Aware & Aggravated - 41. Self Control

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Hi friends this week we’re talking about self-control and I’m gonna give it to you straight as I always do I’m gay

But I give it straight

I’m here to share all the shit

I’ve learned the hard way cuz I’ve read over a hundred self-help books and I’m not being dramatic like I read a lot and this

Is everything I’ve found that’s not in the books. Okay, this is the shit

No one teaches you and no one tells you and y’all know everything I share in my podcasts and my posts online is

Everything that I couldn’t find when I was suffering so all the answers all the explanations all the help

I was looking for that. No one could give me I had to learn shit by going through it

So that’s why I’m here to share it with you. I’m here to give you the answers that I couldn’t find

So let’s kick this off

I’m gonna give you a couple of realizations and then we’re gonna go deep and then deeper into it as we usually do

Okay, so first things first

making the decision to do something and

Actually doing it are two different things

Completely separate and if you decide to do something without putting your actions behind it

It’s useless like you’re wasting your fucking time deciding what you want to do and what you want to try like

It’s nice and it feels good to think of new ideas and things you want to try things you want to do

It’s like all these things sound nice and okay

I’m gonna do it and then when you don’t follow through with it all the energy you just spent deciding to do it is a


So the people that are scared of wasting time

There’s your first thing you could stop fucking doing is agreeing and deciding to do things that you know, you’re not actually gonna do


so now that we got that cleared up I’m gonna make you aware of the next thing you need to know and it’s that

You are in control of every action you take

Because every action you take is a decision you have to decide to take an action or not

Take it like you don’t just like walk around and like shit just happens like you decide to act or you decide not to act

But the thing to get with that is you’re making decisions on the actions you take all day long

Even if you’re on autopilot and you’ve just done the same shit over and over you’re still deciding to take those actions

So with the actions you take every day

There are consequences good and bad for every action you take and the main thing that helped me shift my mindset around all of this


Understanding that I am choosing my consequences all day every day with every action I take

So I’m in full control

Over my actions and I get to choose to take actions that are in line with what I want or not in line with

It it’s up to me. But whenever you want to start doing something new or something different

It’s kind of a pain in the ass because you’re used to how it feels to choose certain

Consequences like if there’s things that you normally do and you normally live your life a certain way

For you to choose to do something different

It brings up a whole new set of feelings because you’re used to feeling the way that you’re used to choosing

So when you choose something new or something different

It’s gonna feel a lot different and a lot of people freak the fuck out because like oh my god

No different is bad

It’s like you’re just uncomfortable with it and it’s just new just because a feeling is new or different does not make it bad

You’re just not comfortable with it yet. Okay, but back to choosing your consequences

I’m gonna give you a couple examples because I sure as fuck needed some when I was trying to learn how to have self-control

Okay, so, you know when your sleep schedule is bad and you’ve decided like at night you’re like, oh my god tomorrow

I’m gonna start waking up early. I’m gonna wake up at 7 a.m

I would say 6 but that’s too fucking early for me sevens pushing it, but I begin up at 730

So you’re gonna be excited at night because you’re gonna be like, oh my god. I’m gonna get so much done tomorrow

I’m gonna wake up early. I’m gonna be so productive. I have all these things

I’m choosing to do all these things I want to do that are gonna improve my life

But when the morning comes that’s a whole different motherfucker that whole inspired and happy and excited person

Died when you went to sleep because you wake up in the morning. You’re like man, fuck this shit

but that’s the feeling state you’re used to you’re used to being in the bed and sleeping in or snoozing or

Not waking up when you said you’re gonna wake up

So it’s gonna be uncomfortable to get out of bed like who the fuck wants to get up when they’re tired

No one

But that whole list of things that you decided was you were gonna do with your day and was gonna make everything better and you’re

Gonna be so productive when your alarm goes off in the morning right there. You are faced with a decision

you are gonna take an action and choose to wake up and go in the direction of what you want or

You’re gonna choose to stay in bed and discard everything that you want

But you have to understand staying in bed is your choice

So you can choose to stay in the bed and choose the consequences that come with that which is having a fucked-up sleep schedule

Not getting the shit done. You said you were gonna get done delaying your day waking up with a sense of regret

Those are all the consequences you can choose and you choose to keep your ass in bed or you can get up and choose all

Of the positive consequences that come with getting up early

But at the same time as you’re choosing all the good things you still have to choose the consequence of feeling tired

Which one do you want to choose?

It’s literally a choice with everything you decide to do and when you lay it out in front of yourself like that like choose

Which thing do you want and which set of consequences do you want?

Which one do you prefer?

Laying it out like that in front of me and like imagining putting each option in my hands like it makes it very clear

It’s a choice. I’m like, okay

Which one do I want to choose and then I choose it

But when you put it in front of your face, like it’s a choice instead of saying oh, I just can’t get up

I’m so tired. That’s bullshit

You are fully in control whether you get up or not

Cuz if I come in your fucking room and I light your room on fire, what are you gonna do?

Are you gonna lay in bed? Oh, I just can’t get up. Oh my no, I’m just tired. I just can’t get up

No, bitch, you’re gonna get up and take off running. Look at you all of a sudden out of bed

It’s your choice if you get up or not

It’s your choice if you take the actions that are in line with what you want

So that’s the first thing to get but I’m someone with a really weird relationship to complaining

Like I don’t want to hear a fucking word out of someone’s mouth if they’re choosing

Against what they want like you don’t get to whine

You don’t get to ignore your alarm and sleep in and not get up and do what you said

You were gonna do and then sit there and complain and bitch and whine that you have a bad sleep schedule. Oh my god

No, you don’t get to fucking complain

I only allow myself to complain while I’m moving toward and choosing the consequences

I want so I only let myself complain when I get up early and I’m tired and I’m fucking pissed and I’m like working

Toward what I need to work toward that’s gonna improve my life. That’s when I’ll let myself complain

I make myself shut the fuck up if I’m choosing against what I want

So if I stay in the bed and I wake up late one day and I’m like, oh my god, I shut myself up

I’m like shut up and get your fucking day done now. Okay? Okay. So my next example of choosing consequences is

When you decide that you want to start eating healthy and you want to change the way that you look whether it’s

Gain weight lose weight, whatever it is every single time you go to have food and you go to eat

You are making a choice of which consequences you want

You can choose food that is gonna like if I want to lose weight

I can choose to eat food that is going to allow me to lose weight or I can choose to eat food

That’s gonna fucking make me gain weight

It’s my choice each time but there are consequences positive and negative for both when I choose the good food

I’m like, okay

I’m choosing to have a good body in like a couple of weeks like I’m gonna look better

I’m gonna feel better

But I might be a little hungry after I’m done eat and I’m not like fully satisfied and maybe it didn’t taste as good

Cuz I really want a goddamn cheeseburger, but I’m over here with my chicken and broccoli

So that’s a negative consequence that comes with this decision is being a little hungry and then not tasting as good as you want

You don’t get that immediate gratification and especially when you’re upset bitch cuz I get that like when I’m upset

Kitchen watch out. I’m ready to tear it up

But if you flip it and you look at what choosing the bad food is gonna do

It’s gonna make you gain weight or stay at the current weight that you’re at. You’re gonna feel like shit

You will feel full you will feel satisfied

Then you’re gonna feel that fucking guilt because you just threw away your fucking goals and you chose

Against what you’re saying that you want

the other consequence is slowing yourself down and holding yourself back and

Losing trust with yourself because you’re not doing what you said you wanted to do

But I’m gonna talk about trusting yourself and a whole different episode

So I’m not gonna get too much into it in this one

But you see how there’s consequences good and bad for both decisions

You have to choose which ones you want like every decision has good and bad consequences

Just pick the one that’s most fucking like beneficial. They both suck

But only one is gonna get you toward what you want. So choose that one another example

I can give to you about this is choosing to leave a job because when I was a nurse I was so fucking scared to

Quit my job and I was so worried but I had to face the reality of the situation

I was in and then see the consequences of choosing to stay or choosing to leave so choosing to stay

Working as a nurse when I fucking didn’t like it and working at this certain hospital. I was at I did not like it

I hated my life

I was eating fucking Xanax and trying to meditate in my car before my shifts like I don’t meditate

So that’s saying something but the consequence of staying at my job

I was in was I felt like I was limiting myself. I hated my fucking life. I was miserable

I did not want to go to work. It started to impact my personal life and like my time away from work

I was miserable

dreading that I only had three days off before I had to go back to work again because I would have to work three 12-hour

Shifts in a row and I fucking hated it and I was working night shift

But there were also positive consequences that came with that job and staying in that job so I had job security

I already knew the people I worked with I had precepted there. So I was already familiar with everything. I knew the hospital

I knew all the operating systems. I was comfortable. I was safe. It was secure. It was consistent

I could work there until I died and have retirement and have everything set up

So there was a sense of stability that came with staying at that job, but there was also the negative

So there was positive and negative consequences and then when I looked at leaving the job, I had to face those consequences

There was positive and negatives. I can find a job that I like more. I can do something where I don’t want to fucking kill myself

I can go somewhere where I don’t feel like I’m just a warm body filling a spot

I can go where I actually feel valued and be able to actually contribute and be of use in

The specific way that I can do it. Like I’m able to provide things that are more than just

Physically nursing someone and like charting and fucking dealing with that bullshit like please but then you flip it and I also have the

consequences of

No more consistent money. No stability. I don’t know what I’m gonna do next. I don’t have anything lined up

I don’t know the people I’m gonna work with next. I don’t even know the fucking job

I’m gonna have next so there’s a lot of fear and anxiety

And there’s a lot of feeling states inside this that are a negative consequence like being unsure feeling unstable feeling scared

There was a lot of things I was feeling that were considered negative and scary on this side

but I was faced with the decision which consequences do I want to choose and

It was up to me because each side came with positives and negatives my ass chose to fucking leave

Cuz I played the tape forward

I was like, okay

If I make myself stay in this job nursing at this hospital that I fucking hate

I’m going to decline my health my mental state my life. I’m not gonna live a life

I enjoy so it’s basically like sacrificing my life as I know it or the life that I could potentially have

Sacrificing it for this just because it’s stable. Fuck that you did not come to this life

To die safely. We’re all gonna fucking die

So don’t play it safe until you get to death like honestly take your fucking risks

But don’t try and come at me when you fuck your own shit up

You have to be self-controlled, but let’s go into the next part of this

So the biggest thing with self-control is you have to prepare not to feel like it

Do you think I want to wake the fuck up early in the morning?

Do you think I want to listen to audiobooks?

Do you fucking think I want to eat chicken and broccoli and eggs?

No, bitch. Hell fucking no. There are some times where I’m like, yes, I feel good about this

Then there’s other times where I’m like, this is the last fucking thing

I want to do like literally like waking up this morning

I was like shoot me before you make me get up in this bed

Like just put me out euthanize me bullets to the head. I don’t care. I just don’t want to get up

You know what I did

I still got the fuck up

But there are times where I feel inspired and I hop up out of bed

Then there are days where I’m like just leave me to die like your feelings are gonna be all over the fucking board

So you cannot rely on feeling like it to do what you need to do

And one thing I want to reassure you about is no one makes good decisions all the time

Like it’s impossible to do that. We all fuck up

We all make mistakes

but I am gonna teach you in the trust in yourself episode how to repair that and what to do when you do fuck up

And choose like against what you were trying to do, you know

I’m gonna get to that but your feelings are very inconsistent like one day you’re gonna feel like it one day

You’re not I’m at the point where like every couple of hours

I’d be feeling like you’re not feeling like it like the more aware you get and the more in touch with your feelings you

Get the more sporadic and unpredictable your feeling states are gonna be so for me to sit here and be like I’m gonna rely on

My feelings to dictate if I do or don’t do something

That’s living my life as a fucking victim

Like I’m just gonna fall prey to like the way that I’m feeling the way you feel you can’t control

so I’m just gonna sit here and just

throw all of my power into my feelings where I can’t control if I’m gonna feel like it or not and let that determine if

I do things or not do things get fucked get fucked my life got to the worst point

When I allowed that to happen

but the thing that completely flipped everything and like made me have my life the way it is like ground struggling as fuck before but like

Flipping and stop relying on your emotions to dictate if you’re gonna do shit or not

Stop waiting to feel like it and stop not doing things because you don’t feel like it

You can be tired and still get out of bed

You can be hungry and still not eat like you just gotta master that and the way you can do that is by realizing

Your feelings are unreliable

But there is something that is reliable and that you have full control over and that is your actions

You are fully capable and in control of every action you take it’s your decision to act or not

So like I said, if you’re hungry, you can choose to act on the way that you feel or act in alignment with your goals

You can choose to eat or choose not to eat

You’re in full control of your actions

If you’re tired, you can choose to stay in bed or you can choose to get your fucking ass up

But there’s so much freedom and realizing your actions are the only thing reliable your feelings

They’re great for like self-discovery and like learning what you need to learn about yourself like self-awareness and shit

But they’re not good to rely on

For dictating your actions like just don’t rely on them like your actions are the only thing you can rely on

So show yourself you can rely on yourself by taking the actions

You know you need to take whether you feel like it or not complain on the way, babe

So look at it is like climbing a mountain getting to your goals is like climbing a mountain

Don’t sit at the bottom and bitch and whine

Bitch and whine as you’re climbing like I’m tired. I’m a Sam thirsty

Like as you’re going up the mountain allow yourself to complain as you climb if you’re sitting still at the bottom shut the fuck up

Literally shut up because you’re choosing to stay there

It’s in your full control if you hop on that mountain and start climbing or if you stand there and bitch and whine it’s in

Your control and you look dumb because I’m up the mountain looking at you like


But there is a certain mental state that you’re in where you convince yourself

You can’t do something because of the way that you feel like I have been incredibly

heartbroken and

I like didn’t want to get up off the floor

but in my weakest moments, I

force myself to get the fuck up because like I said if you’re heartbroken and you’re like laying in the floor just like

Wailing like crying and just like boo-hooing and like you’re in the most emotional pain

You’ve ever been in if I walk in the room and light it on fire your fight-or-flight mode will kick on

you’re all of a sudden gonna stop crying and your main priority is your sense of safety you’re able to get up and

Take care of yourself so you can tap into that in any moment. It does not matter how much pain you’re in

It does not matter how difficult something seems you can still do it

I promise I would not be sitting here preaching this shit if it wasn’t true

I am giving preacher in this fucking Zephyr shirt

Speaking of if you like this shirt, I’m actually sponsored by the brand so use code Leo if you want to shop

They have a lot of cool shit, but I promise you

You’re capable of so much more than you realize and you’re only gonna learn that


Doing shit like you are able to withstand a lot more than you think

You’re a lot more capable and a lot stronger than you think when you have to be

So if you understand if it’s life or death I can do it

I can choose at any moment to do it or not to do it. Like you’re you’re fucking strong

I promise like you’ve literally got this you’re watching this podcast episode because you’re committed to growing yourself

All right, like my podcast is not for the weak

So you’re already of ahead of a lot of people

but I want to give you that reassurance and set you free from that mentally because I was trapped there for so long and this

Is the shit that I wish someone would have told me like just sucker punch me in the fucking head with all this information

Thanks, like oh if I could have just like read one

Self-help book and it had all this shit in it. I would never have bought another one

Okay. So now I want to get really deep

about this topic because this is

Like all the everything I’ve talked about before it was great and a big key

But the next thing I’m gonna talk about is the piece of awareness like I always say awareness is a curse

Awareness is a fucking bitch like it’s great

But like once you become aware of something you have to change everything you’re doing

You can’t just continue doing what you were doing once you’re aware of more things like it becomes more difficult

So this is the thing that truly

Helped me become more self-controlled and this is taking yourself into consideration

So I’m gonna have to give you like a physical analogy because this is how it works in my brain


Let’s give the example of the part of me that wants to get in shape

So I will literally envision the part of me that wants to get in shape

Like I always do it as like a kid because it’s so much easier to care about a kid than like an adult

I don’t know why that’s just how society is and that’s how I am. Like I have a very very

Big heart when it comes to children in my priority. I’ll do anything to protect a kid but

Envisioning like a small me like a little me that wants to get in shape

I’m like, okay

here’s little me that wants to have a good body and like be cute and be attractive and be healthy like I have to throw

The be healthy in there too because like if I only worry about my appearance, I’m an asshole

But I will envision this part of me that wants to get in shape. He has feelings. He has his own feelings

He has his own emotions. He has his own desires and his desire is he wants to get in shape. So

Now that I’m aware of this part of me that wants to be in shape

for me to take actions that

Prevent me from getting in shape or sabotage me from getting in shape. I have to discard him to do it

I have to tell him shut the fuck up and go away. It’s not about you. I don’t care what you want

I’m doing what I want

So when I’m in the kitchen, and I’m like, I really don’t want to eat chicken and broccoli right now. Like I’m upset

I really just want to fucking binge in order for me to binge. I have to throw him away

I have to tell him shut the fuck up

What you want is not important and like discard him to be able to go eat bad

So the way that I handle this part of me with every decision I make is I bring him to the table

I look at it like a conference table. Not a dining table because I’m not fucking doing that

It’s like a little council like okay

I’m here to make decisions and I’m here to talk at this conference table about what I’m gonna do next and

Becoming aware of that part of me. I have to bring him to the table when I’m deciding which actions to take

I don’t want to discard him. I want to make sure he gets what he wants to because I want it to like

He’s just one part of me and one of my desires but to give him what he wants is giving me what I want at

The same time. So when I’m coming to like my council table, and I’m like, I’m gonna go decide to eat right now. I

Bring him to the table with me and I like put my arm around him and I say what he wants is important, too

So we’re gonna make a decision that gets me what I want and him what he wants like we’re all in this together

I’m not gonna just discard him and go eat. What the fuck I want

I’m gonna make sure he’s taken care of and that he’s considered

So look at it as bringing the part of you that wants something into consideration

With every action you take get at the council table and bring that part of you to the table and sit them next to you

They’re no longer discarded. You no longer throw yourself away. This topic gets me so like

passionate I have the chills like I’m like

This shit is like where you really transform your life and this is how you actually become self-controlled

Because this is what did it for me like all the other shit that I’ve tried. It’s like cutesy fun, whatever

but this is the thing that

Really made it work and be consistent because you’ll try a lot of shit and it’s cute for a minute and it wears off

but understanding that I have to take parts of me into consideration and

Not just discard them when I choose to take certain actions is so so important

So now you’re probably thinking well Leo how to drive your fucking truck another time. I’m recording my podcast. I

Already beat the fuck out of somebody this week

I can’t do it like a bunch of times, but I know somebody’s gonna point out my knuckles and ask questions

so I’m gonna go ahead and acknowledge it I

Got into an altercation with someone

two days ago some thug ran up on me at the gas station and

Thought he was gonna get some money out of me

And when he didn’t he turned around and kicked the fuck out of my car like girl

Just turn around and just full-throttle kick my fucking car


It’s funny. I’m talking about this and self-control at the same time because I

Chose to beat the fucking shit out of him for multiple reasons and I’m not justifying

I’m just giving you an explanation because I’m not above violence because violence is a form of communication

Communication is a scale

so I’m able to have very high level conversations or I can come down and meet you at the level of violence and beat the

Fuck out of you. Some people are not able to hear and understand things. They need to be shown

It’s like when a dog but you have a puppy and it’s shitting in the house. You can look at it and yell at it


Stop shitting in the house. Stop shitting in the house. It does not understand

That’s not the way it knows how to like perceive information and communicate

So you have to smack it on its little fucking ass when it shits in the house

So I realize oh, maybe I shouldn’t shit in the house because there’s consequences for it

People are the same level of fucking dumb. Sometimes they don’t understand

So like I said, I can communicate at a very high level

But I’m also equipped to talk to you on the level that I need to to get the information relayed

But with this situation, I used to be very violent in my past

like I grew up getting bullied and I was like

the one that everybody was harassing and bullying and beating the shit out of and I would beg people to stop and I would hope

and I would pray and no one ever stopped it only stopped the day that I had enough and I flipped and I just started a

Brutally attacking people who would fuck with me

Like I had to become my own protector because I was literally begging for help and no one would help me

No one would stop the people that were doing shit to me would not stop. So a protector aspect of me was built and

that aspect

Has never gone away and will never go away and whenever I get scared

The protector aspect of me comes out and it’s there to take over

so in this situation with the guy like yeah, you kicked my car and

I should smack the fuck out of you for it. But the real reason I attacked him was

He didn’t kick it and walk away. He kicked it and started getting aggressive like it could go somewhere

So he had a hoodie on and my initial thought is

There’s nothing in his hands already scanned him and I’m like if he’s got something on him

I need to get him before he can pull it knife gun, whatever

It’s gonna fucking be so my protector aspect kicked the fuck in and I was like scared when I get scared. I’m very very

violent and aggressive like that’s one thing that I’m still learning to

Kick but I fear nothing, but I’m scared of a lot

like I get startled easy and whenever I feel like there’s a threat to my safety I

Throw caution to the wind and I chose in that situation to get him before he could potentially get me

But honestly he had a fucking come into him

But I promise you he ain’t gonna fucking kick nobody’s shit again because after I beat the fuck out of him

I started stomping on his legs. You ain’t kicking a fuck thing no more, dude

You learn the hard way I

Communicated with you at the level you need it not get fucked and then I peeled out of there cuz I don’t fuck with no

Cops, I don’t call no cops. I don’t do no shit like that. I got out of there. I’m Albanian

Okay, so that fucking derailed, but I did want to give you guys an explanation. Y’all my friends y’all get it

We understand each other

Okay, so let’s get back on track. Let’s get back on to the self-help and the self-control

So knowing what actions you should take

Just ask yourself with any situation

What action is gonna get me closer to what I want?

What action is in support and in contribution to me getting what I want?

it’s gonna be different for every situation and it’s gonna change as

You want new things and try new things and as you handle new situations?

But the way that I always find out what I need to do or what I should do when I’m a little confused or I

Don’t know what the fuck to choose. I’m like, I’m stressed. I’m upset like I’m emotional

I’m not logical right now. Like I have to ask myself the logical question. Okay, it’s not about how I feel

It’s what is gonna get me closer to my goals and no matter how I feel I know if I choose that action

I’m still moving forward

toward what I want and

Co-creating with universe. I don’t like all that fucking spiritual shit, but like I’m co-creating with universe what I want

Okay. So my last tip for self-control is stop doing shit that makes it harder for you to have self-control

It’s simple as that like it really fucking is but me a couple weeks ago. Like I

started smoking we like I can’t say things on YouTube, but like I

Started like hitting the ganja like I need to go to bed. I

Was smoking to go to sleep and I noticed I get the munchies like a motherfucker

All right, and I can’t control myself. Like I have self control over food

I’m very good at it. But like when I get high

It’s so much harder to be disciplined like girl the other night. I’m on a meal plan

I have a nutrition coach and he like tells me what to eat

I have a full meal plan. All my meals are scheduled and planned and weighed to a fucking tea


Other night I got like I got high and I went in to go eat and I had nothing left on my meal plan

I was like, oh my okay, like all I have is green beans

What the fuck am I gonna do some green beans?

So I’m in there with the munchies eating fucking green beans like an idiot, but then I was like, okay

So I’m gonna try and outsmart the system

I’m gonna keep smoking

but I’m just gonna save one of my meals for after I smoke so that I can eat and

I tried it a couple of times. I tried it but me when I get high and I start eating

I can’t stop. Oh, I can stop I can choose to stop but like it’s really hard

It’s like ten times harder to stop eating. So I saved my last meal for after I smoke

And then I would eat and then I would notice I was like running around looking for more shit

Like I was wanting to continue to eat and it made it

Extremely hard to be disciplined and have self-control. So, you know what I did. I

Stopped fucking smoking girl. I’ll just go the fuck to bed

Go read a fucking book go fucking fiddle your diddle go do what you got to do

Go your ass to bed. You ain’t got a smoke to go sleep

but the main thing with that like it’s right in front of me like that’s the thing with self-control is

Removing the thing that you want and removing the temptation is not true self-control

You’re just eliminating your ability to access it when you have it in front of you and you choose

Not to do it. That is self-control

So all these people that are like, oh in the house like throw away all your bad food if you want to diet

That’s not real self-control. It might help but you’re not building true resilience and you’re not learning true self-control

It’s like I know the consequences that come from hitting this and it’s sitting in front of me at all times

I can choose to or I can choose not to and I choose not to and that

Builds my trust in myself every time I choose not to and it establishes like more self-control

Because I’m like, okay, I controlled myself all these other times

I can do it now to like I can choose not to do it

But facing the consequences like when I see this pin

I see the consequences good and bad that come with it and I choose not to have those consequences

So I don’t hit it, but just stop doing shit. That’s gonna make things harder for you to have self-control

So it can take the form of a lot of different things

But also I learned do things to make it easier for you to have self-control because like with my meal plan

If I don’t have my shit prepped, I’m aggravated. I’m pissed off and when I’m pissed off I

I’m more tempted to make different decisions than the ones I need to make to be in alignment with my goal

So I meal prep I get all my shit ready and prepped and there it’s like so when I go in I just make the meal

Real quick everything’s prepped and I fucking eat

So do things that are gonna help you be more self-controlled and stop doing things that you see are limiting you

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Don’t be afraid to defend yourself at the same time though

Like watch your own ass and take care of yourself, but I will talk to you guys next Sunday