I've Had It - National Everything Day

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There you are.

Oh, do I need to get my glasses?

Did you put on panties?

I did.

Maybe it’s like National Commando Day.

Every day is National Commando Day for me, except with this dress on.

So what made you want to wear panties today?

You don’t want your vagine on?

I don’t want the vagine all over the podcast.

I’ve already got my armpit.

Fix me, Nelly.

That is a very loaded request, yes.

What’s going on with your boobs?

I feel like…

Does that better?

In that, they kind of look like they were…

Let me see.

I mean, you just kind of got big boobs.

I’ve noticed younger people are not getting boob jobs at the rate our generation did.

The big boob thing is out.

It’s out.

What happened to your fingers?

Is that from pickleball?

Did you whack it?



An unfortunate thing happened where Josh and I were walking Cha Cha and Tubby, and

they took off running, and Tubby ran right under my legs, and my legs went straight up

in the air, and I face-planted.

Like you knocked your head on it?


On concrete.

Oh, and then you got road rash on your fingers?


I had road rash.

I mean, it was a huge, huge tumble.

God, I wish I would have seen that.

I would have been so happy.

We got to do the introduction to the podcast.

Oh, okay.


Welcome to I’ve Had It Podcast.

I’m Jennifer.

I’m Angie.


I just have to let everybody in on something that happened yesterday.





We’re having a podcast prep meeting, and Pumps, as all of you fucking know her as,

Pumps, she told me and the producers that she wants to de-identify as Pumps.

I didn’t say de-identify.

That’s a lie.

You said that you didn’t want to say, hi, I’m Pumps.

Welcome to I’ve Had It, everybody.

I’m Jennifer, and this is Angela Dawn.

And my co-host, formerly known as Pumps.

What have you had it with this week?

I’ve had it with casseroles.

You gave me shit about the watermelon.

You come up with casserole?

I mean, you have no moral high ground on that.

How many casseroles have you eaten in the last six months?


I’ve had it with over explainers.


I mean, we have long, long since talked about it.

There’s this new, like, convenience store by my house, and on the thing it says $3 gas.

So I go up, and I notice on the pump thing, it’s like $3.17.

So I go in, and I’m like, hey, what’s the deal with the price being $3 on the sign,

and then at the pump, it’s not that same?

So this woman, probably teenager, comes over and starts explaining to me about fuel injection

and all this shit.

Then the manager comes over, and then they start fighting over who’s right.

And I’m like, time out.

All I want to know, it says $3 on the sign.

At the pump, it doesn’t say that.

Why do you have to have an auto mechanic engineering degree to get gas these days?

So he’s like, well, I’ll go out and check it.

And I’m like, okay.

So then the whole way to the pump, he walks with me explaining, like, fuel injection and

all that shit I don’t care about.

Then we get to the pump, and he goes, oh, the cheaper gas is with the blue handle.

The outside pumps don’t have the blue handle.

Ten minutes of my life, I’ll never get back.

Walk in, where’s the $3 gas?

Go to the blue handle.

We’re done.

That’s it.

Instead, I’m furious for the whole day, because I’m like, why the fuck are you explaining

fuel injection?

I’m not the dumbest person that ever got gas.

I think you have some ownership in this.

When you go ask that question to the people that work at the gas station, that’s just

kind of what you’re bound to get.

So I have on my office door here a sign that says, in red, bold, cap locks, stop.

Do not enter unless you have an appointment with Jennifer Welch Designs.

My problem is, at least five to six times a day, I have people that walk in that door,

they read that sign, walk in, my suite is suite two, and they’ll walk in and say, where’s

suite four?

I would do that.


I would.

Of course you would.

Of course you would.

I’d just flop right in.

It wouldn’t even slow me down even a tiny bit.

So you’re not alone, because people do it all the time.

This woman walks in the other day, and she’s like, the dogs are going bananas.

She read the sign.

I watched her read it.

Despite reading it twice, she opens it.

And so I’m, you know, all ears.

Why are you here?

Because I look at the calendar.

There’s nothing.

There’s no appointment.

And it says, do not come in unless you have an appointment.

So I know that this person is a problem right out of the gates, right?

So she says, where’s suite four?

And I said, I don’t know.

She gets argumentative with me.

She goes, you don’t know where suite four is?

And I go, I don’t.

She was like, you don’t know?

You don’t know where suite four is?

She was arguing about it.

She was mad at me that I didn’t know where her meeting was.

And then she’s acting like I’m the asshole because I don’t know where suite four is.

So we’re talking about months of built-up anger, right?

So she’s mad.

She’s bickering with me.

So you don’t know where suite four is?

I’m like, no, I don’t know.

So she goes, turns around and stomps out.

And then I said, just as loud as I possibly could, you fucking bitch.

No, you did not.

I did.

You don’t think that might’ve been a little overkill?

A hundred percent it was overkill.

I was completely out of my mind.

About five seconds later, I’m like, I cannot believe I just did that.


That was really bad.

It felt so good.

You know how people just like, you know, you see crazy people doing crazy shit and you

think, God, you know, can you just, can I just be crazy once?

Can I just do crazy shit one day?

And I did.

And you liked it?

I liked it.

I really cannot believe you screamed fucking bitch.

I did.

That is some serious rage.


I mean, I was out of my mind.

Don’t you know that woman was like, that fucking bitch.

Let me just tell you something.

She was aggressive about my not knowing where sweet four is.

Arguing with you about it.

And she’s literally acting like that we are positioned there to guide her to where her

appointment is.


So number one, she was arrogant.

She was a fucking bitch.

She poked the bear.

And if she comes back in, I will double down.

So I have to tell you what today’s topic is something that I’m so excited about.

So I think it was last week or the week before.

I’m on Instagram, right?

And all of a sudden, people are like posting like these really sweet, you know, multi-photo

layered posts that it’s National Son’s Day.

Several things are going through my mind as I’m seeing these.

Why do we have a National Son’s Day?

The least of which being, oh, that is such an adorable post and this is so cute.

It is.

When did this happen?


All of a sudden, I’m on the internet and it’s National Son’s Day.

And as you know, I have two sons.

This comes out of left field.

I have no idea that this is a thing.

And so then finally, I just see everybody.

My son’s this.

My sons are so great.

My sons are my life.

First and foremost, everybody feels the same way about their sons.


Nobody thinks this.

It’s universal.


So finally, I mean, I’m seeing it.

And then I think, God, I don’t want Dylan Roman to think I’m an asshole because you


Peer pressure.

So I post on my story.

I don’t want to be the only asshole on Instagram that doesn’t acknowledge her son.

So happy son’s day, Dylan and Roman.

My question is, when did all of this happen?

National Daughter’s Day.


I don’t know.

National Son’s Day.

National Donut Day.

National Take Your Wife to Dinner Day.

But the peer pressure is real.

Like if your kids are on Instagram, see everybody else going on and on and on about their kids

and you don’t post, you’re fucked.

You’re the asshole parent.

No doubt about it.


And even probably more so than Roman and Dylan, because I don’t think they would care as much,

but like your friends that know you have two kids that would be like, oh, what’s the deal

with Jennifer and her kids?

She didn’t post.


Like do people do that though?

Is it?

I think it’s social media’s fault.

I’m just going to blanketly throw it out there.

We didn’t have social media.

Nobody would give a shit what day it was.


What I want to know is who decided this?

Who decided it?

Is there a committee?

Is there any oversight?

Or can I just get on Instagram today, right now, and say it’s national de-identify with

your iconic nickname day?

Who decided this?

How did we get here?

His name is Marlo Anderson, and he is the man responsible for the national holiday calendar.

On your birthday, for example, guess what national day it is?

Well, I also know it’s Michael Jordan’s birthday, so national basketball day.

That would make sense.

That would make sense.

But unfortunately, it’s not that.

No, it’s national cabbage day.

So Jen Morton, our illustrious producer, her birthday’s May 9th, and her national holiday

is national sock memorial day.


Why do you have a memorial for a sock?

I have no idea.

I don’t know if it’s because you lose a sock.

Oftentimes socks are born in pairs, and then you lose a sock, and I don’t know if it’s

you’re grieving that lost sock, and it’s a national day memorial.

I don’t know, but these are questions for Marlo.

And I have to be serious because that really just sounds kind of stupid.

Be fucking nice to our guest.

Okay, I can be nice.

Be nice to the guest.

I’m so nice.


Nilly, June 12th, national jerky day.

Like beef jerky?

Do we need a day for jerky?

I don’t think we need a day.

Of course we don’t need a fucking day for any of this shit.

I’ve had it.

I mean, August 7th is actually a month, and it is national dog month.

At the Welch residence, it’s dog year, after year, after year, after year.

A lot of people think their dogs are human, like you do.

National lima bean respect day.

See, that just minimizes the whole day process.

That makes me want to boycott every day.

Unless you’re a lima bean farmer.

How many lima bean farmers are there?

I don’t know.

We’re going to find out.

Where do they even…



I can’t take it.

I go on.

National rat catcher’s day.

Rat catcher like the band from the 80s or like the little furry?

Who thinks of this shit?

This guy thinks of it?

I guess.

National listen to your cat day.


August 8th, national sneak some zucchini into your neighbor’s porch day.


Now I understand.

I mean, and then there’s a national pirate day, where you dress up like a pirate.

Can you make some pirate booty?

What do pirates say, Pops?



Or arrr.

Welcome to the podcast.

It’s cold.

So let me introduce this Pumps is Marlo Anderson.

Marlo, I’m Jennifer.

This is Angie, but we call her Pumps and Marlo, we understand that you are the man responsible

for the national holiday calendar.

I guess I have been given that honor.


So I’ve noticed, you know, cause I’m on Instagram that suddenly over the last few years, I’ll

like, for example, last week or the week before I’m on and everybody’s like, I love my sons

and there’s pictures of their sons and they’re like, it’s national Sunday.

And then I’m like, oh my God, am I an asshole that I didn’t prepare anything for national

son’s day.

As the days went on and the posts build up, finally, I posted my story like, hey, everybody,

this brand new holiday national son’s day, I didn’t want to be the only asshole that

didn’t post about my sons.

And so I think we’re curious about how did these new holidays start?

So it’s, I know it seems like it’s new, just like what you said, Jennifer, that you start

feeling like a jerk because you didn’t, you didn’t do something to yourself because you’ve

seen somebody else post it.


A lot of other people feel the same way.

And the next thing you know, it starts to trend.

And if you were to go in and just do a search right now on the hashtag national daughter’s

day, I’m guaranteeing you that there are posts from today, even though that was a month ago.

But when it’s your son or daughter or your mom or your dad or your grandparents, whatever

it is, your pet that, that you got that little guilt thing going on that you should do something


Are you the, the overseer of these new national holidays?

So I’m, I’m the founder of national day calendar.


So I started a blog about 10 years ago and at that time there were probably about 30

of these that were somewhat popular.

I started to dig into the history of where they came from and I started to post every

day about other national days that were declared in the past from, you know, Congress back

in 1796 or a president in 1842 and started to write about these.

And then the media started to follow that and then they started to trend.

We actually, I dug up about 1200 national days over the course, since the beginning

of our country and then started to write about them and their histories and that type of


And they’ve all become prominent since then.

And then since then we’ve probably added about another 300 to the calendar.

Is there, what is today?

Well, yeah, it’s national no bra day.

Oh my God, that’s something you can get behind.

She takes her bra off on airplanes.

This is like serendipity.

I swear to God.

That’s kind of hilarious.


She loves not wearing a bra.

Why don’t you take your bra off?

The second dragons I have enough trouble with without the cameras.

No, I cannot believe it’s no bra day.

I was, we were on a flight a few years ago to Mexico and I look over and she is sitting

next to this poor woman and Angie takes her bra off.

And as she’s flinging it across, she slaps this woman in the face who’s wearing a mask

pre COVID.

So she’s clearly a germaphobe, slaps her in the face.

And I thought, God, that poor woman is sitting next to this train wreck of a friend of mine,

but it is national no bra day.

And then is today a double dipper day where we have two national holidays?



There’s actually more.

It’s Yorkshire pudding day.

And then it’s also the Navy’s birthday as well.

Oh, the Navy’s birthday.

That’s kind of cool.



Who made that, that decision for those to be national days?

So the history of national days, how they came to be is as varied as the days themselves.

A ton of them came from Congress and presidents and they were lobbied by whatever.

And I always pick on bittersweet chocolate covered almond day, which I think is hilarious

because we don’t even have chocolate covered almond day, but we have bittersweet chocolate

covered almond day.


Most of these national days were just one-offs.

They weren’t supposed to continue on and on and on.

And then so this crazy guy from North Dakota in 2013 starts writing about him again, hence



And they come back to life.

So that’s kind of the story about how they were just for one time.

And then they come back again because of a blog I started to write, got picked up by

the media.

And then social media just takes over from that point.

So I have an idea for a national holiday.

And so I’m going to tell you what it is.

And then I want you to tell me and our listeners how we can make this a national holiday.

Is everybody ready?



I’m so anxious to hear this.




I’ve had it with national holidays.

How do we make that happen?

How would we do that?

Well, first of all, it’s funny.

You’re not the first, by the way.


Dang it.

Not original.

But, but you could be the one who gets, who, you know, gets an organization behind this

to make it happen.


So do I have, you mentioned lobbyists.

So yeah.

So there’s actually like in Washington, there’s lobbyists lobbying for these national days.

Not anymore.


So Congress and the president got out of this a long time ago.

We always think that those types of things are clever, you know, like having Pi Day on

March 14th and things like that.

So you get Pi Day.

I get Pi Day 3.14.


I want to know how the lima bean lobby got on their national lima bean respect day.


Isn’t that great?

How’d that happen?

I’ve had it with that, Marlo.



I don’t need to.

I mean, how many people wrote it?

You have no respect for lima beans, obviously.

I do not respect lima beans.

Somebody does.

That’s crazy.

Do you respect lima beans?

Well, I respect cabbage more, actually.

What about this one?

National Rat Catchers Day.

What’s going on there?

So that goes back.

Marlo, what is going on?

How does this happen, Marlo?

I love that you dug these up.

This is so funny.

But that goes back to the Pied Piper.


That makes more sense.

And there’s actually a festival yet, I believe in Ireland, where there’s a bunch of people

that dress up and they actually lead these make-believe rats out of town.

It’s kind of a crazy thing and still goes on to this day.

And this is the thing, right?

It’s not so much about what you dislike, because we get people all the time that don’t like

a particular national day and we’ll pick on lima beans.

Why in the world are you celebrating lima beans?

But I guarantee you when it’s National Puppy Day, they’re all over it.

It’s not about the things that you don’t like.

It’s about the things you do like.

And just have gratitude with the fact that some of these national days are things that

you’re passionate about.

Like lima beans.


Like lima beans.

But I do like that.

Going for the positive.

When I think of lima beans, I think of passion.

Oh, absolutely.


Hot, sweaty passion.

I want to ask you about some more.

So August 8th is National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day.

I think that is such a great holiday.

It is so popular.

Tell me why, Marlo.

Why is it so popular?

I need to know what this is about.

You know what zucchini is?




Have you ever grown it before?


You know, you could grow zucchini anywhere and it’s crazy.

One plant will sometimes give you 40 zucchinis and people, this is what happens.

People plant a couple of these things thinking they’re going to get a couple, three zucchinis

and the next thing you know, it takes over the yard and you have 40 of these.

So this is a prank to give them away.

It’s kind of a prank to give them away.


What’s another obscure one?


This is one that I oppose with everything in me.

National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.

I’ve heard of bring your dog to work.

Marlo, I have a lot of kindness in me, but also exist a cynical black heart.

And so that cynicism and that black heart of mine, me thinking about grown adults walking

into their offices with a teddy bear makes me want to scream at them, I have had it.

I do bring two living French bulldogs to work with me.


So you really shouldn’t talk.

They’re living creatures.

Well, I know, but bringing them to work every day.

It hurts their feelings if they stay home alone.

I’m self-employed.

I get to.

It’s free country.

You can do it.

I’m just saying in general.

I mean, that’s kind of weird, too.

I don’t think so.

I don’t think it’s weird to bring your dog to work.

But you can admit that maybe it’s weird to some people.

It’s not weird to you.

To people that hate dogs like yourself.

I don’t hate dogs.

Anyway, we’re off topic.

So sorry.

Back to the bring your teddy bear.

Oh, this is more fun.

You two keep going at it.

This is great.

I mean, how many people do we think take their teddy bear to work?


I want to know the answer to that.

Do we know?

Do we have any research?

I have no idea.

I mean, I’m not sure we can get it done in one day, though.

Like National Girlfriend’s Day, we’ll see a million people pop on our website.

Is that a?

Where on Bittersweet Chocolate-Covered Almond Day, we might get eight.

You know?

Bittersweet Chocolate-Covered Almond Day.

I need to just retire that day somehow or another.

I like it that there’s one day that you’ve had it with them, Marlo.

That even you, the expert of the national holidays, there is one that just really grinds

your gears.

I just, that is the one.

And everybody always gives me grief about it, too.

And it’s not so much that I have a disdain towards Bittersweet Chocolate-Covered Almonds.

I just find it ironic that we do not have a Chocolate-Covered Almond Day.

This thing is so specific.

It’s more about equality to you.

It is about equality.

This is an equality issue, right?

Why does the bittersweet get it and not milk chocolate, dark chocolate?

All the chocolates should have this, right?

Here’s one that I can get behind.

You are so great.

December 31st, Make Up Your Mind Day.


That’s a good one.

Yeah, that’s a good one.

That is.

Gotta shit or get off the pot.

Shit or get off the pot.

Get your shit together.

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make up your mind.

So if we went into lobby for a day, how would we do that?

So we have a process on our website.

There’s a form that you fill out.

We get about 30,000 requests a year for new national days.


And then there’s a committee that goes through them and a handful will get selected every


Here’s one.

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.


What condition is your refrigerator in?

I’m in pretty good shape on the refrigerator.

What about you, Marlo?

Do you clean out your refrigerator on National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, Marlo?

Yes or no?

Yes or no?


At work.

On that day?


I love that.

Do you have snacks in your office, Marlo?

Oh my goodness.

You should come to our office.

I should.

Let me tell you about her right here.

Not one snack.

Not a cracker.

Not a cracker, crackers.

Not one snack.

The only office in America without a snack.

Tell us about your snacks.

What do you have?

What you have to understand, you just have to come here because when it’s National Strawberry

Shortcake Day, guess what we’re having?

Oh, strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry shortcake.

That’s fun.

I bet it’s a fun place to work.


And you’re in North Dakota.

We are in North Dakota.


Like Fargo?

No, we’re actually in a small town called Mandan.

It’s just right across the river from Bismarck.

What’s the population of Mandan?

About 20,000 people.


I love that you’re able to do this from there.

Shout out to North Dakota.

I think it really surprises people.

We have 15 million people that get my image every day through an email.

And then I also do, you know, we have a radio show and we have a TV news drop-in that’s

on 75 million households now, I think, or some crazy.


Oh yeah.

It’s pretty significant.

It’s a pretty cool job.

I mean, I have to say, I would love to be on the committee.

I would probably be the skunk at the garden party on the committee.

You have to say no, like over 29,000 times a year.

Not a problem.

Not a problem at all.

So you only have to say yes, like, you know, 10 or 15 of 30,000 applications.


That could be problematic.

I agree.

I think you would fit in perfectly.

I do too, Marlo.

For this job.

I do too.

I do too.

You know what I would do?

I would do some housekeeping, like lima beans, the chocolate, the bittersweet chocolate that

you’re so butthurt about.



Hit the bricks.

I’m curious.

How would you retire these days?

Because I’m looking for advice here.

I would just say the committee has met and we have decided not to renew your holiday.

Simple as that.

Simple as that.

You are, you are the committee and you are the oversight as well, right?

So you can say you’re a holiday or you’re not.


That is awesome.

You’re like the head bitch in charge.

He is the HBIC.

And I just think you say we have decided not to review your holiday, Lima Bean Respect


What if they gave him $100,000, though, I would renew it.

100% renew it immediately.


If they give you a big fat donation, then you keep it.

All of a sudden, $100,000.

And guess what you feel towards lima beans?

Oh, love lima beans.




Oh, that’d be so good.



You two are hilarious.


You can be bought off is what you’re saying.





I can easily be bribed.

If I was on the committee, I would kind of let it be known, like, she’s the bitch.

She’s the hard one.

But she does take bribes.


She loves five star travel.

Since there is no oversight committee to this thing, I mean, it’s really brilliant.

It’s fantastic.

I actually envy this whole thing because it has a lot of power on social media these days.

It is.

Actually, it’s the biggest trending topic of all time.

It’s fantastic.



We have a reach most days of over a billion people.

It’s just mind boggling when you think about it.

So here’s what I want you to know that we’re going to do.

I’m going to submit my national holiday that I’ve had it with National Holidays Day.


I’m going to submit it and then if there is a committee, I would like to argue my case

in front of the committee.

Part of being in the committee is you don’t have to listen to people argue.

He’s the oversight.

I know.

That’s what I’m saying.

So he can just tell you to fuck right off.

I mean, seriously, I love it.

The power.

It’s great.

Power has not gone to your head at all, I will say.

You’re the perfect person to be in charge of it.

You are.

I think you are the great ambassador for National Holidays.

Because we were kind of making fun of it, but I’m in now.

I’m in.


It really is about what you’re passionate about.


And you can just say screw it to the rest of them.

I mean, I think that’s what I do.

You know, there are many days that I don’t that I don’t really appreciate on the calendar,

but a lot of times are just the messenger as well.

But I celebrate what I like to celebrate.

And usually there’s something every day on the calendar that I can do that with.

And I would rather live a life of celebration than one that’s angry, mad at the world, whatever.

You know, I know, Jennifer, that’s really contrary to what you believe.


Touche, Marlo.


I love the fact that you’re laughing now.

So that’s great.

No, I, you know, I agree with you that the celebration, I do like I agree with all of

that intellectually.

I have just found that the older I get, I’ve just gotten horribly cynical about everything

and really irritated.

So much so that we’ve started this podcast called I’ve had it, you know.

So I’m really curious, and Thompson, Jennifer, what what have you had it with with National


What what triggered you to reach out to me to have this conversation?

Ever since I’ve been born, I’ve known October, you have Halloween coming February, Valentine’s

Day coming.

I’m prepared.

I know these days, I know them consciously, subconsciously, even by the weather, you can

kind of tell, oh, it’s getting kind of chilly about Halloween’s coming.

And so all of a sudden, I’m on the internet, and everybody’s prepared with these, you know,

heart pouring National Son’s Day, and it just comes out of left field and just slaps you

right in the face.

And then you’re the asshole on Instagram, that isn’t celebrating your very own children

while all these power moms are out there with PowerPoint presentations, making people like

me, and especially her look like total piece of shit moms.

That’s what triggered the entire thing.

But I will say, I’ve done an about face after interviewing you because the whole organization

and how y’all do this, I think it’s very cool.

And I like you.

I’m envious of your job.

Now, I wish I had your job.

Because I think it’s really cool.

And it’s fun.

You see the bags under my eyes right now, right?

But but I have to admit, I have the greatest gig in the world.


And you can do it in your underwear if you want.

I mean, obviously not right now.

Sometimes, actually, my underwear on right now.


Pump’s put on underwear today as well.

I did.

It’s a special day.


It’s no broad day.

Good day, all.

It’s a good day all around.

It really is.

Well, Marla, we cannot thank you enough for enlightening us and our audience about this

mystery because I don’t think a lot of people know your story or where this came from.

And I think it’s it’s such a pleasant surprise that the way this is done and that any listener

out there, if there’s a day you want, what is your website they can go to to submit their

own request for a national day?

Just the name of our organization, National Day Calendar dot com.

National Day.

National Day Calendar dot com.

You too, listener, can go out and have a day if if it passes Marla’s committee.


Which I’m jockeying to be a member of.


I don’t think you’re going to be picked.

I don’t think I’m going to get picked either.

But Marla, thank you so, so much.

Thank you, Marla.

Thank you for coming off your vacation.

Thanks so much.

And happy.

I was on vacation.

I appreciate that.

I actually was working.

Oh, I’m just saying.

It’s not as fun when you’re working.

I actually started filming a new piece for the History Channel.

Oh, excellent.



So there’ll be a new series coming out.

You’re part of history.

That’s cool.

So, yeah.

Well, before we leave, I just want to make sure I would be remiss if I didn’t wish you

a happy National No Bra Day, Marla.

Thank you.

Go No Brars.


All right.

Thank you.

Bye, Marla.

Bye, Marla.

See you.


Now I kind of feel bad that we were giving him shit before we met him because, as with

all things, once you meet the person, you find out you really like him.

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

And he’s so positive attitude.

Meanwhile, we have a cynical podcast called I’ve Had It.

So we can bitch about casseroles.

You can bitch about casseroles.

Audience, what we want you to do is go to our Instagram at I’ve Had It Podcast.

And please submit the date and what you’ve had it with.

And we’re going to start our own national I’ve Had It with whatever it is.

We could have our own committee.


We could be the committee.

We can be Marlo.

We can.

But just a little bit more cynical.

And open to bribery.

Which he is not.

A hundred percent open to bribery.

We might give you two days with a bribe.

If somebody called and said, I want you to have a, you know, national kiss a pig day.

Kiss a pig day.

And I’m like, no, that didn’t pass committee.

And they say, here’s $500.

I’ll say, guess what?

Find me a pig.

June 4th.

It is.


All right.

Audience, thank you so much for tuning in today.

National No Bra Day.

And we wish you and your loved ones happy No Bra Day.

Happy free the nip, liberate the tit.

Do it all.




That’s it.

I’ll tell you what I’ve had it with.

Let’s hear it.

I’ve had it with that.

I’ve had it.

Had it.

Had it.