How Much Salad Should I Eat? – Dr. Berg | DrEricBergDC

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hey guys it’s me in this video we’re

going to talk about the quantity of

vegetables or a salad that you need to

consume now obviously this might be a

little too much and you might not want

to use a fork like this but I’m trying

to make a point here if we look at the

derivation of the word food in the

dictionary it comes from the word

nourishment nourishment so we food to

nourish our bodies or provide nutrients

that’s the purpose of food so if we just

reverse engineer that and look at how

much food we have to eat to get those

nutrients then we can figure out the

quantities because our bodies require

they’re called RDAs different nutrition

you know recommend dietary allowances or

daily amounts of nutrition you need to

sustain your body so you have vitamins

and minerals and trace minerals and

amino acids it’s proteins and fatty

acids but where you get most of the

vitamins and minerals is the salad or

the vegetable family now if we take a

look at how much you need it’s probably

a lot more than what you’ve been doing

let’s just take potassium you need 4700

milligrams per day of potassium to run

the body and that’s a someone of 200

pounds now if you’re like half that way

you can get a bag with half of it but

let’s take a look at one banana is about

300 milligrams so you can see 4700


you would have to eat a tremendous

amount of bananas and all that sugar

will probably create a problem so the

question is how much salad or vegetable

do you need per day let’s just talk

about salad you would need about 7 to 10

cups so maybe on a small person you need

5 cups and a large person you would need

10 cups now if we take a look at what a

cup means 1 cup equals 1 ounce this

salad right here is 16 ounces so this is

16 cups this one right here is 16 cups

of salad with 16 ounces so on average if

you’re roughly about 180 pounds or I

don’t know 150 pounds

one hundred two hundred pounds you’re

gonna need about half of this a little

less than half of this or a little bit

more than half of this per day and I

know right now you’re probably going

what that’s a lot of salad well it’s not

that hard because salad is easy to

digest let’s say you do one for lunch

and do one for dinner and you’re good I

have all my salad in one sitting my bowl

is half of this and I will put all the

salad on there and I’ll just down at


and I’m good for the day of course I

have more vegetables than I really need

are actually require just because they

make me feel good but it really also

depends on the quality of vegetable if

iceberg lettuce you would have to have

probably like a tremendous amount of

iceberg lettuce but let’s take a look at

a high density nutrient type salads this

is spinach and kale kale obviously has

tremendous amount other vegetables that

are in the cruciferous family like Swiss

chard even arugula is cruciferous all

those are very high in nutrients except

cabbage cabbage does not have a lot of

vitamin A I don’t think it has any

vitamin A but it has a lot of vitamin C

some vitamin C but it also has a lot of

phytonutrients so those are additional

chemicals in you know vegetables that

give you way more nutrition than regular

vegetables so that would be a positive

thing but I’m just talking about

vitamins and minerals right now so

spring spring mix really is composed of

a lot of different plants

Rugel a’ romaine spinach beet greens

Swiss chard red mustard all these

different incredible combination of

vegetables and also lettuce leaves and

plant leaves and cruciferous leaves this

is like a really high level thing to

consume so this is what I consume

because it has like a variety of a whole

bunch of things so I get my vitamins I

get my minerals and but you need a lot

of it you’re going to need half of this

okay now other ones

this one has 11 ounces so maybe if you

had like 3/4 of this you’d be okay

now other they have smaller like squares

that you can do like I think that are

half of this they’re like five ounces so

you know you can do one of those per

meal or per day depending on how big you

are but that is what you need to

maintain and run your body

potassium not just potassium manganese

and calcium and all these other

nutrients are in salad the other thing I

want to mention is that some people use

sprouts on their salad which is really

smart when teaspoon of sprout is equal

to 50 teaspoons of broccoli as far as

phytonutrients and those are those

cancer-fighting properties so you can

use sprouts various things as far as

dressings go it’s very important to have

dressings without sugar or very low

sugars the Newman’s Own only has I think

it’s like one gram of sugar per

tablespoon or two tablespoons it’s it’s

not too bad but if you could make your

own that would be better or the use

olive oil and vinegar Rhett I’m not

concerned right now with the nitpicky

salad dressings the goal is just to get

this in your body more than just to

avoid something in salad dressing okay

it’s just the the weight of the benefit

of this is huge

the other thing to put on the salad is

very important you don’t want to put

croutons you don’t want to put

cranberries why because they’re sugar

filled and they’re sweet you don’t want

to put raisins you want to put fat on

your salad bacon bits feta cheese olives

olive oil all that’s really important

because that allows you to pull the fat

soluble vitamins or pull the vitamins

out of the vegetable or the plant

because plants salad etc have they don’t

have the fat soluble vitamins they have

precursors there are little things that

turn into the active form of the fats

type of vitamins so vitamin A for

example in salad has to be converted to

the active form if you add some fat to

your salad you will pull more nutrition

out of that salad so we don’t want a

low-fat salad we want some fat on there

and I love feta cheese as far as other

things you can put on put anything else

you want it to just don’t put fruit and

don’t put sugar but you can put some of

these other things other cut vegetables

nuts and seeds and walnuts and pecans

and blue cheese and all that stuff so I

just wanted to kind of emphasize again

the volume of salad that you need is

probably more than you’re consuming

you’ll feel much better if you do that

so go ahead and start doing that and I

hope you will apply this information