Adobe - Adobe Summit 2023 Inspiration Keynote

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thank you

please welcome president digital experience Anil chakravarthy

[Music] morning everybody good morning hope

everybody is doing great and welcome to day two of Summer it’s great to have all

of you back and I really hope yesterday I left you inspired about the

opportunity in front of all of us when it comes to driving growth from

experiences I’m really truly excited by The

Innovation we discussed around the Adobe experience cloud and how we will really

power experience LED growth over the next few years working with all of you

we also heard some great examples yesterday of what this looks like from

forward-thinking leaders how they differentiate their brands how they

build trust and loyalty with their customers and how they maximize their

business outcomes by really meeting their own customers where they are

we heard from Eli Lilly we heard from T-Mobile we heard from Prudential

Financial and I’m sure in the Innovation super sessions you had the opportunity

to listen to a lot more of your peers and your customers a huge round of

thanks to all of them for doing this I really appreciate it

[Applause] we’ll shine a light on leaders in other

fields their Journeys their lessons are equally instructive to us as we look

forward and take out think about the next few years ahead in this Dynamic

environment but before we dive into those sessions

we want to just dive deeper into generative AI yesterday our

announcements in generative AI generated a lot of Buzz and today we want to go

deeper and talk about generative AI when when we talked about generative AIS

today we said look along with data and with content we know that Ai and

generative AI is foundational for achieving experience-led growth

it’ll reshape every aspect of what marketers do and creatives do in

marketing we ighing Banning execution analysis it’s

not just marketing content that’s a big piece of it but Journeys audiences

campaigns experiences generative AI has the potential to

transform every aspect of marketing so now at Adobe we have a decade plus

track record of pioneering AI Innovation we call it Adobe Sensei and here’s you

know some of the features that we have done hundreds of features introduced

across our products delivered to you by the products and applications of the

Adobe experience cloud each of them focused on helping you work

and collaborate and transform what you do in new ways

we see generative AI as the next Natural Evolution of what we have been doing

with sensei we made significant announcements Summit

just to recap a few of those we talked about fireflys today with uh Adobe

Creative Cloud David introduced Firefly we also talked about the Sensei

generative AI services in the Adobe experience cloud

including our comprehensive Vision to really help you build the co-pilot for

you as marketers and creatives to increase your productivity to amplify

what you do from the first Spark of creativity all the way through your

customer Journey and we are putting it to work across all

of our clouds today

question the power the speed the ease to generate high quality images and

stunning text effects we saw a lot of those visuals yesterday

and which is safe for commercial use the new Sensei Jane AI services that are

natively integrated in the experienced cloud and into the workflows that are in

the applications that you always already already use today

whether it’s marketing copy generation conversational experiences audience and

journey creation caption generation these were some of the services that we

announced that are already going to be available in the next couple of quarters

but that is the framework for the next few years

so what we want to do today is really go into how we’re going to do

this but I wanted to put it in the framework of what we call our AI ethics

how do we responsibly bring AI to you so that when you use our AI Sensei AI

generative AI built into our applications built into our workflows it

really reflects the trust and data governance and the overall principles

that that adobe carries so there are three key areas we focus on

we call it accountability responsibility and transparency art the art of AI

ethics and let me touch on each one of them

with accountability we are committed to taking ownership of the impact of our

work by having processes in place and making sure that there are resources

dedicated to receiving and responding to your feedback or concerns and feedback

and concerns from your customers ultimately we are committed to advancing

AI in an ethical responsible and inclusive manner

with responsibility we will be responsible during every

phase of Designing developing deploying and maintaining our AI systems through

thoughtful evaluation and careful due diligence you’ll see that as you go

through any of our sessions as you go through all of these demos

and we are committed to making these experiences with adobe’s AI productive

and efficient for you with control and trusted governance capabilities in the

hands of marketers and creatives

finally transparency we are committed to being open about how

we use AI we talked yesterday during the announcement about how we have built it

to be commercially safe and we want to bring our customers into the journey

that was the idea of opening this up with beta and really work with you our

community to design and Implement AI that respects our customers preferences

and your interests and this is exactly how we view the future of generative AI

when it comes to the entire marketing process

so I’m excited for us to give you a deeper look at all of that so what I’m

going to do now is to turn it over to Gina Casa Grande for a great demo of the

potential of where this could go for marketers over the next couple of years

Gina take it away

thanks annel

I’m excited to share the future of adobe experience Cloud where Adobe Sensei gen

AI is integrated into each stage of the customer experience workflow

actionable insights audiences content campaigns and Journeys are all

automatically generated helping teams to deliver personalized experiences I’m

going to share this through the lens of a travel and hospitality company let’s

get started Adobe Sensei gen AI identifies and

alerts the team to a new travel Trend it’s always on sifting through mounds of

internal and external data and it’s trained on the context of the company’s

industry it surfaces relevant Trends and insights

in the experience Cloud as they become predictive

this trend summary indicates that one of the core audiences is beginning to take

more trips alone and these data stories are automatically created by Sensei gen

AI detailing insights around the audience

and making the data easy to understand the marketer is guided along as they ask

how they can best leverage this emerging trend

Sensei gen AI is like a co-pilot highlighting opportunities that drive

more bookings acquire new customers and even guides product decisions based on

usage the factors driving these predictions

take into account the company’s context and key business goals

and once a selection is made a new campaign plan is generated it

leverages the breadth of adobe experience Cloud end to end turning

insights into action

this bird’s eye campaign view is created in the moment along with the content and

journey opportunities for this audience it includes a tagline and a look at the

interconnected programs for the booking on trip and post-trip experiences

Sensei gen AI provides a inspirational foundation for the marketing and

creative teams and it accelerates the overall campaign

process going from months to minutes the marketer is guided has a great start

and wants to explore what other audiences travel solo

in response they see these overlapping audiences and digging deeper they want

to understand How likely they are to book

and the data is right at their fingertips so they can make an informed

decision quickly wanting to extend their uh their

marketing reach with these audiences they make these selections and generate

a new plan now all of this is happening on the fly

with AI a newly generated campaign plan

content and Journeys for this audiences I just want to pause for a moment here

and let’s take this all in because this is going to be a game changer

Adobe Sensei gen AI will fundamentally transform how we do work and for the

better it will help make teams more productive

by giving them a head start now that we have our campaign plan let’s

dig into the creative production and have a little fun

here in Adobe Creative Cloud this AI generated content

with Adobe Firefly gives the creatives an inspirational starting point and it’s

served up with compliance checks for brand ethics accessibility and

intellectual property with Adobe generative AI is powerful and

it’s also reliable and on-brand and accessible to all audiences with

Enterprise grade Trust the marketer can play around with the

designs and explore different remixes for additional inspiration

this is truly unlocking creativity for all here

the designer can wants to better capture the spirit of

this campaign and make it more inspirational and based on this change

new headlines and content are generated

the designer can make their necessary edits and send it for approval and then

we head to the next stage of the workflow

now the marketer wants to understand how this is all going to come together for

their customers and Prospects Sensei gen AI creates a snapshot of the

recommended Journey and clicking into more details the

marketer can visualize the engagement touch points and see where the content

will be mapped across channels they can even simulate a journey

and and fine-tune it based on predicted performance

this gives marketers the confidence to know

that this campaign is going to reach their targeted business goals

once they’ve made their tweaks they can set it live and once the campaign is

launched it’ll be delivered across touch points and personalized to each

individual as they engage with the brand and real-time data will start flowing in

and based on that real-time data of the campaign coming in the results will fuel

the model for continuous training and to fuel future optimizations and insights

and the team is super excited about the positive results of this campaign but

they’re always on the hunt for the next big thing so when they see a new alert

around sustainability well they’re ready to dig right in

what I’ve just shared is how Adobe Sensei gen AI will fundamentally

transform the customer experience workflow

by making recommendations that are accessible and actionable by providing

an inspirational starting point for Creative campaigns Journeys and

experiences and by increasing productivity and

efficiencies for teams throughout the Enterprise

thank you awesome thank you Gina

thanks for the great demo really good representation of what would be possible

across the Adobe experience Cloud leveraging sensation eye gen AI Services

as well as Firefly so I want to quickly build on what Gina

shared to accomplish an end-to-end customer

experience like you just saw you need reliable scale and accuracy of data that

fuels the generative AI so with Adobe across the experience

cloud with the applications you’re using today with the Adobe experience platform

you have access to that signal-rich data sets that are required for generative AI

and as a customer of experience Cloud you can not only leverage all the

goodness that she just shared when you you’ll also benefit from

everything that we will build as the potential of generative AI takes hold

over the next couple of years okay to go deeper on Adobe and

generative Ai and to take a look behind the scenes how does this all work today

what is a little bit more about the technology I’m happy to welcome Amit

Ahuja who’s senior vice president of products for Adobe experience cloud and

Amit will be in conversation with two of our foremost technical experts anjal

bamry who is a senior vice president of engineering for Adobe experience cloud

and Eli Greenfield who is the chief technology officer for our digital media

business Amit over to you [Applause]

[Music] thank you


[Music] this is awesome all right well thank you

Anil and thank you Gina hopefully everyone enjoyed that demo

um it was absolutely fantastic so thank you

I’m privileged I’m honored to be with the two of you who are largely leading a

lot of the technical efforts around what we’ve been discussing

um so super excited to dive into how we’re thinking about this go a little

bit deeper on what’s been shared um Eli maybe I start with you

we talked a lot about Firefly with David shot new and nil this room is full of

marketers as you look around I think they are very interested to hear

what does Firefly mean to them how do you how do you think about that sure

um thanks Amit you know I mean in short it comes down to from what the

conversations we’ve had is around content supply chain right what word

we’ve been using um to go a little bit deeper than that

because you know we’re the technical people

um you know from the conversations we’ve had with marketers as we’ve been

developing this technology and looking what’s out there on the market what we

hear and you all know this of course is is it’s all about

um about more granular approach to audience segmentation into

personalization right that’s the name of the game right now but from what we hear

you know everyone is limited essentially by the by the speed at which you can

create the content to support that work and so what’s exciting about gen AI for

everyone that we’ve you know we’ve talked to is

it promises to be a massive productivity boost to creatives and to marketers in

both content creation but also content personalization and adaptation

that’s the excitement of it right but the fear or at least the problem that

we’ve heard from all the conversations is

great but everybody out there has concerns right now about you know the

state of the technology today the state of the market and and whether it’s an IP

concern or a licensing concern or a legal concern or you know you name it so

everybody’s excited about it but they can’t really dig in yet so when we look

at the way the Market’s going we think that this is how it has to go it has to

evolve to to address these concerns for all of these people to be able to use it

and deliver in that promise and that’s essentially what we’ve done with firefly

is primarily focused on this question of Designing it to be safe for commercial

use I I love that and I love how you linked it we spent a lot of time

yesterday talking about content supply chain I think the fit there is is very

very clear so thank you thank you for that angel maybe I’ll come to you so Eli

talked a bit about Firefly and the the marketing aspect we’ve also highlighted

so much around the broader experience side of what Gina just showed maybe you

can talk a little bit about how you think about gen AI more broadly in the

context of experience sure thank you um obviously jnai is a very

transformational technology and we are going to see the impact of these

Innovations everywhere and including like you said in how customers are going

to interact with Brands so maybe I’ll start with a personal uh anecdote this

is my experience with the chat GPT which which you know I’m sharing here because

it highlights the benefits of jnai as well as you know where we still have to

have work to do and things have to be beefed up

so my husband and I are trying to remodel our kitchen

and you know when I was given a task to come up with a plan I thought I’m going

to use chat GPT as my virtual assistant so I asked chat GPT to pretend to be a

design consultant and you know strangely artificial intelligence is very good

about pretending right so there’s a Inception kind of a thing going on here

sorry for the for the drift but let me get back to my example so um you know we

had very good back and forth conversation

and for the most part right chat GPT really understood my preferences I

wanted a two-tone kitchen so it recommended you know the right cabinet

colors uh the lighting on the island the flooring that goes with it appliances

where should they be placed so it got me like part of the way there

right I think in the ideation part it helped

but then I also realized during this experience that

there were Parts where it was like Jenny I was missing that debt and

what I mean by that is that even though like you know I had maybe 20 such

conversation that interactions yeah um it never really connected every

interaction about me or any of my touch points any of those transactions so the

the personal context about me was missing yeah

and um it it recommended like appliances and

things like that but the brand specific products and recommendations were not

weaved into that conversation so the so the brand specific context was missing

and the entire conversation was pretty textual so you know I couldn’t really

upload the picture of my kitchen there were no 2D 3D maps no colors

so it was all very texture and I think that’s where lies the

opportunity that you know we can make gen AI a really very context

rich and multimodal so and that I think will really help supercharge these

experiences even more and I know you know Eli is on the multimodal thing so

he is on the multimodal no I think I think Angela your comments on

hey it’s providing a huge amount of value but there’s still the notion of

personalization about making it more contextually aware I think that

resonates very very well so thank and thank you for the personal story we’ve

all gone through remodels and know how that is

um uh Eli maybe coming back to you again going back to um the Firefly police in a

little bit we discussed yesterday a little bit around differentiation right

and how we’re thinking about it how we’re unique it was interesting

following up with us yesterday I was lucky enough to be with a lot of

customers that question keeps coming up a little bit right just around hey how

are you Adobe and unique in what you’re doing given there’s so many other models

Etc maybe you can spend just another couple minutes on that sure yeah so

there’s a couple couple points on there I’ll start with the one that I think

we’ve said a couple times and I referenced it earlier which is it starts

with what we’re training on right and that’s where a lot of the questions come

in about these models which is where does the training data come from what’s

in there and that affects what is this thing going to spit out so because we’ve

trained on Adobe stock on openly license content on public domain content where

the license is expired we have high degree of confidence of what’s what it’s

going to be spitting out and what it’s not going to be spinning out because of

the moderation process that content goes through so if you’re a consumer goods

company you don’t want uh your generated content that’s coming through a fast

generation pipeline accidentally spitting out content uh from your

competitor or somebody else using and accidentally spinning out your content

we’ve designed uh Firefly so it won’t do that right

um but of course when you’re using it you do want it to be able to generate

content with your brand your IP your look your product in it and so one of

the things that we’ll be doing as we roll out Firefly you know going getting

deeper into the products is we’ll be focusing on customization and on taking

Firefly and using your own data your own content to be able to customize it for

generating exactly the content you want now obviously that’s exciting it’s also

a little scary because now you’re putting your data into this stuff and

you’re wondering where that’s going you know where where your trusted partner

already through the digital experience cloud and so we already you know have

strong principles of data governance and that will go into how we allow

customization to make sure that when you customize a firefly you it’ll be for

your use and your use only and there’s a bunch of different technologies that

we’re working on to be able to drive that the third thing I’ll say I’ll touch

back to what you were saying on Joel which is

um these Technologies are amazing there’s a lot of great versions of it

out there we think the benefit is going to come in when we bring it directly

into the workflows so we’ll take the core models that we’re building the core

technology we’re building and we will be integrating that directly into our

creative products our digital experience products to be able to get away from the

the rolling the dice process that you have to go through today of like try a

prompt try a prompt try a prompt to really allow multimodal inputs to allow

iterative higher control processes that allow you to to really get the content

you want and the other thing I’ll say is we’ll look Beyond images right we’re

starting on images here but we’ve already got technology that you know

we’re developing in-house to take this Beyond images to other content types

also to entire templates so imagine you’re you know you’re you’re creating a

social campaign using Express and you want to use generated value to

personalize and to segment and adapt entire Assemblies of time not just the

image but also the text also the content that goes in there also the layout we

think there’s a lot of of runway for this technology to be able to drive a

wide range of the types of content that you’re creating so all right no it makes

it makes perfect sense and it actually was the perfect segue because I think

you alluded to hey one of the things we’re really focused on is bringing this

power directly into the workflows and you mentioned the Creative Cloud side

but you also mentioned the experience Cloud side

Angel may be back to you um Gina showed this demo right

showcasing how we’re thinking about gen AI much more broadly to your point Eli

than just text copy right we’re thinking about audience Etc I think the question

that’s probably top of mind for a lot of folks

when does that show up how does that show up and again I know you’re you’re

leading a lot of that so maybe you can just speak to that for a couple minutes

sure and you know Ahmed and I are obviously partnering on on all of this

right so you heard from Anil and and shantanu yesterday that we are

inexperienced Cloud going to be lining up releasing a series of co-pilots

and what I mean by that is that think of it as it’s a it’s a large language model

it’s a it’s like a virtual assistant a productivity tool which is

um you know really you know pre-trained on

all the customer data that you have about your customers right so it’s it is

very rich from a context standpoint um and sensage Nai as well as Firefly

will definitely be the backbone of of this

um and it’ll be pre-trained like I said on the data that you already have

collected about your customers and it could also be pre-trained if you know if

if you like on your brand specific information right it could be products

it could be documentation something that is unique it could be

brand content right it is which is specific to your brand

so with that like we are going to deploy this in kind of two two modes if you

mean there’s an external facing co-pilot which is what is going to help with you

know how customers will interact with Brands right so it’s going to kind of

sit in the middle of that interaction then they’re going to be internal

co-pilots which like you mentioned Amit and like Eli you said that they are

really going to guide the marketing team they’ll they’ll be the assistance for

the marketers their teams to help them really design experiences you know

Target the right audiences and really amplify those personalized experiences

um maybe if he you know click down one level specifically in the products I

can’t resist saying that in a real-time customer data platform uh

think of this marketer as um you know it’s going to leverage as

well as extend the 360 degree view of the customer via the unified profiles

and the conversations will be powered by the profile

and the you know when you have the conversation the insights the attributes

what was learned during that conversation will feed it back into the

profile so remember like in my example I was

saying that the personal context was missing now the personal context comes

back into the picture with that unified profile and if brand specific

information was added to this then that profile plus that brand information is

making that conversation even richer so so that’s that’s the uh you know the the

co-pilot that’s helping with the conversation now for the marketers it’s

going to help generate audiences right because from the conversation you may

learn that hey I’ll stick with my example the kitchen remodeler right now

there’s a new new segment new audience that gets generated which it didn’t have

before so that’s in the real-time customer data platform in Journey

optimizer it’s going to help generate Journeys

emails campaigns you know Channel content very quickly so that the

marketers really can iterate test optimize they still have to approve all

of that right so there’s always a human in the middle

to make sure that you know it’s everything that is being generated

the brand ultimately has to put their kind of their seal of approval that you

know this is good but but since it’s everything is generated it’s easy to hit

that approve button yeah um in customer Journey analytics

um the the co-pilot will really provide that natural language it’s a very

intuitive natural language interface to analytics for both Visual and text yeah

um and if you look at everything here for Marketo

we pre-trained the co-pilot with the B2B context right with account information

and you get everything now with the context of When a business is talking to

another business yeah so uh you know so that that’s and then of course like uh

uh partnering with uh with Eli and team in uh Adobe experience manager right for

Firefly is just a natural I think that’s where that’s where we showcase the

integration with Express exactly leveraging Firefly I think we showed

that as well which I think there’s a lot of there’s a lot of excitement there no

it makes yeah I think so for for there for Content generation layout generation

and then last but not the least and that’s where I would invite all of you

to partner with us that working with with you we can really generate brand

specific co-pilots I mean I think that’s the game changer right because otherwise

the conversations are very generic so those deep insights that deep

understanding is going to come from the brand specific information and yeah I

think that’s how we can collectively wow all of you and wow all of our

customers awesome no thank you I I honestly wish we could go on and on the

light is blinking at me that we cannot go on and on

um so we will not but Eli thank you uh very much anjal thank you very much very

exciting and back to stage thank you so much thank you

foreign [Music]

thank you Ahmed thanks Angel and Eli excited for the possibilities ahead as

you build this generative AI technology integrate them into our applications and

workflows and I love the idea of this brand specific co-pilots or business

specific co-pilots for your business that are really aware of the context of

your customers your principles of how you want to apply the AI and make sure

that it’s used in a very responsible and transparent way specific to your brand

and specific to your business okay so next up I’m really excited about

the next discussion I want to welcome our chairman and CEO shantanu Narayan to

the stage for a conversation with Lisa sue the chair and CEO of AMD I’ve been

really looking forward to this shantanu welcome on stage

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause]

good morning it’s so good to see all of you uh back today but I’m delighted to

have Dr Lisa Sue chair and CEO of AMD joining us today at Adobe Summit

she’s led the company through this absolutely incredible transformation

over the course of Lisa’s career she has received numerous honors

including being named a fellow of The Institute of electronics and electrical

engineers elected through the National Academy

of engineering and I think most impressive recognized

by the IEEE with its highest semiconductor on the Robert and noise

medal and she was recently appointed by President Biden to the president’s

Council of advisors on science and technology and from a numbers

perspective yes thank you

from a numbers perspective when you took over as CEO of AMD the revenue is about

4 billion it’s approaching 24 billion the market cap was in single-digit

billions and today it’s a hundred and sixty billion so just an amazing amazing

accomplishment thank you welcome Lisa and thank you for joining us at Summit

it’s wonderful to be here and crowd

well since taking over you know the helm in AMD you’ve done this amazing

transformation so maybe you can talk a little bit about the turnaround and you

know uh AMD for us well absolutely again thank you so much for being here it’s

really uh my honor and you know if I just tell you a little bit about

um AMD first of all I’m an engineer like you so we like to build things and at

AMD we’re all about high performance Computing you know how can we push the

envelope on Computing how can we do more how can we help all of you as creators

and as business people and as marketers you know do more faster better and you

know in technology it’s all about making long-term bets and so it has been a

wonderful journey and it’s all about how do we get more technology out there to

solve some of the world’s most important uh problems

you know till a few years ago if people were talking about chips they would

probably have baked or fried you know as sort of the question but

after uh you know what happened with the global chip shortage everybody is

wondering you know what is it that caused this Global chip shortage so

maybe you can touch on what really happened and how do we address this I

think shronto new is saying that chips were not sexy is that what he was saying

uh look I’ve been in the trip business for 30 years you know it’s always been

these little things that are under the covers you didn’t have to care about it

and then you know sort of you know one day in in a Flash we decided we need to

live and do business and communicate a different way and so it was you know how

do you work from anywhere how do you school from anywhere how do you

communicate when you can’t travel how do you get all of this technology and we

had this incredible surge in demand and finally everybody understand wow you

know chips are not just important they’re actually essential and they can

really change the way we do things but also

um you know really uh you know they’re critical for all the services that we

need and so yeah it’s been an amazing ride I think the most important thing

now is that I think we’re much more aware of how important it is to have you

know access and resiliency to all of critical Technologies including

semiconductors you know what’s absolutely fascinating

to me when you’re at a company that’s creating something that’s at the heart

of everything that people are doing you know how we work how we live uh how we

entertain how do you continuously innovate and how do you think about you

know how the world is going to continue to engage with chips well you know I I

love being in this audience because I know there are so many creators here and

we’re always thinking about you know what’s the next big thing I think um in

our industry it’s about uh really long-term bets so somehow we have to

look into the crystal ball and say hey what do we need five years from now you

know what does the world need how can how can technology you know really you

know change the way we do things and um and then make some of those bets and

frankly you know the technology that we’re building today we decided uh you

know the the elements of it three to five years ago and now I’ll just give

you one example shots new of some of the work that we’re doing together when you

think about you know sort of what our creative professionals have to work on

and the technology that they’re working with you know if our Computing

technology with your software you know can take the time to render something

you know down from you know 30 minutes to five minutes like just how much more

productive can we be and those are the types of Technology bets that that we

make with the idea of you know we can really you know just change the the rate

and pace of innovation this is a Adobe Summit an adobe Summit

for us has been Lisa all about customer experience management and you know how

people are engaging with their customers you know AMD is at the heart of as we

said this entire Computing Revolution but maybe a little bit about how you

think about marketing you know what AMD does you’re an ingredient of every

Computing experience and how do you think about B2B marketing and how is

that evolving yeah though it’s a great Point actually I think about it all the

time because we want to reach uh you know broader and broader you know groups

to understand the power of technology and what it can do you know the way I

think about marketing shantanu is it’s all about authenticity right we have to

have product truth like what are we really trying to do with the company

what are we trying to do with the products and then that’s what you do

with the brand so you know we just recently actually given how broad our

portfolio has become over the last four or five years we actually just recently

introduced a new brand campaign and our campaign is around the thought of you

know together we advance because there’s kind of two key principles for us one is

innovation and so as I said it’s about Technology Innovation and then the other

is collaboration you know I think I you know we believe that you can’t do

anything yourself in this world everything is too complicated you have

experts in each field whether you know Hardware software you know Market

professionals business analytics all of that and you need to figure out how you

bring those together so I think the um the authenticity of the brand is how do

we innovate and collaborate uh together and by the way I use a lot of your

products in my uh in my marketing back end so it certainly we we appreciate

um you know the Deep partnership but I think the overarching thing is you know

how do we translate um you know what is perhaps an esoteric

you know concept into something that everyone can Digest

you know we’ve been uh spending some time talking about some of the new

things that adobe announced uh generative AI but you know for the

audience there’s clearly so many buzzwords that are out there right now

whether it’s crypto or metaverse or AI or generative AI or chat GPT autonomous

cars just to name maybe a few I I’d love your perspective on you know how you

think about you know how these Trends are going to impact the future and maybe

a second question is there one that we’re not talking about enough that you

feel like is going to become the next buzzword well um I think this is the

week the month maybe the year of AI I think you can’t go anywhere and uh and

not talk about Ai and congratulations on the Firefly announcements since I

um announcements you know when I think about AI I think about it in kind of two

pieces right one is the AI That’s under the covers uh which is the data

analytics how do we become smarter with all of this tons of data that we are

generating um how do we get make most use of it but

I think the piece that has you know really unlocked potential and I know you

guys have talked about it uh here over the last day or two as well you know the

generative AI concept of you know you can actually have it’s sort of like your

little personal assistant or your co-pilot helping you you know solve of

whatever your you know your problem set is I mean that’s just incredibly

powerful now the technology that we’re doing around AI is training these

incredibly large data sets and then allowing people to access that data

right you need an incredible amount of computing power tens of thousands of you

know gpus and CPUs but that capability I think just unlocks new

things and when I think about like when even my dad is talking about chat GPT I

don’t know how many of uh how many of your uh everywhere you go it’s like what

can you do with that I I think you can see that it’s capturing people’s

imaginations and the key is you know how are we going to use it for business

Advantage right how are each of us in our world going to use it for business

advantage to make us a bit more productive I think you know we were

talking a bit about how uh it’s it’s so early right I mean you’re in beta phase

there’s a lot of of work to really see how AI can unlock the power but it’s

it’s you can see how it can make us 50 more productive or 80 more productive

and think about how we can use those Cycles now to do so many other things

so um your second question what what has it not done

um I think we’re just at the very beginning I think we’re at the very

beginning now you know for my team you know we we build chips that are

um our largest ship now is like a hundred billion transistors

and it takes us about you know three years uh from start to finish now if I

could cut that in half or if I can make sure that it’s you know

right on day one it has just tremendous business value

um in that so all of us are learning together it’s a complete race I would

you agree shots knew that this is the one place where I see everyone kind of

leaning forward and leaning in and willing to experiment

uh I would I would and I think you know it’s uh we’re all also tackling with the

responsibility of what AI ethics means and I you know just maybe your thoughts

because one of the concerns is that I I did want to check on whether your father

dad’s checking up on you know how Lisa is doing on chat GPT but I maybe a

little bit on the ethics and the concerns about does this replace humans

versus augmented just your perspective yeah I

need for let’s call it safe Ai and uh again I think you guys have been very

thoughtful in how you’ve thought about it we’re also thinking about it you know

how do you ensure that the data that’s being trained is is not biased in some

way or is not leading us down the wrong path but my view of the world is there’s

it’s not a replacement at all uh you know the creative genius of you know

everyone um in this room can can actually just be

even a little bit faster a little bit better a little bit more capable uh

we’re not talking about replacement but we’re really talking about augmentation

and and productivity so it is it is going to be a fascinating error over the

next uh 10 years I would say if there are two themes here uh Lisa one

is about how technology is going to uh you know change the other one is about

leadership and culture and so I I know you’ve talked a lot uh throughout your

career and even after you took over the Helm of AMD about this adage of run

towards problems so maybe you can talk a little bit about you know change and how

do you accomplish change in organizations well it’s a it’s a

wonderful thing I mean we we all work so hard by the way you know I think we wake

up every day and we say we love what we do we might as well work on something

that’s really important and so you know running towards problems um using a

technology for good finding a way to partner to solve something that you

never thought possible you know those are the things that have guided me and

then you know when I think about um you know what we do at AMD and how we

bring people together under this notion of joint collaboration it’s how can we

take one plus one and make it you know greater than three and and uh you know

really use that to motivate so it’s not about what are you doing with the

technology it’s what what problem are we solving for society you know with the

technology you know you’ve been an incredible role

model for so many folks Lisa and maybe you know just a little on uh championing

you know championing diversity being a role model and and how you think about

that in today’s work culture well I you know the the one thing that I would say

is you know as we you know go through life it’s all about the opportunities

that people give us um I was very very fortunate you know I

grew up um in an environment where you know you

know people were very open it didn’t matter you know how old you are how

young you were where did you come from you know male female all of that you

wanted the best ideas and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing

about diversity is how do you get the best diversity of ideas so you can make

that one plus one uh be uh greater than three and

um you know what uh what I try to do and I think what we’re all trying to do as

CEOs of large companies is to create the opportunities and the pipeline so that

people get a chance to learn and experiment and fail and make mistakes

and really have that diversity of ideas uh come together

one of the things that struck me about what you talk about the purpose of AMD

is together we advance so I two questions there maybe one of our purpose

and the role that purpose plays in an organization and maybe second about

Partnerships when because you use the word together and I assume it’s

employees and Partnerships so a little bit on both yeah so when you think about

purpose and let’s talk about technology for good uh there you know people

don’t realize how much you can accelerate if you really take technology

to its limits and I’ll give you another example you know during the pandemic I

think those first few months we were all figuring out how are we going to run our

businesses and then we were also going to figure out you know how do we help

how do we you know come and help the uh you know sort of the global ecosystem

kind of solve this problem and um you know we did things like we came together

across the industry ecosystem and said hey let’s donate a ton of computing

power such that we can accelerate the rate and pace of uh you know vaccine

research and all of the uh the Therapeutics and and the learning around

that like we did that in like you know a week in normal weight and Pace that

might take like a year with all of these various things but it was the purpose of

we had a common goal of trying to solve um you know problems I mean some of the

my most in interesting technology projects are you know things like how do

we use Tech in healthcare and I know you’re you’re also a very uh very

personally involved in healthcare but I mean there’s so much more we can do Sean

new if we really took the uh the best of you know technology capability the best

uh medical professionals The Best of You Know systems and software folks and put

them together and say how can I do this much faster and much more efficiently

and that’s what I believe you know purpose is I mean there’s lots of things

that we do to uh you know for our business but there’s so much more we can

do when we come together in Partnership across various disciplines to um to

learn and make the world a a better place

as a giant technology company I don’t know about Giants

yeah how do you think about you know when you’re both

partnering as well as potentially competing with some of the companies

just maybe you know how that’s evolving for you yeah it’s a great question I

think I better than ever you know partnership is

King and partnership is King meaning um you know we’re all specialists in

certain areas like when we can put the power of adobe engineers and AMD

Engineers together we will create um you know better content creation

capability we’ll create better marketing capability we’ll create better platforms

if we have our teams operating uh together versus operating in silos like

we each do our things and sure there’s you know there’s you know we’re also

large enough that there’s a lot of competition out there but more than

anything I think you know open platforms will really help us become uh you know

really take the best of breed and we’re getting to a place where you know what

we’re trying to do is bend the curve of what’s capable and I like to say that

because you know people used to say you know why do you even need the Next

Generation anything like isn’t it good enough and uh the truth is no like it

can be so much better it can be 10 times better it can be 100 times better I mean

that’s the that’s the power of partnership and and deep deep

collaboration you know I’m sure I speak for everybody

when I say that nobody’s ever said my PC is fast enough of my networks fast

enough and so we’re all willing to consume whatever power you know you’re

going to provide maybe one question on you know we all have our pet projects at

the company where we feel like there’s going to be something anything exciting

that you want to share with us in terms of you know what’s going to happen in

Computing probably uh the most um exciting you know we all have our

favorite you know things but uh one of my most favorite projects is uh we’re in

the middle of building the fastest supercomputer in the world so can I wear

it on my hand it will um it will take a very large

building uh right now so the current fastest supercomputer in the world is at

Oak Ridge National Labs um it’s uh you know it’s it’s based on

AMD technology there’s another one that’s coming in uh this coming year

that we’re in the middle of building and why are these things fascinating because

you get to break every problem right you get to you break everything when you

have to um you know kind of aim at the top and what it’s being used for is it’s

going to be used for um you know significant uh you know government as

well as private research and um you know it’s it’s one of those fun

things that you get to do and now my goal is to take that and make sure you

have it in a few years and you know run run your stuff on it too

well that’s awesome we can’t wait uh as I’ve always told you we’ll consume as

much power and as much chip capacity as you give us I’m counting on that yes

I’d like to end with sometimes with the word association so I’ll just give you a

word and whatever one word comes to mind Lisa maybe you can uh you know respond

with that okay I have no idea what words you’re gonna tell me so okay let’s see


essential New York home

MIT lots of geeky people

for those of you who don’t know Lisa has three degrees from MIT including a PhD

which is yeah very geeky High geek Factor yes

culture humble

artificial intelligence the most important thing over the next

10 years impact

impact I think it’s personal what is our

personal impact and lastly Lisa sue your friend thank you so much please thank

Lisa thank you thank you

[Music] thank you thank you Lisa and shantana

really appreciate what Lisa shared about authentic Brands very important

importance of Partnerships in collaboration and for her personally

about running towards problems throughout her career and the success

that he has brought for her and for AMD lots of lessons for all of us

all right next I’m really excited to introduce our

next speaker Academy award-winning writer director and playwright Aaron

Sorkin Aaron yes a lot of applause

huge fan I’m a huge fan Aaron is a master at storytelling from

his Broadway playwriting debut at the age of 28 with the military courtroom

drama A Few Good Men to the scripts of feature films

including Moneyball social network the TV series The West Wing and Newsroom and

so many more he’s won countless Awards Critics Choice

sag Emmy Peabody to name just a few and to say that he’s a master when it comes

to content I think that would be an understatement a vast understatement so

in fact I understand that Aaron wrote A Few Good Men on a series of cocktail

napkins please join me in welcoming adobe’s own

VP of marketing and communication Stacy martinay in conversation with Aaron Sir

Ken Stacy

welcome Aaron to Adobe Summit it’s great to be here holy cow are there

a lot of you the seats are packed for you there’s people online from around

the world and we’ve been talking a lot about and I know you don’t love this

word content the last few days and so who better to talk about the enduring

power of Storytelling than you yeah uh when I started doing this I I

was uh a playwright and a and a screenwriter and somehow my job title

changed a little just the last few years I’m a content creator now we all are

well then

here’s my first question did you always want to be a writer slash content

creator did I always want to be a content creator no yeah

um uh uh I I

thought what I wanted to be was an actor uh and when I was little when I was in

school I was in all the school plays I was in the community theater Productions

I went to college and got a degree in uh theater in fact I got a degree in

musical theater okay and it wasn’t until the day after I graduated from college

that for the first time ever I tried writing

I I asked for something to be uh I tried writing for pleasure I tried writing for

a reason other than a chore to be gotten through for a school assignment and I

tried writing dialogue and uh I just was suddenly felt much more

confident uh with than I’ve ever felt as an actor and I was a pretty cocky actor

um but uh I I fell in love with storytelling and it turned out all those

years when my friends were learning how to act I was kind of learning what a

play was and learning what a story was so I have to ask if it’s true then

did you write a Few Good Men on a napkin I wrote A Few Good Men well I had a ton

of survival jobs after I graduated from college I moved to New York uh to start

my career as a struggling artist I had a bunch of survival jobs and one of them

was bartending at Broadway theaters and when you have that job you don’t work

during the first act right you get there and you’re working the walk-in that half

hour when people are coming into the theater you’re working intermission

but there’s not much that you’re doing during the First Act and so I wrote A

Few Good Men on cocktail Atkins the play A Few Good Men on cocktail napkins

during the First Act of La Casa fall I would go home with my pockets stuffed

with these cocktails um spilled them out on a desk and I’d

start typing it on my my two roommates and I had gone in on uh

but it was just called a Macintosh

it was 128k uh which is if you get a birthday card

that sings happy birthday when you open it that thing has more memory than

than that Macintosh but I I thought that this was uh an incredible invention

and I couldn’t imagine though who was going to use this except for a

playwright uh I I found it useful because it had a delete key so you

didn’t have to use whiteout um uh and and you could copy a paste you

could move scenes around uh but I couldn’t think of a reason why anyone

else would uh would need this you’re an early adopter it was an early adopter

later I would write a movie about the invention of a a website of Facebook and

I’d write a movie about Steve Jobs that’s right so speaking of Technology

this is a conference about technology and Innovation and how it’s changing how

Industries interact with customers consumers viewers so I wonder for you

and more broadly the entertainment industry at large how should you Embrace

these Technologies or not okay

let’s get down to it this is a conference about technology

what in hell am I doing here

okay honestly I I don’t know how to use Adobe that’s not

true nope we have an app for you uh you have an app yeah it’s called Adobe

Express and we have a new a new technology called Adobe Firefly that’s

going to help you make things with generative AI but the reason that you’re

here is because you tell stories and so no matter the channel or the platform

great stories stand out so talk to us about that yeah listen uh

movies uh in particular movies are where you know Art and Science mean in a

number of places uh when you’re making a movie and uh and the fact of the matter

is especially since I’ve started directing as well I directed the last

three movies that I wrote uh and I have found that technology

is not only helpful it’s it’s necessary uh it in in making the film that uh for

instance uh the trial of the Chicago seven uh

where you’re staging a scene that has thousands of protesters in in a riot

with hundreds of uh police officers you’re someone like me isn’t going to

get a budget for thousands of extras and hundreds of police officers so crowd

duplication uh is incredibly helpful also that movie takes place in 1968 and

1969 and we’re shooting it in Chicago in 2020 so I’m going to have to take out

erase certain architecture put certain architecture uh uh in their technology

can help me with that that’s those are you very rudimentary uses of

of technology and filmmaking on the other end of the spectrum you know as

Avatar which is is made almost entirely uh by

uh technological Minds meeting a great storytelling mine in uh in James Cameron

where I get nervous about technology where where I don’t think technology is

as useful as we’re celebrating it to be is when I’ll hear about

software or AI that can write a screenplay for you

um I you don’t think it could write The West

Wing uh

no uh I don’t either I I don’t because

here’s what I assume has happened and again I’m the wrong guy to I’m the wrong

guy to be talking to you I’m sorry but um

but whether it whether it’s that or there’s there’s roughly the same kind of

software for for writing a hit song um I assume that they have loaded into a

machine uh a

zillion very successful screenplays whether they’re very Thrillers or

westerns or romantic comedies um uh and uh

and and a computer can can then turn out something similar

but a computer didn’t write those screenplays that are being fed into the

machine in the first place um uh and

I I I I think you’re going to enjoy things done by humans more I agree I

agree I also if I can say one more thing yes

uh and I’m not I’m not trying to put everyone here out of business and and

like I said the uh uh technology that’s been developed has has allowed people

like me to make movies that I wouldn’t have been allowed to make 10 or 20 years

ago uh

but I find that

computerize a computerized battle scene with thousands of people I was shooting

a scene this was several years ago and I was shooting the scene I was very proud

that we had built this Set uh that was two stories it was entirely cool what

was this for it was for a TV series I did called Studio 60 on the sunset

Studio 6 only lasted a season but we built inside a Sound Stage we built uh

an old theater that was two stories that had all kinds of offices and you could

it was like built for for what I write you you could take a a Steadicam walk

around this whole thing um and uh we were shooting the third

episode of the fourth episode and uh we were about to start rehearsing and I

remember saying to one of the producers this is going to be great because this

is going to be the shot thought that proves to the audience that we’re not

faking it that this isn’t on two different sound stages that this is one

whole set that we built uh and he said yeah the problem is we could also have a

dinosaur walking around uh of the set and he was right

I’ve found that uh the the more technology advances in filmmaking the

less impressive those scenes are um I’m more impressed by Lawrence of

Arabia uh you know knowing that it was all done with with humans yes

well it’s okay our business is fine okay yeah so

um we think that we think technology can be a co-pilot but we still need human

creativity and Ingenuity yes and listen I think technology could be a co-pilot

too and part of my attitude comes from the fact that I duh I have to sit in a

room with people who are experts at it and not know anything

um you know and they’ll turn and say you know what what

do you think if we throw an a30 on there it’ll it’ll be nice a 30 a 31 whatever

it takes um I I

I I feel left behind

well you’re here you made it um okay The West Wing The Social Network

yeah Moneyball Charlie Wilson’s War your work looks at transformative moments in

history and culture and brings them to life so vividly through characters so

what inspires you what’s your process I mean how do you come up how do you come

up with these amazing pieces of work well that’s really nice of you to say


drama is intention and obstacle okay somebody wants something something

standing in their way of getting it they want the money they want the girl they

want to get to Philadelphia uh it doesn’t matter

as as long as they want it badly if they needed that that’s even better the

obstacle that’s standing in their way has to be formidable and the tactics

that they that they use to try to overcome that obstacle

that’s the story uh unless you’re telling doesn’t matter if the

protagonist your hero if your hero uh succeeds or fails at overcoming the

obstacle um that’s that’s for you to decide

in my case uh that conflict uh that friction it’s generally it’s a conflict

of ideas uh that that’s what I like writing about

um generally I like writing people in rooms

talking and walking and I’m not in charge of the walking part

unless I’m unless I’m directing it but yes uh and and walking just to give a

little visual interest to what’s going on

um I I uh I have there are exceptions to

this but I uh um I like writing romantically and

idealistically uh aspirationally I like it

if the audience just can feel two inches taller when the lights come up at the

end than they did at the beginning get taller here

all right who is your favorite character that you’ve written and why

you know this sounds silly and it sounds trite when you say they’re like my

children so I don’t wanna but they’re like my children so I don’t

wanna um I’ll tell you that most of the

characters that I’ve written the protagonists

uh in one form or another that have have been a version of my father

um uh my father passed away a few years ago

but um

I’m sorry so oh no no that’s he was 95. uh so

there’s generally my favorite character that I’ve written is the most recent one

uh that I’ve read so uh I have I have written a new version of Camelot yes

I’ve written a new version of the of the King Arthur Legend uh that’s uh opening

night is April 13th at Lincoln Center and we’re in previews right now so I

guess that well congratulations thank you thank you uh so at the moment my

favorite character is King Arthur not a bad character to have no okay so we love

all of our children but some of them are more of a problem

than others I’m I’m glad you mentioned that okay

uh were you referring to the inventor of Facebook no I was gonna see where you

were going you’ve got to tell okay

um okay damn say more

look when you’re writing uh

a problematic character um

an anti-hero and in in the in The Social Network Mark Zuckerberg is

an anti-hero uh as the writer you can’t judge that character uh okay

um you you have to be able to identify with

that character and you have to write the character as if that character is making

their case to God why they should be allowed into heaven

um same thing with uh you know Nicholson’s character uh and A Few Good

Men that’s why he gets the big speech in the courtroom he gets to make his case

uh to God why she should be allowed to Heaven if I’ve been successful that

speech will be over and people will say he’s got a point

how many times has someone even said you can’t handle the truth

it caught on

surprised as anyone um I didn’t write it and think

I’m gonna hang my hat on on that line uh I just one day was driving down the

street and saw a giant billboard for Burger King and it said you can’t handle

this Whopper [Laughter]

I thought there’s my parents tuition money

okay well speaking of hits I mean you’re a hit maker and one of the things

content creators struggle with is is the breaking through especially in you know

all these social media channels and apps and so

how do you know do you feel it when you’re writing a hit

I mean how what are the ingredients

I suppose that if I knew what the ingredients were for a hit that I would

try to to do that uh it’s fun having a hit but

I don’t and neither is anyone else uh and

I think that trying to figure out what it is everybody wants or what it is the

most people want and giving it to them is a bad recipe for storytelling


you know uh there are dozens there are hundreds of

ways to prepare beef right if you were a chef there are hundreds of ways to

prepare beef but if you prepared beef the way that you were sure would appeal

to the most people it would be a McDonald’s hamburger every time

um there I’ve I’ve now zached to McDonald’s and Burger

King in one their marketing line really in one

session storytellers content creators

we’re leaders okay we’re not followers uh uh we’re leaders

I writing is hard at least it is for me uh

and uh I I try to write what I like

what I think my friends would like and then I keep my fingers crossed that

enough other people like it that I I get to keep doing it

it’s worked out so far so far Okay so but it wouldn’t be an Aaron Sorkin piece

if we didn’t have an iconic quotable line

so Erin

what is your favorite line

oh gosh um



not I I feel like it’s it’s not for me to say

uh there there listen there have been moments uh where I’ve been in my office

you know late at night writing a scene and yeah I best but boy that that was

good I’m gonna like it tomorrow too uh I can tell this isn’t just right now I’m

gonna like it tomorrow too the I

uh there are many more times that I’m frustrated and it’s just coming out like

ketchup out of a bottle um and it’s not working uh but I just

just like a you know a golfer lives for that moment where for some reason

he or she can hit a golf shot um uh I a writer lives for that

when they uh when they write a good scene

um so

that was a deeply unsatisfying answer to your question I know it’s okay I’m in

communication so I understand well congratulations with Camelot thank you I

hope some folks will be able to see it when it opens and thank you for spending

your time with us it’s my pleasure it’s great to see you all thank you very much

ladies and gentlemen [Applause]


thank you Stacy a great conversation and wonderful look into Aaron’s creative

process and lessons for all of us about how we can tell impactful stories that

resonate with our audiences thanks again great one-liners I remember that and we

Aaron wish you great success with Camelot

okay our final guest this morning really exciting I’ve been waiting for this our

Inspirations both on and off the football field

I’m excited to welcome two-time Super Bowl champion five-time NFL MVP and

philanthropist Peyton Manning

Pete and Peyton will lead a conversation with Buffalo Bill’s safety

entrepreneur and philanthropist Demar Hamlin

who has captured our attention on the field

and throughout his creative and philanthropic work

Peyton thanks so much for doing being here and over to you

all right

all right thank you Anil thank you Adobe for inviting me back to this event

tomorrow it is an absolute honor and privilege to be with you today I know I

speak for all of us when I say we are in awe of your courage inspired by your

resilience and we are moved by your fight and your miraculous story is still

being written and I’m truly humbled to moderate this conversation so the last

six months so I thank you thank you

glad to be here

the last six months wow just tell us how you’re doing right now I’m doing fine

I’m taking it day by day I found out that that’s the best to do it’s been a

roller coaster of emotions each and every day so I’m just taking it day by

day whatever I got that day I’m giving it 100 I like it let’s go back to your

youth why football you know football for me it was

something I found the love from from my father he played

um he played semi-pro football so I was a young I was young going to his games

and just watching him play and I probably barely ever watched him play I

was probably somewhere playing in a creek or playing under the bridge trying

to find some frogs or something but um you know I kind of found the love of

the game from him and adopted the number three from him and it just it just been

there it’s just been up from sin and did you always know that you wanted to play

in the NFL yeah I always knew I think it was about high school when I figured out

that I actually could have a chance to have a shot if I stayed true to what I

knew was right so um once I got to high school I knew this

was what I wanted to do what’s the best piece of advice you received while you

were pursuing your career in football that helped you motivate helped motivate

you and helps you stay on track it’s a quote actually from my father

when I was young it’s go hard you never know who’s watching and you know it’s

not like the fanciest quote it’s not like the flashiest but it’s something

that stuck with me no matter what no matter what room I was in no matter what

no matter where I was I always kept that quote with me like I had to do my best

you never know who’s watching you never know who’s over there in the corner you

know evaluating you so during the process that was that’s what stuck with

me you’re a highly recruited High School

defensive player attended the University of Pittsburgh drafted by the Buffalo

Bills tell us what makes the bills organization and the fans so special

there we go hey got some bills Mafia out there I love it

it’s a unique place all the vets that walk through the building since day one

I got in there they say cherish this place it’s not like this everywhere

across the league so you know hearing that and then going through the process

of my situation and seeing how personal that it was from top to bottom for

everyone and how much love that they showed me in-house that’s just one thing

that stood out to me that that it’s a special place in Buffalo there’s nowhere

like it yeah tomorrow I had a terrible uh rookie NFL season I

threw 28 interceptions which is still an NFL rookie record that I hold today 3

and 13 3 and 13 right 3 and 13. thank you yeah

maybe you can help me with that resume uh if you could help one of the rookie

quarterbacks this year throw a lot of interceptions that would help me out a

lot but uh what do you love most about playing

defense um you know it’s something that came

natural to me which is kind of crazy I was at a youth All-Star game when I was

I think 11 and my dad kept wanting me to go on offense and like you know score

touchdowns but I kept migrating into the defensive line and he was just like

getting so upset but it’s just what came natural I don’t know what it is but it

takes a different mindset to be able to react to someone who knows what they’re

doing and um it’s it’s just like a mentality thing I think for me that I

really love and enjoy favorite player growing up Troy Polamalu big big

Pittsburgh Steeler fan yeah yeah big big Pittsburgh Steeler fans so Troy Polamalu

was definitely one of my favorite players but also um Darrell Rivas him

being from Pittsburgh area and you know I just seen him at a Super Bowl when he

got inducted in the Hall of Fame so it was pretty cool yeah I’ve thrown a lot

of interceptions to both of those guys as well so

Role Models mentors especially coaches Demar they’ve been so important to me on

and off the field during my career even after my career tell us how important

coaches have been to you and can you share a few stories yeah coaches have

played an important role in my growth as an athlete and also as a man

my first coach that I was speaking on Rick capretta he was my high school

defensive back coach and I went to a big high school from a small town in in

Pittsburgh McKees Rocks and it was like going from being a big fish in a little

Pond to a little fish in a big pond and I I believed in myself but he put that

he put that belief in me that I was special that that I didn’t have to worry

about fitting in because I was special and I had a special gift so you know

that belief in me that that um it took me a long way anytime I still speak to

him till this day he’s still giving me that same type of love that same belief

and it just fuels me as a as a as a man yeah College you know my coach is

showing trust showing trust in me that to lead the way and you know same thing

to the NFL you know coach McDermott you know him showing me the love the trust

the care like I can remember it specifically we were playing the Ravens

my second start this season I think game four and um

I had it was a double call where you know you run one call this this

information one more calls this information and being a young player

looking at the wrong things probably I I missed the adjustment so I could hear my

other coaches screaming from the sideline that um I was supposed to go I

was supposed to Blitz and I was late missed the tackle bounced outside of me

for about like 17 yards late in the fourth quarter I think it’s a tie ball

game too late in the fourth quarter they’re in like the red zone now so you

know we end up calling the time out and like coach McDermott just calls me over

with so much Poise and calmness and just breaks the whole situation down to me

it’s like you’re right like we’re gonna need you you’re gonna make a big play

for us uh down this stretch you know and I happen to make a big tackle for us on

third down we got an interceptional fourth down and went on to win the game

um so you know just situations like that it it um it really touches me and it

really makes me want to play for people like that and you said that coach

McDermott actually turned to you uh this past year about being more of a leader

on the field even though you’re still technically a young player yeah just

being a leader just I think you know just playing with passion being

consistent in my role in just developing that trust on the field towards down the

stretch you know I definitely felt like he was calling on me to to raise the bar

and step up as a leader of our defense like the favorite quarterback to play

against and why favorite quarterback to play against I

would say Kenny Pickett at your college team yeah yeah just because that’s my

college teammate yeah that’s my college teammate I love playing against you know

people that I was you know on The Chase Wood and in the process with because you

know just being here it just it gives you that old feeling of like

when you wanted to to be where you’re at now so anytime I can play against any

guys like that uh but if you had a chance to intercept Kenny in an NFL game

I mean you wouldn’t drop it on purpose right

not a chance in the world I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna rub it in but he knows

that I just he knows that too and he’s probably trying to get me as much as he

can as well toughest Stadium to play in

arrowhead’s a tough place [Applause]

all right calm down Chiefs fans peace yeah

arrowhead’s a tough place for some reason there’s something about going

there that I just don’t like I don’t know why but

I gotta say Arrowhead I actually agree I think it’s I think it’s the loudest the

loudest place to play I really do so tomorrow I am uh often asked about what

I miss most about playing and my answer since I retired has really never changed

I miss my teammates let’s talk about teamwork you talk a lot about your team

your team on the field your team off the field your team of doctors what makes a

good teammate in all three of those categories

um what makes a good teammate in my eyes would be just selflessness not caring

what role that you have just all in for a greater cause or a greater good um you

know that’s what it takes to win everybody on the same Mission going to

one goal um and something I said even before or

even right after I got drafted for the bills I said I don’t care if I had to be

the the mascot or the water board you know I just want to help the team win

and I meant that my first year just having a small role of playing special

teams in the second year being called upon to be a starter and ultimately

ended up being the leader of the defense um you know no matter what it was I just

want to help the team win I’ve always been like that since youth football

league yeah you know in football the quarterback the running back is going to

get a lot of the attention the behind the scenes support staff are so integral

on an NFL team the equipment managers the video directors the athletic

training staff talk about how the Bill’s athletic training staff has been so

important you man they have a special place in my heart now for Life they’ve

been so good to me even before my events on the field they just show so

much love so much passion care just the genuineness that they show which is

probably the biggest piece yeah because that’s what you can feel in a

relationship from someone when they’re really being themselves and they you can

see that they really care about you so um they have a special place in my heart

and I have a lot a lot a lot of giving back to do to them of uh you’ve long

served as a pillar of servant leadership always giving back to your community

dating back to your early days as an NFL prospect why is giving back so important

to you you know it’s something that’s been in me since I was little

you know just coming from like an underprivileged area not having the most

resources or accessibility to things um you know I’ve always wanted to make

it to somewhere to give kids behind me that opportunity and just also watching

my father grow up you know he started AAU leagues for us he started

Community Days for us you know just things to show us that there’s more

opportunities in life and you could do you know you could you could do whatever

you want to do um so you know just giving you Limitless opportunities I

think that’s the biggest thing for me yeah and during some of your tough days

you receive love absolutely thank you

during some of your tough times tomorrow you received love and prayers from

millions of people all over the world lots of strangers talk about what that

kind of support means to you you know it’s it’s a feeling I can’t

even describe it’s something I wasn’t expecting but you know just getting up

getting that love and the time of need from the world and just seeing the world

having the world see the love that I was given you know from my heart without

without wanting any recognition just trying to do my part it was it was a

good feeling it was a good feeling to have and it just it was like extra

battery charge to to keep going and to do more amen and what do you think you

have learned about yourself through all this

one thing I’ve learned is that you know I feel like I’ve been doing the right

things I’ve been I’ve been living the right way

um I’ve been standing on the right morals

thank you

I miss been standing on the right morals and

just you know um that just allows me to just trust my gut trust my heart and

just I don’t really have to worry stress or or feel like you know I have to

figure anything out I just I go with whatever my heart tells me and it’s been

working so far outside of football you’re also an

entrepreneur creative director for your brand chasing Millions tell us about

your role on that and what creativity means to you creativity has been

everything to me I think it was something when I was young where I just

everything I did I just wanted to be you know setting a trend or I just didn’t

want to be doing something that someone else was doing so and as I got older

into college you know it was kind of like my piece away from the game to

where I can be a normal person I guess you you could

say um so my role I play in that I’ve been running the brand since about 2017

I actually had three surgeries my freshman year of college wow yeah sports

hernia surgery so it was like a I didn’t know if I was actually going to ever get

my opportunity to to make it to the league because some people don’t so I

was it was just being entrepreneurial I Was preparing for that and like okay I’m

gonna just start my brand and it was kind of a slogan I was using on the way

all along from high school so I just kind of started the brand there and then

as I got back and started playing I just kept it going

you talked earlier to us about the best piece of advice you received while

pursuing your career in football after this past season what was the best piece

of advice you received that you think helped you out the most during the

season I don’t know if I can particularly

specify one thing um but I know it was definitely

um coach McDermott something from coach McDermott

um him just taking the time out of his day personal meetings after

um after practice to just help me develop and help me grow and just him

showing that like he cares and that he trusted me that honestly is bigger than

most things in the world to me yeah yeah it makes you want to play for somebody

like that absolutely

next one all from my congratulations on being named the 2023 NFL PA Allen page

Community award recipient for those who don’t already know it is an honor

bestowed upon one player each year for their incredible dedication to

positively impacting his team’s community and those across the country

talk to us about what this award means to you it meant a lot like I said you

know just kind of it was like of a part of receiving the love from the world you

know just from seeing the work that I was doing and I really didn’t even want

any recognition for it I just wanted to do my part so I meant a lot and it was

it was pretty cool to get out there and see the other guys who were nominated

you know just talk to them about different ways that they they see how

they can impact the community and you know just uh

I’m gonna keep going you know I’m shooting for the stars with that one

good you’ve talked about a greater purpose and that’s evident in your

commitment to giving back talk to us about the chasing M’s foundation and

what the foundation stands for you know the foundation stands for you know just

creating Limitless opportunities for the Youth

um it stands for violence provision um in my community and all the

communities you know across the world um you know

and we just want to have a big impact on kids lives that we can any way that we

can you know get them mentorships with any field that they want to be in you

know not just athletically not just with athletes but anything that they want to

be in I’m actually trying to create a career fair now for some time this year

where I bring a bunch of kids together get a bunch of different careers in line

for them so they can meet someone in in the field that they dream of

um and and just let it go from there let them create their relationship with the

mentor and keep it going I think that’s something I could I could do yearly

tomorrow absolutely

your journey will definitely continue we are all confident of that just tell us

what’s next for you you know I’m still figuring everything

out um like I said I’m taking life one day

at a time I’m enjoying life um we got a birthday coming up this

Friday so I’ll be turning 25. so um thank you thank you

so I’ll be turning 25 so I’m just you know taking it one day at a time just

trying to figure out life I’ll tell all those Buffalo Bills fans

we said hello I was thinking about the toughest places to play I played in

Buffalo one time and we beat him on the last play of the game and I was running

off the field and I had my hat and I saw this nice sweet sweet 12 year old kid

kind of calling my name out I threw in my hat he’s at a Buffalo Bills Jersey on

he took it me through the hat right back in my face so

that’s the kind of place you want to play for right there yeah they and they

love their bills they love to lose I seen you score I seen you score a

Russian touchdown a little bit exactly and that was rare that was very rare

you heard Demar just mentioned his birthday is coming up on March 4 March

24th 1998 I was a senior at the University of Tennessee I turned 22

years old that was the same day Demar Hamlin was born we have the same

birthday it is um

okay it has been a real honor to share the stage with you today my friend and

an absolute blessing to wish you a happy early 25th birthday your positive

approach to life is contagious and we are all rooting for you God bless the

mar Hamlin everybody thank you so much

let’s go another round of applause to Peyton and Demar as well as all of our

amazing speakers today thank you thank you I really hope all of you feel as

inspired and energized as I do all right that’s wishing you the rest of

incredible day today and make sure you’re back here at 5 30 for sneaks

where you’ll get a peek into what’s coming from adobe’s Labs with our

fabulous host the comedian Tig Notaro and adobe’s own Eric matisov then we’ll

head to the bash with music from McLemore and Revlon thank you again for

sharing your time with us have a wonderful day thank you