Aware & Aggravated - 26. My Struggles With Moving

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Hi friends, hope you’re doing great. I’m not really I am. I’m just y’all this episode is about to be

Unpacking all the trials and tribulations of me trying to fucking move. All right

This has not been a smooth experience by any means and it’s just like the littlest things keep happening and keep

Fucking up. Okay, but I’m determined and I’m a very stubborn motherfucker

And when I say I’m gonna do something do it

But I’ve had a lot of like realizations as usual about just random little shit here and there that’s happened

So I’m gonna kind of vent to you guys

in this episode about

Just some things that have been happening and just been pissed at me off and then some of the things that I’ve realized

Each time something’s happened like it’s enough, you know, like enough

I get it. Like I get your point universe trying to teach me patience, but I ain’t the one okay

Not the one to try and teach patience to because I’m very much frustrating

No right now after all of this like I’m okay. So like right now where I stand I’m alright

But I am a little stressed because in three days I moved to Houston

I have to pack up all my shit in three days and move

So I’m recording this on Friday and this podcast will come out on Sunday, but on Monday I moved

So when you guys are listening to this, I’m probably already in Houston. So hi. Hi from Texas

But let me walk you through

Everything that’s happened in this whole experience with trying to uproot my life and throw it away and run away

Because I want people to know when you try to do something and you face challenges. Nothing’s gone wrong

Okay, shit’s difficult. Sometimes sometimes there just be a lot of bumps in the road

But I’m sharing all my experience with this and I want to document it one so I can look back and laugh in a few

Years and two so that anybody else that’s listening to this

Understands that it’s not always perfect and everything doesn’t just go swimmingly like y’all when I tell you the amount of ironic shit

That has happened to me. You’re gonna piss yourself like oh my god

That’s just my life though. Like the amount of ironic things that happen to me is on a different level. So

Let’s start off with picking an apartment. So

Last week I went to Houston and looked at apartments

I have my cousins up there that I’ve gone to see since I’m like 18. Like we’re very close

We just like I always just go back and forth and see them

But I went to stay with them so I could go look at apartments for a couple days

So I was in Houston for six days. I drove there looked at apartments looked at seven and then drove home

But before I left to go I looked up apartments and I had a list of seven different apartments

I made appointments to go tour them all like I went with my shit together. Like I put as much

Structure on it as possible so that I could go as smoothly as possible and going to tour the apartments went great

But there was some problems with like pricing and shit because when I would see certain things online

When I’d get there it wouldn’t be that cute and then to go to like a nicer apartment in the same complex was like a

Giant price jump so I would look at somewhere that rent was like thirteen fourteen hundred bucks and then

The apartment was like booty as fuck and then one step up for like 30 more square feet was like

$600 difference and I was like what the fuck are y’all on like what’s up your nose cuz you’re snorting something bitch what?

Anyway, finding apartments in my price range that weren’t like booty as fuck was a little bit of a hassle

But I did my fucking research

I looked that shit up for a few hours and

I spent like two days looking up apartments and then got my ass in the car and went to go look at them

Looking at the apartments the first one that I saw I

Was like, okay. This one is cute. I like it a lot

So I was like, okay after seeing this first apartment if I go see other ones

I’m either gonna hate this apartment because I see better or I’m gonna love this apartment even more

Because everything else I see is gonna be worse and the second part is what happened

So I went on

Wednesday and Thursday to tour apartments and the first one was great cute loved her and then as I went to tour the other ones

They were making me love the first one ten times more because I was like bro

What the fuck is going on with the pricing one location two, but everything about that first apartment

I saw was fucking perfect the location the size the windows in it

It was on a second floor like the parking was good bitch

Everything about it was fucking perfect and I started getting anxious because I had like seven apartments to go see

So I’m spending these two days going and seeing apartments and the more

Apartments I see the more anxious I get because I’m like, oh my god

No, and now I know I’m fully dead set on

The first one and I still had like three apartments left to see and I was like no

But I know I want the first one now like now that I’ve seen a couple of other options like fuck this shit

Like the first one’s what I want and I was so scared like if I waste time going to see these other apartments

Someone’s gonna snatch up the first one. So going to the other appointments

I was like a fucking wreck and I was like, like I know what I want. I know what I want

I just need to go get it

but I made myself see the rest of the apartments and then

After I finished my final tour

I called back the first place that I went to and I was trying to get a hold of them so I could be like

Hey, I want to fucking

Schedule one more tour to see the apartment and then I want to sign the lease now like I want to apply

Now and get that shit signed like I want that apartment

No one was answering the phone and I was like shit because it was like four o’clock almost

And I knew they closed at like five and I was like fuck this shit. I’m showing up. So I drove my I

Drove my ass right back to the first apartment and the same lady that showed it to me. Her name was Amanda

She was the best fucking she’s my favorite human being. I think I’ve met so far

Like bitch was so fun and she was so professional and she was so prepared

So I show back up and luckily she’s not doing anything when I show back up. So I was like, babe

I want to see that apartment one more time because I’m pretty sure I’m dead set on it

And I want to put the application in today

So we get up we go to the apartment. We see it one more time and bitch. I

Was home I was like this is fucking it this is the one and

I started like getting so excited like this is a hundred percent after seeing all the other places

There were some that were nicer, but the price was just not something. I was comfortable taking on right now

Like I could have afforded it, but I would have put like an unnecessary stress on myself

So fucking baby steps, right?

You know like if in a year I want to get a better place and I’m making a lot more money more consistently great

I’ll get it. But for now, I wanted some cheap shit. Like I want to slum it for a bit

You know, like I don’t know what I’m gonna do financially. I don’t have anything really like set out

perfectly and

Consistently yet, so I have to take a leap of faith, but I ain’t taking a fat-ass leap. All right

I’m taking an affordable leap

And if you catch me and ramen shut the fuck up

All right, if you catch me on tick-tock with some ramen with protein powder shut up. Leave me alone

But yeah, I go in we see this apartment one last time and I was like this is fucking it and I was like bitch

This is sold

But the main reason it was sold is because between tenants they just put in all brand new carpet

And I was like, okay great because we saw a couple other apartments and like the carpet made it look dingy as fuck

But the fact that this carpet was brand new I was like, I have no complaints and there’s a full

Double sliding door closet and the doors are all mirrored like top to bottom

Full length mirrored in my bedroom right across from where my beds gonna be

So, you know what that fucking means a mirror right up next to the bed, please

That’s my favorite fucking shit in the world because I want to look at me when I’m doing you know, what?

I don’t give a fuck what you look like I can see you. I want to see me

I want to watch me make sure I look okay

Make sure I look good when I’m doing what I’m doing, but also the closet is fucking huge. So

And also I have a little balcony like oh my god

Yeah, I’m so fucking excited about this apartment, but I need to slow down and just take you through this story. So I

put in my application and

It was on Thursday

So I literally drove back to my cousin’s house got on my computer submitted the application within like 20 minutes

Put in all my information and I was like, okay, I’m set

So I was supposed to hear back within like 48 hours

So I was I’m waiting for the application to go in

I just was really fucking stressed out and I had this weird like sense of doom like I was super sad

Like what if I don’t get this fucking apartment bro? Like what am I gonna do?

So I sat down and I prepared like what am I gonna fucking do if I don’t get the apartment?

I was like, I’ll look for more places. I’ll go to more places. I’ll figure it out

Like I trust myself to figure it out

But I was just so sad. Like what if I don’t get this apartment?

It’s like this is the one and

As soon as I heard myself say this apartment is the one that was my red flag to myself

I was convincing myself. This apartment was the one this is it. This is the one apartment

That’s perfect for me

And by telling myself and throwing the label of this is the one onto it

Made me ten times more attached to it and made me ten times more

Emotional about the waiting period and the anxiety and the stress of what if I don’t get it, what if I don’t get approved?

What if somebody else applies and gets approved or whatever? Like I was just so scared

I wasn’t gonna get this apartment and I was telling myself because this is the one and that made it ten times worse

So I had to get very clear with myself and I literally wrote it down in my notebook. I was like

Instead of saying this apartment is the one what is this apartment?

This is the apartment that matches all of my criteria and all of the things that I wanted

So that does not mean it’s the only apartment that will match the standards and like the requirements that I had and what I preferred

This is just the one that I’ve found so far

There could be other apartments that also fit my criteria

So I am NOT allowed to say this is the one and as soon as I took that label off of the apartment of

Saying this is the one I felt so much more relieved

because I still wanted that fucking apartment you best believe I was so stressed out, but it took away that like

Panic and that like if this doesn’t come through like if I don’t get this one that I’m fucked

But I knew I’d find somewhere else. I just wasn’t gonna be as happy

I was telling myself because I was like this is the one but you know what?

I mean like taking that label off of saying this is the one

Made it a lot easier to go through the waiting period now


Friday comes and I got online cuz I’m just anxious

So I go and look at the apartment and the floor plan I selected in the apartment

I selected was not there. So I was like, oh my god

So like I got it like they reserved it for me like yay, you know, like I was so excited like oh, it’s gone

So like that means I got it. Hmm. I wish it was that easy

so bitch

Saturday comes and it’s two days later and I’m like, okay

I really hope that they’re working on weekends because I’m stressed as fuck

All right, like I’m real fucking stressed and I was supposed to leave Houston on Monday. So I needed a fucking answer and

Of course, they’re working on Saturday, but they’re not working on Sunday. So she calls me and it’s like hey Leo

What the fuck did you do with your application you put zero for your income?

And I was like, huh?

Like something must like I must have typed something in wrong or it just didn’t register or whatever

But I definitely put my income in because I submitted my bank statements for the last six months to like prove it all matched up

and she was like, yeah, I have that but your application got flagged as like getting rejected because

You put your income as zero or it registered in the system as zero and she’s like, okay

How much do you make I like monthly and I told her and then she she’s like I’ll put it in for you

But we’re gonna have to rerun the application. So it’ll take like three more days and I was like, okay, so

Great my fucking anxieties to the goddamn roof

I got to wait three more fucking days to find out if I’m approved or not cool

So that means I’m not gonna get an answer before I leave Houston. So Saturday they got to resubmit it

I’m not gonna hear until Tuesday Wednesday because they don’t work on Sunday. I call Monday just to get an estimate

I’m like, hey, is there anything is there any update? Is there any like news bitch isn’t working?

So I had to talk to somebody else

Tuesday comes I call again. Hey, is there any update just checking in? Do you need any more information for me?

Is everything going good? What’s the fucking stitch bitch? So she tells me everything is checked out on Tuesday

She’s like everything’s checked out. You’re good

The only thing that’s still processing is your background check and the company that we use for it

They’re closed because it was like whatever time in the day and she was like, I’ll call tomorrow and figure out

Okay, so Wednesday comes

Okay, my move-in date is Monday literally I got like five fucking days, but I don’t even have a set

Answer if I’m moving in or not

So like I’m half-ass like packing my shit like I’m just kind of sorting through I’m not really packing at this point

But this was two days ago as I’m recording this podcast

But Wednesday I call her again and I’m like, hey any update? What’s the what’s the fucking deal?

What the motherfuck is taking so long?

She basically tells me

Everything checked out. Everything’s approved. My background check is here and it’s ready, but their system is

Down and they can’t log in

To get into whatever they need to get into to send me an email of the lease so I can sign it

So they said it will most likely be tomorrow, which is Thursday

So she was like Thursday will most likely have you at least but it might be Friday

And I was like Amanda. I’m literally about to have move halfway across the country in like three days

How do I not have a set answer yet? Like what am I supposed to do? And she was like Leo?

No, you’re fine. She’s like you got the apartment. You’ve got a place

Don’t worry because as soon as our system comes up, we’re sending you the lease but plan on moving in Monday

So I was like, okay, but my anxiety don’t let me just have that like I’m stressed the fuck out until it’s finalized

So here we go, it’s Thursday

But when I went to the apartment and toward it

She asked me if I had any pets and I said no

because my dad was like fighting with me about leaving cat here and I was like I

Want to take my child and he was like no leave her here. This is her home. Like she goes outside

She has a little screen door for like a cat and she gets to go play out by the pool and play in the grass

Like she’s got a big life here in a big house

And this is where like she’s known for the last eight years, you know

So my dad basically convinced me to like keep her here

So I was like, I’m gonna leave her here, but then I’d been thinking about it and on Thursday

I had already decided like I’m gonna take cat with me like fuck this shit

Like I don’t want to just leave her behind like I get this life is like prettier and she’s got more space and she can

Go outside, but I’m her person and I’ve been left behind by someone and I would have rather gone with them

Than just be left behind just because I cared about them so much. So I learned from my own experience

I’m not gonna do that to cat like I’m sure she’d rather just be with me. So I decided I want to take her

Amanda finally sends me the lease on

Thursday and I call her and I was like, babe, I hate to do it to you, but I need to add a cat

I need to add a pet. So do we have to do a whole new lease or what and she was like, yeah

Okay, so she was like email me the information about the cat breed weight all this and that and she goes

I’m gonna send you a new lease and then sign that one and I said, okay great

I was at the gym when I got the lease so I had to wait till I got home

I sent her the information and then two hours later. I get a new lease and I I’m so excited

I’m like, this is it. I finally have the motherfucking lease bro

Like it’s here like once I sign this document, I’m literally moving in three fucking days four days, whatever it was

So this is Thursday

so I click the link for the lease and it says you need to sign in I go to sign in and

correct password and I was like, huh bitch like what so I

Click forgot password and so I’m like, okay

I’ll just reset my password and it tells me that no account is registered with my email

But I signed up for the account when I put in the application online

So I’m like, hang on so something in the system like fucked up

So I was like, okay, my password is wrong, but it’s also saying that I don’t have an account associated with this email

So whatever I was like fuck it

I’ll just resign up and maybe my information will match because I had to select the apartment complex that I was signing the lease

With so I was like, maybe it’ll just pop up who fucking knows

I go to register for a new account and now it says your email is already in use

Bitch pick one. This is why I can’t stand technology like fucking stupid

Then I’m stuck back at the fucking login page. It’s like I have to log in so I’m like fuck

So I start guessing my passwords. I lock myself out of my account

Like it locks me out for 30 minutes. So I’m like, okay, so after 30 minutes

I have to click the link and try again

So after 30 minutes, I click the link and I try again and then I keep fucking up the password and it locked my account

Permanently and I was like, oh my fucking god

So I go looking for a phone number to call this website and be like yo give my fucking goddamn login like I forgot

Really? I didn’t forget like I typed in the password. I knew what the password was

It just wasn’t working and there’s no contact number for this website. So I can’t call anybody

So I google it can’t find a number to call this website

I have to send an email and their response time is 24 fucking hours, bro

Their response time is



Now I’m sitting here with the lease that I know that I need to sign and I have to wait 24 hours

So that I can get someone to help me get back into my account so that I can sign the lease

So I’m not gonna have signed the fucker till Friday, but I’m the type person

I need that guarantee before I start packing like I have a lot of shit to do

I’ve been doing a lot of coaching calls

I don’t have like a lot of free time to just all of a sudden pack my shit in two days

Like I need to start like now

I’m like sitting there like bugging out like bro. I’m not waiting another day

So I go back onto the website and I was like fuck this goddamn shit. I’m getting back in my account

I’m gonna figure it out and

Somehow I figured it out and I don’t even remember how I did it

But somehow I got into the account and I signed the fucking lease

Let me not make it sound that smooth

I read the entire fucking lease the 37 pages because I always read before I sign my name to shit

You got to watch out

So I read the whole thing. So I mean like 30 minutes 45 minutes and then I signed the lease and now it’s solid

It’s confirmed. I got the motherfucking place. I wanted it was the perfect fucking spot

Like I’m like, holy shit. Like I got it. Like I finally got it

It’s secure and now I have four days to go pack all my shit. So immediately I go run in to go start packing

Now we’re gonna get off the topic of the fucking apartment and we’re gonna go to other shit

That was going wrong. So my car

My dad walks out and looks at my car and was like, you know, dude, you need four new tires

And I was like, huh? Like, what do you mean? I’m like, I’m I’m just saying like I’m a okay

What do you fucking mean? I need four new tires the car drives

There was no tread on the fucking tires barely, but he was like, yeah, you need four new tires

And I was like god damn it like of course

This is the time like when I’m over here bugging about having to pay rent and I have to go furnish this whole apartment because

I have literally no furniture. I

Was like, I don’t need to go be spending $1,200 on new fucking tires. Okay. I just got real frustrated

I was like right now like for real like right now this has to happen like right now

I need new tires like for real bitch like after all this headache

I just went through with this goddamn fucking apartment in this week of stress and havoc. Oh

But literally these fucking tires I’m like bro, I was like god damn it I was like, alright dad order them

Will you put them on for me? I’ll pay for them

Don’t worry about it

but like fuck like it just like

Stressed me out and I was like why now like fuck and he was like, yeah, like Leo

I’m not kidding

You really need new tires before you go out of town

Especially since you’re leaving like I want to put them on and make sure they’re on right make sure you’re good

I want to make sure you get the good ones and I was like, hang on

I was like, I don’t want no best of the best shit

Okay, like I want the fucking factory ones that are sufficient and will do okay

I don’t want the fucking like fancy smancy ones and he was like, all right, shut up. I’ll handle it

He’s like, don’t worry

So he orders me new tires takes my car puts it in the shop puts the tires off for me

I was like, thank you so much how much and he was like, don’t worry about it and

Like my little heart bitch was like, oh my god

And he goes I put on the expensive ones so I’ll pay for it

He’s like I’m not gonna give you like the normal stock shit

He’s like I want to make sure you’re okay, and you’re good to go out of town

So let me do this for you. And I was like, oh my

That was so fucking sweet, bro. But like I’m not gonna say no

Like it just made me very happy that

He put the tires on for me because he saw that it stressed me the fuck out because like 1300 bucks bitch

That was not fun for me. That was really stressing me out cuz like girl. I need a couch. I need a desk

I need chairs. I need a bed. I need food. I

Did not want to go be putting tires on my fucking car

But yeah

He really helped me and he saved my fucking life because he got me in quick

Fix the car did the tires and now he gets peace of mind

But I get peace of mind knowing that the best fucking car guy

I know put them on for me and they’re secure and they’re good and they’re the nice ones, you know

So, yeah

That made me really happy

But my whole point of bringing that up was like a fucking bump in the road of like now you need new tires like bitch damn

We’re gonna talk about another bump in the fucking road

This one this fucking cunt at this fucking store. Oh my god

So when I was in Houston, I’m like, yo

I need a couch and I don’t know how I want to decorate like I’m very specific

With the things that I buy like I have to love it before I buy it

I will not just go to the store and just buy shit

Everything has to be picked out perfectly and by me and like I have to love it or I’m not buying it like I won’t

Have a couch until I find the couch that I want

I don’t care if I’m two months sitting on the fucking floor

Like I really won’t I’ll buy like some fold-out chairs and look real ratchet

But I’m not just gonna buy shit to just have shit

So I’m with my cousin shy and I’m like, yo, let’s go like look around for some furniture so I can get some ideas of

What I want to buy, you know, like what style I want what things I want what things I’m gonna need and

So we were at Katie Mills and there’s a restoration hardware outlet store there

And I was like, oh my god, they have a bunch of modern shit

It’s way too fucking expensive for me right now

But let’s just go in and look

So I can get an idea of like what I might like and I’ll order some shit off Wayfair or whatever

So we go in restoration hardware and we’re looking around at the couches and they’re air quote on sale


$10,000 like bitch this store. I

Can’t this fucking store like they’re off some shit and I want a leather couch

Like I want a slouchy leather couch that’s structured. I know it does not make sense and it’s very contradictory

But I want a leather couch

That’s not a fucking question. We’re playing on all the cloud couches and then there’s this one couch

That’s a leather cloud couch and it’s this ugliest tan gray color

I don’t know how to explain it

But when I sat on it, I just wanted to sit there and have a cigarette like it was just so 90s

It was so fucking cute and it was like fucked up like it looked there was like scratches on it and that style

I love like I loved that

It was like dirty looking and like scratched and fucked up looking because it was like a nice ass couch

Like that’s a fucking vibe to have like a fucked up looking like nice ass couch, you know

But I’m not gonna pay fifteen thousand dollars for it. So we look at the price tag and it was like fourteen thousand nine

Ninety nine ninety five whatever it was like fourteen grand for this fucked up ass couch, but under it it said on sale

$700 and

My cousin shy saw it as she was like Leo chef at what the fuck like look it’s seven hundred bucks

And I said no goddamn way in hell

That’s seven hundred dollars because it was a three couch like a three seat sofa

And then it had the big Ottoman thing where like you slide it up and it was like it was a big-ass couch y’all

So I was like what?

Like you’re you’re not no way that this couch is seven hundred fucking dollars

So I called a lady over like the manager and I was like, hey, I was like, hey, babe

Why the fuck is this couch only seven hundred dollars?

And she goes the pillows on it

We can’t get them to stand up and it’s like a slouchy couch and it’s got like markings all over it and we’re just trying

To get rid of it because it doesn’t look cute in the showroom

And I was like, does it come with the Ottoman and she said yeah, so it’s seven hundred dollars for this full-ass

restoration hardware leather cloud couch and I about shit in the floor I

Was like no fucking way and I sat on it and I just laid on it and I was like what the fuck bro

This is like this couch is like perfect. It’s so my vibe and it’s so funny that

It’s a restoration hardware cloud couch. And if you know what that is, you know why I’m saying it so much

It’s a cloud couch for $700. That’s what made me want it

like that’s such a

Contradiction and it’s such a fuck you like but also the fact that it was dirty and fucked up looking

Was the that’s the gag like I would have a $15,000 couch

That’s like raggedy and fucked up and I love that

It wasn’t raggedy at all

but I just like that it looked like grungy a little and I was like

That’s the gag is to have something super super expensive and super nice and super sought-after

That’s like fucked up. Like that’s it. That’s my fucking vibe. I was like, oh my god. This is so cool

So I start nitpicking this couch. I’m like, I’m about to find out why this bitch is

$700 so I’m like there’s a hole in it somewhere. So the stitches fucked up something’s wrong with it

So I go flipping this couch around sliding it around moving it around lifting it up so I can look at all the corners and everything

There’s no holes. There’s no nothing wrong with it. And I was like, no way no way this just fucking happened

But the woman said it had been in the store for a while. So I was like, okay, I’ll think about it

And once I get approved for my apartment because I figured it would take two days

I was like once I get approved for my apartment and I know I have a place to stay

I’ll come back and buy it. So we go back to the house

I leave I didn’t buy the couch and I’m just thinking about it. Like I’m like, bro, like literally that couch

I’m looking back at my phone at the pictures of it. I’m like yo that couch is like the one

Like that is fucking it bro. Like that’s my couch, you know

So I like the more I’m thinking about it and the more I’m looking at the pictures the more I’m liking it and the more

I’m getting anxious of like, oh my god, someone’s gonna fucking go buy it

I’m like trying to chill and I’m trying to be like no Leo. You’re fine

You don’t know if you have the apartment yet. You don’t need to buy a couch, but I was like no Leo

You’re gonna move so you need a fucking couch. So go buy it

So I was like fuck I was like, alright, so I get in the car and I’m like fucking I’m just gonna go back to

The store. I’m gonna go buy this fucking couch

I’ll just go pay for it and buy it

So I have peace of mind that it’s mine and I get in the car and before I pull out of the driveway

I was like, let me call them and ask like if I can have it delivered in a week when I move into my apartment

You know cuz I was like, I can’t just buy it if I have nowhere to take it

So I call and I was like, hey

What is your delivery service and they have it set up where you have to hire like a separate delivery service?

But I was like, okay if I come by the couch now

How long do I have before I have to come pick it up? And she said two days and I was like fuck

So I was like, okay, my cousins have an extra bedroom kind of in their house that they use for storage

So I was like if I go buy it I could put it in that room

But I was like I need to talk to my cousin’s dad because it’s his house

I was like

I need to ask him first

Before I go buy this couch if I can like buy it

Move it into that extra room for a week and then when I move into my apartment

I’ll hire movers to come move it out of there. So I was like, okay, I’m not gonna go buy the couch right now

It’s sitting there like it’s gonna be fine it’s been in the store for a long time. I’m just gonna fucking wait it out

I’m gonna go tonight. I’m gonna talk to my cousin’s dad and then tomorrow I’ll go buy the couch

I’ll go with my cousin Adrian because he has a truck. I was like, we’ll get the couch

We’ll bring it back here and we’ll put it in the room. So I was like tomorrow. It’s fucking mine

It’s fine

But I need to ask to be like considerate and polite to ask if I can fucking store in this house, you know

So the store closes at 7 so at 650 I

Call just to make sure they had it in stock because I’m very anxious you guys I can’t do this

So I call and I’m like, hey, I came in earlier and looked at a certain couch

I read the name of it because I have the picture of a tag and I was like, hey is the couch still there?

And the woman said

Actually, someone has a hold on it

The holds end at the end of the day if the person does not come to pick it up

So at the end of the day today like in 10 minutes when we close if the person hasn’t come to get it

Then the hold comes off and you can come get the couch tomorrow morning if you want it and I was like, oh

Fuck no, like that’s my biggest fear was like someone buying this couch off from under me. So I was like fuck this shit

I was like tomorrow morning. I’m gonna have my ass at this motherfucking store, but it was Friday

So we went out and I was like, I don’t give a fuck how hungover I am

Saturday at 10 a.m. When this store opens, I’m gonna have my ass there beating on the window

Let me the motherfuck and get my goddamn couch. I talked to my cousin’s dad. He said he’s cool with it

So I’m like, oh my god, perfect. So me and my cousin Adrian. I’m like yo, bro tomorrow

We’re having our ass at that store at 950 in the morning because they open at 10. I

Have a place to store the couch. Everything’s all good. I can leave it at the house

I go to the store and I was so worried that someone had bought it out from under me and I was like no

Leo you’re the first one here. I was like go get the fucking couch. I walk in I see the couch

I’m like, oh my fucking god. No one fucking bought my couch. So I walk up to it. I sit on it

I’m like finger fucking it for like the final time. Like oh my god. This is it. Yay. And so I

Look at the price tag and

it says

$9,000 and

I was like, oh wait, huh? I’m sorry. What?


I flipped the tag over to make sure it was like the right tag and it was like

$14,000 on sale for 9,000 and I was like

No, so I pull out my phone because I took a picture of the previous tag. They switched the fucking price

So instead of being $700 this fucker is now nine grand and I was like, no like this is not happening

I was like no

Surely the woman that was there that I talked to a day before the manager I saw her and I was like, okay

She’ll remember me. She’ll be able to knock the price stack back down or whatever. It is like fine

So I go up to her and I have to wait on her cuz on the fucking phone

And I finally she comes over and she’s like hey, and I was like, hey girly pop

So what the fuck’s the deal with this price increase you got and she was like, oh corporate called us yesterday

And they saw in our system

we had a cloud couch markdown for so low and they required that we increase the price and

I was like, okay

So can you still give me the price from yesterday because I saw it yesterday or what like come on?

I was like between me and you and she was like, no, I’m sorry. I can’t and

I looked at this bitch dead in her face for a minute and I was like, huh?

Like this is this bitch release. Are these the words really coming out of this fucking bitch’s mouth like what so I said

Corporate called you and

Told you to increase the price and she said yes, and I said so yesterday

Had I swiped my card and purchased this couch? I could have got it for $700

But the fact that I am here today it is now

$9,000 and she said yes, and

When I tell you I stared in this woman’s face for a solid two fucking minutes

I didn’t say a word. We just stood there and

Stared at each other like I looked at her like she was the dumbest fucking bitch in the world

Because she is hurt my feelings with this like literally what?

The fuck is that?

Fuck restoration hardware outlet at Katie Mills eat my dick. I hope your store burns down. Fuck you

I hope that couch burns and everything you love. Fuck you. Like I know I’m being dramatic but like

Yo, I was so worried that someone was gonna buy the couch off from under me

Not that this bitch was gonna snake me because I guarantee you

Corporate didn’t call a fucking thing bitch. Like I was interested in the couch yesterday. Then someone put a hold on it

So now they’re like, oh there’s demand for this couch so we can put the price back up and get more for it

I guarantee you that’s what fucking happened cuz corporate don’t give a fuck about restoration hardware outlet and Katie Mills little piece of shit

So I didn’t get the couch

I literally just turned around and walked out of a store like fuck you bitch

But the way that she was so stone-cold

Unapologetic. Yeah. Yeah, that’s the way it is. Like fuck you you a sleep ass cunt

I’m sorry for the day you wake up and I’m excited for the day that you meet a bitch just like you. Oh

My god like that situation y’all

But I told myself it’s okay I was like, it’s okay Leo you’ll go find the new couch you can go online

You can look up all the new shit and bro. I’ve spent so many hours

Looking for a similar couch and I cannot find one for under three to four thousand dollars

and I’m so fucked up over it mentally that situation has my fucking underwear and I’m not like I’m twisted like

Ooh, I’m still mad about it. Like I’m still huffing and puffing about this like I’m blowing a little piggies house down

So yeah, that’s where I’m at right now. I don’t have a couch. I don’t have any furniture

That was the only thing that I found where I’m like, yes, I want it. I love it

And now I can’t get it because it’s nine fucking grand

So I really don’t have any idea where to find a similar couch

It was exactly what I wanted and for a cheap-ass price seven hundred dollars. Oh my god

I’m gonna kick myself for that for the rest of my life, but I am gonna tell myself

There’s a reason it didn’t happen

Because remember when I said I was in the car on the way to the store to go buy it and I was like no

I’m gonna ask my cousin’s dad real quick before I go

So I’ll buy it tomorrow like there was something that got me out of that car and made me not get that couch

There was a reason I did not get that couch

I’m just gonna take it as that and be like, okay, it wasn’t meant to be but bitch

Okay universe, where where is the meant to be? Where is my couch?

I’m not trying to spend three fucking grand on a couch like no. Oh

So now I’m back at square one

I gotta go find a couch and go like to a reasonably priced store

Because I went to Ashley furniture like I didn’t know they were so fucking expensive

There was a couch similar, but it was like seven grand and I was like, ooh, like you’re Ashley furniture

What like why the fuck are you seven grand?

If you know anywhere to find cool couches that are not crazy expensive and that are real big and leather and cute

Fucking send it to me. Send me the link. Send me some kind of like send me the company name like y’all help me

But yeah

My whole point of this podcast was to let you know that like so many little things kept happening

Where it would have easily stopped the old version of me

But me being determined and me being like yeah, I’m gonna do this shit is what made me do it

but I also

Didn’t assign a meaning to anything that was happening because had I told myself

Oh, maybe all of these things all these hiccups are happening because it’s not meant to be if I would have told myself

Oh, maybe you’re not meant to move here. Maybe this is just not meant to be that’s why all of us is happening

I would have had a whole different experience. I would have been so discouraged

I would have probably bailed on it and bailed on moving to Houston as a whole

But not telling myself maybe it’s not meant to be is what kept me going

So if you’re seeing hiccups and you’re seeing shit happen and it’s like not a smooth path to get to where you want to go

Watch the meanings you assign to things don’t tell yourself

Oh, maybe it’s not meant to be because then you’re gonna start seeing all the reasons that it might not be meant to be

You know, you’re gonna see a lot more of the hiccups than you didn’t see before

You’ll see a lot more of the red flags

You weren’t seeing before because that’s what you’re choosing to focus on when you tell yourself

Oh, it might not be meant to be that’s what your brains gonna look for

So I use it as an opportunity to prove to myself

I’m not stopping and I’m proving to myself my ability to handle these fucking situations as they happen

There’s more things that have happened than just this but I’m using it as an opportunity

Like I said to show myself I can handle it. I’m gonna do it regardless like I can face these problems

I don’t have to rely on life going perfectly for me to get what I want

Like I can learn to surf the fucking waves as they come instead of just climbing out of the water cuz I’m scared

or overwhelmed

But yeah, that’s my whole little fucking spiel about this. I’m so excited to move to Houston

I’m so excited to take you guys along for the journey. If you like this podcast

I just have one request and it’s that you go leave me a five-star rating

Thank you so much

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So now I’m screening people

Basically to see who’s a good fit and who’s not because I want to work with action takers

I want to work with people that are serious about transforming their life because the shit that I say y’all know

That’s what it’s for and where I specialize is with the people that have been looking for answers

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You’ve already got what it takes

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But anyways, thank you so much for listening. Please stay safe and take care of yourself and I will talk to you next Sunday