Aware & Aggravated - 42. Green Flags

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Hi friends, this is an episode of green flags. I gave you red flags. Okay, I gave you the full episode of what the fuck to run away from and now I’m going to give you an episode of what to run toward. So these are all the green flags you need to know. We’re going to start with funny little shit, but I’m dead ass serious. So we’re going to talk about like physical appearance. Then we’re going to talk about just some green flags that reveal someone’s character. And then we’re going to get into the serious ones like the for real, like shows emotional intelligence, like,

are you going to be protected with my little heart? Are you going to hurt me? Like, I’ll give you those green flags because those are really important, but all these you need to look out for. So like, these are all the things that like make my ears stand up. Whenever I meet somebody or I’m talking to somebody, it’s like all these things. I’m like, yeah, check, check, check. But I am going to ease you into it because these are going to be kind of backhanded. Like if you aren’t these things, sorry, Dave, like wake up call. Okay, no offense. I’m here because I love you. Like I’m telling you all these things because you need to have them make these all your green flags. Okay, so let’s start.

Let’s kick this bitch off. And number one, green flag number one is if someone prefers gold jewelry or wears gold jewelry, motherfucker, silver is immature. I’m so sorry, but like everybody hits that stage where like silver was cutesy funsy and then you grow the fuck up and you switch to gold. Okay, gold just better. It looks better. It’s cuter. Rose gold, red flag, but we’re not talking about red flags in this episode. We’re talking about green flags.

So if someone rocks gold jewelry and they prefer gold over silver, green flag judgment is good. Okay, next green flag. Someone that hates Crocs and Birkenstocks like the shoes. Oh, that shit. I should not have worn a hoodie because I’m gonna get riled the fuck up in this episode. People that wear Crocs. I will never respect you. I’m so sorry. Like you’re wearing a rubber little fucking child like water shoe and you think it’s a serve. You think it’s a look. I don’t fuck with that.

Sorry. And then Birkenstocks a little Jesus sandal, please. Like Birkenstocks are fucking atrocious. Okay, so if someone hates both of those shoes, green flag. Okay, next green flag. We’re still talking about shoes. Timberlands. That is self-explanatory. Timberlands are green flag and not the tan ones, the red flag, but black Timberlands green flag. That’s my go-to shoe. That’s my go-to step out.

Like I have fucking 12 pairs of them. Black Timberlands are the biggest green flag you can find. Okay, next thing. Good hygiene. And that’s self-explanatory too. Nobody wants a stinky fuck, but someone having good hygiene is shows that they’re like considerate and they’re aware of how they fucking smell. Like I can’t stand those stinky motherfucker. And if you have bad breath, no, like you’re conscious and you’re aware and you’re courteous if you have good hygiene and also with good hygiene, if you go in someone’s bathroom and they use wet wipes,

green flag. If someone showers before the gym, if they need to, green flag. Because I shower before the gym sometimes. Like sometimes you just feel gross. Like it’s one, you feel gross. And two, if you have a chance that you could smell and you’re respectful enough to fucking nix that, green flag, bitch. Very courteous person we’re talking about. And then with good hygiene, there’s two things that someone can carry that are green flags. Chapstick and gum.

I have those two things on me at all times near me within reach. Everywhere I go, anywhere I go, chapstick, gum. Those are green flags. Like I said, the courteous thing. But also no one wants no dry ass lips. And like if you think you’re gonna kiss me without fucking licking your lips first, I don’t want no sandpaper like, I’m okay. Thank you so much.

Okay, so let’s hit the last part of like the superficial appearance shit like things you can wear. So someone that has their own style and is not all trends is a green flag because they can think for their fucking self. Like the people that be wearing the pearl necklaces and like the little candy like the just the fucking candy looking necklaces. People with the Bass Pro Shop hats, the baggy tees and the short shorts and like the Air Force ones or like the Jordan ones. Like girl, we get it. We all look the fucking same.

We all know you don’t fucking like them and you look stupid as shit. You just wear them because everybody else wears them like the straight guys with the dangly earrings. Like girl, have a personality. Express yourself through your personality. You don’t need to have clothes and like accessories to express yourself. Motherfucker, be expressive of yourself. Like I don’t. Oh, y’all get so mad at me that I only wear black and I only own like five pieces of clothing because it works. I don’t need to express myself through what the fuck I’m wearing. I have personality for that.

But we’re not going to get into a rant. I’m going to just leave that there because I can make a full fucking episode on that. Don’t get me started.

But one more thing with people’s style. If they do not mix high-end brands, that is a fucking no-no. So if someone does not do that, green flag. Like green flag if you have enough fucking self-awareness to not wear a Gucci t-shirt and a Louis Vuitton bag. Like come the fuck on. Just don’t mix high-end brands.

If you want to mix a Nike and Adidas, fine. Who gives a shit? I’m talking like the bougie stuff. Like don’t mix that. Like it looks a mess, you know? So green flag if they don’t do that.

Okay, so now let’s move on to the things that are going to reveal people’s character without them knowing. So these are the things to look for. And we’re going to start off with someone having their own car. I’m trying so hard not to piss myself laughing.

Because that’s just a given, bitch. Like if you live in a place where you have to drive places, you need your own car. Like for someone not to prioritize that, like why are you spending money on anything other than buying your own car?

Like stop going out to eat. Stop buying clothes. Get a fucking means of transportation. But people in New York, they can ride the subway. Fine. But like in Houston, you got to drive. If you’re somewhere where you have to drive yourself a lot of places, your priority should be getting a car.

And if someone’s priority is not having their own car, flawed judgment. Alright, I’m just going to say that. I understand people’s financial situations don’t allow them to do that. But you need to prioritize that. You best have a fat fucking savings you’re working on to buy your car.

So yes, it’s like a given and it’s expected for someone to have their own car. But it’s a green flag if it’s black. And it’s like a double green flag. It’s like green flags everywhere.

If someone has a black car with tinted windows, because my shit’s like a limo. I like my privacy. Don’t motherfucking look at me. Like I like to get in my little black box and fucking drive myself places without people being able to see me. Like leave me alone.

But like for someone to just want tint for their self, that’s hot. Like that’s a green flag as fuck. And if you get it, you get it. And if you don’t have tint, I hope you enjoy driving your little fishbowl. I don’t want no one seeing me.

Okay, next green flag is if someone is an aggressive driver, like strategic aggressive, not like a crazy ass driver. But you know, when you get in the car with certain people, and they’re like chicken shit, and they’re scared to like merge or do things like do they drive like they have pep in their step? Do they drive like they have somewhere to fucking be? Because that’s how I drive.

And you can tell a lot by someone’s character. If they’re a strategic driver, and they’re not like scared that you have to know when to be aggressive when to jump out when to like do shit. And when not like not a psycho driver, but an aggressive driver, and like an assertive driver and like driving with peppy you step green flag.

So next green flag is if they’re not showing too much skin on social media. God, I know y’all gonna throw shit at me. Here come the tomatoes, bitch. I know. I know you’re all gonna get mad about that. But I’m not saying you’re a whore. If you post yourself naked on social media, do what you want. I’m just saying it’s a green flag. If someone does not, because that’s for me to see. Why the fuck are you showing it to everybody else?

Okay, I get I’m gay. And I get I’m born in this generation where everyone’s supposed to be like, freely with the shits. But I’m very old fashioned. I’m very like what’s mine is mine. Don’t motherfucking look at it. Don’t motherfucking advertise it. I’m old school, and I’m Albanian. So I don’t have like the typical things like if I’m gonna be interested in a dude, and he’s got pictures in the mirror, like showing his ass. It’s a no go for me. Like what the fuck are you? Why are you showing the goods? I’m not on here with my fucking dick print and a mirror selfie.

Like that’s no, I don’t like that. And for you to be posting that shit just shows like, that’s how you get your like, what’s it called? Like feel good validation. Like you need to show those things to feel good about yourself. And that’s how you choose to like get attention. I’m okay. Like I’m really okay. It’s a green flag if they don’t show a lot of skin. But when I finally get in the shape that I want to get in, I’m gonna be fucking naked on social media. Like not really.

I will post more shirtless. But like, that is not the focal point of my personality. And it’s never gonna be like my body and the way that I physically look will never be the main focal point of my personality. So I guess that’s the thing. The green flag is if someone has more to contribute than their body and the way that they look. Green flag.

Next thing about social media is if they don’t have too much of their personal business on there. So I have a lot of things on social media, but y’all don’t know a fuck thing about my personal life and my personal feelings and what’s happening to me and what I’m dealing with. I have a weird like art of sharing a lot without sharing anything at all. Like none of you actually know me. You know a lot, but you don’t know me.

Like you know when girls would like tweet in every fucking thought that they have. Like, oh my god, like with the Facebook status. Who the fuck uses Facebook anyway? Green flag if they don’t use Facebook. We all have a Facebook, but like if you be using it, that’s weird.

But yeah, people that just are reserved with how much they share on social media. Like you know when there’s couples that are fighting because every time something happens, like one of them’s twatting on Twitter and fucking posting about it or like post it to their story. Like it’s a green flag if someone does not have a lot of their personal business on social media.

Next one and this one I stand by and I will die on this hill. Someone that waits at least three months to say I love you. Green flag. Ding, ding, ding. We have a motherfucking winner. Because if you are saying I love you to someone you’re dating before three months of dating and like being with them, babe, I’m not breaking that down. Go to therapy.

For me, that’s a big claim to make. And you best have proved it. Like motherfucker, if you want to say you love me, you’re going to have proven it. You’re going to have like, you’re going to be sure. Because once you declare that to me, oh no bitch, like everything changes. Everything changes. All my expectations change. The way that I’m going to prioritize you is going to change. Like love is a huge fucking thing.

So someone that does not realize that, they just be throwing around like I love you. No girl. No, no, not me. It’s a green flag if someone is reserved a little and is sure before they say I love you. Now I know you might be dating someone after a month. You’re like, oh my God, I love you. But it’s like you need to sort through all those feelings you’re feeling and then you can decide if you love them or not.

Because you might just be like infatuated, excited. You might appreciate them a lot. You might value them a lot. You might feel good because they reflect you your value and they make you feel appreciated, which makes you feel like you love them. You got to have some self-awareness to know and be able to discern those feelings you got. So someone waits at least, I would say six, but at least three months to say I love you. Green flag.

The next one I’m going to hit real fast and then we’re going to move on. If you get it, you get it. If they do not talk to any other fucking exes, green flag. Next, we’re going to talk about pets. It’s a green flag if someone is sweet to animals because animals have feelings too. Like you need someone that understands to be compassionate to all living things. Like I don’t want to be killing a spider. Like I’ll try my best to like get it and put it outside.

But if it scares me, I’m killing it. Like a roach or something. Like I caught a cockroach in a bowl the other day and I like threw him off the balcony. Maybe throwing him off the balcony wasn’t the best thing to do. But like I didn’t kill him because like he didn’t scare me. So like I understand like living things need to be taken care of. But like when you talk about pets, I’m not talking about like insects and shit.

But pets, if someone understands that their pet is a pet and not a person, green flag. Because motherfuckers be too attached to their animals. Like I love animals. I think they should be protected. Be nice to them. Be sweet to them. But they’re not a fucking human being. Like some people get way too attached. Like die hard for their pet. So green flag if someone is not like die hard for their animal.

Like that’s just a lot of things in one. I’m not going to unpack it. Another green flag is a well-behaved animal. Like if they have a pet and it’s well-behaved, green flag. Because I can’t stand a motherfucker with no ill-behaved child or ill-behaved pet. Like don’t make me get onto your dog for being obnoxious or your cat. Don’t make me discipline your child or your animal. You do it. So well-behaved pet, green flag.

Okay, next one, I’m going to have to beat around the bush a little because it’s YouTube and I can get like taken down. But if someone shares their food with you, that is the biggest green flag. Okay, that is so fucking sweet. But like also like anything they can share with you and I’m talking like food. If you want to talk about like, if you’re going to pick up and like you pick up enough for like me to have some too, that’s so sweet and considerate.

Like you’re not just picking up for you. It’s like, that’s nice. That’s so fucking sweet. But also like pre-workout. Like for someone to share their pre-workout with you, that’s like people that be sharing pre-workout are like people that used to like party a lot and now they can’t share like extracurriculars. They be sharing pre-workout. So like it’s the same like feeling of like giving someone some of your pre-workout is like if I’m giving you a bump.

Like it’s the same gratification for me to share it with you. So like if they share things with you, that’s a great fucking sign. And if they order food for you or like they pick up enough for you to have some too, you get what I mean by when I say pick up? Also food. Like that’s a green flag. That’s so huge because they’re so thoughtful and considerate and they care about you. They want you to have fun too.

Okay, next green flag. And I don’t want to start screaming. But it’s a green flag when someone can read the room. And what I mean by read the room is like situational awareness. People that know just when not to say shit. Like don’t throw out the word fat. If someone in the room is fat, it’s gonna hurt their fucking feelings. Like be polite and talk about them behind their back. We can talk about something like to do with fat shit later.

But don’t say things in a room that like where people can get like offended or hurt for no reason. But does that make sense? Like someone that just knows when to say certain shit and when not to. That’s hot. That’s so fucking hot. Like you’re courteous. You can read a room. Like green flag. Fucking gold star for you. Put it right on your forehead.

Okay, next green flag. If someone is protective of your image around other people. So they’re not going to say anything to embarrass you. And if something has happened that is embarrassing, they will cover it. They’ll hide it. They’ll cover it up. They’ll like take care of it and make sure no one else sees it. Like I’m very protective like that. Like if my friend does something that’s like embarrassing, I’ll cover it up for them. I’ll pretend it didn’t happen. Like we’re the only ones I need to know.

So if they’re protective of your image and being held in a respected viewpoint by others, that’s huge. That’s a really, really big green flag. Like the biggest one. Like that’s a really, really big green flag for me. Like that’s the one that touches my heart. Like that one makes me like love you. Like if you protect me like that. Oh my God, my heart. My Pisces, I can’t take it. Like I’ll cry. Like I’ll you won’t see it, but I’ll cry about that shit later. Like when I’m by myself.

Okay, next green flag. Someone that tells you you have something in your teeth or they fix your hair or something. Like I don’t have hair to fix no more, but like I have like lint be getting stuck in my hair. Like I’m bald headed and shit still gets in my hair, pisses me off. But like if I have a piece of lint in my hair, someone will like get it for me. If they tell me I have shit in my teeth, if I have something on my face, like people that are just protective of you like that and they’ll tell you when you look like shit or they’re trying to fix you and make you look better. I love that. Like it’s so considerate and that’s a green flag.

Okay, my next green flag is very specific to me and my family because we all think this way and operate this way. And some of you other crazies will get it. But someone that is going to hit me back and not just cry. Like if I hit you, don’t just sit down and start crying and like boohooing. Like I’m never going to hit you hard enough to hurt you. I’m going to hit you enough to get your attention. So if I put my fucking hands on you, don’t sit down and cry. Swing back. Like don’t make me feel bad that I’m just abusing some little toddler that’s just going to cry. Like swing back.

That’s big for me. Like I don’t like no little victim. I don’t like no little boohoo cry cry. Because like I know my size. I know my strength. I know my like volatility. I’m never going to hurt you. I’m never going to abuse you. But like if I smack the fuck out of you and you like sit there and you just like fall down and start crying, like girl get up and swing back. Show me you love me.

And my next green flag that’s kind of around like protection is someone that’s not scared of guns. And it’s a green flag if someone has a gun. I know a lot of people like to freak the fuck out. Oh my God, no. But like guns don’t kill people, babe. Toast don’t toast itself. So let’s get on the same page there.

Like if someone is too chicken shit about things that are going to help them protect their self. But I don’t run around like flashing my shit or showing it like you just have it in case you need it. Because like I’ve been in situations where I’ve been jumped. And if y’all want to have an unfair fight, I got my glizzy on me and now it’s fair. If you’re going to try and do seven on one, now it’s one with a gun on seven. I like those odds. I prefer things to be fair. Like I’ll never pull my shit if it’s a one on one fight. We’re fighting. Okay, whether I win or lose, we’re fighting. I don’t like no unfair shit.

But people that just understand like guns are not bad. Green flag, green flag. Well, you can’t be naive. Like I want to be like, Oh my God, let everybody like love the world. Love, love, peace, love, light, everything. But you got to be real in situations. Okay, because you can’t love someone out of not shooting you. You need to have something to shoot them back with.

Okay, now I want to talk about how someone can behave on social media. So if they don’t respond to thirsty comments or DMS, like if someone sends them a DM, it’s a green flag if they leave them in fucking requested. If all the person is messaging them for is for like, you’re cute, you’re hot, like you’re trying to sexualize them or they’re just like trying to flirt. Green flag if you leave them on fucking requested. Okay, that’s hot. And if someone’s commenting on your videos and on your pictures and shit, they’re like eating you up and they’re like, Oh my God, you’re so fucking hot. Like I want to fuck.

Like if you ignore those comments, that’s so hot. That’s a green flag for me because you’re not entertaining. No fucking shit like that. Like you need more stimulation than just, Oh, you’re fucking hot. Like, okay, green flag. I want to just leave it there. So when it comes to the phone, if someone leaves their phone face side up on a table or they walk away from their phone and they leave it with the face side up, green flag 100,000 fucking percent because you ain’t hiding shit.

All right. And you know, damn well, if it goes off when you’re away from me, I’m gonna be, what the fuck is that? Who is that? You know what I mean? I’m very nosy. I’m gonna try and go through the bitch to be honest, but you probably got a passcode on it and I don’t know you that well. So just someone leaving their phone face side up is such a green flag. And also if you’re hanging out with someone, it’s a green flag. If they are not on their phone a lot, like if they put their phone down, like, and just move it away from there, they put it on mute.

They like give you their undivided attention and they let you know, and they signify that like, I’m invested in this and I’m giving my attention to you because I like you, I care about you. I want to have a conversation. Green flag. Because people that be on their damn phone were hanging out. I’ll go fuck myself. Don’t mind me. Don’t fucking mind me. I don’t hang out with people that have their phone in front of their fucking face the whole time we’re hanging out. I don’t do it. It’s so disrespectful and it’s inconsiderate. So if someone has their phone like away when you’re hanging out, green flag.

And when it comes to being on their phone, it’s a green flag when someone does not make an excuse of why they can’t talk to you. Like people that say, Oh, I don’t want to be on my phone. I just don’t like texting. Motherfucker, if you like me enough, you’re going to want to be in communication with me in some way. And if that way is texting, you’ll do it just because you’re happy to be communicating with me.

So when someone says, I don’t like to talk, I don’t like to text or like they give you some excuse for like, I don’t like to talk on the phone. I don’t like to text. They don’t like you enough because someone that truly likes you. Like when I like somebody, I hate the fucking phone. I don’t want to talk on the phone. I want to text on the phone. My phone is always on. Do not disturb and muted. Like just in case I don’t fucking like being on the phone. But when I like somebody.

Guess what I’m doing, bitch, I’m texting them. I’m calling them on it. Okay, when you actually want to talk to someone, texting and being on your phone is just a way to communicate with them. So they’ll do it. All right. And I’m speaking from my experience, like, give a fuck about my phone any other day. But when someone on the other side of it is someone I like, here I go. Another green flag is that they text back fast. Okay. Like, you know, people are like, usually on their phone. If they’re on their phone, and they text back quick, good green flag. If they give you a warning, they’re going to be

off their phone for a certain amount of hours or whatever it’s going to be because they’re going to be busy. Green flag, they’re considerate. They’re showing concern that if we’ve been talking all day, and then I just disappear, I’m going to warn you that I’m going to disappear because I know it’s going to fuck with you to all of a sudden, like, not hear from me for five hours, you know, so giving people a heads up giving people a warning shows they’re very in tune with your feelings. And they’re in tune with how their actions will make you feel like just ghosting after talking all day like that’s that’s

that’s gonna fuck me up. Don’t do that. So someone gives you a warning, they’re not going to be on their phone, green flag for them. The next green flag is if they have very few close friends, and I mean close friends. So if you only have like a couple few, like less than a handful of like close friends and people you consider you like are really close with, that’s the green flag. It’s different from having acquaintances, you can have a lot of people you’re friends with, but you need to have very few people that you consider close friends. Like if

someone has too many close friends, that’s a red flag to me. So it’s a green flag when they don’t have a lot. Because like, are you overestimating how close you actually are with people? You know? Oh my god, this next one, I have my computer in front of me and I’m reading like I’m I have a literal list and it scrolls like pages. And the next one I just read, this one gets me heated, bitch, I’m turning red. Like I’m getting hot because this one pisses me off. So it’s a green

flag if someone is polite to all customer service workers. I don’t give a fuck what the position is, whether it’s a fucking barista at Starbucks, it’s someone that works at the dollar store, it’s a janitor, I don’t give a fuck if it’s the doorman at a hotel, you be polite, and you say thank you. If someone does that, that is green flag to them, huge green flag. And if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. But don’t fucking follow me if you don’t get that. If you’re not

polite to customer service, get the fuck away from me. Don’t follow me. I don’t want your support. Like I don’t give a fuck what the situation is, you’re above no one. Because you have more money, you have a nicer car, you have all this shit, you’ve been dealt different cards, you’ve worked different areas, you’ve had different opportunities, it does not make you above anybody, you be fucking considerate, polite and respectful to every single person you come across, unless they’re a fucking dick to you first, check them. But across the board, you are not justified to talk down to anyone just because they’re in a lower socially like

diagnosed position than you. Does that make sense? Like just because society places them on like a lower scale than you does not mean you’re going to treat them different. You show them fucking respect. And with that, we’re going to talk about being courteous. If someone holds the door for other people, that’s a green flag. I’d like that. That’s very courteous and sweet. And that lets you know that they’re like aware. That’s another way that you can tell that they’re like aware of their actions and they’re aware of people around them. Very hot. Green flag if they’re respectful to older people.

And a lot of old people get like too big for their fucking britches and they think that they’re entitled. And they think that we owe them shit because we’re young. I don’t fuck with that. I’ll check old people if I have to. But I am still very polite and respectful. I won’t swear if old people are around. If there’s like a few seats open and I’m sitting in one and an older person is standing, I’m getting the fuck up. I’m very considerate and respectful to old people. So it’s green flag if someone else is. But don’t let no old person run all over you. Don’t let them disrespect you. Don’t let you nothing. You check them. All right? Respectfully.

All right. Next green flag. This one tickles me. Like this one I just love so much. It’s when someone can give a compliment that’s deeper than superficial. So they’re not just complimenting the way that you look or something that you do. It’s like they compliment the way that you make them feel or something like deeper about you or like your ability to do certain things or your knowledge. Like if there’s a compliment that’s deeper than superficial, green fucking flag. Because it shows they can appreciate more than just what’s on the outside.

Another thing with compliments, it’s a green flag. If someone can give a compliment without expecting anything in return. Like when I’m out in public, a lot of the times I’ll compliment someone as I’m walking by them. So there’s no awkward anything. It’s just like I’m just complimenting you to let you know like, yo, I like your hair. I like this. I like that. You look cute. Whatever. Like I say it as I’m walking away because I don’t expect shit for it. Like I just want to let you know and keep walking. Like I don’t expect anything for the compliment. Green flag. And another thing is it’s a green flag. If someone can accept a compliment. Again,

you know the people that are like, no, oh my god, no, you’re prettier. You’re this. You’re that. Like they deflect the compliment. They don’t take the compliment. That shit. That’s deep, girl. That’s real deep. But it’s a green flag if someone can accept the compliment. But it’s not a green flag for these people that are out here and they’re like, oh, you look pretty. And they go, I know. Bitch, fuck you. Fuck you. Eat shit. That I do not like. That will piss me off.

And make me want to retract that compliment so quickly. I want to pull bitches by their fucking hair when they say shit like that. Like I get you might know, but I’m not over here trying to flirt with you, you dumb bitch. I’m just trying to let you know to make you feel better about yourself because you’re if you’re over here like with compliments like I know, I know, we’re not talking about red flags. I’m not green flags. Okay, if someone can accept the compliment, green flag. Not with the I know shit. Okay, next green flag. If someone can hold eye contact, because why you can’t look at me, bitch.

What you hiding? What you deceiving me of? You can’t look me in my motherfucking face. Eye contact is so hot. One, two, it gives like it lets people know that you’re attuned to them and you’re paying attention and you’re engaged in the conversation. But if someone cannot hold eye contact, that makes me think something’s wrong with you. I’m like, what are you hiding, bitch? What’s going on? What’s what’s the deal here? What’s making you anxious? What’s making you not be able to look at me? Because I don’t like that. Like I’m a type that will sit here and look straight in your fucking face.

Because I’ll catch that lie. I’m gonna catch that one little and I know you’re lying. Like I’m very good at reading body language, but like eye contact huge green flag if they can hold it. Oh my god, this one, this one. Okay, next on my list. If someone is silent when they’re working out green flag, because why the fuck are you at the gym screaming and hollering and making a fucking scene with every rep you’re doing? Okay. Another thing, people that deadlift.

People that set the weight down green flag, people that fucking come up to the top and drop the weight or slam the weight down your fucking belly is this big and we get it. We all heard it. We see it. Okay. But yo, if you cannot pick the weight up at a steady pace and put it down at a steady pace. It’s too fucking heavy, babe. It don’t count if you can’t hit the exercise with the negative. So when you pull it up, that’s the positive. If you have to drop it on the negative, you’re not strong enough to lift it.

We’re going to skate past this topic because it’s going to make me hot and I’m gonna need to change my shirt because I’m already fucking sweating. But people that are silent when they’re working out green flag, a little grunt, a little huff and puff. That’s fine. That’s kind of cute. But like on the last like three reps of your exercise, if you’d be grunting a little bit fine. But if you’re fucking grunting from rep one to rep 12, shut up. Oh my god. Okay, next green flag is if someone’s down to do ratchet shit. And I’m talking like broke people shit.

Like if someone is not worried about looking rich, or if someone’s not worried about being perceived as broke, green flag, love it. Because people that truly have money aren’t scared for people to think that they don’t. You see, you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Like if someone is always like I made you the best of best, they’re the brokest, or they’re not the ones funding their lifestyle. But like just the freedom to not be worried about how people are perceiving you. That’s hot. I love that. Like me and my friend Alyssa like she makes good money. I make good money.

But when I went and saw her in Austin, we were sitting in the car taking shots before we’d go into the bars. And we took like a little bottle and I put it in my pocket. And we would go up to the bars and order a fucking club soda. And I would just that’s my version of couponing like grow the fuck up. Okay, be smart. Time and place because you don’t go to a restaurant and be doing that. I have. But like, be smart. Like, you know what I mean? Just someone that can have fun and do it all. Green flag.

All right, next green flag. If they hate country music. And I’m not explaining further. That’s a big green flag. If someone hates country music, because me too. All right, next green flag. This is about like a relationship. If someone posts you on social media. Okay, huge green flag. And we all know why. But it can also be along the lines of like just not looking single on social media, because there’s been times where I’ve been with people and I just like post their arm in the background.

So it’s like obvious that I’m with someone. And it’s not like I’m single, you know, because I will not talk to somebody who online looks like they’re fucking single. Sorry, like I’m not doing it. I don’t trust nobody. My hand says trust no one for a reason. I got a tattoo. All right. So that’s just a big green flag. But especially with influencers, like with normal people, if they post you on their social media, green flag, if they post something to let people know that they’re not single, double green flag.

But when it comes to like an influencer or someone who has a big persona on social media, for them to not post you, I get it. I don’t think I’ll ever post someone I’m in a relationship with, because I’ll be fucking damned girl, like, I’m gonna pull my shit out. If someone I follow messages you and you cheat on me with them. I’m killing both of you. No fucking questions asked. So I’m never putting myself in that position. But if you’re fucking with someone that’s an influencer, same thing.

If they make it seem like they’re single, not a good sign. If they let it be known or like let it be shown that they’re with someone consistently or that it seems like they are in a relationship, green flag. But you really can’t expect influencers to be posting their fucking people like especially if they’re dating someone that’s normal to like give them a platform all of a sudden. No, because I’ll be damned if you’re going to go run your fucking mouth after we break up. Eat an ass.

But I will say if you’re in a relationship with an influencer for a long time, and they still ain’t posted you, bitch, watch it. Watch them.

Since I already hit on music taste, I’m gonna say one more thing and shut up. If someone likes Ethel Cain, if someone likes Lana Del Rey, if someone likes Future and Moneybagg Yo, if someone likes FKA Twigs, or if someone likes Suicide Boys, those are all green flags as fuck.

If they know those artists, if they like those artists, and they’re like one of the top artists in their little repertoire of like their music, green flag, because it shows depth. It shows character. It shows development. It shows now I want to fuck you even more.

Oh my fucking god. Okay, I had to hit my vape before I’m about to read the next one. If someone is unimpressed and uninterested in sports, green flag, because what the fuck are sports, dude, like football, baseball, like I get it. Okay, I’m very athletic, I can play them all.

To be like a diehard fan for like sports teams or like sports players, babe, what the fuck is that? I need to stick to the green flags. Like it’s a green flag if they don’t give a fuck about sports, or if they can have like a team that they support without like having it run them.

Like if their team loses, they’re not like, oh my god, like they’re not like freaking out. Like I don’t like no diehard fan. Because what the fuck even are sports? Like sports are so fucking stupid, useless, waste of time. You can like sports, fine. But if you love sports, if you’re a diehard fan, no, bitch, uh-uh, you better run the other way.

Next green flag, if someone’s favorite liquor is tequila, and also it’s a green flag if they can take a shot without crying, okay? Like people that can’t take a shot, grow the fuck up. It’s like if someone can’t take a pill, please. Like are you past the age of 13? Okay, act like it, you know?

Okay, next green flag, if someone’s first reaction is to try and handle things themselves. I always say the word theirself, and y’all be attacking me all the time saying theirself is not a word. Why the fuck not? Themselves just sounds weird. But theirself, the word their shows ownership of self. So theirself. Why is it themself? English dictionary, you need to fucking sort your shit out, alright?

But green flag, if someone’s last option is to call the cops. I hate no motherfucker that gets in an altercation with someone or has something happen like, 911! I hate that shit. I despise it. I will probably never talk to you again. I don’t like no cop caller, okay?

So like I understand some people need to call the cops sometimes, like certain situations it’s warranted. But if someone tries to handle something theirself first before calling the cops, like if the cops is like their last resort, green flag. Next green flag is if someone stands behind what they say. Like, yeah, I said it, okay? And what? Like even if you say something and you don’t agree with it anymore, like someone that’s not gonna backtrack on what they’ve said.

Like, okay, yeah, I said it at that time, but I’ve learned and I’m different now and I get it. And I don’t say that anymore. I don’t believe what I used to say, but I still said that because that’s what I knew at the time. So like that aspect, but also like someone that gets called out on something that they said, like if I was talking shit on somebody and you’re gonna come call me out for it. Yeah, I said it. And so what? I observed it. So yeah, I’m gonna fucking say it. Like, I don’t like people that back down. So someone can firmly stand behind what they say. That’s hot. That’s a green flag.

Okay, I’m gonna rapid fire a few because this is long already and I have a lot of deep ones to get into. But if they ask your STD status before sleeping together or hooking up, because it shows they’re concerned about their own, you know what I mean? That’s a green flag.

Next, if they do not find basic shit funny, like do you have a developed sense of humor or do you be finding these dumb ass memes funny? Like it takes a lot to make me like belly laugh. And like some people be belly laughing off of like some dumb ass shit. So like if they find basic things funny, that’s not good. If they have a deeper sense of humor, green flag.

If they’re jealous in relationships, green flag. Because you’re not jealous when you don’t care. If you have something valuable and there’s a threat to that, jealousy is the expected reaction. So if someone is not jealous about things, like I’m not talking about like crazy jealous. I’m just saying like if there’s no like any sense of jealousy or like territorial around you, that’s not good. Like you better be jealous over me, green flag. Green flag. Fight everybody for me.

But jealousy is healthy. It’s a reflection that you value me. Like you want to hold on to me. If you think you’re gonna lose me, you’re jealous. I love it. I love it.

Another green flag. If they’re picky with the thirst traps that they like on social media. Because a lot of people be posting thirst traps and they’re fucking cringe, dude. Like they’re bad. Like I’m very selective and very picky with the thirst traps that I like or I enjoy at all. Like a lot of times I’m like, but like, I’m very picky with the type of thirst trap that I do like.

So if someone that has the judgment to know when there’s a good thirst trap and when it’s like cringe, that’s a green flag. Because like some shit, like y’all remember that fucking video of that guy that was like in his car and he was like humping on his fucking steering wheel and all these middle aged women were like eating it the fuck up. No, that’s not it. To be sitting here with the steering wheel and be humping your fucking thing. No. What the fuck is that?

Another one that’s a really big green flag. Like this is huge. Is someone that can do good deeds for other people without having to post it online. Like if someone is always having to post every time they help someone or give a homeless person money or do something for someone that’s not their own ass, why do you need to post it? Do you need to feel good about yourself that hard? Like I just don’t respect that shit.

Like I understand like some people post it to like inspire others and to share like a nice moment. But like every time you do something nice, you don’t need to fucking post about it. You don’t need to pat on the back from everybody who fucking follows you. Do good shit just for the purpose of doing good shit. You don’t need credit for it. All right. Oh, so if someone can do something for other people and help and not need credit for it needs to be like patted on their back. That’s a green flag because it shows they genuinely care. They’re not doing it for recognition.

All right, we got two more and then we’re diving into the deep shit. But the next green flag is someone that doesn’t always have to voice their opinion. Like you don’t always have to fucking speak. So if someone knows like when to shut up, green flag. If someone knows you don’t always have to like express your opinion about something, that’s a green flag. Like that’s just great. I just love that. Like when someone knows when to shut up, it’s so hot.

And then also with expressing your opinion, it’s a green flag. If someone can hold space for other people’s opinions without needing to attack them for it. Like if someone has a different opinion than me and they express it, I don’t feel the need to attack them. I’m not going to try and tell them how they’re wrong. I’m not going to get my fucking finger out and start pointing at them and like teach them. Like it’s a green flag when someone can hold space for other people’s opinions without needing to like fight them. Just let them have their fucking opinion.

If they’re open to discussing it, discuss it, but you don’t need to fucking correct them just because they have a different opinion than you. Shut up.

All right. So now that we got all the superficial green flags out of the way, a lot of those were deeper than you think. But I’m going to let you guys know I have a donations page set up for this podcast and every week my podcast comes out on Sunday.

So between Sunday to Sunday, whoever sends in the highest donation to this podcast gets a free one on one zoom call with me. So if you’re interested in showing support and you want a chance of talking to me, I’ll leave the link to the donations page below. Also, if you just want to say fuck it, I’m not taking a chance with donating and you just want to schedule with me straight up one on one, I’ve got you. I’ll also put the link in the description where you can directly book with me. So if you want to guarantee a one on one call, I’ve got you.

But now let’s move into the serious green flags. So the first one is if someone does not fuck you on the first date or try to fuck you on the first date. And I have a lot of reasons for this. And I’m not saying it’s bad if you do before y’all fucking try and come for me. Chill out.

But if someone that I’m interested in, I go on a date with them, and they do not try to make any sexual advances or moves on me on the first date or the first couple times we hang out. If we get into a relationship that lays the foundation of trust for me. I trust you are not easily accessed. So it takes more than just meeting someone attractive for you to want to be with them. You need to be attracted to them emotionally, which takes time.

So if I’m getting in a relationship with someone, I’m already going to be worried about you fucking cheating or wanting to fuck with somebody else. But if you show me at the beginning, it takes a minute to get access to you sexually, I’m going to feel a lot more secure, I’m going to feel a lot more stable. And that might just be me being selfish as fuck and be like insecure, but call it what the fuck it is. I don’t care. But it makes me feel better. Because I don’t have to worry about you being a flight risk of like, oh, you found somebody you think is hot, and you’re gonna go fuck them.

Like nah, you have like higher requirements for that for someone to access you. So I’m never going to be worried about you going to have a one night stand or just fucking around because you made me wait. And another green flag that kind of piggybacks off of that is someone that’s disciplined. So someone that is very disciplined in what they do, they have a goal, and they go for it and they do what they need to get there. Because discipline and self control shows that you do not act off of the way that you’re feeling. You do not let the way that you feel dictate what you do.

So if someone feels upset, they’re still going to be logical with their actions. They’re not going to lash out and freak the fuck out and like blow up. That’s hot. That’s secure. And that’s stable. Also, if someone is horny, if they’re disciplined, they’re not going to just act off of that feeling and go fuck with somebody or go cheat or go do whatever they’re going to do. Because someone that’s disciplined does not act off of the way that they feel. That is such a green flag. If someone is disciplined, just remember me saying that.

Because it translates into so much more than people realize. So the next green flag is if someone asks why you did something. They don’t just immediately attack you and try and blame you or like get upset or freak out. Like they ask, why did this situation just happen? Why did you just behave like this? Because doing that shows that they are trying to understand why you did something. They’re not just ridiculing you for it. They know that there’s more to it than just what they’re seeing.

So by asking why you did something, they’re opening it up for a discussion. They’re not just assuming something and then running with it. Someone asking why is such a green fucking flag for so many reasons, but that’s the biggest one.

Because the worst thing is when you do something or something happens and then someone you’re with makes an assumption about it and they’re dead ass wrong. And then they lash out at you and you’re left dealing with the consequence of them freaking the fuck out. And it all could have been solved if they would have just asked, why did that happen?

Instead of assuming something happened, deciding to act on that, punishing you or giving you some kind of consequence. And then you’re over here like, well, I didn’t do fucking shit. And now you just fuck up the relationship because the way you just reacted. You know, the next green flag is if someone is not afraid of conflict. You don’t have to be aggressive. You don’t have to be like freaking the fuck out.

What I mean by they’re not afraid of conflict is they don’t back down in conflict. So if something happens or I’m upset with you and you all of a sudden get like, oh my God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. And that you just like freak the fuck out and you’ll say and do anything to make me not mad at you. I don’t trust that.

Because in a situation where someone’s immediate reaction is just to reestablish closeness and to get their name cleared, they don’t give a fuck about right and wrong. They just care about what you perceive of them and what you think of them. So they’ll say anything they have to say, lie, do anything they have to do to try and get back on your good side. That does not set up trust. That does not show your ability to create repair when there’s conflict. Like if you’re just so quick to throw yourself away to get back on my good side, I don’t want you close to me.

Because you’re a fucking risk your liability, because nothing was actually resolved. Like I might not be mad at you, but it’s not the truth. You lied to me to make me back. Okay, with you. Does that make sense? Okay, so the next one is just something that warms my little Pisces heart. And it’s when someone says text me when you get home. I guess just so sweet. Like, look at you concerned for my safety. That’s the green flag. I love that. Okay, the next green flag that’s really big is if you draw back or like you start acting different.

It’s a green flag if someone checks in with you or checks in on you and says, Hey, like, what’s going on? I’ve noticed that you’ve pulled back. I’ve noticed you’re a little more distant. What’s going on? They don’t attack you for pulling back. They don’t attack you for how you should be acting what you should be doing. They check in to see what’s wrong. That’s two different energies to go out someone with. So it’s a green flag if they check in because they notice the change in behavior versus attack you because you’ve had a change in behavior.

And that also shows like major concern for the way that you feel like they care that something is bothering you to make you pull back instead of just getting mad at you. All right, next green flag. If someone cancels plans with you, and they make an effort to reschedule another date and time. If someone cancels plans, and they just leave them canceled. I don’t like that. That means they don’t like you.

Or they don’t want to actually hang out or do whatever you guys plan to do. But it’s a green flag when someone cancels, and they immediately follow up with like, I can’t today, but I can tomorrow at X time I can next week, if they reschedule and not just cancel, it’s a green flag.

Okay, next green flag is something that I’ve had to master. And it’s staying controlled and logical. When you’re pissed the fuck off, I can control how I think like I’m still very in control of what I’m saying when I’m angry, like I can be full throttle fucking screaming at you.

forehead vein, neck veins red, like screaming very, very intensely. And I will scare you but I’m still in control of what I’m saying. I’m still logical when I’m thinking I don’t just say things when I’m angry that will hurt people. I don’t fuck with that. If someone is not controlled, when they get angry, your whole sense of stability and safety with them is gone because you don’t know how they’re going to react.

And if someone like just starts saying shit to hurt you when they get angry, you’re gonna start being stuck in a position of like avoiding everything and overthinking things to not piss them off, because they’re gonna lash out like that. I don’t tolerate that shit. And I don’t behave like that. What you say when you’re angry, you’re still fucking accountable for. Okay, so someone that’s controlled when they’re angry, and doesn’t lash the fuck out too bad, like we all lash out a little bit, but like not too bad. That’s a green flag, someone that’s controlled.

All right, next green flag, someone that works out and cares about their body and puts effort into their appearance. That’s a green flag. And I don’t need to fucking explain that like work out a little show some concern for your health, you know, because if I’m going to love you, I need you to live a long time, at least outlive me, because I’m trying to bounce out this bitch by 50. But like, stay till then.

The next green flag is a really big one for me, someone that is not always the fucking victim. And what I mean by that is someone that can own up to and see how they contributed to a situation like someone that can acknowledge when they fuck up, they can acknowledge what they do that hurts you, they can see how they hurt you, they can see how their action or their words impacted you. That’s huge.

The ability to take responsibility, really, but also in situations where even when it seems illogical, if they’re still able to see why something bothered you, like it doesn’t make sense why this would bother you. So let me understand why it is bothering you because they understand there’s the reason like, if you feel the way that you do, it’s for a reason.

And if they can look at you and try to understand that reason, and understand how something they did, even if it doesn’t sound logical, it still bothered you for some reason. Oh my god, that’s so fucking hot. That’s the green flag. That’s the biggest green flag of this whole fucking episode.

All right, the next green flag is going to be about apologies. Because y’all know I don’t like apologies. I don’t like the words, I’m sorry, I don’t want anyone to ever tell me I’m sorry, you could shove it in your fucking ass. But if someone is going to apologize, it’s a green flag when there’s changed actions behind it. It is a fat ass red flag if someone says I’m sorry, and changes nothing. That’s a manipulation tactic.

So it’s a green flag if someone will apologize, even though it makes me cringe. But if they change the actions with it, green flag. All right, next, if someone is going to come to you or ask you for help with something, it is such a good sign and a big old fucking green flag, if they can come to you with a list of things that they’ve tried before coming to you.

So I never ask for favors. I never ask for help. My biggest fear is to be a fucking bother to people. So anytime I ask someone for help or ask something, they know I need them. Because I’ve tried everything in my control before I come to them. So people feel comfortable helping me. It’s a green flag if someone can try things before they go asking for help.

Try to solve situations yourself first. Don’t just fucking run to other people and inconvenience everybody without trying shit first, because you might have been able to solve it on yourself. People that just run to you immediately when something happens, girl, fucking try and handle it on your own first. I’m busy.

But when people do need me, like if it’s like a dire situation, I will never be upset. I will never be aggravated. Like if someone gets cheated on or you go through a bad breakup or someone passes away, like come to me immediately and I’ll be there for you through the whole thing. But I’m talking about like little bullshit. Like you best have tried shit on your own for you come to me because if I can walk in and spot a solution real quick and be like, well, why don’t you try that? And it’s fully in your control. I’m annoyed. So it’s a green flag if you try everything in your control first.

Okay, next green flag. And this one is a lot deeper than people think. When someone is uncomfortable, it’s a green flag if they do something to change it or make it better for theirself. So if they feel uncomfortable with something, they’re unsatisfied, they’re unhappy or they’re upset, they do something to change it.

They do not just make yourself deal with it and fucking suffer. Because someone that has something bother them, and they don’t change it, they’re going to expect the exact same out of you. So if I’m hiding everything I’m uncomfortable with, and I just make myself suffer, when I see you change something that makes you uncomfortable, I’m going to be pissed and I’m going to be annoyed if it inconveniences me.

Versus if I’m someone that voices and changes when things bother me, when you do it, I’m going to be in support, because I don’t expect myself to suffer. So I’m not going to expect you to suffer. So green flag if someone makes a change when they’re uncomfortable, and does not make themselves just sit there and suffer, because they’ll be the same to you.

All right, next, if someone does not judge you for what you like, or what you enjoy, that’s a green flag. Like if they try to understand why you like something instead of judging it, chef’s kiss, God made them his fucking self. Because what the fuck, like everybody’s so judgy nowadays about like what people like and what people want to do.

So if someone looks at you with the attitude of like, okay, I don’t at the surface see why you like this thing. But I’m open to seeing why you do like it. I’m open to like try it or watching you experience it and seeing the joy that you find in it. That is beautiful.

Okay, this next one is like me personally. But like when someone comforts you when you’re upset, like girl, I just be needing to hug all the time. I don’t need logic. I don’t need awareness. I don’t need you to tell me shit. Sometimes I just need you to be like, damn, like and give me a hug. Like, oh my god, green flag if someone knows how to comfort you or just knows how to be comforting when you’re upset.

All right, we got two left. So it’s a green flag if someone expresses good things and bad things. So things that they do like and things that they don’t like. Because when someone is comfortable and shows that they will express bad and what they don’t like, it means you can trust them when they say that they do like something.

Because I don’t want to fucking be around you and be guessing and wondering if I hurt your feelings by accident or if I did something that you didn’t like. I want to know if you didn’t like something or if something bothered you so that I don’t continue to do it. But if you don’t let me know and you just pretend everything’s okay, I don’t like that. So it’s a green flag when someone expresses good and bad. And I’m not saying attacks you. I’m just saying they express it like they make you aware of what they do and don’t like.

All right, and for my last green flag, someone that is reasonable and understands when to assume blame. So I have a big example for this. Not really, it’s kind of small. But like it illustrates the point very well. So moving to Texas, I can’t find my vapes I like nowhere. Just straight the fuck up and be real. Like I like a certain type of vape. And in Florida, they were very common and easy to find.

In Texas, they’re not easy to find at all. So I’m having to like try different vapes to see if I find one that I fucking like. But when I go to the vape shop, and I buy a couple of vapes, I buy different flavors, and I buy different brands to try them and see if I like them. If I don’t like the vape, that’s my fucking fault. I chose the flavor. I chose the brand.

So I have no right to be like, will you return this? Can I change it out? Why the fuck should the store have to eat the cost of the vape that I just made them open, hit it once and waste it? Because I didn’t like it. I chose the flavor. It’s my fucking responsibility. If I want a different one, motherfucker, buy it. I don’t like people that act entitled like that. Why should the store have to eat the cost of your decision?

If you didn’t know you didn’t like it, your only way to find out was by buying one and try it. You’ve now invested into the peace of mind, knowing you did not like that vape, don’t fucking buy it again. So that’s a big green flag is when someone knows when to assume blame, and knows when to check their self. Because what the fuck I look like going into a vape shop, asking for a bunch of different flavors, and then feeling entitled to being like, oh, I didn’t like this one, like you eat the cost, not me, even though I picked it. I don’t like that shit. That’s fucking weird.

That was just one example, but that applies to so many situations. If you like this episode of All My Green Flags, leave this video a thumbs up. If you’re listening to this audio, leave me a five star rating. Just on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, whatever, just the five stars. If you’re watching the YouTube version of this, leave a comment down below of what your favorite green flag was. I’m just very curious. I want to see y’all’s judgment, like which one was your favorite. Also leave a comment if you have any other topics you want me to cover in future episodes. But I just want to say thank you all for listening. Thanks for listening to me fucking rant. I love you all to death.

And when I say I love you, I fucking mean it, so you know you can trust it. But stay safe, take care of yourself, and I’ll talk to you guys next Sunday.