhere

now for many organizations such as dicks the creative teams are focused on

primary campaign imagery such as the ones that you see here in Adobe

experience manager but more and more frequently marketers need to be able to

create and scale on brand content and that my friends is where Adobe Express

comes in Express is the universal tool for creatives and marketers to be able

to create and scale on-brand content in Express I’m going to open one of my

images from experience manager and here in Express I can add text I can add

elements more images templates but I also have my shared Creative Cloud

libraries so all the logos colors and fonts that my creative teams are using

are accessible for me here as well but there’s something else I also want

to talk about today in the lens of Express and that’s Adobe Firefly you

heard a little bit earlier on about Firefly and the breadth of what it can

do now I really want to focus on my campaign imagery for this tent and what

I did before this demo is I trained a man I created a a model on the specific

product because I think this 10 looks good but it would look even better in

different Landscapes wouldn’t you agree so now with firefly what I can do is

easily type in a prompt with the text to image generate and

okay you should clout for this this is really cool

because what’s happening is I’m taking all the understandings about that tent

that specific product in High Fidelity and putting it in different locations

and I as a marketer creative can make changes change the style make

modifications we can add other locations as well and so we have the ability to

take this image and put it in different backgrounds

for today we’ll stick with this version that we have here and now I want to make

it ready for my different channels and with Express it’s easy to add drag and

drop text images I’m going to change the color here I think I want to add a

little bit more text for this product page and I think that this looks fine

right it looks okay but we want to apply all of those brand assets that we talked

about before and I want this to look great on all of my channels so we’ll

apply the brand standards and now I have an asset that’s going to

look great whether it’s an advertising web Instagram all of your different

channels this asset is ready to go but there’s one other thing

and that’s the this asset needs to look in different shapes for depending on the

channel maybe a banner maybe a hero image now this resizing images is often

something that takes a lot of tedious work but now

with Photoshop apis natively an experience manager I hit save and I

create Renditions of that very image for all of my digital channels one click and

it’s done [Applause]

so now my creative team can focus on real creative tasks not these repetitive

tasks so now we’ve got content let’s move into

the delivery phase of things now the first thing that I want to do in

delivery is come over to experience manager I have a product page here at

this beautiful new editor and experience manager the first thing I’ll do is

update this product image with the new one we just created a few moments ago

and as I’m looking at the page content here I’m wondering what I can do to

drive higher engagement to certain Target audiences well that is where

Adobe Sensei gen AI comes in now Sensei Genai understands the context of this

page as well as my goals as a marketer it gives me suggestions about how I can

improve engagement in my case I’m curious about what I can do to drive

engagement for first time or beginner campers so we’ll see what we got

so the recommendation here is to change the language around beginner or

first-time campers now it’s really important to note that at any point in

time I as a marketer am in complete control I can choose I can approve I can

make modifications and so you’ll see here that I am always going to be

creating on brand content so the text that you’re about to see generated will

look and align like all the different assets and imagery and text that you’d

see across six pages so this is very specific to the brand I can test this

but I’m going to go ahead and save it for today

okay now check out this site using experience

manager now I love this one because it’s got great interactivity a lot going on

on it but here’s the really cool thing about this

I’m actually authoring and editing this in Microsoft Word this is what we call

Next Generation composability it means that content can be created anywhere

so I’m going to go ahead and type on stage which is always fun

and what happens is when I hit save and make that modification I I can easily

see those updates live there we go so what we’ve done is we’ve

made it easy for content to be edited anywhere think about it

so authoring happens everywhere content happens creation happens across the

teams and now what I want to focus on is how we drive people to that site with

Adobe Journey Optimizer I already have Integrations with workfront all the kpis

my timelines it all lines up right here and in terms of creating the creative in

the email editor I simply drag drop done that’s it so we’ve updated the

metadata and the Assets in a few clicks you can clap if you want

okay thank you now there’s one more thing that I want to touch on and that’s

content performance the analytics and the analysis stage of things

to once our campaign is live now with content performance I can see which

assets are performing well for which audiences that’s right this is

experience manager and experience platform working together to understand

which content works well for which audiences and I can dive really deep

into that if I take a look at one of my pages here I see what’s happening and

why it’s happening key keywords of interactions what assets are driving

interactions and what’s really important is that as a marketer I could look

across the board what assets are performing well what types of texts are

engaging what aesthetic are my audiences engaging with so now I can build more

and more content like that and what that really means is that I can go to a stock

to find more content Adobe stock or I can work with my creatives to generate

new assets I could even use Firefly to create new assets but most of all all of

these insights come back around to workfront as well so next time I can’t

plan a campaign and activate I can use these in size

so you have seen now the present and the future of the content supply chain

content planning in a single source of Truth content creation led by creatives

and assisted by Ai authoring and delivery everywhere and finally content

analytics to help you understand not just what’s happening and why but also

for whom thank you [Applause]

thank you Ben really cool and you know I’ll repeat that we only scratched the

surface here I encourage you to check out the content Innovation super session

after the keynote to go much deeper into the content supply chain how we’re

bringing all of this together all right we’ve talked about data and

content and how working in Perfect Harmony at scale is clearly what you

need to drive growth from experiences doing that with privacy and governance

in mind is key for all of us and perhaps nowhere so than in an industry like

Financial Services

as one of the bedrocks in the industry Prudential Financial knows this really

well so to share more about how Prudential

envisions the role and future of customer experience in a highly

regulated industry I’m excited to welcome onto the stage Prudential

financials Chief marketing officer Susan somersil Johnson please join me in

welcoming Susan you welcome

[Music] thank you great to be here

[Music] thanks so much for joining us today

really appreciate it absolutely happy to be here yeah I’d like to start maybe

just a little bit about you I mean you are the chief marketing officer at a

global financial institution but interestingly you didn’t start your

career as a marketer you started your career as an engineer an engineer an

engineer um and how did you what led you to that and how did you make that pivot

I gotta tell you the story first of all Neil it’s great to see you again and

it’s great to see all of you here it’s just really exciting the energy is

amazing um yeah I started my career as an

engineer my dad was an engineer I think that’s how I was programmed from birth

probably um I um for goodness sake so I was a

mathlete in high school and I don’t know how many people know what that is but if

you think of an athlete it’s not that so um I at that time when I started my

career I couldn’t imagine talking to a group of 10 people much less a group of

ten thousand that you have here so I always encourage people to to embrace

change so so early in my career when I was at Apple one of my mentors said

would you consider a role in marketing and I thought he’d lost his mind I I was

I was terrified I didn’t have I didn’t think I had any aptitude in that area

but so I made the jump and and I’m really happy that I did

um so so yes I kind of live in that

intersection between data and content left brain right brain and I’m so happy

I made the move and I think a lot of marketers will resonate with this

because I really appreciate the power of marketing of what we do we have such a

loud voice right I mean we have a huge platform and and the way I see it I

always say we can either use that voice to change the way people see our brands

or or maybe and use that voice to change the way people see themselves and their

role in society and and in the world so I love being a marketer that’s awesome

that’s great to hear your personal story thank you thank you

so maybe talk talk Prudential now I know our audience I’m sure is familiar with

the brand everybody has seen the logo many are probably customers themselves

but I know you have a really ambitious strategy that you’ve laid out so would

love to hear a little bit more about prudentials vision and strategy and how

marketing is helping shape that sure a very ambitious very ambitious Vision so

yeah I think most people know Prudential our awareness is very high and

especially awareness of our iconic symbol the the rock the Prudential rock

you see here most people know it um so just as an aside it’s the eighth

oldest trademark in the world which I didn’t know when I joined so it was kind

of a nice benefit as a marketer to have that kind of history behind you so so

most people know us but you may not know all that we do because we’ve grown so

much so so I just wanted to um take a step back for a minute so we focus on

investing insurance and Retirement Services we are the largest life insurer

in the US so we have a large Global presence p-gym our Global asset manager

is one of the largest in the world so a lot of people rely on us 50 million

customers over 50 countries and over three billion dollars in in

contributions to society so back to our ambitious vision

when that many people rely on you have to have a big vision and we do and it’s

to expand access to investing insurance and Retirement services and security and

and I want to tell you what that means because I think I’d like you to

internalize it a little bit so you could see how our partnership with Adobe is

helping us so much so I’m going to throw out a few big numbers but I really like

you to think about the people behind the numbers so 3.9 billion people don’t have

enough life insurance so over 100 million in the U.S

may sound like a large number but but what does that really mean so if you

think about the people behind that what’s really common when you read the

stories and talk to the people you get people who work really hard to lift

their families up right you get parents who work their whole lives one job two

jobs and anything happens to one of them the family is plunged back into poverty

it’s very common if you think about I wanted to talk about retirement

security so 41 percent of people in the world live in fear they won’t have

enough money to retire so again that’s a big number right but

what does that mean if you think about it

if they’re lucky to have a job as they go into retirement they will have to

continue working even when their bodies can’t keep up anymore

so we’re really serious about our vision that’s why I’m here because we’re going

to expand access to all those people and technology is vital part of that

technology and personalization I can totally imagine every individual

is different every family and every household is different and makes the

personalization even more critical so when I think about know how we’re going

to relate to each one you never know what’s going to click exactly yeah so

clearly that that client experience that customer experience front and center for

Prudential so we’ve talked a lot about experience-led growth today

how does that resonate with you and with Prudential

it resonates because so Financial firm I think Financial

Services firms in general are really good we excel at product-led growth but

you know some of the macro Trends I just talked about demographic Trends the

lines are now blurring so so you may remember it used to be build it and they

will come right and that has morphed and now it’s find out what they want and

give it to them fast right so that’s a key pillar of our of

our growth strategy how do we deeply deeply understand what people want so

so I think about it Mass advertising is great

and we use a lot of it a lot of it and it’s very effective but

personalization is key if you’re going to reach that many people and that’s so

that’s why we partner with you that’s why we partner with Adobe so closely

because adobe’s been revolutionizing creating customer experience at scale

for decades and that’s what we need to be able to reach to reach that many

people and when we were talking earlier you talked about some of the examples of

that AI based personalization at scale I thought those were really awesome maybe

you could share some with the audience here on some of those examples I’d be

happy to be happy to just just a few examples for you um

I think I’ll start with a P gym our Global asset manager so I have about

1700 clients globally and so we’re one of the world’s largest money managers

for institutional investors put that in perspective for you

um those those institutions protect the assets of millions and millions of

people think like the largest pension Pension funds around the world so when

you have a year like we did last year in the beginning of this year economic

volatility geopolitical volatility what do you think those institutions


they need confidence they need information to make the right decisions

fast they need relevant information and they need it fast so so we use Adobe and

our client-centric Journeys to make sure and this worked really well for us

through all the volatility last year that they have what they need when they

when they need it so they can so they can manage that risk

um it’s just one example I also wanted to talk about insurance because it’s

it’s so important to so many people some some of the world’s largest

companies rely on us to protect their employees

so with all types of insurance so so our plan is to use so we’re having an ever

increasing um understanding of their employees

needs and so we’re using our our client-centered Journeys to make sure

they have the right coverage at the right time you know whether they’re

having a baby buying a home getting ready to retire they have the right

coverage at the right time and the the last example that I wanted

to give you I wanted to go to Japan for a minute because I think this is

important for for all of us because it’s a sign of things to come so the trends

that are happening in Japan you’re probably aware are happening at most

places in the world but just Japan is at the Forefront first and that is

declining birth rates aging population so by 2030

one-third of Japan will be people over 65. it’s not that far away 20 30. so

what that’s that’s forced us to rethink retirement right what is retirement

security look like people aren’t just living longer they’re living healthier

they’re living productive right so you really have to rethink

um rethink retirement so so we’re using Adobe to help us educate

to help us reach people who aren’t thinking about that yet across the globe

people who aren’t planning and to help Taylor tailor our um our Solutions so

that we can meet meet their needs better I think I think the

the best thing to me from all of this is a brand Builder

so it’s building our brand right connecting with more people but it’s

also fueling growth which all marketers want to do so we’re fueling growth but

also also saving a lot of cost this this year alone we will

decommission 10 platforms 10 platforms think of the cost savings there so you

get the revenue growth and you get the cost savings and that you’re replacing

that with the Adobe experience platform and the apps exactly and that’s just

this year alone and we’ll continue to do that that’s awesome it’s great to hear

so a question about trust and data governance in your industry with the

kind of client relationships that you’re forming that is critical the effective

use of data is important but it has to be in the context of trust and and data

governance so we’d love to hear your thoughts yeah very important and and

it’s a it’s a balancing act I think um it’s a balancing act to meet customer

expectations but it’s it’s a bouncing act that we’re turning into an advantage

so I’ll start with a fact

personalized experience and content build trust

over half a consumer say they’ll stop buying from a brand that doesn’t

personalize the experience and add value over half right but they want that in a

privacy first framework so so two things happening as you all

know consumer privacy expectations are rising

also the regulatory the regulatory requirements around

privacy are expanding we look at both of those and and the way we see it that’s

an opportunity because if if you if you do it right you

can meet customer needs better that personalized personalization they want

build trust and better connections with your brand so I’ll give you I’ll give

you an example we partner with one Trust and so they’re they’re integrated with

the Adobe stack and we partner with them on our consents and preferences platform

our goal is to go beyond data management to go beyond regulatory governments and

and build customer experience that build trust so we can provide transparency

better personalized experience all all in a privacy enabled framework

that is built on the consent on the consent the choices of the customer

right built on their their choices so it’s it’s a win it’s a win-win the

customer for us and and I think we just want to

you’re you’re all very aware that consumers will share their information

if you add value right they will share more information if you add value so the

way we look at it this allows us to take personalized experience to a whole new

level to build that trust and to build a connection with the brand that makes our

marketing much much more effective awesome great insights any closing

thoughts for our audience here um yeah I would just I I’d like to say

Embrace change because it’s happening fast when you talk about the five times

change in data needs it’s happening fast and in my career I tell you I’ve made

some pretty big career changes that I talked about and I was terrified in the

process and I’m so happy I did now so Embrace change in your careers and in

your lives and it’s not going to be easy but you’re really gonna appreciate it

thank you awesome thank you so much thanks for your partnership Susan and

and really appreciate you being here appreciate it

[Music] okay

we have covered a ton of ground this morning so let’s quickly recap

Dynamic Market environment we’re all being asked to grow our business

profitably and experience-led growth is that clear path forward

it requires you to know your consumers on your custom customers really closely

and provide what they want and when they want it through every channel of

Engagement across your business areas whether it’s marketing product customer

service sales call center stores Etc and we are here at Adobe to support you

in this journey just we are part just as we are partnering with so many of your

peer companies today and through a proven real-time platform

the industry is most comprehensive and deeply integrated set of customer

experience applications first of its kind content supply chain

that you saw this morning is which is connected across the Creative Cloud and

the experience cloud and Adobe Sensei gen Air Services in

Adobe Firefly which will act as your co-pilot so that you can Unleash Your


so whether you’re new to this and just dipping your toe into a specific area of

customer experience or you’re all diving headlong into a

company-wide digital transformation we have the blueprint and the track

record to be your trusted partner and advisor

and our Focus especially in this environment is to make sure that you

realize value quickly and you realize the benefits to your business

in fact alongside with everything that we have shared today we are focusing on

driving innovation in time to value so I want to highlight one of the many

areas we are helping you to get to Value even faster with experience Cloud growth

to in the experience Cloud to drive your experience LED growth

we’re introducing a library of use case playbooks these are based on real world

experience from the customers who’ve already deployed an adobe experience

platform we know that many organizations have a

number of use cases already running on their CDP and the other native apps but

some are not yet taking full advantage of all the use cases

so to help you accelerate we are rolling out new in-product and pre-packaged

marketing workflows those are built in so that you can use apps like Adobe

real-time CDP Journey Optimizer and customer Journey analytics and they’re

focused on helping you jump start your key use cases and drive to meaningful

business results quickly and that library of use cases is constantly

growing as we wrap up today’s morning’s keynote

I want to reiterate that we’ve only scratched the surface in our keynote

this morning so please make time for The Innovation super sessions that follow

this keynote they will go into each of the areas like content Commerce

marketing workflows customer data and insights customer Journeys you’ll be

able to dive much deeper into each of these areas

and they will dive deeper into the innovations that we just discussed this

morning and we have an absolutely amazing and

inspirational lineup for tomorrow’s keynote I can’t wait to see you then for

now it was terrific to see everybody in person here at Summit after four years

it’s great to be back together thank you and see you tomorrow everybody